MN “Experts”/Examiners

Below is a post from MSOP Gulag Blog Spot regarding MN “Experts” and Examiners that include “Doctors” Paul Reitman and James Gilbertson. Both of these psychologists were hired guns by David Rucki and his attorney Lisa Elliot in the Grazzini-Rucki marital dissolution/custody case.
MSOP is the MN Sex Offenders Program opened in Moose Lake in 1995 as a high-security treatment program for sex offenders who are believed to be dangerous or have a “sexual psychopathic personalities.”

SDP-Sexually Dangerous Person
SPP- Sexual Psychopathic Personality   

Minnesota Correctional Facility – Willow River/Moose Lake ~ Image ~ MN Dept. of Corrections

About the MSOP Gulag BlogSpot and author Tom Evenstad

To provide the public with facts about S.O. Commitment laws & the true Mission of the MSOP: Punitive Preventive Detention. I was a Political Prisoner in the MSOP from 2006-2008 & I am a witness to the illegal, unconstitutional punitive gulag which is the MSOP & it’s McTreatment: Now Serving 725. Serving as a repository of evidence against the real criminals & rapists committing crimes in the present by locking people up for possible future crimes.

MN “Experts”/Examiners

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 I’m going to have a lot to say about the Examiners in coming months. Right now let’s focus on:

Mary Kenning: Brad Stevens, Dale Williams + 50 plus
James Gilbertson: Brad Stevens, Dale Williams + 90 plus
Paul Reitman: Dale Williams, Rich Williams + 90 plus
James Alsdurf: Dale Williams, Chris Coker + 90 plus
Rosemary Linderman: Brad Stevens + 60 plus
Linda Marshall: Brad Stevens + 50 plus

These people and another dozen or so led by Harry “Hitman” Hoberman (100’s in several State’s) responsible for literally 500 “Fake” SDP/SPP Cases in MN alone, and are “Highly Likely” to be stripped of their psychology licenses and jailed and/or imprisoned once I prove what they and I all know they did to these victims. Just as the Examiner Reports are being challenged in ND, they will be challenged here. They will not survive Daubert (Frye-Mack in MN) challenges in the Karsjens litigation, or in my own Judicial Hold Order Class Action.

While I was detained in the MSOP from 2006-2008, I read, analyzed and studied at least 200 SDP/SPP PETITIONS AND A MINIMUM OF 500 MN “Expert” Reports–Either as “Pre-Petition” “Screeners” and/or “Court-Appointed” INDEPENDENT Lol “Examiners”-(Arms of the Prosecution).

I’ve also read, analyzed and studied every SDP/SPP appeal in MN, and I know many Appellants.

In the lawsuits and complaints to the psychology board from their combined HUNDREDS of victims we will get these “experts” under oath and obtain the names and the illegal, unconstitutional Directives/Orders that came down to these unethical psychologists to “…commit them all.” as Dr. Penny Zwecker candidly stated to me in a recorded call.

How ironic now that these Doctors are going to be under severe stressors soon including loss of job/career, professional/public humiliation over their appalling, unethical conduct which violates the very Oath they Swear, and the very real and appreciable threat of Federal Civil Rights Prosecutions!
I look forward to seeing them Examined under Oath in every case I appear after I have dismantled their pro-commit Cherry-Picking of the literature, the “Lifetime Estimate”, “High Risk/High Needs” etc.

The Task Force Recommends educating the SDP/SPP Judiciary, so one case at a time I shall do that!

Hearing offers prelude to coming fight over Minnesota Sex Offender Program reforms


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