Follow Up on Senate Candidate Tim Pitcher

PitcherTim Pitcher, Farmington Councilmember (651-492-4982 State Senator District 58 Candidate (651-492-4982

As readers will recall, on 7/15/2016, I contacted Farmington Councilmember and State Senator Candidate Tim Pitcher to inform him about the obstruction of justice by his fellow Candidate/Lakeville Mayor Matt Little.

He agreed to contact Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom to request that my evidence be emailed to me immediately to prepare for my testimony in Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s trial that began on 7/18/2016 case no.19HA-CR-15-2669. He assured us that he would send a follow-up email regarding contact with Dakota Co.

Guess what? He didn’t follow through as he didn’t send an e-mail or return my phone call I made on 7/17. I left him a voicemail in which I played back the audio recording with his empty promises he made in our phone call on Friday 7/15.

Gee, I’ve never seen a politician make a clear and specific promise before an election and then breaking that promise. Usually it happens when they are actually elected to office and not while they’re campaigning. Oh well, it’s not like I’m shocked.

Anyhow, the obstruction of justice is evident in every facet of these rigged cases in Dakota County. I’ll be posting the violations throughout this trial so keep checking back!

Candidate Filings 2016 State General Election: State Senator District 58 Candidate Name Tim Pitcher Party Republican Website File Date 5/17/2016 

State Senator District 58 Candidate Name Matt Little Party Democratic-Farmer-Labor Website 5/18/2016 Email: Phone Number (952) 2889660 Residence Address 17523 FREEPORT CT FARMINGTON, MN 55024 Campaign Address PO BOX 650 LAKEVILLE, MN 55044 Just wondering how you can be the mayor of Lakeville and reside in Farmington?




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