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AJ Kern Congress






Dear Friends,

Most of you have heard by now that I am seeking the Republican endorsement for the Sixth Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives. Many of you were at our event at the Pickled Loon when I announced my candidacy, and to all of you a huge thank you for your support and encouragement to take on this important challenge. Tuesday March 1st is just over a week away so I wanted to take this opportunity to reconnect, and encourage all of you, your friends and family to get out on Tuesday March 1st to your precinct caucus.

As a Christian Constitutional Conservative, I am seeking your endorsement to represent you in the United States House of Representatives, standing with conservatives supporting the constitutional principles our founders designed, including  limited government, defending national sovereignty, culture and borders. I am running a grassroots campaign and I need your individual support to counter the influence of big money and lobbyists currently controlling Washington DC. Although I primarily ask for your vote at the upcoming caucus on March 1, I also ask for modest monetary support. Many small contributions signal many “grassroots” which are needed to counter well funded special interest groups.

First I would like to tell you a little about myself.

My story is probably different than what many of you have experienced.  My parents were both teenagers when I was born with few skills and resources.  Struggling to make ends meet, my parents divorced.  There were many places I called home as a child, including living in a tent one summer picking fruit with the seasonal immigrant workers.  I also experienced living in a middle-eastern country and understand what the culture looks like first hand.

Clearly, the odds were not in my favor…  Nevertheless, I did have one critical circumstance on my side.  I was born an American.

Under the constitutional framework of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I had the same opportunity as any other American to achieve and, just as importantly, the incentive to achieve with the promise to retain what I have worked so hard for.

Relying on the Power much greater than myself, I joined the Army Reserves, attended college, and have enjoyed a blessed and successful life.  After graduate school I worked as a County Planner and then for American Tower Corporation.  Like many women, I was pulled between career and family…  and chose to stay home, raising my own children. Over the past year I have served as a monthly columnist for the St Cloud Times.

Which brings me to this point in my life of seeking the Republican Party endorsement for the Sixth Congressional District of Minnesota. We cannot bury our children in over $19 Trillion in debt. Please support me by being a delegate on March 1st.

To learn more about the issues and why I’m challenging Tom Emmer for the CD6 endorsement please visit www.AJKern.com, subscribe to the newsletter, and donate.

To stay in touch with AJ: Sign up for our list!



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