Continued Harassment


2 thoughts on “Continued Harassment

  1. I may not totally agree with who is at fault; however, MacDonald presents a compelling case for Ms. Grazzini and reaffirms what I stated under the ‘Ultimate Hypocrisy’ article….the girls made their choices to run from their father who is a sociopathic narcissist. The younger children if and only if had been given the opportunity would have run as well….running is a dangerous game. The environment we live in today is filled with minions of evil…(for lack of better word). There is an age old adage>BY THE GRACE GOD THERE GO I< IN THIS CASE THE GIRLS DID NOT END UP IN THE HANDS OF MINIONS OF EVIL. IN ADDITION; Mr. Rucki's Attorney has proven just by virtue of the video her inhumane lack of professional courtesy…you do not announce to the media someone has issues with "Board of Professional Responsibility." Or the board of professional responsibility has issues with an attorney. In addition, there was nothing mention about 'Dale Nathan' as having had issues vs board of professional responsibility. Next, you have this Mr. Rucki's attorney baiting MacDonald over Ms. Grazzini's psychological evals. I believe Ms. Grazzini did do what was required of her, which includes psych. evals among other things. I would think, that the attorney of D. Rucki needs to be reported to the "Board of Professional Responsibility." By virtue of the video Lisa Elliot did not have the right to speak as she did. Just because the aforementioned individuals are dealing with "Misconduct Issues" that is not the public's need to know. I am a retired paralegal and I have dealt "eerily" with some of the same issues; I know that there are three district court judges when they see my name on the docket they pass me on to another judge. The county attorney and city attorney they "walk softly" around me. I now have the attorney general who deals with federal issues in regards to IRS matters with one individual gridlocked. I like Abraham Lincoln do not have a degree in law as required by State of Minnesota…however, there is nothing in the constitution that says I need an Attorney and it is in the Constitution that if and only if I WANT ATTORNEY, I CAN GO THROUGH PROPER PROTOCOL AND GET ONE. Ms MacDonald may or may not have had issues; however, it is irrelevant and not for public fodder. Thank You PALJ


  2. RE: ” The younger children if and only if had been given the opportunity would have run as well….”

    In September 2012 after their mother, Sandra, was removed from the home, the 2 younger children DID run away. Tammy Jo Love went to the school to tell the children the news and decided to keep them in their “normal routine” and instructed them to take the bus home. How cold hearted! These children were devastated and attempted to run away. A 911 call was made by a concerned citizen who saw them wandering down the highway, all alone, crying for their mother. The youngest girl told police that Tammy had abused her, and that she did not want to go back to her care. The girl also threatened to run away again.

    The two older girls ran to the police department seeking help – the police ignored their cries for help.

    The younger children were also subjected to forced therapy and court interventions any time they raised allegations of abuse or showed fear of their father. GAL reports say the kids ran from their father when he entered the room and showed signs of fear – ALL this happening when Sandra had no contact with them. The abuse was never investigated. Instead more therapy was ordered… these children have been through hell 😦


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