St. Cloud’s Very Own Celebrity Patriot

Chelsea Hartmann  Singer/Songwriter/Model, Creativeness=Sexiness! Lover of: God, Cars, 2A, McCafe’s, Antiques & Tattoos! Enjoying the gift called LIFE! LIFE’S 2 SHORT NOT 2 ROCK!

DSC_4524 Edit 2


*Special Note From Chelsea ~ I just want to say thank you to Jim & his studio for all the hard long hours put into just this one song. Without your amazing talents Jim, I wouldn’t have the ability to have my songs / creations be heard…thank you so much! Also a thank you to Duff who put many hours into the drums and percussion & large drum line, giving this song the marching drive I was looking for! ~ This truly has been a journey creating what I call a masterpiece! A ton of my heart has gone into creating this song & video. I hope you can see it! I truly hope it reaches out to, and speaks to all who watches it. I hope it makes you understand how I believe, “WE THE PEOPLE” create our freedoms and also allow them to be taken away. We need to start standing up for morality and the rights our ancestors shed their blood for. If we as humans do not change things, I truly do believe we will lead ourselves into “The Suffering”… I’ve never understood why we seem to think we need leaders to maintain our lifestyles. If more people would take a stand and start seeing the signs….we need less government, less taxes feeding the government, and more “WE THE PEOPLE” if more people could take responsibility for their actions while living here on this green earth, I believe we could achieve that. I also believe there are reasons why our county is going the direction it is going and I strongly despise the “Higher up’s” the ones that control our media, our music industry, our banks, our government, and most of all, our lives and they control it all while trying to take our constitution away…our map that was laid out to shape humanity and keep our rights so we keep empowerment within ourselves as humans…life and times now are scary & my heart never wants to see our beautiful world suffer but only we can stop it….I don’t want to see “Hitler” happen again!

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