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Milton H Erickson (Clinical Hypnosis), The Gottmans, The HHS of Course, and Psychoeducational Interventions for Situational (not “Characteriological”) Violence..and California’s “Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission” — REALLY?? Yes….

Harbingers of the Future, Stewards of Change, etc.

Blogger’s Note:  written shortly after first post of this year (January), published late February.  It’s about 11,500 words long.  Make that closer to 13,500 with an ending section  — I deliver some more goods at the very bottom of the post and hope readers enjoy the journey, and learn something from it as I know I did!  When I say “something,” the reference is to an $18M (assets) foster-care (etc.) providing organization in California connected with a dubious duo of consulting firm/nonprofit in New York relating to post title.  

The content and philosophical underpinnings of the psychological, psychoanalytical, psychiatric, sociological, social science and related professions is one thing but take a look at the “containers” (the business and legal entities which receive public funds to run, and of course write up/publish the psychological, behavioral-modification-intervention R &D [research and demonstration] on the population), and it’s truly something to behold.  In fact, I’m still a little stunned by the brazen behavior of some I just checked out the other day. It seems to me if more people would just check out the organizations, what they find would speak for itself as to prioritizing fiscal waste and, well, corrupt behavior as routine.. in the field of tax-exempt organizations on the governmental dole.

It was all I could do not to insert this information below into my recent post on Jailing, Terrorizing, Criminalizing Mothers in Minnesota, particularly after reconsidering the switching of custody of five children from an aunt (after kicking the mother out of the picture unceremoniously, overnight) to a father as directed by a judge, as justified by a professional psychologist.

Looking at the Flow of Funds/ the Conduits & Containers:

But — I let’s not forget to look at the containers, the commerce — that is, the business (sometimes, for a time) entities through which funds flow (so to speak) so they may do the research and, of course, write up the results.  I have learned to make this part of my routine “check-up” as a matter of sheer curiosity, as patterns of unusual behavior can be identified among those running the organizations.  Among the sound-bytes which come to mind describing what I’m seeing over time, “take the money and run” is the most common.  There are the”OIG” (Offices of Inspector General) within agencies, and write up reports on samples of the whole field of organizations (grantees) under various programs but they are hardly keeping tabs on the multitude — and, they are essentially toothless.  They can only recommend.

Sometimes, it’s the chameleon act (multiple nonprofits with similar, but not identical names, are formed, and when one gets caught not-filing on time, money is shifted to another — meanwhile the websites speak as though it’s been one organization throughout).

Unbelievable what turns up once you start looking..

Once you start looking at those grants, grantees, and what “them” 501(c)3s and their boards of directors do (1) with the nonprofit formed to receive them and (2) next, with their lives when the federal funding runs out — you never know what might turn up.

Yesterday, I found one that denied on its tax return getting the funding that a federal agency claims it got.  Tax returns have lines to acknowledge government vs. non-government grants (one is a grant, the other is a “contribution”).  Until you attempt to locate a tax return AND READ IT, I’ll continue to say, you don’t know “squat” about any nonprofit organization.   Read enough of them from a variety of sources, and “credible” versus “not credible” starts to show itself.

I keep thinking I’ve “seen it all.” Wrong again.  Summary:

Show and tell is below; this is a short, incredulous summary of what I just saw, 1/24/2016:

In this case, by searching a specific executive director name on  the “Relationship Research Institute” of Washington State which 501(c)3 filer I’d just learned has been lying (or, HHS was lying) about grants received, not reporting them as “government grants” on their own returns, and not exactly handling the money honestly (running it into a deficit, after which it simply stopped filing tax returns as of about 2012), I learned about a Year-old Action agenda seeking a $300K contract to do a comprehensive study on the behavioral health data systems — statewide.

(This link will be repeated below, as I show how got from Point A in Washington State to Point B, Mental Health Services in California…!)

An Action Item from a Commission Meeting: October 23, 2014 Agenda (Item 3A) seeking a $300K contract to create a “Feasibility Study Report” (FSR) or “Advance Planning Document” (APD) to evaluate the (entire) DHCS (“Dept of Health Care Services) Behavioral Health Data Systems.

Consider Recommendation for a Contract to Develop a Feasibility Study Report (FSR) or Advanced Planning Document (APD) to Evaluate the Department of Health Care Services Behavioral Health Data Systems

Not at ALL embarrassed by this statistical, VPJ (Very Poor Judgment), the same individual heads right over to the state of California — well apparently she may have already been working there as….“Director of Research and Evaluation” for California’s “Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission,” (**) and asks for a $300K contract for a group “Stewards of Change Consulting, LLC” which I (being me) looked up, with jurisdiction (legal domicile) in New York State.  It registered in California in only 2013.

Here’s the rest of that Agenda (Item 3A) — I’ll show it again, below.  This shows where I got the “Stewards of Change” language from, above…. It’ll make more sense after the “Relationship Research Institute’s reporting behavior, vs. its HHS-reported grants, is reviewed.

Does this not next language sound wonderfully official, technical, and comprehensive andresponsible?  Wait til you see the HHS-grant-supported “Final Progress Report” of “Couples Together Against Violence” (developed by the Gottmans) and see its history… After which the following language may seem less than credible:

Summary: Dr. Renay Bradley, Director of Research and Evaluation, Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, will present an overview of a proposed contract designed to assess the current Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) behavioral health data systems and explore the feasibility of adopting a new system that will provide data to meet all statutory requirements. Current mental health data collection and reporting systems do not provide timely data that allows the MHSOAC to evaluate all aspects of the Mental Health Services Act and broader public community based mental health systems. This contract will identify the Commission’s current data and reporting needs, compare them to what is available via current data systems, and draw conclusions regarding data elements that are missing and not available. Recommendations regarding the most feasible way to ensure that all Commission data requirements will be met will also be made. A Feasibility Study Report or an Advanced Planning Document will be developed, which allows the DHCS to identify and obtain approval to get the identified data collection and reporting needs met. In addition, an action plan for short and long term goals that align with the FSR or APD findings will be completed.

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