The Domestic Violence Cartel


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Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family –and “Conciliation” — Courts’ Operations, Practices, and History

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Table of Contents — (somewhat) Simplified

I started this blog in spring 2009. It is my continuous show-and-tell learning curve exposing, as the motto says, Family and Conciliation Court Operations, Practices, and History from the early 1990s and earlier.

Nothing was posted or added to this table of contents from June 29, 2014 (Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, Parade of Fools) throughout 2015;  on January 23, 2016 (2016 More Business As Usual in MN? (Criminalizing, Terrorizing, Jailing Mothers))  I began publishing again particularly while Minnesota mother Sandra (“Sam”) Grazzini-Rucki sits in jail after having already been cut off from her kids and thrown out of her home years ago, and on less than 24 hours’ notice, having been economically destroyed, and turned into a fugitive (and resources found to hunt her down and haul her back), and now it looks like a serious attempt to personally, physically eliminate her — for felony parental interference.  See first 2016 post for links to more details: I blog from California, not Minnesota and am not an eyewitness or court participant…

Such harsh treatment of any woman / mother is an insult and I’m sure intended as a message to ALL caretaking and formerly custodial mothers whose children were also stolen (in-state) and/or kidnapped (crossing state or country borders) about whom the prosecutors didn’t show even a passing spit’s interest in tracking down the child-stealing or kidnapping parents. Apparently so long as it could be framed as a family dispute and handled within family court system, minimizing the criminal code violation and the devastating impact on the “left-behind” parents…

Despite the Grazzini-Rucki case attracting newsprint in Minnesota (in part through the involvement of a family lawyer –the mother’s — who was also running for GOP Minnesota state justice) there’s still next to no serious discussion among those upset about this — even among those in  Minnesota! — about connections among well-known Minnesota-based elements of “the domestic violence cartel,” (my term, and I can and do document this), a well-known, progressive (but died in a plane crash, about fifteen years ago, with his wife and daughter and staff members) U.S. Senator Pau Wellstone,  the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (in its role as spearheading the family court system, and specialized courts and practices within it, nationwide, and in general favorable, and promoter of “parental alienation” “high-conflict” “Parent coordination” and other terms each of which supports a profession or sets of organizations promising to reduce these in their clients), and of multiple deals apparently cut, and strategic collaborations over the decades between the “DV cartel” and the “family-court-connected” nonprofits and those on the federal marriage/fatherhood/family/faith-based-values funding streams.

Although elements of the DV+FamilyCourt-Connected+Faith/Family/Marriage/(and especially)Fatherhood groups are distributed among different states (meaning, unless one is aware of how networks are set up and that they exist, they’re in effect, a hidden influence to most of the public), specific groups in Minnesota have impacted BOTH the domestic violence movement itself (from almost the start) AND marriage/fatherhood promotion AND promotion of the family courts as treatment centers for social diseases (such as child abuse or domestic violence, etc.).  The history and impact of those organization I have found to be fascinating, illuminating, and a significant explanation of how it is sometimes impossible to actually complete any contested custody case in under ten years, or before one or both parties are bankrupted, or one is in jail, or somebody is missing — or even dead.   What kind of “justice” is that?  What does it have to do with justice — anything?

There is little discussion about organizations AS organizations and how they are networked with each other from positions of power (social and financial) to set the major currents of how individual cases can, and do, spin out of control. These do not happen in a vacuum — they happen when people are run through certain institutions run by certain types of individuals…whose professions, livelihoods, and social position stem from those positions. There is next to no discussion about taxed individuals vs. tax-exempt foundations, associations, and organizations as a means of social control and organizations OUTSIDE of government and any legal rights to due process. This is what I discuss because it’s what I found — early on– in looking at the history of the family courts, and the role of federal grants.
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