It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic!

Excerpts below from the paid hack Michael Brodkorb on the Dahlens’ Sentencing

Names have been omitted due to my probation conditions.  

Judge applauded XXXXX XXXXX’S parenting

Before issuing a sentence to the Dahlens, Judge Asphaug spoke directly to XXXXX XXXXX stating that his anger toward Doug and Gina Dahlen is “clear, righteous and justified.” She went on to comment that his victim impact statement was the most thoughtfully prepared statement she had heard in her 22 years on the bench.

Judge Asphaug commended XXXXX XXXXX  for the pragmatic, practical, hands on realistic loving way he set about being a dad to five children whose lives were turned upside down. She ended simply by saying “thank you.”

Judge Karen Asphaug

Judge Asphaug said that XXXXXXXX XXXXX was “motivated by vengence. She waged a personal vendetta against Mr. XXXXX. She instilled fear in the minds and hearts of the girls.”

In speaking to Evavold’s motivation, Judge Asphaug stated she was “motivated by polictical ill will and distrust of government.” (She says that like it’s a bad thing!)

Court hears how Dahlens failed to provide Rucki children access to medical care

During both of their victim impact statements, XXXXX XXXXX and Dr. XXXXX XXXX spoke to the lack of medical care provided to XXXXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXX by the Dahlens during the 942 days they were held at the Dahlens’ ranch.

Assistant Dakota County Attorney Kathy Kenna

Dr. XXXX provided insight into the lack of routine medical care needed by children in their teenage years while XXXXX XXXXX detailed the medical conditions of the girls upon their return home. He went on to describe multiple painful reconstructive medical procedures that were required due to the maltreatment they endured on the Dahlens’ ranch. (WHAT???)

The Dakota County Attorney’s Office charged four adults for their involvement in the disappearance of the Rucki sisters for 944 days.


The decision by Doug and Gina Dahlen to plead guilty ensured that Assistant Dakota County Attorney Kathy Kenna successfully prosecuted all of the people criminally charged related to the disappearance of the XXXXX sisters.

So clearly, we know that you will be rewarded for pleading guilty vs. going to trial. Click on hyperlinks to understand the jury tax.  Tax And Plea Bargaining     Prosecutors, Charge Stacking, and Plea Deals

We know that whenever whistleblowers publicly expose government corruption, those involved in the corruption respond by condemning the source of exposure rather than investigating any unethical behavior.

Whistleblowers are the truth-seekers, and we must demand the truth, Who does not want to know the truth? Sadly, in an empire of lies, the truth has become treason. ~Ron Paul


One thought on “It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic!

  1. Meathead is a dangerous abuser with a 20+ year history of violence and alcohol abuse. Meathead only wants the kids so he can raid their trust fund, use them as slaves to clean his filthy house and use them as a pawn to hurt their mother. These girls BEGGED to be put in foster care because they were afraid of their father, even a Dakota County social worker stated they needed to be kept safe from him. Judge Asphaug is a child abuse enabler and that she identifies with an abuser says alot.


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