Continued Drama

Courthouse drama in Rucki case continues

by Michael VolpeJul 25, 2016

David Rucki reportedly threatens a lawyer and a process server at the same time his ex-wife is arguing he was a danger to his children.

(Fair Use/ABC/YouTube)

CHICAGO, June 24, 2016 —David Rucki reportedly threatened two people in one courtroom last week, even as his ex-wife is on trial for keeping his kids away from him in another courtroom in the same courthouse.

Rucki, who was in court fighting off contempt of court charges stemming from his divorce, allegedly threatened a process server and his ex-wife’s divorce attorney on Wednesday.

The process server, Michael Rhedin, who is his ex-wife’s former boyfriend, served Rucki with a subpoena to force the testimony of his daughter, Gianna, who is a minor.

Rhedin said he served Rucki to compel Gianna’s testimony because Rucki’s oldest daughter, Samantha, could not be found and her work told him she was off for the duration of the trial.

When Rhedin served Rucki, he said Rucki threw the subpoena back at him and followed him out of the courtroom.

Rucki then demanded that Rhedin come closer to him and threatened to start a fight.

“What are we, in grade school?” Rhedin said he responded and walked away.

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