Dakota County Collusion


n. where two persons (or business entities through their officers or other employees) enter into a deceitful agreement, usually secret, to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, competitors, consumers or those with whom they are negotiating. Collusion can include secret price or wage fixing, secret rebates, or pretending to be independent of each other when actually conspiring together for their joint ends.

A secret arrangement wherein two or more people whose legal interests seemingly conflict conspire to commit Fraud upon another person; a pact between two people to deceive a court with the purpose of obtaining something that they would not be able to get through legitimate judicial channels.

The fundamental societal objection to collusion is that it promotes dishonesty and fraud, which, in turn, undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system.   The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Below is an article and picture of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s Motion Hearing 01/26/2016  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Larson, Jon H.) at the Dakota County Courthouse in Hastings, MN. The group includes David Rucki, his sister Tami Love, Michael Brodkorb from the Star Tribune, Lisa Elliot (David Rucki’s attorney) and James Donehower, Dakota Co. Assistant County Attorney.

Star Tribune Hacks Reported To Beau Berentson, Court Information Office Director of Communications and Public Affairs (651) 296-6043? Hack/Quack Michael “Dr. Quack” Brodkorb Gets Special Treatment By Corrupt Dakota County Court Security When Illegally Using Electronic Device During High-profile Scripted Hearing For Rigged Case No. 19AV-FA-11-1273 In The Marriage Of SANDRA SUE GRAZZINI-RUCKI VS DAVID VICTOR RUCKI *** Judge Kanning Assigned ***?


from:    Lion News lionnews00@gmail.com
to:    beau.berentson@courts.state.mn.us,
date:    Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 7:26 AM
subject:    Star Tribune getting special treatment (again) at high-profile Sandra Granzzini-Rucki hearing on April 5, 2016 in Case No. 19AV-FA-11-1273?
mailed-by:    gmail.com

Beau Berentson, Court Information Office Director of Communications and Public Affairs (651) 296-6043:

The hacks from the rag called the Star Tribune are getting special treatment in your rigged courts again, aren’t they? So-called special correspondent Michael “Dr. Quack” Brodkorb was, according to witness testimony, illegally using an electronic communication device at the high-profile Sandra Grazzini-Rucki hearing on April 5, 2016 in Case No. 19AV-FA-11-1273. Did corrupt Dakota Co. court security confiscate the device like they did for Sandra’s attorney Michelle MacDonald? Corrupt Dakota Co. court security didn’t, did they? Did corrupt Dakota Co. court security arrest “Dr. Quack” Brodkorb like they did with Sandra’s attorney Michelle MacDonald? Corrupt Dakota Co. court security didn’t, did they? What did corrupt Dakota Co. court security do? Corrupt Dakota Co. court security gave the Star Tribune hack special treatment, didn’t they? They did, didn’t they? The funny part is that I had just spoken that very morning with Terry Sauer, Assistant Managing Editor/Digital StarTribune.com (Phone: 612-673-4460 (w) 612-716-7232 (c) Email: terry.sauer@startribune.com) about hack Brodkorb’s malicious, wild and outrageous false accusations about me, isn’t it? It is, isn’t it? In fact the even funnier part is that Sauer didn’t want to talk about illegal filming at the high-profile Junkermeier murder trial by his hack Jenna Ross, isn’t it? It is, isn’t it? Good thing I have that conversation recorded, huh? It is, isn’t it?

Oh, I asked for an incident report from the corrupt officer of the court called Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie, haven’t I? However, since the corrupt officer of the court Leslie is still illegally withholding public data from me for the illegal search of Sandra’s attorney Michelle MacDonald’s camera (and a boat-load of other readily available, free, electronic public data, right?) I’m not holding my breath, am I? Plus, I’m sure that Chief Deputy Dakota County Attorney Phillip Prokopowicz is still mad at me, aren’t I? I am, aren’t I? Phil is mad because I threw a monkey wrench into his plans to be a corrupt Dakota county judge, isn’t he? Just between you and me – if Prokopowicz is dumb enough to try for the latest opening for corrupt Dakota Co. judge he’s going to get the same treatment, isn’t he? He is, isn’t he?

Are the rigged Dakota County courts going to ban the Star Tribune and their hacks from the high-profile Sandra Grazzini-Rucki cases (19HA-CR-15-2669 & 19AV-FA-11-1273) or not? inquiring minds want to know, don’t they? I’m think not, aren’t I? Why? Witness testimony states that 19AV-FA-11-1273 was scripted in favor of David Rucki, doesn’t it? It does, doesn’t it? That must explain why the corrupt Minnesota courts fear video and audio recording by actual whistleblowers like me, huh?

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

Continue Reading:http://lionnews00.blogspot.com/2016/04/star-tribune-hacks-reported-to-beau.html


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