Minnesota Nineteen-Year-Old sues her Father, Hennepin and Carver Counties, along with Social Workers, Guardians at litem, and lawyers for an excess of $240 Million for Deprivation of Civil Rights

03/17/2017 Minneapolis, MN, US

Annelise Rice, a hockey player at UND and graduate of Minnetonka High School, filed a lawsuit on March 17, 2017, in Minnesota federal court seeking damages for deprivation of civil rights by tortuous intervention in a mother-child relationship and deprivation of rights under color of the law (Civil Action No. 17-cv-796 ADM/HB).

Annelise’s father, Brent Rice, branch manager of Merrill Lynch Wayzata, is a defendant on the lawsuit. Employees of Hennepin County (Michael Borowiak, Jolene Lukanen, Michael Garelick, Richard Witucki, Judith Hoy, Jean Peterson) and Carver County (Nicole Mercil, Bethany Koch, Sarah Kulesa, Brenda K. Dehmer, Carole Cole), and Brent Rice’s lawyer, Cory D. Gilmer, are also listed among the eighteen defendants. The defendants include court-appointed Guardians at litem, Social Workers, and lawyers who were involved in the custody evaluation and CHIPS (Child in Need of Protection or Services) proceedings for Annelise Rice. The proceedings began in Hennepin County and were moved to Carver County when the family moved.

Judges, lawyers, and social workers no longer have absolute immunity and can be held responsible for their actions that deprive Constitutional rights, even if they are acting in an official role.

This case is highly unusual due to the large amount of defendants involved. The defendants conspired to deny Annelise access to the courts and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on Annelise while she was still a minor. Defendants knowingly interfered with Annelise’s constitutional right to a relationship with her mother and four siblings, causing inordinate stress and difficulty.

Annelise asks the court for relief in an amount great enough to deter defendants and others in similar positions from engaging in this egregious misconduct in the future.There have been many cases of negligence by social services that have put young lives at risk. Social workers, Guardians at litem, lawyers, and judges need to be held accountable to prevent further neglect, abuse, and deaths of children in protective care. This lawsuit could potentially turn into a class action suit, because of the amount of families that have been mistreated in this way.

Annelise Rice


Rice v. Rice et al

Minnesota District Court
Judge: Ann D Montgomery
Referred: Hildy Bowbeer
Case #: 0:17-cv-00796
Nature of Suit 440 Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
Cause 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Case Filed: Mar 17, 2017
Docket last updated: 04/27/2017 11:59 PM CDT


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Minnesota Appellate Court overturns mom’s conviction for ‘deprivation of parental rights’


  1. You go girl ! I hope you win every penny and maybe , just maybe it will slow down the corruption and unnecessary removal of children from loving families so they ( social workers , GALs , judges etc ) can receive federal funding and bonuses ! CPS has to be stopped ! They are destroying the family unit ! Yes some children need to be removed but many don’t !

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    • There was a study done on children that were taken from the home based on capricious information…it showed that children taken and put in the foster system or adopted out did not fair as well as children who were in two separate homes i.e. divorced parents and it was clearly defined on co-parenting.

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  2. There have been similar lawsuits filed in the past..3 that I know of in Minnesota alone involving parents suing the system players. Every time the case was dismissed due to immunity. This case is unusual in that a child survivor who is now an adult is initiating the lawsuit. I think to be most successful we have to promote this case as much as possible, and create so much publicity that the corruption has no place to hide.
    Cheering you on Annelise!

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  3. Very proud of you!! It happens all the time. It has to stop. I tried to let people know what was happening, but they wouldn’t believe me. I asked to sue the people who did this, but was told I couldn’t. It changed my son’s life and mine forever. http://nochildshouldbestolen.com

    I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Michigan, but moved to Florida many years ago. Go VIKINGS, TWINS, and anything else Minnesota – especially this!!! 🙂

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    (Minneapolis, Minnesota): Nineteen-Year-Old impacted by family court proceedings sues her Father, Hennepin and Carver Counties, along with Social Workers, Guardians at litem, and lawyers for an excess of $240 Million for Deprivation of Civil Rights.

    “The defendants conspired to deny Annelise access to the courts and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on Annelise while she was still a minor. Defendants knowingly interfered with Annelise’s constitutional right to a relationship with her mother and four siblings, causing inordinate stress and difficulty.

    Annelise asks the court for relief in an amount great enough to deter defendants and others in similar positions from engaging in this egregious misconduct in the future.”

    This lawsuit could potentially turn into a class action suit, because of the amount of families that have been mistreated in this way.

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  5. I dont know how it is in other states, but in MN the family court is so damn corrupt… a cesspool of liars and thieves… and who get paid for doing so. Children should not be denied a healthy relationship with either of their parents. I hope Annalise case is successful..

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  7. Annalise, you are a true inspiration to the millions of Protective Mothers and their children! May the millions of children who are forced to live with their abusive fathers follow suit when they turn 18. Protective Mothers can file these claims as well! We need to massively do this, to deter these DEMONS from ever even thinking about removing children from their Protective Mothers and profiting from their sadistic, torturous abuse-of-power plots to profit from the misery they inflict on Protective Mothers and their kids. YES to punishing them through MASSIVE payments! These DEMONS should never be able to work with kids again! Annalise, you are a true HERO for surviving this ordeal and transforming your horrific experience in to this incredible lawsuit that leads the way for us all! Any time you and/or your mom want to share your story on Hell is For Children, just let me know: info@freejasmijn.com

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    • Mothers Rights International is interested in joining other groups in a Federal Class Action for “Maternal Deprivation” and violating our Constitutional and Civil Rights.

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    • you may wish to sign up for my blog. we deal with isolation of the elderly (mom, dads, grandparents, uncles, etc.) and we assist people with corruption in probate where people are not only isolated, but their estates are drained and when the money runs out, they are murdered. we need to get ahold of all these children who are now adults and within the statute of limitations (2 to 5 years) and get them to sue. then the instanity will begin to stop.
      we also need to test all attorneys, courtroom vendors and judges for psychopathy (who else would use false evidence to state or medical kidnap) with a PET brain scan. If you don’t know what psychopathy is, it’s a permanent condition that some people have to are nasty, obnoxious, have no guilt or remorese nd yet love to get in positions of wealth and power.


  8. I think many of you are making incorrect assumptions about this case. Don’t assume that the father is “guilty” of anything for having full custody of his daughter. With how messed up father’s rights are, there’s likely a legitimate reason why he ended up with full custody and the daughter might just be acting out on behalf of a mother who’s convinced her to do so?

    I know for a fact that the father is not a deadbeat. The opposite. This lawsuit won’t go anywhere.


    • Actually, the lawsuit states the father was an abuser who used junk science to get sole custody of the daughter in a manner which did not give his daughter proper access to the courts. The lawsuit may not go anywhere but it has nothing to do with child support and I think at this point it’s been well established that there was a mountain of abuse allegations which were ignored by the court.


      • Yes the lawsuit has “allegations” of abuse. All I can see is a story about a dental visit and a broken arm where the parents disagreed on how to treat and the mother took extreme steps to get her way. But there’s a lot more to this case under the hood. The mother was convicted by a jury for essentially parental alienation and fleeing the country with her daughter. The jury, judge, and social workers all sided with the father. Given a legal system that preferences mothers, it says a lot that the father won out. Let’s wait for more details…


      • That the system favors mother is your opinion and not necessarily fact. Here’s part of the lawsuit, “Defendants repeatedly conspired with Defendant Brent R. Rice to deprive Plaintiffof her right to access by the court by intentionally preventing the court from hearing evidence of Defendant Brent Rice,s abuse of Annelise and her mother, by engaging in ex parte communications with the court in violation of Plaintiffs due process rights, by coercing and financially harassing Plaintiffs mother into abandoning her legal efforts to protect Annelise t}rough the courts, by knowingly allowing the introduction of false testimony, by allowing into evidence and/or the court’s consideration the bogus, disreputable, and pro child-abuser ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’ theory concocted by the discredited misogynist Richard Gardner, by failing to
        disclose to the court the unethical and prejudicial relationship between Defendant Brent Rice and Defendants, by prohibiting Annelise Rice (or any older siblings) from testifying on her own behalf in order to obtain protection from the abuse, by falsifying child protective services reports on Plaintiffs abuse, and other acts.” I don’t know what you are speaking about but none of it is in the lawsuit. Many protective mothers lose all custody to the abusive father,regardless of what the so-called family court system has as a bias.

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    • I also had two restraining orders against my father and there was documented abuse, not to mention I ran away from him twice. Don’t assume without looking at all the facts.

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      • Annelise,
        Please contact Dr. Craig Childress about this. He is a true expert in Attachment Based Parental Alienation (AB/PA) or
        Pathogenic Parenting. PAS is NOT recognised by the APA. If you truly want to win your case, he’s your man.
        If you would like to investigate him further, a mountain of information is available on his blog and YouTube videos. He has been fighting for alienated children and targeted parents for over 10 years.
        You are a courageous, intelligent young woman for coming forward. I hope you and your mother are healing your relationship. Many Hugs.
        One of Many Alienated Mom’s…

        Thank you.


    • I don’t agree. Anyone who has had to deal with this type of situation knows better and just how easy it is for these individuals, usually “Cluster Bs” (and these are either gender, moms and dads), to convince everyone around them that they are not the issue. Nobody else but the ones being abused and harassed see their real persona/agenda. Usually it comes down to who has the job and the most money and best lawyers etc. Not who is the parent that is actually putting the children’s best interests first and trying to protect them. Living this as my grandkids Cluster B Narc tries to manipulate and lie his way into getting custody. All I can say is document, document, document, (record) and then document some more. Their true colors will eventually come to light. And yes shame on those agencies, judges, lawyers who turn the other cheek and just enable them to keep on abusing. Hopefully some day things will turn around.


      • I’ve now read more of the old case files. I completely agree that the problem can be from either party and that the system is broken. And I don’t know the inner dynamics of the situation other than what’s present in court files and knowing who the father is in his public life.

        But was loses me pretty quickly, is the mother’s argument in court that because she was the stay at home mom (and thus had more direct parenting responsibility), that it entitles her to full custody. That was the argument made to court. The court said that with 5 children, it would not be in the best interest of the children for one party to have full custody of everyone. So they split custody up. Not ideal but deemed necessary given the inability for both parties to co-parent peacefully.


      • In response to From MN,
        You don’t have a clue. If the mom stayed home and cared for all five children why wouldn’t she be able to continue to care for all 5 of the children together or apart. The fact is there is always a primary parent; one that schedules all the appointments, runs the kids schedules and takes care of the home. In most/ not all, but most cases this is the mother. If she was fully capable of these duties prior to separation/divorce then she is still capable of continuing to care for her children after. The fact is her taking care of the kids is their familial relationship and should not be disrupted or broken just to make sure each parent gets equal time. Each parent doesn’t get equal time when the two are together- this is a fact. And separating siblings to divided time or children down the middle treats them like property. Kids are not property- they are people with rights that can and have been violated. Even when they are old enough to decide the court gags them and refuses to let them choose. They know from which parent they feel most comfortable with to have be their primary home and which parent they choose to live with /spend the most of their time with but they will forever be silenced until the corrupt court system -judges, attorneys, GALs, and CPS are out of the system and a boilerplate option is the only choice that exist unless the parents agree to something else. This would not be perfect but much more fair than some corrupt judge that can take all contact away with a stroke of his pen just because he feels like it. The system is not broken -it does not exist at all. There is no justice for children or mothers. If there was where is the motherhood.gov?????? We are waiting……..still waiting…..

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      • in OUR case, it is the Maternal Gma who married a younger guy, tried to adopt after she had a tubal reversal, had a girl with issues, he wanted a boy.. My Son and DIL have not seen their little boy since Oct 2014. He was 2, and now 5, doesn’t know he has a little brother. who is now 2. Gma locked baby momy out of their house, claimed abandonment, it was well calculated; and because they had money to file and my kids didn’t, they got the baby. No harm, injury or loss or drugs or any wrongdoing on my son and DIL part. they were just in transition. DIl was staying with her mommy dearest mother. who despised my son, there is much more horrific details. I will stop, I HOPE this girl wins! I will pray for victory!


      • I’m not saying separating kids is ideal. The ideal is that the parents can co-parent. But the court determined that not to be possible given the inability of the parents to get along. The next best decision was NOT full custody to the mother.

        Just because a married couple jointly makes a decision for one to work and one to stay at home, that does not mean the kids have no right to shared parenting once the parents divorce. It also doesn’t mean that the father was not an involved parent.

        Justice for mothers is not granting them full custody… You’re brainwashed. This about the kids having TWO parents and the rights to continue to be parented by both.

        No clue what motherhood.gov has anything to do with this. Mothers have 10x more government supported programs to help them through difficult times like these. The fathers have very few places to turn, hence why the government created a resource for them…

        Looking forward to the day that there’s a presumption for 50/50 shared parenting. Only a matter of time! Kentucky just passed it.


      • Your a male without a clue. Yeah hared custody and 50\50. This is crap. Mother’s who have been abused and had their children abused don’t get 50\50 they get nothing and the kids go to the father solely. How is that fair? Where’s the 50\50. Mother’s who have not harmed their children in any way yet have no parenting time – like 30 days a year. How is this fair? You are the one who has been brainwashed.


      • You obviously feel abused by the system and maybe that’s so. I wasn’t arguing that the system is good. Far from it and both mothers and fathers can be victims of it. But that doesn’t take away from the value of shared parenting or any of my points.

        I never argued that father’s that abuse their children should get full custody or that good mothers should have reduced parenting time. You’re taking fringe scenarios (potentially examples where the system failed) and painting them as the standard and using them as an argument for why mother’s should have primary custody. That’s very flawed. The standard across most of the country today is that a good father gets significantly less than 50%.

        Stats don’t lie. Something like 85% of the time the mother has more than 50% parenting time.

        Fortunately that’s changing and both men and women alike are fighting for shared parenting all over the country. This isn’t a sexist thing despite your efforts to label it as such. I’m fully in favor of mothers getting 50% until proven that it should be different.


      • No one cares for your opinion and when fathers begin carrying children for 9 months and giving birth to them only to abuse them then we can look at 50/50. Which studies show is not good for the child to go back and forth. They need stability that’s why the laws state not to disrupt the familial relationships. Go spew your venom on fatherhood.gov.


      • You sound like a prime example where the father has or will end up with >50% due to your parental alienating agenda… And based on your bitterness, sounds like that’s what happened.


    • There may or may not be a reason lately it’s all about the money the parent can fork over to the lawyers and judges so don’t assume that there is a legitimate reason everything in life has a reason and the fathers rights movement has to go bc it’s not working out so much for either male or female


      • Jessica – What does the Father Rights group have anything to do with your comment? You’re actually blaming them on the messed up family court system? Let’s not forget that the Father’s Rights group is for shared parenting and is comprised of both men and women. What are you proposing as the alternative? Something than other shared parenting???


  9. As a grandparent living in Washington state you have no rights. This is what I have been told by plenty of people. I have had to move out of my home because of a false accusation by my step-son (drug addict) which he stated happened over 23 years ago. I had an investigation done and it came back “Unfounded” and “Unsubstantiated” and yet I am still not allowed to see them. I have had to have my oldest son move into my home and me move out just so that they grandchildren can be in one home and not separated into several different foster homes. I am only allowed to see my grandchildren at CPS approved visits once a week. I hired an attorney and spent over $3000. for her to do literally NOTHING. I am no closer to getting my grandchildren back then I was before CPS ripped them out of our home. You try to just talk to an attorney and they charge $300 an hour. I am going broke.
    I am very happy to see that justice has been served for this young lady. Its too bad it will never make up for the lost time that you were away from your family. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Glad to hear these idiot known as CPS has paid for it.

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    • This happens to both side of the coin, Fathers face more discrimination in court than mothers do. Most of the time false accusations are used by the mothers to gain the upper hand. BUT! This is not about parents this is about the children rights. A child should never be denied access to another parent. It is abuse and should be a criminal act against parent the doing alienation. It also abuse to the parent that is being alienated against. I believe in what this 19 year old is doing and I support her. The more these kids start to fight back the sooner the court systems start to listen


  10. Victims should know that the fathers rights’ movement (it should be called the ABUSIVE fathers rights movement) and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) were created by a ring of judges to stir-up domestic litigation and use that litigation as a extortion/protection scheme against vulnerable women who are worried about the safety of their children. Liz Richards~ National Alliance for Family Court Justice


    Fathers’ Rights activists have made themselves well known. While they have been successful as promoting themselves as underdogs fighting for equal parenting in a society and legal system which is rigged for women, a closer look at their history, their leaders, their literature and web sites shows a very different story. Not only are they directly affiliated with a secretive group of judges who handle much of their case litigation, but they are also affiliated with published incest promoters – Gardner, Underwager and Farrell.

    Many of them, especially their leaders, are very bad-dads who are out to beat the system and destroy the mother of their children because her legal rights and the child’s natural bond with their own mother, threaten his need to have the advantage, and especially to evade financial obligations and abuse charges. While their public chatter is about being disenfranchised by a system which places little to no value on the father-child relationship, their private activities and discussion show that they have been very successful in changing state custody laws to their advantage, and changing custody and support orders in their own cases to their advantage. Many of these purported underdogs have sole custody and receive child support. The sociopathy of this movement has had a very profound affect not only at its victims, but also on government policy and programs which is tilting toward an official policy of rejecting family violence and abuse complaints as vengeful acts by “bitter” ex-spouses, and eliminating post-divorce financial obligations for women.

    AFCC: Association of Family and Conciliation Courts The AFCC has many state chapters which conduct conferences, seminars and workshops on their “latest” practices for handling divorce, custody and related family & children litigation. Most of the identified AFCC professional members routinely practice anti-woman, pro-abuser father PAS tactics against mothers who complain of child abuse by the father. Most have a documented history of rubber-stamping every mother as an mentally unstable alienator who is the cause of all the problem and unfit to be around her children. Of course, they know the truth of what they are really doing – is to trump up reasons to make the mother look bad so they can justify recommending sole custody a father accused of domestic violence, child abuse or support delinquencies.

    Fathers’ Custody Advocacy Groups’ Main Strategies

    A. The Push for Joint Custody: The fathers’ custody activists claim that both legal and physical joint custody is in the best interest of the child. But it is no coincidence that joint custody drastically reduces the father’s child support payments and other financial obligations (health insurance, day care, etc.).

    Efforts to make joint custody presumptive by state statute are ongoing around the country for this very reason. In reality, after joint custody is agreed to or ordered by the court, many mothers often have the child or children most of the time, while the reduced child support payment from the father negatively impacts the mother’s ability to support the child or children.

    Additionally, in many families where the parents are married, time spent with and provision of daily care of the children are not evenly shared by the two parents while they are together. There is no reason to impose a presumption of joint legal and physical custody on families when they have not previously chosen this arrangement for themselves.

    B. The Use of an Accusation of “Parental Alienation Syndrome” (PAS) as an Offense or Defense in Court: Fathers are urged by some fathers’ custody activists to say the mother is alienating the child from the father and harming the child’s mental health. The fathers hire mental health professionals or others not well qualified who will testify (frequently for a substantial fee) that the mothers are alienating the children. In many cases, the fathers are abusive to the mothers and/or the children, or are using the children to harass or control the mother – leading the children to not want to visit the father. The accusation is most often used to deflect charges of abuse made by the protective mother.

    More on Fathers Rights local groups:

    While they try to appear as independent people united at the grass roots to fight individual injustices – they are in reality cogs in a highly organization national scheme to recruit male litigants into the AFCC-CRC organized litigation racket. The men are used to keep the case litigation as active as possible so each court hearing can be billed to federal HHS-ACF program funds.

    We all need to have the basic understanding of the federal funding as it really is the heart of the entire system. It’s important to analyze the situation in the courts and come to some conclusions about cause and effect — not just that the effects are really devastating.

    The best interests of the child is one safe, secure home, no shifts like cattle mid-week or bi-weekly or seasonally, unless all wish them to go. The best father, once divorced, paves the way to his family’s door with good behavior, with kindness, and generosity. Not the good behavior, kindness and generosity mandated by a court—for that is meaningless.

    List of various resources on family law issues. See http://www.thelizlibrary.org/

    Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) as a “custody switching tactic.” Kids can definitely be turned against a parent and demonstrate alienating behaviors but PAS to switch custody is a scheme in which mothers are primarily pathologized and blamed for interfering with their children’s attachment to their fathers. The scheme is funded by fathers’ rights extremist groups who in turn are funded by federal grants.

    There are many terrific and honest father`s rights groups across the U.S. that promote fairness and equality between mothers and fathers working towards the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, there are also wide spread corrupt fathers’ rights groups that pocket federal grant funds while allowing severe trauma to children.

    Fathers Rights – is the term used for the federal funding used in the fraud and corruption. Fathers Manifesto Groups discovered a malicious way to take advantage of the billions handed to State Agencies and abuse and control their ex-girlfriend/spouse.

    Hatred of Women a Common Theme – A number of leaders of fathers’ custody advocacy groups are clearly misogynistic and use their Internet sites to exhort men to take action against ex-wives, using hate-filled language. They are described as displaying virulent misogyny, spreading false anti-woman propaganda and applauding and even encouraging acts of domestic terrorism and extreme violence against women and children, up to and including murder.

    THE SOLE REASONS that children are being stolen from their families and homes are the financial incentives associated with each child and circumstance. There is federal grant money given to states and child placement agencies to CREATE SITUATIONS THAT DO NOT EXIST TO GENERATE THESE FUNDS!

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    • Your comments highlight exactly why father right’s movements exist. In fact, many of these groups comprise many women as well because they’re not really father’s rights groups, but shared parenting movements. You’re not helping the cause whatsoever with your proganda. You make it sound like father’s run the world when it comes to parental rights when in fact it’s the exact opposite. Fathers are fighting from behind for equal rights around the country and groups with your mindset continue to fight for maternal custody. Luckily the tide is changing and society doesn’t agree with your rhetoric.

      “The best interests of the child is one safe, secure home… The best father paves the way to his families door with good behavior.”

      That’s such a messed up comment. You’re essentially espousing that mothers should be the primary provider and fathers should be slowly granted access to their kids through good behavior. Thank god research and experts have realized that people like you are are just flat out wrong. The system can’t move away from your logic fast enough… This is exactly why Parental Alienation is a real issue!

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      • my view, it took 3 to create the property.. God, the male and the female; yes it IS property.. Websters 1828 also 1913 whatever one creates for exclusive enjoyment and right above all others. paraphrased..If you use the term property, you now HAVE rights, Gov has duties, obligations and responsibilities to protect the property of Man. as a side note; it is also in their LEGAL code and statutes.. We all have been conditioned to think the term for our children is so terrible, well folks there is a reason for that, and no it has nothing to do with slavery.. If more people would educate themselves there would be less of this. That said, it baffles me as to why one believes the mom or the dad is higher than the other, had they still been together, likely the same problems would exist and you would likely work them out in private. as opposed to making the courts rich and all the actors. Pretty sad that this ideology that one is better than the other and used the property for punishment, really needs to stop.

        I bet if both parents were charged everytime they couldn’t work out their differences and had to pay the other for the harm they caused the child.. things would change really quick. Just like that mom on FB who made her fighting arguing children wear the same sweatshirt and slow dance till they stopped. Karl Lentz on youtube. anything cps, property, child custody etc.. it is really simple. We ALL opened the door to this nightmare. remember it goes God, Man, Gov, Judge, People, respondent/defendant. NOT the other way around. They work for US not the otherway around. You all chose to be that respondent or defendant, if you change YOUR position and chose to settle your conterversy in private.. they got nothing! Gov exixsts to secure and protect the rights of man. Now, it is NOT the freeman soveriegn thing.. it is fact Law never changes (Law is very simple, goes back to biblical times. those commandments are very simple) legal codes and statutes always do. . Why? its so they can profit from people who haven’t seemed to learn how to communicate and agree to disagree..its. pretty simple. and as for others, they should not trespass upon what does not belong to them. same with beliefs. Study the Const. Bill of rights and all founding docs. those have never changed. STudy common law (lore). It works. 🙂 The more you educate yourselves the more and faster this will change.

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      • Laws can and do change. It use to be legal to own slaves and sell them like cattle, the 13th amendment sort of stopped this by freeing blacks in this country. No one should be treated like property and kids should be given a choice. It doesn’t have to be a choice etched in stone and can change. The problem is that when you deal with controlling abusive psychopaths you can’t expect to have normal negotiations or conversations with them. Everyone losses but that is what the psychopath wants.


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  13. I need help with finding a good civil rights lawyer. My fiancé who is in prison; is suffering from sexual assault from an officer, who insists in harrasing him. They aren’t letting his letters leave the prison facility. He just got in contact with us after not hearing from him in three months. The officer insists that he has no rights! please share and someone help me, guide me to a good lawyer, there is so many details, I wish I can talk yell then out! Help!


  14. I only know of one civil rights attorney that takes on the system but he lives in Manhatten and practices mainly in Texas. MN does not have any attorneys willing to go up against one of their own and for those that have tried, they have been demonized, discredited, disbarred etc.
    You can reach Ty at tyclevenger at gmail dot com, you can follow Lawflog on Facebook or Twitter (@Ty_Clevenger), or you can leave a voice message at 979-985-5289.

    Excerpt below from: Meet the craziest but bravest Texas lawyer who took on Ken Paxton, federal judges

    Meet Ty. He’s a 47-year-old lawyer, East Texan raised on a small farm, an Aggie. He practiced law in Collin County for a time. Now he handles mostly civil rights cases in Texas. He lives out of state.

    Lawyers play it safe. They want long careers. Not necessarily so with Ty. He’s a fearless, saber-toothed legal hit man for what he believes is right. His weapon of choice is a complaint letter or a legal brief.

    Among those in his cross hairs: lawyers, federal judges, presidential candidates, the Texas attorney general, and in some Texas towns even lowly city council members.


    • Thank you very much! I will contact him as soon as possible and it is going to be hard because not everyone wants to do the right thing! Thanks a lot once again


      • I know I contacted him too. We need someone who is wiling to take on a class action lawsuit against the corruption on MN.


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  18. 2 types of alienated children, which is yours

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    Did you know that there are 2 types of alienated children (in my opinion.) There is the “Oblivious Child” and the “Hostage Child.” Let me explain.

    The “Oblivious Child”

    This is a child who has absolutely no clue that they are living under the spell of alienation. They fully accept the reality that has been created for them; the controlling parent is always right, and the alienated parent is always wrong. This ignorant “bliss” keeps their life in relative peace…as long as the alienated parent doesn’t dare try to show and interest in their life or express love. When that happens, the manipulation and feeding of false stories gets kicked into high gear. The “how dare they…” expressions come out in full force and because the child has been so used to this conditioning, they go right along with it. In fact, with each episode their belief is re-enforced and the controlling parent’s superiority is affirmed.

    It’s super scary! I’ve been there many times. I WAS the oblivious child. Despite my deeply hidden love and desire for my Dad, it was overshadowed by the hate and negativity associated with him. My conscious mind “turned off” from the thought it could be any other way…what would be the point anyway I thought? It was drilled into me that my Dad offered no value to my life, and to suggest otherwise meant I was just as “bad.” So, with that in mind I took every phrase, story, and narrative as 100% truth and remained oblivious. If anyone else ever questioned the “odd ball” nature of my family, it was very easy to discredit them and tear them down. I was told they are “jelous of our close family,” or they were “Idiots who who were screwed up themselves and loosers.” These “fringe” people who might challenge were easily cast aside and marginalized – keeping me in my tainted version of love and family.

    Trying to reach the Oblivious alienated child requires layers and layers of understanding how their mind was constructed, a consistent plan of communication to slowly over time open their mind, and patients as your “plan” unfolds over time.

    The “Hostage Child”

    This is a child who has gained awareness of the manipulation and warped perspective they are living under. At some level they recognize that something isn’t quite right with the controlling parent, and they are actually accepting of a relationship with the alienating parent. However, they know that these feelings of love and desire to communicate with the alienated parent is NOT ACCEPTABLE. They have full awareness of the backlash, stress, anxiety, and anger that will crash down on them if they admit this. In essence, they are imprisoned to pretend and go along with the views of the alienator because the alienator controls most aspects of their life.

    Evidence that your child might be a “hostage child” is when you have pockets of time where the child communicates with you happily and suddenly stops. Or when you have an instance alone with them and they express their love for you or other alienated family members, then shut down when the alienator is present. These imprisoned children also feel the weight of having the communication monitored. Often the alienator will act as an intermediary and intercept text or email messages

    to “protect” the child. Then THEY act as the mouthpiece for the child confidently proclaiming your child “doesn’t want to talk to you” or “doesn’t want to see you” or “is a afraid of you.” They take the decision and desire away from the child. Think about that…what would the child say? Mom or Dad I’d like to speak for myself? The alienator in a flash would turn angry and say “what else would you possibly want to say that I didn’t say? Do you REALLY want to go with them??? (The real question the child perceives is “do you really want to destroy your whole life going against me?) The answer is no. No to communicating with you, no to imploding their life, and yes to letting the alienator hold them hostage.

    Trying to reach the Hostage alienated child creates a unique challenge. How to communicate when you know the child can’t respond to you at all, or the way he or she would like. My advice, imagine that your communication is a one-way lifeline of communication. Think of it as sending communication to a prisoner who is locked away and can’t respond. Their lack of communication doesn’t mean they don’t love hearing from you – it might actually keep them going. So continue to communicate and don’t give up.

    So, what type of alienated child do you think you have? Is there a chance it could be a slight mixture of both? Let me know what you think!

    Stay strong, positive and loving!

    Ryan Thomas is a survivor of Parental Alienation
    **This is not legal advice, however, it may be helpful in learning that others are survivor of PARENTAL ALIENATION. Thank You EW.


  19. My child is stuck in the system and has 9 more years of suffering. Many of my friends are also fighting for their children. I was hoping my daughter would do something like this when she is older. I hope you win and this will help others. I’m on your side and will learn from your case.


  20. I hope you win and spend some of that money to help jerk the chains of these other Lawless individuals out here hurting people. Power to you! We’re behind you!



    Tuesday, November 3, 2015
    7:03 AM

    SARAH COLLINS IS CORRECT, WHEN SHE STATED “‘THAT WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO RECORD OUR CONVERSATIONS WITH ANYONE WHO IS IN AUTHORITY IN REGARDS TO OUR SITUATIONS IN DEALING WITH DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, GUARDIAN AD LITEM, OFFICERS OF THE COURT, CERTIFIED COURT REPORTERS AND JUVENILE COUNTY ATTORNEYS OR EVEN OUR LAWYERS PROVIDED YOU CAN AFFORD ONE…”‘ What that entails is someone who needs to learn ‘Covert’ Secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed. I have yet to find some law that would find this to be criminal in nature unless it pertain to governmental operations; i.e BCA/FBI/CIA/Local Law Enforcement, including deputies, State Patrol and City Police. Police can carry video cams and recorders attach to the video cams…


  22. Go Annalise. My case is a little different, my grand children are being abused physically as well as mentally by their mother who is my daughter. The children were removed from her and her boyfriend for abuse. Eight months later after 3 parenting classes and 2 anger management they returned the children to her. The local department of Child Protective services will not do anything to remove the children even though there have been numerous cases opened against them in the last 3 years. CPS only continues to give them parenting classes which do nothing for them. My grand children are now 6 and 8, the 6 year old is acting out hurting other people physically and still they do nothing to help the children. I pray I live long enough for the 2 of them to get older where they can get out of that home hopefully alive and not to psychologically damaged. I would love to be able to take the family court judges, case workers, Columbia County DSS, and all the lawyers involved to court for their failure to protect these children, but as a grand parent I have no legal rights. Laws in this country prosecute people who abuse animals harsher than they prosecute people who abuse children. A child needs to die by the hands of an abuser before the abuser is charged for a crime. When will the laws get changed to actually protect the children.


  23. Don’t give up this fight! Your voice IS the voice of the child. You have power here and the courts don’t want to hear you. Make sure you are heard. Help the children where mothers rights have been taken away. It is the best interest of the child the courts claim to fight for, but sadly it is the best intrest of the father or abusive parent that is heard the loudest in family court.


  24. God Bless You, Annelise!
    I was single loving mom, and for time worked for Family Court. My ex filed that I was abusive (nothing to substantiate) to avoid child support when I remarry ( 23years). My ex was extremely manipulative, bi-polar, verbally, physically, and mentally abusive. I haven’t seen my only child, a daughter for almost ten years. The Courts Did not support visitation—my ex alienated my daughter so severely It went from little to none. He later told me his wife’s family (run Mystic Lk Casino) paid off judge. The day she left our home (age 12) she and her father told us that I won’t be invited to her wedding someday😢. My daughter is now almost 29 and married. I have been a grandmother for two years but have never met my granddaughter. This madness of Court corruption Needs to stop. It’s a Sick Profit Center! I would like to join class action!!!


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