Dahlens’ Sentencing

Doug and Gina Dahlen were sentenced today at the Dakota County Judicial Center in Hastings for their role in the disappearance of two sisters from Lakeville, Minnesota. 

Doug and Gina Dahlen

Excerpts from article by journalist Michael Volpe (CDN News)

Doug and Gina plead guilty to felony charges in January 2017 but their attorney argued the Dahlens were basically bullied into accepting the plea under circumstances that involved witness tampering and Constitutional violations.

Doug and Gina have no previous criminal record. They are not dangerous; and in fact are described as being “kind and generous“. Doug and Gina did not act with malice or criminal intent, but instead, chose to help the Rucki girls because they were truly concerned for their well-being.

Doug and Gina risked it all to shelter S.R. and G.R. – providing safety, nurturing and a second chance to experience their childhood that had been long denied. The Dahlens believed the teen girls truly had been abused – the girls not only spoke about abuse but their physical and mental state also indicated abuse and trauma had occurred. Investigative Report Dahlen, Witness Statements

Judge Karen Asphaug

The Dahlens offered their home, and their heart, to protect S.R. and G.R. from imminent physical or emotional harm. Now the Dakota County court system has ruthlessly worked to destroy the very family that had saved the lives of these terrified teens.  

Sentencing Conditions  

1. Pay restitution, joint and several with all co-defendants in the amount of $10,000 to the MN Crime Victims Reparations Board plus any ongoing expenses related to therapy. 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
2. Authorize release of PSI/Psychological Evaluations, to court ordered programs 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
3. No contact with victim(s), DR & TL 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
4. No violations of an Order for Protection, 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
5. No Violations of An Active Civil/Criminal No Contact Order, 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
6. Give a DNA sample when directed., 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
7. Conditions, other, Have no contact with SVR & GJR; no minors spending overnight at the Ranch unless as respite care as licensed respite care providers through social services; Must comply with state and federal licensure and reporting of suspected child   abuse/maltreating.
8. Follow all instructions of probation, 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017
9. Remain law-abiding, Appendix A, if attached, is part of this Order; Appendix B, if attached, is a part of this Order 05/02/2017, Active 05/02/2017

They have also been sentenced to 365 days in jail. Stayed for 2 years of probation. Each will serve 31 days in jail (One day for the number of months the girls were gone) Another creative justice approach by Judge Asphaug!

See full sentencing conditions below↓


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5 thoughts on “Dahlens’ Sentencing

  1. Sentencing Conditions include: “Must comply with state and federal licensure and reporting of suspected child abuse/maltreating…” How ironic considering no one in Dakota County has complied with reporting and has allowed the 5 Rucki children to be repeatedly abused!

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  2. I find it disturbing that we prosecute and criminalize people trying to provide a safe haven for underage young people; who are trying to get away from abusive parent/parents! I find it disturbing that people are criminalized for not lifting a finger to offer aid of sorts. Does not people see the duality to what is being done? Dakota County is not the only county that this type of situation occurs. Do we really pay attention to the laws that are written here in this state? How many of these laws are openly presented to the communities/counties? We know the basic process of how a bill goes through the state government and gets ‘passed’ or ‘not.’ Is it trued that COMMON SENSE has died and gone to hell? i.e. HELL, Greek word for grave. Philip K. Howard is an American lawyer and writer. He has written on the effects of modern law and bureaucracy on human behavior and the workings of society. He started Common Good, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which advocates simplifying government.[1] In August 2016, Common Good launched a “Take Charge” campaign.[2] THE GREATER GOOD VS THE COMMON GOOD. Law, in theory supposed to protect our freedom not take it away. Today we Americans are downing in law and no longer feel free to make sense of daily choices. I realize that there are people that will commit heinous crimes…I realize that when some event occurs, ideally one calls the police…I do not see the value in criminalizing Doug and Gina Dahlen. I am on the outside looking IN…I CAN SEE THE PARADOXES crawling out of the above story on the ‘XYZ’ FROM THE GET GO…i.e. when the media came out four years ago on this ‘chain of events’ and I still see the same person that keeps coming to the forefront…”Apathetic Sociopath that shrug his huge frame and CRIES WOLF WOLF!” What is really pathetic about this whole saga is the “PROFESSIONALS” are aiding and abetting the vicious cycle of abuse and costing taxpayers money.”


  3. 1.) Laura Manna contradicts herself in her statement, and cites heresay.
    2.) There’s a saying in practice with people, animals, and nature alike. It’s “first do no harm”.
    3.) I do not see apparent criminal intent, but i do clearly see criminal negligence on the parties ensnared into the net of the Grazzini- Ruckie
    battle and McDonalds bid for relevance.
    4.) fear can placed upon a vulnerable person by someone other than who is feared. case In point, I was afraid of the boogeyman based on
    the stories told by siblings…I cried in fear…the boogeyman did not exist.
    5.) Children are dutiful and loyal. They can easily be alienated from a parent if the alienated parent gives a grain of reason.
    6.) a grain of reason does make a pound of right.


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