Judicial Selection Committee Update

From: Dede Evavold [mailto:dedeevavold@hotmail.com]

Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 12:55 PM

To: blackwell@blackwellburke.com; jessebg@mcil-mn.org; director@albertlea.org; lkrug@d.umn.edu; bsieben@schwebel.com; cfogarty@childrensdentalservices.org; mknoblauch@anthonyostlund.com; keiko.sugisaka@maslon.com; lsheehy@skycreek.org; mike.slavik@co.dakota.mn.us; kathleen.gaylord@co.dakota.mn.us; thomas.egan@co.dakota.mn.us; nancy.schouweiler@co.dakota.mn.us; liz.workman@co.dakota.mn.us; maryliz.holberg@co.dakota.mn.us; chris.gerlach@co.dakota.mn.us; KStyx@hastingsstargazette.com

Lee Sheehy, Chair of the MN Commission on Judicial Selection

Do you remember that I wanted to give you a quick update before the memorial day weekend in case you were conspiring to slip Prokopwicz’ judicial appointment by in a Friday news dump so no one knew about it? That’s why I’m giving you this June 7th, 2016 update, isn’t it?

I again want to remind you that my evidence in case #19HA-CR-15-4227 is still being illegally withheld from me by your judicial candidate Phil Prokopowicz, Chief Deputy Dakota County Attorney.

Oh and by the way, Grant County attorney Justin R. Anderson is also still illegally withholding my evidence from me in related cases 19-HA-CR-15-4229 and 19HA-CR-15 4230

Apparently neither Prokopowicz or Justin Anderson can win their cases by giving evidence  to the defendants they are victimizing in criminal cases. Remember, I did report this obstruction of justice to District 4 – Commissioner Nancy Schouweiler, don’t you? (Calls recorded). Schouweiler is still lawyered up, isn’t she? Schouweiler still has no intention of investigating the misuse of public funds nor the misconduct of the public officials at the Dakota County Attorney’s office, does she? To protect myself and others, I am still going to continue to educate the public that they cannot trust any arrest, prosecution nor conviction in lawless Dakota County. Again, If you want a corrupt Dakota County judge who thinks and acts like they are above the rules and the laws, then Chief Deputy Dakota County Attorney Phillip Prokopowicz is the perfect corrupt candidate for you.

Dede Evavold

P.S, Oh, by the way, I almost forgot … Did you know that corrupt police chief Jeffy Long is all upset that I’m asking him for my evidence? Jeffy is making wild and outrageous claims that I’m harassing him while he’s harassing me, isn’t he? It would appear that poor little Dede’s narrative that you can’t trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in lawless Dakota county has Jeffy’s corrupt little tiny feelings hurt. It would, wouldn’t it?

All discovery shall be exchanged PRIOR to the settlement conference. Probable cause, and scheduling order for: 19HA-CR-15-4227. Signed by Karen Asphaug 3-1-16.

“Many of us are now being called corrupt and being harassed by the witnesses involved in this incident,” Long said, adding it would have been easy to “fall under the fear of threats,” by putting the case aside and label it a court issue. … “This case is truly a team effort,” Dronen said …. “If you continue to receive all that pressure, we’ve got your back and we’ll support you for the whole way,” Little said. Lakeville detective receives medal of commendation – Chief cites Dronen’s work on missing persons case By Laura Adelmann, SunThisweek/ECM Publishers, Inc. Published May 27, 2016 at 6:09 am.

Oh and by the way I’m posting this on Red herring Alert so you can’t claim that you never got this. Here’s the link to my blog. https://redherringalert.wordpress.com/

I know that Dakota County and the City of Lakeville are members of LOGIS and have this file share capability. This is how easy it could be. Just send me my evidence!

Logis File Share





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