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Let the weak be strong ♦ Let the right be wrong ♦ Roll the stone away  ♦  Let the guilty pay It’s Independence Day!


One thought on “IT’S INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  1. I want to let everyone whose child, or grandchild or other child is known to have been removed from a parent or other who did not do anything which warranted the removal, and this is extremely important to understand and to put your voice of approval with mine as we are going in one voice to those who will make the criminal pay for their crimes of kidnaping and abductions and other charges that will now stand as one court of common jurisdiction, same jurisdiction as any state court holds the preliminary examination of those facts which are marred and its going to provide that it is now the time to arrest cps agents which have acted under the context of a crime and the court of authority states this clearly and that the abduction /kidnapping is known to have happened and the court will give this child abducted to its abductor and this is the most disgusting review but the only one that must be taken. Victims of a crime against you and you must understand this makes the difference with an admission of the court. God provides and you all must contact me for the information to use today and we go as one nation under God to have our children returned or whatever is the best for them. , but it is now to start stating the truth that is not going to go away because no official wants to step up the bat for what is true and correct….and herein we demand that our traffickers of human lives, our children or ourselves be demonstrative in that we are victims not criminals and demand that the ones committing the crime as described by the court, herein be charged and prosecuted by the ones now in camping themselves in the associated enterprise to collect the federal social security block grants and herein we the people of the government of the people say no more. We are done having this government we set up, make laws to steal children so the state profits itself.
    Remember the bugs life or the ants movie, your children’s movie….great lesson to remember….we as the whole are the voice that moves the officials as they do not want mistrust and if they do not make those who act in a manner to describe trafficking and that their own admission leaves nothing further to discern. The end of the road. CPS pack your bags those stealing to make the quota or acting as if you do not already know it was just a matter of time….times up.


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