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20/20 Wants Video Testimonials; Make Yours this Weekend!

20/20 is asking for video testimonies of women who have had their children taken away and given to controlling and abusive fathers.

Make a 1 to 2 minute video about your case

Start with: “I am making this video in support of The Women’s Coalition campaign for the right to keep and protect our children.” [You can use your name or not.]

Include: what kind of abusive behavior your ex engaged in, how there was no proper investigation, how evidence was disregarded or covered up, what false accusations were used against you to justify taking your children, what kind of visitation you got, how this has devastated you emotionally and financially, etc.

You can use a webcam or cell phone.

Send the video to thewomenscoalitionpac@gmail.com
[If file is to large to email you can use: https://www.wetransfer.com]

NOTE: By submitting the video, you agree to 20/20 and other journalists using it in part or whole.

Please participate! It is so important as it is rare to get MSM coverage on our issue. SHARE!

Shelly’s video:

Maralee’s video:

Join the Dear MSM & Spotlight events:

FACT SHEET on the crisis:

See More


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