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Erasing Parents

MN Mom Denied Parental Rights Regarding Transgender Son

A district court judge dismissed the case but affirmed that the teenager was never emancipated.

MINNEAPOLIS – A Minnesota mother who was denied parental rights over her male to female transgender son’s medical and education decisions has lost her court case at the district level.

Anmarie Calgaro filed suit against her son, St. Louis County, Fairview Health Services, Park Nicollet Health Services, and the St. Louis County School District. She claimed that her Fourteenth Amendment due process rights were violated by the above organizations as they determined her son, referred to as E.J.K. in court documents, was emancipated, and withheld E.J.K.’s records from her.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson took issue with that wording, saying that the organizations did not determine E.J.K. to be emancipated, as only a court order can do that. While Magnuson stated numerous times in his decision that E.J.K. was in fact not emancipated and that “Calgaro’s parental rights over E.J.K. remain intact.”

“The judge here makes some very strange and contradictory statements,” Julie Quist, Chairman of the Board of the Child Protection League told Alpha News. “On the one hand he says that EJK is not emancipates because there’s been no court action. He specifically says that the mother’s parental rights ‘remain intact’ and so therefore the defendants did not terminate her parental rights.”

However, Magnuson also ruled that Calgaro’s claims against the defendants were meritless, as she did not allege a specific execution of a policy by the School Board or County caused the deprivation of Calgaro’s parental rights. With regards to Fairview and Park Nicollet, Magnuson stated that because they are private entities and they did not act in collusion with the state, they cannot be held accountable.

“It’s a bizarre statement,” Quist said. “Obviously she is not being acquitted her parental rights, but somehow nobody has violated anything.”

“We’re going to appeal. Our principle concern is the law in this area is confused,” Erick Kaardal, Calgaro’s attorney, told Alpha News. “That the state of Minnesota hasn’t addressed emancipation procedures in a way that protects parental rights is unfortunate. As a consequence the court has to step up and tell us what the law is.”

Kaardal said that the court failed to do so in this decision.

E.J.K. was under the sole custody of Calgaro, but had been living outside of Calgaro’s house for some time, first with his biological father, then with family and friends, and currently by himself.

In June 2015 E.J.K.  in court documents, consulted with a lawyer with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid who provided him with a letter concluding E.J.K. was legally emancipated under Minnesota law.

“Its really sad because parental rights are really important,” Kaardal said. “In other issues like paternity, marriage dissolution, they get notice and opportunity to respond.”

Calgaro never had a chance to respond. As her son began gender transition services at Fairview and Park Nicollet she was not notified of any procedures, and her request to view her son’s medical records was denied. Similarly, as E.J.K. began to explore post-secondary education options, Calgaro’s request to view educational records was turned down by the St. Louis County School District.

“My client has always taken the position that she wants a say, she’s not necessarily opposed to the transgendering medical services but she wants a say,” Kaardal said of Calgaro.

“This is not an issue primarily about transgenderism at all. This ruling is about the rights of parents to protect and guide their children,” Quist said. “Parents are a protection. When the state gets in and destroys that protection it leaves children at the mercy of people who can and will manipulate them.”

E.J.K. turns 18 in a few months, which would render the actionable part of the case moot. Kaardal said that his client still plans to appeal, citing Roe vs. Wade as an example of the capable-of-repetition doctrine. The woman in the Roe case had already given birth to her child, but the court case was allowed as future situations of similar legal principles were likely to occur for other women. Kaardal thinks this case could be used to decide parental rights in future cases.



Podesta Laundering Clinton Foundation Assets Before RICO Steps In Under Civilian Asset Forfeiture


podesta 2

John Podesta is buying up gold, art and other valuables as he converts Clinton Foundation laundered money to hard assets and is hiding these assets around the world. Clearly, they think RICO is going to be seizing Clinton Foundation assets.

The complete story is contained in the following video.

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UK’s Version of Pizzagate

Image result for steemit logoPizzagate is directly connected to the Hampstead case via the children’s father 

Jimble @jimble

UPDATE. The father of the two children mentioned in this article has now been confirmed to have worked for LuvForHaiti, which is owned by Josiah Bruny, a man that has been linked to Pizzagate. Read more here:

Short summary of the Hampstead case (facts only with a minimum of names, you don’t have to read it all just now, I just wanted to make sure that it was all saved in one place for future reference):

While on vacation in Morocco in August/September 2014, two siblings aged 8 and 9 from Hampstead, London revealed to their mother and her new partner that they along with 18 other children had been sexually and physically abused by their father and their teachers at school and in church. They described their father as the local leader of an international cult dealing in child trafficking, ritual murder and the production of child abuse material.

According to the children a coven of satanic families exists in Hampstead, often several families on the same street. They have infiltrated schools, churches, child protection services and the police. At least 5 primary schools have been compromised. At the two children’s own school 20 «special children» were taken out of class on Wednesdays to be kicked in the genitals and anally raped by teachers and others coming to school. The women raped the children with strap on dildos. The children who screamed the most were injected with sedatives and all children were bribed with sweets afterwards. Babies were sedated and flown in from foreign countries (Thailand, South Africa, USA, Hawai, Portugal, Spain, Gayana, China, India) and ritually sacrificed in a secret room in the school and the meat and blood was consumed. The meat was often mixed into the school dinners. Ritual sacrifices also took place on Saturdays at church and the cult members and children danced around in costumes made out of human skulls and slippers made out of human skin. The two children had been forced to hold the knife while ritually murdering a baby. They were also taken to parties were they were introduced to drugs by their father. Hard to believe, but this what the children were disclosing to their mother, her new partner and the police.

Most notably regarding #Pizzagate there was a link to a McDonalds restaurant, a Starbucks coffee shop and a Pizza Express. The children disclosed that employees at these three places were involved in child abuse and ritual sacrifice taking place inside these businesses.

When they got home from their vacation the mother and her partner reported this to the police, who then referred it to Scotland Yard. When the siblings were taken in to be interviewed the first time, they were happy to disclose their experiences and seemed to expect that these would be investigated.

The second time they were interviewed they were however taken into state custody on the grounds that the mother’s new partner had tortured them to make the allegations. The mother’s new partner however was never interviewed by the police!

After having spent nearly a full week in the company of strangers the children in their third police interview retract some but not all of their allegations. The father was interviewed about some of the allegations two days prior to this.

The interviews were transcribed by the investigative community and can still be read in their entirety here:

An expert on child abuse examined the children and found conclusive evidence that they had been sexually abused. Then all of a sudden the case was closed citing no crime had occurred.

The mother and her new partner fought on in the family courts to have the children returned to them. They sacked their first legal team.

A person on the mother’s second legal team leaked the story on to the internet before fleeing the country after learning that an arrest warrant had been made out for her.

The mother narrowingly escaped out of a window and later out of the UK when a large group of police came asking for her.

The person who leaked the videos online then spearheaded a campaign that gathered 16000 signatures in support of the case before the campaign was deleted by the petition website because of a violation of a court order.

Peaceful demonstrations were held outside the church that were disrupted by two agent provocateurs that started shouting and harassing the church members before being arrested some weeks later.

The case got some exposure in the alternative media and the children, their mother and partner gathered a large following of supporters. (removed, also from

One of the supporters created a blog that released 27 investigative videos with further speculations about the case based on the social media accounts of the alleged cult members before it was removed by the blog service WordPress for violation of terms and guidelines.
The videos are still online though:

Another video investigator:

The father of the children referred to them as «his» children in a Youtube comment under a false name.

This sock puppet account is one of many that are believed to have been set up solely to discredit the case and are believed to be one and the same person: the father. One supporter of the children made a blog about this:

The many trolls and sock puppets then set up a spoof blog of the investigative blog previously mentioned and for months and months, supporters and investigators were heavily trolled by the «people» surrounding the spoof blog.

A person using her full name stepped forward as an independent witness in a Youtube comment:

A judge ordered that the mother and her partner had tortured the children to make the allegations and that everyone who thinks otherwise is “evil and/or foolish”.

The case was reported about in the mainstream media under these pretenses. The BBC airs a half hour long interview with the father who can be seen “crying” on camera. and full interview here or on Youtube:

The children still remain in state custody having been moved between at least three foster families. Their mother and her partner in exile is currently campaigning for the release of the children. Here is their website:

The mother released a statement early on:

that was transcribed here:

Technical details about the leaked material:

In early February 2015 a series of video interview clips with two siblings, a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 9, emerged online where they detailed their experiences of being sexually and physically abused by their father, their teachers and other members of what appeared to be an international ritual abuse cult.

33 clips found their way online, 19 short home videos recorded while the children were on vacation in Morocco and right after they had returned to London, and 14 longer police interview videos recorded by the police after the crimes had been reported to Barnet Police Station.

The video interviews with the children while on vacation and after coming home as well as the three police interviews were transcribed by the investigative community and can still be read in their entirety here;

The interview videos are illegal in the UK and has to be sought elsewhere.

How the material was leaked online:

Short story: A blogger picked it up after having been accidentally CC’ed in an email to the Home Secretary.

Long story: On 2 February, 2015 an email by Sabine McNeill was published on the “The Tap Blog” at the website that the editor Henry Curteis had received by mistake because he had inadvertently been CC’d in the list of recipients when Sabine was sending the email to Home Secretary Theresa May. He left out Sabine McNeill’s name in the email he published but included links to 19 video interview clips that he had uploaded to Youtube after downloading them from the Google Drive that Sabine McNeill had set up to share the videos with her fellow MacKenzie friends, and which she had also shared the link to in her email to Home Secretary Theresa May.

At about the same time a document was uploaded by an unknown party to the anonymous textsharing service Pastebin that contained the testimony of the children’s mother. The text appeared to be the mothers notes summarizing her children’s allegations along with names and addresses to the alleged cult members. Original link: (since deleted by unknown party but reuploaded to:

The uploaded document borrowed parts of a text by the Anonymous operation “Operation Death Eaters” published no earlier than 27. Oct. 2014 and this copied part was pasted in before and after the text with the allegations to make it look like an “official” Anonymous document.

The fact that the document was released as though it was coming from an official Anonymous operation called Operation Death Eaters made this particular operation release a statement that they were not the originators of the document along with a general warning against naming alleged abusers online.

Although the Anonymous Operation Death Eaters earlier had released a statement saying they wanted the recent strings of uncovered historical child sexual abuse cases investigated as being a single cult dealing in human trafficking instead of singular isolated cases, Operation Death Eaters has never since commented on the two children’s disclosures about just such an international cult.

This leaked document was then published in full on the Veterans Today website on 22. february. On the same day the editor Gordon Duff claimed in the Facebook comments to the article that «There are file tags from MI5 embedded in the original doc«.

Detailed timeline:

05/2014 – Ms Draper’s credit card is compromised. One of the children admitted (August 2014) getting the card details and passing them to the father, who forced to do it by threatening them. The card was used to purchase air tickets and software on several occasions.

07/2014 – The children admitted stealing about £2,000 from the mother’s and Mr Christie’s purse, his iphone and antique silver bracelet (£2,000) following Mr Dearman’s threats and demands.

9/08–04/09/2014 – The children disclosed the sexual assaults and violence, committed by their father since their young age, his paedophile associates and a number of other abusers.

04/09/2014 – Private contact with Mr Christie’s brother in law Jean-Clement Yauhirou, police constable of Haringey police station, who took initial evidence, filmed the witnesses’ disclosure on his computer and made a note of the children’s drawings and diary pages.

05/09/2014 – Mr Yauhirou passed the information to the Child Abuse Investigation Team of Barnet Police station.

05/09/2014 – DS Johnathan DICKS, DS Cleo Papachristou visited home address of the victims.

05/09/2014 at 8pm – DC Steve Martin and DS Papachristou took initial recorded disclosure from the victims. DC Martin arranged with the family that a drive around would be completed on Monday, 8th September, to identify the properties where the assaults were committed.

08/09/2014 at 11am – Both victims were taken on a drive to identify possible addresses. One of the addresses was identified.

08/09/2014 – Initial strategy meeting held.

09/09/2014 – Strategy LADO meeting at Crowndale Centre, NW3 with Camden Social Services Department, chaired by Tina Bailey. It was agreed to take the children into protective custody.

10/09/2014 – Strategy LADO meeting with Camden Social Services. Second ABE interview was decided.

10/09/2014 – Visit to family home ahead of ABE interview.

11/09/2014 – Joint home visit with the police: ABE trained Social Worker Bethan Thomas.

11/09/2014 at 14:30 – Video interviews at Police station where the children give detailed accounts of sexual abuse, implicating some 60 adults who sexually abuse some 20 children and many more babies.

11/09/2014 at 14:30 – Significant Witness Interview with the mother. At 19.50 Police Protection Powers were used by Barnet Police to keep the children after their interview.

12/09/2014 – Hearing of Private Law Proceedings between father and mother in Family Court of High Holborn, with HHJ Gargan – used to ‘consolidate’ with Public Law Proceedings and granting the ICO. Transfer of Court Proceedings from LB Camden to LB Barnet, joining father Ricky Dearman as 2nd Respondent

12/09/2014 – LB Camden applied for and obtained an Emergency Protection Order.

12/09/2014 –Medical examinations of both children confirm the allegations of sexual abuse and violence. Dr Hodes says that the scars in the rectum area were caused by the insertion of plastic objects. She confirms that many injuries had occurred at least half a year to a year before the examination.

13/09/2014 at 11:23 – According to the CRIS report, another interview was completed which was consistent with the children’s previous accounts. However, no video evidence has been disclosed.

15/09/2014 – Interview of the children’s father Mr Dearman.

15/09/2014 – Strategy LADO meeting of Camden Social Services.

16/09/2014 – Application for Care and Interim Care Order, LB Camden

17/09/2014 – Further ABE interviews of the children where they withdraw their allegations, claiming that the details of their “made up” story had been taken from a film called “Mask of Zorro” (PG rating). They now make allegations against Mr Christie.

17/08/2014 – Case Management Hearing No 1 – Mother represented by solicitor, herself ill.

22/09/2014 – The case was closed by Barnet Police by DI Cannon with “no crime confirmed” status.

22/09/2014 – Review Strategy meeting: Barnet to present case and apply for Interim Care Order (ICO).

26/09/2014 – DI Fernandez of Barnet Police tells the mother that case is closed.

22/12/2014 – Judicial Review filed against Commissioner of Metropolitan Police to re-open the case.

The Truth About Memorial Day

Published on May 27, 2017

Michael Zimmerman joins Millie Weaver live in studio to discuss the true origin behind America’s beloved Memorial Day.

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Social Justice Warriors

Schools Are Training Our Children to be Global Serfs



Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are conquering the minds of American school children to the point where by the time our little darlings reach college age,they are seeking to spread their flavor liberal retardation to all.

Many are now familiar with the stunningly moronic events which have taken place at Evergreen State College in which a white college professor has been set upon for showing up to his campus on a student declared “no whites day” in which all whites were to vacate the campus in protest to so-called “white privilege”. When Professor Weinstein announced he would not honor the declaration, and showed up to do his job, he was set upon and threatened by the students.

During the verbal assault and physical harassment of the professor, the campus police encountered a student barricade at the doors of the building where Weintein was being besieged. Rather than the police doing what should have been done, which was to sneak around to the side of the building and sneak in to see if the professor was still alive (ie your law enforcement dollars at work).

Meanwhile, the spineless college president hid in his office rather than take control of his campus. The chicken (bleep) local chief of police has stated that Weinstein must stay away because he is not safe. Do you recall your American History? When the Supreme Court ordered the schools desegregated, President Eisenhower sent in the National Guard and the Army to protect the black children from harm as Central High School in Little Rock was desegregated. But a white professor is not entitled to police protection from either campus police or the local police because his race is white. What’s next? Should these hooligan and criminal students be allowed to get out the rope and lynch this professor because he would not honor a day of reverse racism on his campus. Has Jim Crow come full circle? Has the violence and nonsensical logic of the left manifested itself in a leftist version of the KKK, only now white professors are the targets of this new flavor of racism.

An outraged public has expressed disgust at these events. However, the consequences of these actions needs to go farther. As the father of a high school honor student, my wife and I will perform our due diligence and we would never support our son to a college such as this. Unfortunately, there are many colleges like this and parents must really do their homework. Secondly, as the owner of a small business, I will never hire someone from Evergreen State College or from Texas A&M where a professor stated that some whites are going to have to die in order for white privilege to end. And of course, I wrote an article describing how the Univerity of Arizona was hiring social justice warriors to spy and report on students with “incorrect views”. To me, there are no legitimate degrees held by students who graduate from institutions such as these.

Can one only imagine what an employee educated under these kinds of circumstances? You would be hiring overt racists, students who think they have the right to break the laws to further their agenda, students who use verbal and physical intimidation in order to advance an illegitimate cause and students who will play the victim card when they are confronted with their own bad deeds. Yes, that is correct, these students ran out of the building where they had trapped the professor and claimed they felt as if they were in danger as they ran to their self-described LGBT safe place at the library where they barricaded themselves in. And not one one of these thugs were arrested but I will bet you that this professor eventually loses his job.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what college life is like in many of our campuses across America.

Unfortunately, the ultra-liberal behaviors we are seeing across America, did not just spring up. This is the result of centralized, federal education programs that have changed an entire generation and made them forsake traditional American values.

Re-Education Camps and the Children

Your child has been sentenced and has served nearly a year of their 12 year sentence to a re-education camp. No, we are not talking about a FEMA camp, but we may as well be.

As corrupt as the IRS is, the Department of Education poses a bigger threat to our nation than does the IRS. We, as a nation, will always have the opportunity to earn our money back. However, when our children miss out on key stages of critical learning, there is often no recovery of what could have been regarding the acquisition of knowledge and key skills such as reading and writing. Our federalized Education system is rotten to the core, the Common Core, that is.

Common Core is the latest of the educational fad programs which is supposedly designed to raise American school children’s academic performance. I am very disheartened that Trump has not abolished Common Core, which he promised to do.  This program is insidious and bad for students and America at its core.  Today, too many schools have stifled the legitimate intellectual growth of their students to the point that when they arrive on college campuses, such as Evergreen State College, they are ripe for the ultra-left propaganda that they are now forced to contend with. They have had 12 years of practice and the origins of the modern day intellectual concentration camps that are commonly known as the Common Core program.

One Bad Education Fad After Another

Most any veteran teacher in the public school system will tell you that about every six to seven years, the American educational system embarks on the latest “miracle” designed to fix the low standardized test scores American students achieve in comparison to our international counterparts. Teachers have endured such educational faux pas from Goals 2000, to School to Work, to No Child Left Behind and now we are still mired in the latest in fad in American education, Common Core Standards. Each one of the aforementioned programs threw billions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet, while contributing to the dramatic decrease in student performance.  For example,SAT Reading scores, for the high school class of 2012, reached a 40+ year low since the implementation of No Child Left Behind.And this trend has not reversed and will not until Common Core is abolished.

Every one of these previous educational reform programs emanated from the United Nations organization, UNESCO. Every one of these programs is a propaganda tool designed to dumb down our children and these programs are being remarkably effective to this end.

The Hidden Agenda Behind Common Core

If we apply the old adage of judging a man (program) by what he does, not what he says, we can see that Common Core is designed to fail before its vaguely defined principles are ever implemented in the classroom. The undeniable truth is that each of these United Nations inspired and failed educational programs have ulterior designs on what should be taught to our children. The undeniable fact is that the brainwashing of our children is the ultimate goal of Common Core. Common Core is based upon social justice, arriving at knowledge and subsequent decision making through a spirit of collectivism and developing a communal agreement about the need to teach and to integrate into each classroom an underlying theme of sustainable development. These goals are not just going to be taught in specific Environmental Science courses, but these philosophies are to be implemented and taught in EACH and EVERY course that a child takes during their educational experiences beginning with pre-K and stretching to post graduate secondary education. These values form the core of how many of our students are now propagandized with. Certainly, not all schools practice this insanity to maximum designed levels, but far too many do.

Agenda 21 Controls Your Child’s Mind

For the more aware of the readers, you surely recognize the terms, sustainable development, social justice and collectivism as staples of the philosophy which underlies Agenda 21. bill gatesGlobalist and Eugenics proponent, Bill Gates, is one of the Founding Fathers of the Common Core movement and its copyright holders, NGA/CCSSO. Gates donated about $25 million dollars to promote his version of global education. Gates has made several donations to CCSSO to promote Common Core. In 2009, Gates made two separate donations of $9,961,842 and $3,185,750. In 2010, Gates donated $743,331 and in 2011, he contributed $9,388,911 . In 2008, Gates donated $2,259,780 to the National Governor’s Association (NGA) to develop and implement Common Core. The NGA is the conduit into America from the United Nations UNESCO, Education for All Agenda 21 version of globalist education being forced down the throats of our young people. Gates is listed as partner with UNESCO/UN to fund ”Education For All,” which in turn was transferred to the NGA which changed the name to Common Core. In a key document, The Dakar Framework for Action: Education For All: Meeting Our Collective Commitments’ which identifies the goals for what became Common Core. The document speaks directly to the Agenda 21 educational ideals of collectivism, social justice, environmental justice and the espousing of the beliefs of the pseudoscience known as sustainable development.

If the Average American Parent Only Knew What Was In Chapter 36

Education Without Representation

re-education camps 4The Common Core is an untested, federally promoted, unfunded experiment. The standards creators (NGA/CCSSO) have not set up a monitoring plan to test this national experiment, to see what, if any, unintended consequences the Common Core will have on our children. This is a game of Russian Roulette being played on the socio-emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our children’s development.

After nearly seven years in the Common Core standards, there is some good news. States like Arizona are beginning to push back against this federal tyranny being perpetrated against our children. The bad news is that states are not pushing back because they care about the kids, they are pushing back because they have now seen the price tag associated with the unfunded federal mandates which accompanies this federalized educational monstrosity.

Homeschooling is looking better and better. This is what the founding fathers intended with the advent of the Tenth Amendment. All education is supposed to be local and that is what is precisely needed if we are to salvage the intellectual development of our children because under the existing set of rules, there is no time off for good behavior when it comes to the 12 year sentence imposed by the state on the education of our children.

No teacher and no school board member was asked to contribute to the Common Core standards. Nor was any State Legislature involved in the creation of this monstrosity.

Under this plan, every teacher will teach the same material with the same teaching strategies as every other teacher and they all carry the message of social justice rather than teaching the sanctity of the Constitution. There will be no creativity from the teacher, no independent thinking and certainly no development of problem-solving skills on the part of students. This is the 21st Century educational version of the Stepford Wives. The Tenth Amendment is dead and individual freedom is being stamped out. Why have teachers? Instead, the federal government could just hire a set of cloned robots to carry out this mass indoctrination of our children. Believe me when I say , this is coming, too.  And if your children are not fully “re-educated” after 12 years of United Nations brainwashing, they will likely get a second chance to be re-educated in a FEMA camp as per the dictates of  the guidelines for our soon-to-be FEMA camps as prescribed in FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF). Evergreen State College should change their mascot to the social justice warriors. 

From the womb to the tomb, the destiny of our children is determined unless we get off our “collective” backsides and get to work undoing the damage being done by the Obama administration and Trump fiddles while our education system prepares our children to live in the George Soros world of global obedience and a lifestyle characterized by acceptance of serfdom.

Parents, choose your child’s education carefully. 

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Lance Schuttler: #UNRIG – Former Congresswoman & CIA Spy Call For Peaceful American Revolution

Lance Schuttler

#UNRIG Former Congresswoman & CIA Spy Call For Peaceful American Revolution

The Mind Unleashed, 24 May 2017

While tide turned quite some time ago, the movements taking place in our world for true freedom, peace and abundance for all are continuing to grow and converge. Part of this convergence has been a unification of former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and former CIA spy Robert Steele to call for and help co-create a peaceful American (and global) revolution against the forces that foment war, poverty, division and destruction.

Read full article at The Mind Unleashed.

With both people having spent substantial time inside “The System,” McKinney and Steele offer a unique perspective and inspire a vision for a truly free, healthy and abundant world for all. With the current “System” standing in the way of such a world, which is controlled by the Deep State, McKinney and Steele are taking a different route to try and create a peaceful revolution.

Their latest tactic they are about to launch will be one of teaming up with a broad range of politicians, activists and world leaders, to create a movement that has nothing to do with the “Two-Party” scam that is holding the United States hostage. It will be a movement that draws from the concepts of Open-Source movements, decentralized political actions and decisions and much more.

Yesterday, Robert Steele and Cynthia McKinney released their new manifesto, both free online and also a Kindle Short. #UNRIG: Beyond Trump & Sanders may be the most sensible, revolutionary, cosmic document to be published since Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream,” with one big difference: in just sixteen pages – the last three offering 38 linked references by Steele (McKinney wrote the Foreword)– Steele and McKinney have outlined a simple, inexpensive game plan for restoring integrity to the US election process and thence to the US government, economy, and society. I was able to interview both of them.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Dr. McKinney, you are the experienced political leader – what led you to embrace Robert Steele’s idea for election reform?
Well, I introduced the Voter’s Choice Act when I was in Congress and have always known our system is rigged. I lost my seat to very deliberate gerrymandering organized by Zionists furious over my support of the Palestinian people. Serious election reform legislation has been introduced in the House nine times, four of those times by Ron Paul. I have known of Robert since 2008 and I met him in 2009. In the time I have known him he has not only convinced me that he is authentic – a true patriot who believes in transparency, truth, and trust. His work is notable in that he is able to pull together the best ideas from thousands of people because he is also a prolific reader. As a result, he offers an integrated Election Reform Act summarized by the core graphic below, Robert’s Manifesto:

Click on Image to EnlargeAs good as Robert’s ideas are – and he tells me every day they are not his ideas but the best ideas aggregated from many others — Robert believes that his Manifesto would not be possible if it had not been for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in combination. Robert believes that they helped a majority of the public to understand that we live in rigged system where terms like Deep State, False Flag, and Fake News – easily suppressed in the past by the complicit mainstream media – are now at the forefront of the public’s consciousness. And on this, I agree with him. This is why I join Robert in saying that we thank them for opening this door of opportunity through which we must now step through so that the people can take back their power as soon as possible. Robert credits you with both the wording of the logo for We the People – Unity for Integrity – and with attempting to bring African-American community leaders together with Alt Right leaders.

You feature the Deep State as the common enemy. What is the value proposition that you and Robert and your third co-founder Ellen Brown are offering?

Peter Dale Scott, who was on my PhD committee and is a dear friend and respected mentor to me, wrote the original book The American Deep State: Big Money, Big Oil, and the Struggle for U.S. Democracy, first published in 2010. Scott, who also is a scholar at the U.S. drug trade, U.S. war policy, and U.S. political assassination policy, is the foremost scholar documenting the manner in which financial families control our government and the world economy, one central bank at a time. The military-industrial complex, big oil, organized crime, the two-party tyranny, secret intelligence and militarized police all come together to comprise the Deep State, making everyone its servant. What Robert has done is make the Deep State meme central to the Alt-Right world, and now that meme is moving out to other communities.

The core value proposition that we are offering is rooted in my experience during the Civil Rights Movement where people were able to come together and make change in this country– to take back control of their communities and to transform themselves and others in the process. I believe that is possible once again. However, it’s not only possible, it’s imperative because the U.S. itself is up for grabs and somebody’s going to get it. Will it be We the People or will it be that faction of the Deep State that doesn’t care one whit about us or the United States? That is the question. In that context, if Donald Trump were to take on the Deep State, then he would be a friend of the progressives – the Sandernistas, the Independents, the small parties, as well as a champion around the world. One can be President of the United States or one can be viewed as a champion for the world. I did coin the phrase Unity for Integrity – where Robert and I are one is in suggesting to the 99% that we all agree that the Deep State is our common enemy and election reform is one common solution. I would like to see an end to the regime change wars– also something that Trump commented positively about in his campaign for the Presidency, only to flip flop after the Inauguration. What Robert and I are doing is 1) setting an example for others– and that’s very important for others to see two people from vastly different walks of life able to come together to save this country from the Deep State; and 2) reminding the President that he can unite the people around his campaign promises and by taking the fight to The Deep State, or we can unite ourselves and take appropriate action around his failure to keep those promises.

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We are proposing that the 99% resist the efforts of George Soros and others in the Deep State who are seeking to divide and conquer, and that we come together in unity for integrity. I agree with Robert that because of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, there is a window of opportunity, this summer when Congress is in recess and Members cannot avoid their constituents, We the People should let them know that we intend to take back the power that is rightfully ours.

Robert, you have always been about intelligence reform. When did you start thinking about electoral reform?

Around 2004 I was working with Jock Gill and Tom Atlee, and realized that intelligence reform was not possible without election reform. Never mind that we have a largely worthless secret intelligence community, portions of which are predatory – spying on and blackmailing our politicians and judges, assassinating innocents with drones, torturing with impunity – the fact is that even if we had a perfect intelligence community able to provide decision support on all threats across all policies, the intelligence would be ignored. As long as Washington DC is a “pay to play” environment where 40 billionaires are known to own the two-party tyranny – my attack logo is below – election reform is “root.” This view of mine was further confirmed in 2014 when Tom Steyer admitted that $74 million spent on the climate change issue had yielded no results. No issue will ever get an honest hearing; no government decision will ever be evidence-based; until we achieve election reform. Then Occupy happened, and in 2011 I took my ideas to them in a six-minute video that went viral when it made the front page of Reddit.

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That led to my running briefly for president, one of three accepted by the Reform Party, and it was that experience that showed me with great clarity what I had not known before: that there are eight accredited political parties in the USA, six of them blocked from ballot access by the two-party tyranny, and all Independents are completely shut out as well. The below graphic is the one I have sent to Donald Trump via surrogates trying to show him that he must create a power base that is larger than the 30% controlled by the “Establishment” that is so against him.

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Put simply, what is your objective?

Our objective is to restore integrity to how we elect our representatives, and in so doing restore Article 1 of the Constitution and the relationship between the public and the elected representatives. Today the Members work for one of the two parties in power, not for their constituents. Few realize that Newt Gingrich is the person that destroyed what integrity was left in our bi-partisan Congress. He turned the Members into foot-soldiers for their party, totally dependent on the party for salaries, staff, and committee assignments. That story is told by John Barry in The Ambition and the Power: The Fall of Jim Wright: A True Story of Washington.

Again, at its most simple, by what methods do you propose to achieve this revolution over the coming summer months?

I myself will not achieve anything. While Cynthia and I are interviewing some potential managers of a 501c4 and a 527 – Quantum Communications with Ed Rollins is at the top of my list – and we have Russ Verney, who managed United We Stand for Ross Perot tapped as our campaign manager – only the public can make this revolution. If this idea goes viral, I don’t need to do anything at all, but of course I will gladly make the rounds speaking to the common threat and the common solution, if invited to do so. #UNRIG is a very powerful hashtag.

I propose that the Alt-Right and Alt-Left come together at the Congressional district level, with people of color, Latinos, Greens, Libertarians, other small parties, and of course the 50% who are Independent or No Party Preference, and talk about the Election Reform Act of 2017. If they agree that this makes sense, then they should plan to occupy the home offices and front lawns of their Member of Congress – and their Senator if resident in their district – and present the Statement of Demand I provide, and the Integrity Pledge that Jim Turner inspired me to develop. If the Member signs the pledge, we hold them to it in September. If they refuse to do so, then the constituents should mobilize to destroy that Member’s career and replace them with someone who does sign the pledge. Both incumbents and aspirants for office should be required to sign the Integrity Pledge.

In theory, if this idea takes off it should not be difficult to raise $25 million for 90 days of intensive public education and mobilization. In theory, we should even be able to raise a billion dollars – 100 million voters giving $10, 50 million voters giving $20, 25 million voters giving $40. This is not money I want to touch – it needs to be properly channeled into a 501c4 and a 527. My role as an educator ends with the publication of the manifesto.

Robert, as you have championed the Electoral Reform Act since 2012, what has surprised you the most?

First, let me say that the Act has evolved since 2012. I am constantly delighted when citizens write in and point out things I did not know, for example, that Congressional Districts are based on all adults including foreigners and illegal immigrants, not just eligible voters. What has surprised me most is the degree of international interest in these ideas. The leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has engaged, and fully a third of the donations to the educational non-profit are from outside the USA. Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands – there is a growing understanding that the Deep State is everywhere and election reform is the common solution. Integrity is what the 99% wants everywhere, not just here.

The cover of your manifesto features you and Cynthia McKinney in what looks remarkably like a 2020 campaign banner. Will you run as a ticket in 2020?

The short answer is probably not. My goal is to get a swing vote into Congress with the passage of the Election Reform Act of 2017 and honest elections in 2018. Donald Trump is our legitimately elected president and all things being equal I would rather support him in both his first term and a second term if he does not self-destruct. If Mike Pence steals the White House from Donald Trump with help from the Deep State, I will absolutely run for president in 2020 and I would be honored if Cynthia McKinney cared to be co-president. I call myself a Chief Enabling Officer (CeO). The days of electing one person with 27% of the eligible votes and then having that person “decide” everything are over.

The next president needs to be a den mother, not an executive. The next president needs to stand for one thing and one thing only: systemic integrity and evidence-based decision-making in the public interest – the one original idea in the election reform act that is truly my own is that which requires that each candidate name a coalition cabinet in advance of election day, which makes cabinet-level debates possible. America needs to elect a team with a holistic vision backed up by a balanced budget, also announced in advance of Election Day.

I am very worried about Donald Trump’s health. He is surrounded by traitors and mediocrities. I am not giving up on him, he is one of the smartest, hardest- working presidents we have ever hand, and I know he can unrig the system if he connects with those of us that know how to do that.

My bottom line: I would rather help Donald Trump be the greatest president in modern history, achieving peace and prosperity for all. If he will not take my hand, then we move on, as the sub-title says, Beyond Trump & Sanders.

God Bless Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. They made it possible for my voice, and Cynthia’s voice, and many other voices, to finally be heard.

#UNRIG. Seize the day or be a slave for the rest of your life. It’s crunch time.

Who else would you like to comeon board with this movement, in terms of well known names? 

The image below says it all. Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and several others.

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Thank you both for your time and all the best to you on your endeavor.

Dr. Cynthia McKinney has been elected six times to the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia and was the 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States. She is an activist against war and for human rights.

Robert David Steele is a former spy and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center who created the Open Source Intelligence movement and more recently the Open Source Everything Engineering movement. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the 2017 cycle.


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