E-Mail to Brandon Stahl-Star Tribune

From: Michael K Rhedin
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 1:44 PM
To: brandon.stahl@startribune.com
Subject: Grazzini-Rucki


Update on Sandra, I guess her lawyer has been in contact with her and I believe the info has been passed on. Here is some insight on this case and some of my observations from the past 3 ½ years. First off I am curious as to why you are so interested in this case now because approximately three years ago you didn’t want anything to do with it, I just find that interesting. As a former detective and being in the business for twenty years I have dealt with very deceptive people and I already know that you have interviewed David Rucki and Lisa Elliott. In my opinion David Rucki is a narcissistic sociopath and his lawyer Lisa Elliott is a pathological liar. David Rucki is a very wealthy man and all his assets have been hidden through other companies and names. His wealth and money motivate people to do things they normally wouldn’t do, specifically Lisa Elliott and Judge David Knutson.

I have never seen the corruption tentacles stretch so far as in this case. It goes all the way to the top of the chain. Like I said earlier money motivates people, follow the money and you would probable get some answers you’re looking for. As for Judge Knutson, I personally think he should be disbarred and removed from the bench. I love it when he says, “this is my playground and I can do whatever I want”. Here is another quote I love, ” go ahead and file a complaint on me, I’m on the board “. This case is so biased against Sandra that Knutson drills her about everything and doesn’t say a word to David as he sits there with a smirk on his face. If you ever read the 4000+ orders, it’s almost comical. Sandra is supposed to live a life of servitude (court order) to David, I didn’t know slavery was legal in the State of Minnesota. Basically, Judge Knutson killed her with his pen instead of lethal injection or a firing squad. Knutson has a pending warrant sitting on his desk for over two years that he has not signed because Sandra is homeless, I didn’t know that being homeless was a crime. I honestly think Knutson should have a psychological exam before continuing his duties on the bench, there is something very disturbing about his decisions in this case and how he so hell bent on crucifying Sandra. One more thing to add is that my personal vehicle was used in court proceeding in this case to turn over my vehicle to David Rucki in 10 days or they would deduct the value of my truck against David’s child support obligations. Doesn’t that sound illegal to you, it does to me. When I questioned the assistant county attorney James Donhower how can they take my vehicle or it’s worth and deduct it from Sandra’s ex-husbands child support arrears. All he said is that it was Judge Knutson’s ruling and he can do that.

David Rucki and his sister Tammy Love who by the way lost custody of her children when she was 18 because of her alcohol and drug use, or should I call her Dr. Tammy Love, both of which are under investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office for being involved with putting a GPS tracking device underneath my vehicle. The lead detective was Daryn Kral. Also, last summer David was involved in a road rage incident and brutally assaulted the other motorist at the Cub Foods parking lot in Lakeville and the victim sustained significant injuries to his face and had to be hospitalized. The Lakeville police downplayed it and he was convicted of a lesser offense. I personally know about this case because my sister works with the wife of the victim. Police have been called on David approximately 22 times for domestic assault and child abuse and he had 4 OFP,s in place which he violated and Judge David L. Knutson dismissed them all. Most of those cases were dismissed and taken off MNCIS. The neighbor’s had restraining orders against him and he also had a terrorist threat charge for threatening to kill the Bye family including their three children in the parking lot of HDC hockey center in Lakeville. Those charges were dropped after David handed his lawyer an envelope with $10,000 cash and went back to Judge Sutherlands chambers prior to the hearing. No corruption there. Also, three Lakeville police officers sent letters to Dakota County court administrator Carolyn Renn to drop various charges for David Rucki. As I mentioned to you on the phone when Sandra and her five children were threatened with deadly force by David the Lakeville police never even showed up after they learned who the complainant was. What I find really disturbing is when David got custody of his children he put them into the foster care system within weeks of gaining custody. Also after Dr. Love received custody of the Rucki children she applied to the State of Minnesota twice to retained a foster care license and was denied both times. I am just giving you this information to give you some examples of what Mr. Rucki’s character is really like.

Another observation I have noticed in the courtroom is how Judge Knutson’s court reporter Rhonda Route isn’t typing during testimony and this is validated by reading through the transcripts when there is vital information left out or even added to the transcripts that wasn’t even said. Apparently she is being dictated on what to write in her transcripts and what pertinent information to omit. These practices are nothing new as they are widespread throughout the country.

During our phone conversation on April 10th you mentioned several times if Sandra knew the whereabouts of her two oldest daughters. I stated the last time she saw them was at the Mall of America when she was heavily supervised by Dr. James Gilbertson because I was there as a witness along with her lawyer Michelle MacDonald. When I mentioned for you to talk with the father (David) about the missing girls you seemed surprised as to why I asked that, which was three times and you gave the same startling answer, ” why would I talk to him” ? Were you not aware that those children were in David and Dr. Love’s custody and Sandra was court ordered not to have any contact with them so she had no idea of what was going on because she thought the kids were still living with her sister Nancy Grazzini-Olson. Sandra and her attorney Michelle MacDonald were unaware of the transfer of custody. My question to you is that those kids were in his and Dr. Loves custody when they disappeared from their care and they were not reported missing to Sandra and her lawyer Michelle MacDonald for over thirty days. It was not until the Fox 9 news report about the kids missing that they were finally put on the missing and exploited children website.

This case is gaining nation media attention because of the complexity and the corrupt judicial system. If you choose to investigate this case the facts will speak for themselves.

Michael K. Rhedin


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