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Civil Rights Lawyer Facing Charges


Activist attorney, busted by U police, fights Minneapolis City Attorney’s office

Dispute is over his actions at U Law School protest.
Twin Cities attorney Jordan Kushner, who frequently represents activists, is facing charges following a demonstration at the U.

When protesters get arrested in Minneapolis, they often call a 50-year-old attorney who’s made a habit of winning sizable settlements and getting under the skin of prosecutors.

Jordan Kushner has defended antiwar demonstrators, Black Lives Matter activists and people dressed as zombies.

Now he’s representing himself, along with a co-counsel, after he was arrested at a University of Minnesota protest. Kushner, who has clashed frequently with the city attorney’s office, maintains he’s innocent and is being politically targeted — something the city attorney’s office denies.

“He is being treated the same as any other similarly situated individual,” Mary Ellen Heng, deputy city attorney for the criminal division, said in an e-mail this week.

The testy legal clash was evident at a recent court hearing. Seven prosecutors from the city attorney’s office turned up, including Heng, who consulted with the assistant city attorney handling the case, Sarah Becker, during the proceedings. The others apparently were there just to watch.

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