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The New Holocaust Journal: The Secret War on Children & Mothers in Domestic Violence and Divorce Courts

September 18, 2014 at 6:34pm  www.AleahRN.com

The New Holocaust Journal will be launching before the end of the year. It will be available at book distributing locations and on Amazon. The group of journalists, activists, and mothers collectively agreed that this issue, “The Secret War on Children & Mothers in Domestic Violence & Family Courts,” was number one priority.

Domestic Violence courts are DESTROYING the lives of mothers and their children intentionally and creatively, while looting taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars a year in fraudulent protectionless services, while telling the public something different. This first issue is a documentary of over two years inside America’s family court system. From sea to shining sea, we have discovered sinister, evil child sex abuse and torture scandals happening every day to boys and girls in these American courts. The New Holocaust stories are focusing on the recently discovered Lexi Dillon and the Green Girls sex-enslaving schemes by two different California court judges

While a few stories have been published, millions of mothers all across America are being killed out the lives of their children. Their cause of death, not so much by car accidents or by deaths from cancer, but by family court judge’s chicanery and kleptocratic behavior, which has been increasing over the last 30 years with vengeance on mothers and their children. This is a hidden holocaust.

The immoral incompetence and gross moral turpitude of the thousands of judges involved is unbelievable.  Its an ill of the nation we know as the United States. For more obvious reasons, the root of all evil — that love of money– has many domestic violence, high conflict, and family court judges running fake protection Ponzi- like schemes on victims of domestic violence and their children.

Mothers, trying to safeguard their children, are being led into family court under the guise of child protection and domestic violence help, support, and safety. Once there, these mothers are having custody stolen from them and given to abusers, child rapists, and violent murderers. Children are spending 18 years detained and imprisoned in the unhealthy, traumatizing custody of family court. Mothers have been jailed and killed trying to get real help — and for speaking out.

Other mothers are having their children stolen by ACS, and other child protection service agencies throughout the country. Mothers, then, have to buy or beg for an hour a week to see their children that were stolen from them by court orders, or lies, or court mandates lobbied for by unscrupulous social workers. If mothers cannot afford to pay for the supervised visits, services that were designed for criminals, they may not have contact with their children ever again until the child turns 18 years old — if they still remember their mom; in most cases, children were stolen as infants and toddlers, like author of “Bonshe’a,” Coral Anika Theill.

“The New Holocaust” touches on judges behaving unusually, in a cruel manner, and creatively rigging custody cases causing maternal deprivation. Judges knowingly place children in danger with abusers, rapists, and other horrific places in domestic violence courts. This seemed more like the norm then child and mother protection from over the 2000 cases we interviewed.

When not fight an abuser we learned that CPS were stealing kids to keep their child snatching business going. We watched in disgust for almost two years while Judge Joseph Johnston from Massachusetts, behaving viciously and inhumanely, removed a mentally healthy child named Justina Pelletier from her parents and placed her in solitary confinement in an insane asylum. Along with this act of kidnapping, he took custody from her parents and transferred it to Boston’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Boston DCFS, an alleged child protection agency, “Routinely” places children in “dangerous and unstable situations.” says- Washington and Huffington-Post award winning journalist, – Anne Stevenson

From trampling sole custody from good-fit mothers to cutting the souls of children in half and giving it to an abusive or sexually degenerate pedo-dad, divorce courts are showing they are anti-mother, anti-children, and anti-family. Domestic violence courts are the #1 Hub for Serial-killing-families, with a tendency to wipe out mothers lately.The sex abuse scandals being ran out of America’s domestic violence and divorce courts are bigger than Jerry Sandusky’s, Horace Mann’s School for Boys, the Roman Catholic Priests, and the recent England’s Rotherham child sex abuse scandal combined.

Some concerned citizens, who seem to be the only ones paying attention, keeping track and acting as a oversight of this family-court atrocity, estimates that it is somewhere around 2-3 million children per year that have been placed into the homes of sexually deviant and abusive parents intentionally by the family court “legion of doom.” No one is keeping track and this number is considered a round-about, closer to the minimum.

The New Holocaust writers reached out to hundreds of good lawyers, who have tried to speak up; some were retaliated against, some disbarred, smeared, and intimidated mafia-style.

All lawyers interviewed have agreed, “this social injustice and human rights issue is prevalent due to the free, unregulated billions in federal taxpayers’ money given to the family courts each year. The scheme and protection-scam to keep children enslaved for their entire childhood keeps the funding guaranteed and good.“ Shoddy professionals, such as custody evaluators, child lawyers, and social workers that couldn’t get work have instantly become millionaires in a few months by sacrificing the lives of women and children.

Advocates like Cindy Dumas, president of “Safe Kids International,” have said taking crime away from criminal court and burying it in family court has become the norm and she is hoping to pass “Damon’s Law” to keep criminally abusive and sexually deviant dads in criminal court where, hopefully, they will be prosecuted, instead of manipulating the system and placing violent offenders of abuse and rape in family court where their cases are buried, and children and mothers are persecuted, while the abuser is set free with full custody, and bribery benefits.

Many law professors agree with Cindy, and have documented how the “Justice System” Is tampering with crime data as a result of endangering not only mothers and children, but American citizens in the country. Manipulation of crime statistics has become common over the last twenty years in New York City, the model city for the country and the world.

Law Professors in New York, John A. Eterno and Eli B. Silverman, the authors of The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation (Advances in Police Theory and Practice), have explained that rebranding and upgrading criminals, rapists, and abusers, while preventing crime victims from getting justice is a manipulation of the crime data statistics to make cities and the country appear safer utilizing this corrupt practice.

Due to the data-tampering and falsification of crime statistics, a thousand — maybe ten thousand or a hundred thousand — women and children can be raped and abused every year; and we will never know unless they are killed, and maybe not even then, due to the use of data-padding and falsifying tools, which is acknowledged from the heads of states and down.

“There are many different deviant dynamics,” says Aleah Holland, veteran registered nurse and author of “A Little Lynched: Amber Alert – A Judge-Ordered Kidnapping;” Aleah’s book is a biographical account of her rigged custody case in a Brooklyn, New York domestic violence judge’s courtroom.

“I went from a “Little Lynched” to discovering a hidden holocaust. I thought my domestic violence courtroom catastrophe was an isolated incident. I did not know burying the domestic victim and torturing the children was the way DV courts do business.  Every mother that I met that was a victim of their abuser was getting screwed and having custody stolen, children taken away, never seeing them again. and paying their rapists and abusers child support along with other illegal federal funds. I learned over 70% of the time the rapist or abuser gets custody.

Other mothers I met at the court had Administration for Children Services (ACS) fighting them to steal custody of their children for no reason except for the ones ACS invented. ACS has a history of eagerly fabricating and falsifying documents to keep the custody-rig going. Just ask “FalselyAccusedMoms.com,” another advocacy agency. While I was having my child stolen by domestic violence judge Esther Morgenstern and her legion of doom, I was helping other mothers fight and resume thier role in their child’s life. A few not many were successful.

If ACS, CPS, and the family courts doesn’t have any children, they will go out of business. Therefore, they create false charges; devastate lives; make children crazy, then medicate them to insanity; they ruin families; detain children in custody like prisoners; and litigate the mom and child to death; or to a nervous breakdown, which then makes mom unfit, and they get to steal custody eventually. They do all these evil tricks with a blank check of tax payer-funded federal resources.

ACS, a replica of numerous CPS agencies, will do many other evil, trickster things to keep their child business booming. Arizona governor, last year, abolished their state CPS services due to blatant oppressive-inhumane corruption. Everyone is in bed together in this family court. ACS and CPS Aleister-Crowley style and idea of child protection system.  “No horizon is safe,” says Holland, who wrote an open letter to New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio about the systemic scandal in ACS and New York City’s family courts.

Melissa Barnett, a child sex abuse advocate from “Mothers of Lost Children,” says she personally has met over 10,000 women over the past 7 years experiencing this type of unjust deviance. Mrs. Barnett, along with another child advocate, Connie Valentine, from California Protective Parents Association holds a grassroots conference every year, “The Battered Mothers Custody Conference,” which has been trying for nearly  a decade to bring awareness to  the family court holocaust.

From Professor Garland Waller, who has been an active voice with numerous media campaigns and produced the documovie “No Way Out But One,”  to Kathleen Russell, director of “The Center For Judicial Excellence,”  to Patrice Lenowitz, founder of  “The Nurtured Parent and Children Justice Campaign”, to her friend-celebrity actress, Kelly Rutherford who has had her American born children deported by a family court, to author of “ A Little Lynched” and Registered Nurse, Aleah Holland, they all have agreed that what is going on in America’s family court  is a tragedy, and a human rights nightmare.

Dangerous pedophiles and criminals should not be protected by the system, which are currently the practices and policies in effect in domestic violence and divorce courts. These courts tell Americans that they are for the best interest of the child; however, their actions show they are protecting the “best interest of the abuser and the pedophile” by any means or manipulation necessary. Family courthas become a Borgata. DV courts is functioning like an obnoxious pedophile ring and kleptocratic regime.

From the yearlong battle and capture of Lexi Dillon to the transferring of custody to a convicted rapist who has sole custody of the three Greens, Sunny Kelley and Lori Handrahan, like Keith Harmon Snow, has these family court cases which go from horrible to hell. Millions of mothers are experiencing this torture in America’s family court. It’s obscene and a national emergent situation.

The New Holocaust reporters interviewed over 2000 mothers via social media, email, on radio shows like “Untold Horrors of Family Court –ACS-CPS,” and in person at court watches across the United States. We also interviewed Mildred Muhammad, ex-wife of the DC sniper who had children kidnapped from her for over 18 months and given to a maniac with the assistance of the family courts, re-branding and upgrading fathers’ rights program.

We interviewed Doctor Karin Huffer, author of Legal Abuse Syndrome, about her journey in humanizing our judicial and legal systems. We interviewed and met with advocates and journalists, like award-winning television and Huffington Post Journalist, Anne Stevenson, who has been covering these atrocities in Connecticut courts and some others courts on the east coast.

We met with under-funded child abuse advocacy organizations, and spoke with attorney, Colbern Stuart, Esq., who is the president of California Coalition for Families and Children. He is the attorney who launched a class action lawsuit in San Diego, alleging the same malpractice, malevolence, malicious treatment, civil rights violations, racketeering, and oppression in the San Diego courts that’s mimicking family courtrooms and appellate courts, and more from Connecticut, to New York, to New Jersey, to California and in between all reporting absolute nightmares and oppression from clients by the court-ordered clutches of the legion of doom. “No horizon is safe,” says chief editor Jason Wallace.

Keith Harmon Snow, author and investigative reporter, nailed it in his docureport, “This is ‘A Life Sentence’.”

Keith’s five month investigation reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by Family Courts in the United States.  Children all over the United States are being taken from their protective mothers and delivered to abusers.  Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption, channeling and disappearing billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers’ money every year.  Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals rewarded handsomely for producing quack studies that criminalize loving mothers and protect abusive fathers.  With clear evidence of racketeering and corruption, high court judges and insider lawyers use and abuse the Family Courts system to destroy protective mothers and deliver life sentences of suffering to innocent children.  Rich, poor, middle-class… No child in America is safe.” –  Keith Harmon Snow                      

This is definitely a NEW Holocaust. This is not your typical scholarly article, but all profits from the journal goes to saving crime victims from family court, building campaigns, changing legislation to support child crime victims and mothers in the courts, and to “The Children Justice League,” and Public Service Announcements against this disturbing social injustice and human atrocity happening to American single mother parenting families .



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