Walls Are Tumbling

Nationwide Human Trafficking Stings Ensnare Multiple Cops—84 Kids As Young As 3 Months Freed

By Matt Agorist

Multiple undercover sting operations across the United States were carried out this month targeting adult and child sex trafficking. The results of many of these stings netted hundreds of arrests—including doctors, pharmacists, high-level military officers, and law enforcement officers. Dozens of children were also rescued — including one as young as three months old.

“That’s the most we have ever arrested in the history of the sheriff’s office,” Sheriff Grady Judd said of his undercover operation in Polk County, Florida.

The sheriff is referring to the 277 people rounded up in “Operation No Tricks, No Treats” which started last Tuesday and ran through Monday.

According to the sheriff’s office, as reported by WFLA, 51 of the arrests were related to those who advertise as prostitutes online and 209 of the arrests were those who solicited undercover detectives posing as prostitutes. Seventeen arrests were made for other offenses.

The sheriff noted that the arrests included lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, former and current police officers, multiple men looking to have sex with children, and convicted sex offenders.

During the bust, the sheriff even nabbed a cop in his own department. Since his arrest, Sergeant Luis Diaz has resigned from the force after 17 years.

Continue Reading: https://www.activistpost.com/2017/10/nationwide-human-trafficking-stings-ensnare-multiple-cops-84-kids-young-3-months-freed.html


Calling All Patriots

St. Cloud Council Member Calls for Moratorium on Refugee Resettlement

Photo: City of St. Cloud Jeff Johnson

KSTP.com October 18, 2017   A St. Cloud City Council member is calling for a temporary ban on refugee settlement in the city.

St. Cloud can take 225 resettlement refugees each year, according to the refugee resettlement supervisor for St. Cloud.

But Council Member Jeff Johnson wants to know how that number was determined, and is concerned it’s putting excessive demand on local resources.

“It’s 100 percent clear to me local government does play a role in this,” Johnson said at a council meeting earlier this month.

He proposed a resolution recommending the City of St. Cloud  place a moratorium on the placement of additional refugees.

The resolution states the overall quality of life for St. Cloud residents will continue to be adversely impaired by excessive demands on local resources.

Continue Reading: http://kstp.com/news/st-cloud-city-council-member-jeff-johnson-calls-for-moratorium-on-refugree-resettlement-/4639396/?cat=1

The issue will be discussed at Monday’s City Council meeting.

From Let Freedom Ring 

Jeff Johnson vs. Dave Kleis

From Peace In St. Cloud

Calling all Patriots! 

We need EVERYONE to help us by coming to the October 23rd St Cloud City Council meeting at 6:00 p.m. at 400 2nd St S, St Cloud, MN

We will gather early, as there will be much opposition.

They are pulling out all weapons against us and we need to show up and stand up for our Christian freedoms.

We want signs and posters, and everyone to be on message—NO HATEFUL COMMENTS ALLOWED!

All we are asking for is transparency and accountability by our city leaders and for Lutheran Social Services to follow Federal Law 8 US Code 1522.

VOLAG Lutheran Social Services and our St. Cloud Mayor and City Council may be found in violation of this law by their refusal to allow citizen participation in the economic and social upheaval being forced on them. 

It has been reported that St. Cloud now has approximately 20,000 refugees living here and most are on assistance.  WE were a small town of 50,000 10 years ago and now population estimated at 67,000. Federal law..8 US Code 1522 was adopted for a good reason so that no town would be saturated with peoples that need everything. 

Moratorium to be requested on the addition of 225 primary refugees until a full and true costs refugee resettlement is done with the public informed fully. This will have nothing to do with the 20,000 people already here or will be coming through secondary migration.  Jeff Johnson and his supporters fully support continued welcoming of these peoples.  City planning used to involve knowing the numbers of people that are here now and will be coming.  Our Mayor and most council members do not want to know any of this information and certainly do not want their citizens to know.  This may be against Federal law…8 US Code 1522.   

Please mark your calendars for November 6th..Council chambers at 6:00 pm.  Speak during the open forum if you have not already spoken twice this year and attend this important meeting in support of Council member Jeff Johnson.  

Our St. Cloud Times true to form with no research into Federal Law..8 US Code 1522 headlines today October 19th paper..”.Leaders call council member’s refugee ban proposal ‘despicable’.”  And the renowned organization CAIR that they love to quote as a Leader came out with typical terrorist language …”vote no on the moratorium which is a despicable, racist, Islamophobic, and ill-informed motion targeting refugees.”

Remember CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator with the Muslim Brotherhood at the Hold Land Foundation trial.  So the Times likes to quote terrorists to prove their points.  No surprise there.

Thumb_logoCouncil on American Islamic Relations

Urge St. Cloud City Council to Vote ‘NO’ on Moratorium on Refugee Resettlement

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 10/17/2017) – – The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) is calling on all Minnesotans to urge the St. Cloud City Council to vote “NO” on a motion calling for a moratorium on refugee resettlement in St. Cloud.

Sources report to CAIR-MN that the anti-refugee motion will be introduced by Councilmember Jeff Johnson (4th Ward) during the next city council meeting taking place on Monday, October 23.



It came as no surprise that the MN Court of Appeals rubber stamped the decision of the Dakota County District Court in my case no. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State of Minnesota vs Deirdre Elise Evavold.

Criminal appeals are handled by a battery of anonymous law clerks who know that they have to uphold the conviction no matter what. They write memos for the judges that are mostly if not entirely based on the prosecution brief and they draft the  decisions affirming the conviction.

The opinion affirmed the fact that illegally withholding and suppressing evidence, witness tampering, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, obstruction of justice and trial by ambush is perfectly acceptable, and in fact, encouraged.

Gallery For > Courtroom Lawyer Cartoon

Remember, a jury verdict is only as fair as the trial, and in this case as well as the companion cases, a fair trial or appeal was never going to happen!

The tragic reality is that you can be a law abiding citizen and have your freedom and rights taken away under the current  system. The bright side is that many people are waking up and when you’re aware of the operation you can defeat it!



Comment on Corruption of the judiciary: Where do we go for help?

Tru Tuoneself
Oct 19, 2016 @ 09:28:08

I was a lawyer, fought judicial corruption in three Texas Counties and at the highest levels of government. I am no longer a lawyer. We are well beyond citing proper law my friends. I investigated, documented and testified in state courts, appellate courts, the Texas Supreme Court, regarding the corruption and I am an expert on recognizing and documenting corruption. What I can tell you is we are at war my fellow commoners, at war! The enemy is just not coming to our shores with tanks and planes, but surreptitiously has taken over our government, one office at a time, one judge position at a time, one court clerk position at a time and it is only going to get far worse, before it gets better. When someone is overly arrogant and seems not worried about the courts or law enforcement, you will know why soon enough. The arrogance gives it away and the refusal and disrespect for the law does as well. They will not enforce the laws, investigate or prosecute and they will continue to permit the pillaging, while slowly changing the laws till we all find ourselves in Nazi America. Drastic times require drastic measures. See you on the front lines.


What is a SLAPP suit? 

It’s a lawsuit designed to intimidate, retaliate, threaten and silence criticism, it’s designed to render political opponents and members of the public to become burdened by the costly burden of a legal defense, exhausted by fighting the menacing litigation, until hopefully the Plaintiff bullies the Defendant into silence. SLAPP lawsuits are seldom won, and Plaintiff’s frequently do not expect to win these suits. Instead Plaintiffs, such as Stacy Parks Miller, leverage SLAPP law suits to silence their critics and immobilize them with fear and the burden of litigation. They file SLAPP suits in retaliation for public criticism under the false guise of “defamation.”

In many states, legislation prohibits and even punishes SLAPP lawsuits. They waste the time of the courts, frequently lack any legitimate claims, and are a dubious and archaic practice reminiscent of the McCarthy era or similar to the practices of North Korea.

SLAPP lawsuits are calculated to take away an individual’s freedom of speech. A government official who files a SLAPP law suit is in direct contradiction with American values, and is a dirty politician who seeks to silence her opposition so she can prevail politically. What is an American political process without robust criticism of a public official. American’s don’t fear speaking, or shouldn’t fear speaking, out against their government. That process in itself is inherently American, it’s our process, it’s embedded in our roots, it’s part of our culture, it IS our history, it is what makes America what it is. SLAPP lawsuits are an assault on our collective American identity, they are commenced by bullies, tyrants, lawbreakers and sleaze buckets.

Why did this bully file a SLAPP suit against the county?

  • We discovered her texting during criminal trials, violating the 6th amendment rights of the accused in the criminal justice system. This was immensely embarrassing, because it had an obvious appearance of impropriety and was an ethical red flag. Judge Bradley Lunsford resigned due to the Court texting. To this day, we do not know how many cases were “fixed” by the District Attorney striking text message deals with the Judge because the District Attorney is too embarrassed and ashamed to release the damning records.
  • We unearthed a potential litany of criminal activities by the DA. She was tampering with records, stealing money (theft of services).
  • We found numerous and extensive violations of the DA in her statements to the media that broke the rules of professional conduct. She was discussing evidence in cases that was not yet ruled admissible publicly in the media. She was making statements designed to heighten the public condemnation of the accused prior to a trial. She was expressing her opinions of guilt or innocence on defendants she was prosecuting in the media, thereby tainting the jury pool.
  • She was running the operations of her office like a thug, boldly engaging in closed door meetings in which criminal defendants were excluded – involuntarily – from the criminal proceedings and witness testimony that would decide their fates.
  • She was catfishing Defendants (already represented by counsel), and witnesses to cases she was prosecuting while posing as a 20 year old Penn State Student. Imagine your parents were charged with a crime, and you were a 13 year old kid contacted by a 19 year old bikini clad Facebook friend who was actually the DA in disguise. She was fishing for information from you – an unwitting victim – so she could use it against you to harm your family by collecting evidence without the knowledge of a Defense attorney so she could throw you in jail.
  • A look at the records show the number of people eligible for work release was declining, her penalties were too harsh and they were dependent not on the nature of the crime but on how “high profile” the case was, and who the attorney was. She was prosecuting without any regard for the individual accused in the case.
  • She was lying in publicly filed pleadings and court room transcripts.

A group of lawyers and citizens slowly began to unravel the travails of the District Attorney, and they were horrified. Some politicians became whistleblowers, a private citizen and former employee came out with a witness statement to attest to the forgery. A criminal investigation by the Bellefonte police ensued. The District Attorney filed two desperate quo warranto actions to stop the investigation before turning the case over to the OAG office. Bruce Castor was running for District Attorney in Montgomery County at the time, had he won that election, perhaps he would have been the one prosecuting Kane. Perhaps they struck a deal, like the kind of deal Bruce Castor struck with Cosby’s lawyer: If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

The stuff Stacy Parks Miller was doing was not cute. It was corrupt and criminal, and completely in opposition to what she was presenting to the public. The DA’s office had left all of it’s dignity behind in the disgrace of this. Centre County elected a prosecutor that was all about winning and not about justice, or the people whose fate was in her hands. She was crooked, striking closed doors deals and fixing cases. She was making a spectacle of herself in court, and making a mockery of the criminal court proceedings. She was hell bent on winning at whatever costs, and had no regard to the actual guilt or innocence of the parties she was prosecuting. She was sunbathing her wins in the media, and enjoying all the attention on Facebook.

If you look at our beloved valley in the Post-Sandusky aftermath, you’ll find a valley that is profoundly image conscious, profoundly sensitive to sex crimes (particularly against children) and profoundly ashamed of Sandusky and profoundly dissident to accept that any further scandal could possibly transpire in this valley. We were reeling from Sandusky, and she saw each and every weakness and vulnerability and took our good faith and trust in her, and went on a personal joy ride.

Prosecutors have the power to change lives. They can look at each case on a case by case basis and ask themselves, given the facts, is rehabilitation possible? From there they can establish a plan. Jail. Jail. Jail. No work release. Jail. Jail. Jail. This is no plan for a community. Recidivism of offenders sky rocket with overly harsh sentences, too long periods in jail. Yet while she was being extremely and depravedly harsh on some Defendants, others were slipping through, sex crimes for instance. The cases that were the hardest to prosecute, with the least amount of evidence and the most gun shy victims.

Defiance and recalcitrance marks her, as she spent the last week on a personal vacation in Mexico. The court is backed up with cases as she is distracted with civil litigation meant to silence her foes, and put some money in her pocket. We have yet to see – with the exception of Mark Smith – any lawyer remain in her office for any extended period of time. This has nothing to do with the salary that the County pays ADA’s, this has to do with the leader of that office. Lawyers get uncomfortable with unethical activities. Stacy’s footprint is one of ruined relationships, broken trust and dishonesty.

As fast and hard as we are trying to rebuild Centre County, she is taking it down. She is a deeply emotionally sick woman, with deep rooted problems. She is not our elected leader, she is a tyrant and a threat to freedom of speech and the very integrity we place in our judicial system. She is a crook, a common garden variety criminal. She is someone we would normally pity, except that she has such profound and unchecked power to bully people and destroy lives. And she is destroying them, day by day, piece by piece, without apology, remorse and in wanton disregard of the rules of professional conduct and the laws.

Trials are public, court proceedings are public. I would encourage you to go and watch. What you see is an overly emotional, vitriolic, temper tantrum prone, unprofessional prosecutor with an ego the size of Texas. You see someone so cut up with plastic surgery procedures and pumped up in botox that it is difficult to move her face. You see a woman who frequently employs her sexuality – with much pride – in very inappropriate circumstances. You see a high heeled, over the hill, manic ranting lunatic, bent on winning and callously unaware of the grave responsibilities she has a prosecutor and the lives that she holds in her hands. You see a political animal, who intermittently cowers and viciously strikes, like a cornered rat.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The fraternal order of the police, ever cognizant of the powers at be, have receded apprehensively with their support of her. The community, silenced by her threats, intimidation, cruelty, and SLAPP suit has been silenced. The media – god knows what is happening there – seems scared to death to report. The house of cards is crumbling. With all the darkness we watch unfold, we see more and more of this abusive conduct emerge daily as time passes and the records slowly become public. We elected Stacy Parks Miller for stability, for a certain liberal quality she displayed a democrat. She had a concerned mom look to her, prior to altering her appearance with all that outlandish plastic surgery.

Continue Reading: https://happyvalleycitizen.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/slapp-suits-why-you-should-be-afraid/


Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation

Media Law Minnesota


Second Mom In A Week Faces Possibility Of Jail For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Child

Detroit, MI — Only days after Judge Karen McDonald sentenced Rebecca Bredow to jail for choosing not to vaccinate her son, another mother is facing the same potential fate. Lori Matheson is now facing the same court who, only days earlier, sent a mom to jail for refusing to vaccinate.

According to WXYZ:

Lori Matheson is objecting to a friend of the court order that found her daughter should get vaccinated.

She argues her family is pre-disposed to auto-immune injuries and a “23 and Me” genetic test will show that, and that the test should have been done before the referee made their determination.

The attorney for her daughter’s father says the daughter’s doctor recommended the vaccines and said her church allows them.

Matheson is now facing the same potential fate as Bredow and it’s all over the court’s decision to punish those who refuse vaccinations.

It is important to note that Matheson is not yet at the point to which Bredow had made it. Right now, she is only in court because she is choosing not to vaccinate their two-year-old while the father is.

The fact that this is the second case in only a couple of weeks, however, unfolding in the exact same manner, indicates where this could end up. It is indeed likely that the court will again side with the father.

Just like Bredow, the father in Matheson’s case, who does not have custody of the children, now wants to vaccinate his children to the fullest extent. Matheson disagrees, but the court has already shown that they couldn’t care less about what a mother thinks—despite Michigan law allowing for vaccine exemption.

Continue Reading: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2017/10/second-mom-week-faces-jail-refusing-vaccinate-child.html

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The Truth Behind the Vaccine Cover-Up

10 outrageous (but true) facts about vaccines the CDC and the vaccine industry don’t want you to know


Route 91 workers get devices back with videos, messages deleted

Warrentless Search and Seizures

Smart Devices Are Snitching On Owners And Rewriting The Criminal Justice System

By Nicholas West

A new type of court case is slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices.

Several cases over the last few years have focused on data transmitted within the modern smart home, while a couple of others add an extra dimension of police completely reconstructing a crime scene based upon data collected from the home as well as the various Internet-connected devices that we wear.

The very nature of the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution appears to be at stake.

In December of last year an Arkansas murder case made headlines not so much for the death itself, but how a suspect was brought into custody. James Bates hosted a party at his Bentonville home on the night of November 21st, 2015. At some point during the event a man drowned in a hot tub on the property.  Bates claimed to have found the victim the next morning when he awoke, stating that it was a tragic accident, but Arkansas police obtained smart water meter readings that showed an anomaly between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Based solely on this data – and obtained without a warrant – Bates was arrested and charged with 1st degree murder.

Somewhat ironically, James Bates subsequently requested recordings from his Amazon Echo to defend himself against these charges, which resulted in Amazon waiving their standard privacy conditions.

A second case followed wherein we saw a police narrative emerge that a crime had been prevented by a home’s smart system. A domestic dispute resulted in Eduardo Barros allegedly wielding a firearmagainst his girlfriend and threatening to kill her. However, during the argument he exclaimed, “Did you call the sherrifs?” This activated a voice-controlled sound system in his home and dialed 911. After an hours-long standoff, the suspect was taken into custody and charged. Law enforcement was quick to hail the smart technology as having “saved a life.”  But it was the presiding judge who shook privacy advocates by accepting the evidence regardless of how it was obtained, saying that there was indeed probable cause for the arrest without a warrant.

Continue Reading: https://www.activistpost.com/2017/10/smart-devices-are-snitching-on-owners-and-rewriting-the-criminal-justice-system.html