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Based on information from Carver County Corruption

Dakota County Judge David Knutson issued an order on September 7, 2012 that denied the mother of five children any contact with her children. He ordered mother to vacate her home of 15 years on the same day as the court order. She was forced to leave her home and all of her possessions which she has never been able to recover. She was denied any due process and was told she would be arrested and jailed if she refused to follow Judge Knutson’s orders.

Her wages were garnished for payment of past marital taxes even though mother has been left destitute with prior use of MN Care Insurance and food stamps after the divorce. Her ex-husband’s income is in excess of $200,000 per month and he retains all of the marital property. There was no hearing or any finding that Sandra ever hurt or abused any of her five children in any way.

The five children, ages 10, 11, 13, 14, and 16, were ordered to live in the custody of two aunts. The four youngest children lived with their maternal aunt for almost six months without support from anyone. The children have not had or been allowed any contact with their mother except for one three-hour heavily supervised visit in late December, 2012. At that time they had not had any contact with their father. In court on February 26, 2013, the aunt said she was no longer willing to provide for the children. The oldest child now lives in the former home of his mother with his father, who is believed to have bought the boy’s loyalty with a car and other expensive gifts. The four youngest children did not have a relationship with their oldest brother at that time.

Why did all of this happen? In late August, 2012, Judge Knutson appointed an “expert” to make a recommendation on the parenting of the children. This expert, Dr. Paul Reitman, met with four of the children for about thirty minutes. He conducted no other evaluations, tests, or analysis. Yet, on the basis of this meeting, he issued his report that the problem was caused by the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), a condition of the mother. Parental Alienation has been rejected by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Medical Association. They believe it to be unsubstantiated. In fact, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCI)  has published guidelines stating that “The theory positing the existence of ‘PAS’ has been discredited by the scientific community.”

Nevertheless, Judge Knutson appointed another expert, Dr. James Gilbertson, to attempt to re-unify the children with their abusive father. He said he would “reprogram” the children to like their father—he saw them 3 times in 6 months. This failed leading to the February 26, 2013 hearing. At this hearing, Dr. Gilbertson arranged for the children to appear before Judge Knutson in a conference room. Judge Knutson listened to the children’s short statements and told them he was going to issue orders that they had to follow. The mother requested information from Gilbertson and Reitman such as appointment dates, payment history, and other documents, but they were denied by the practitioners saying they are protected by the judge and do not need to follow the guidelines of their respective professional organizations. Judge Knutson did not allow the opinions of any other professionals to be heard.

The four youngest children begged to be with their mother. Their lives have been seriously disrupted. The Guardian ad Litem (GAL), Julie Friedrich, initially agreed that they belonged with their mother. Her story then changed. She told the children that everything had been given to their father, and that their mother was homeless and without a vehicle. (The children reported this information to their mother at the late December 2012 meeting.) Ms. Friedrich also informed the children that their mother was in a mental institution, in jail, had moved to Philadelphia, PA, had been fired from her job, and that mother’s whereabouts were unknown. Julie also told the children that their mother didn’t want them and that she was gone. She informed Dr. Gilbertson that no further contact between mother and children should take place. Mother was not  allowed to schedule any further visits with her children despite numerous attempts.

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and children at a “supervised visitation session” conducted by Clinical Psychologist Dr.” James GilbertsonGilbertson-Rucki

Julie Friedrich: Parenting Consultant, Coach, Evaluator, Expediter, Supervisor~State of MN  (Photo Unavailable)
Julie Ann Friedrich was appointed on 7-14-2011 and removed herself on 5-17-2013.  At the September 12, 2013  Grazzini-Rucki trial,  Ms. Friedrich stated, “It got to the point where I didn’t feel I could advocate for the children due to false information that they were given.”

Letter by Samantha Rucki-2013

I, Samantha Rucki am writing this to be given the Court as quickly as possible. I ask that this be given the Court of Appeals during the week beginning April 22, 2013. I would sign before a notary public but I can’t because I do not have any identification with me. But my signature is below. Thank you.

I’m in fear for my life to live or to even be in the Ireland place home with Tammy Love. She has physical emotionally, verberelly abuse.  I have told everyone of my fears and begged them  not to put me with her  but they will not listen. I’m so afraid. I have told everyone about the abuse that I have suffered from my father and his sister Tammy.  I was also have seen my father physical attacked my mother. 5 years a go my father’s mother (Vicki Rucki)  slapped me across the face and said I was a “little fucking bitch” , she did this because when we were with my father one day and my mom was at the store my father’s parents showed up and said they were taking us to Arizona I told her my mom had said no that she could not take us and she said I didn’t have a choice she grabbed the 3 little ones Gianna , Nia , Gino my dad and both his parents grabbed the kids put them in the car and his parents left with them I locked myself in the bathroom and called my mom. my dad would not say how to get a hold of them.  It was 5 days till we found that his parents had taken them to Arizona.  My mom went to get them  from PHX. Because they had taken them without her permission they only gave one of them back and it took more day till they would return the other ones. I have watched my dad beat my mom.

She has  always protected us, she begged for a divorce and he always said he would never give her one until he finally agreed in the spring of 2011, and they got divorced. My mom  has not alienated us from our father in any way . the courts, Gilbertson and fridedric have lied and told us many things that weren’t true about our mother they threaten us with going to jail or said we better “comply or else” they also said stuff like I will put you in foster care and you know what they do in those a homes the abuse kids , I have begged judge Knutson to return us to our mother we all have begged he threatened us telling us he didn’t care that we wanted he was going to order us and we better follow it or else.  We told him about the abuse of my dad and his sister  and that we were afraid. My mom had also been there she always protected us and loved us and took care of us , but he said he didn’t care. I was taking to the police dept. on Friday april 18th I was told there was some kind of meeting when i went into the room it was tammy, Nancy, Jay and a officer they had gilbertson on a speaker phone  he stated that we were all going to Tammy’s she had 100 percent custody and Gilbertson said and I quote “this was the plan from the beginning” we fought back begging them not to l put us in care of tammy that we were afraid for our lives and told them that tammy and my father had abused us but they didn’t care they put us into tammy car and then we had a police escort to the Ireland place house, the police made us go into the house once the police put into the house he left, we repeated over and over again that we did not want to go that we were afraid for our lives  we wanted to go our mothers.

We have been told so many lies by judge Knutson to our face he even went so far as to threaten us when were  in the conference with him and everyone else at the courthouse  Gilbertsin and friedrich have told so many lies that they didn’t make sense any more they were never consistent with things and when I would question they would get furious and  the would raise the voice and get very mad, when we told child protection and was interview they said they would help us but they never did we told them everything what I have been put through is reidulcus this is not a game and that’s what they have turned this into ,I have done nothing and yet I’m treated like a crimmal I’m told I have no rights I told my fathers is perfect and everything was my mother’s  fult. I  have been constituently lied too and threatened  by moxie, Reitman ,Gilbertson,  Friedreich, Knutson , child portative serveries, everyone they have sent a too its ridulcus . I’m almost 15 in over a month why are the courts trying so hard to make my mom look so bad and yet it was my father and his sister what is going on I will not be treated like this anymore.

Samantha Rucki


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