AJ Kern~Betrayed by my political party

AJ Kern

Just in case you missed it…

Read the OCR complaints against ISD742, filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is how they infiltrate our schools…   and demand special accommodations.  ‘Don’t offend me…  CAIR will file a federal complaint.’

Who didn’t experience some form of harassment in school?  Raise your hand?  I guess if you are not assimilating and donning garb symbolizing the enslavement of women…  you just may be inviting trouble?



The Muslim Brotherhood, and associated front groups, need to be identified by the federal government as a terrorist organization.  Until then, they will infiltrate government and other organizations, such as the MN GOP, who have recently accepted a Somali Organization as an ‘affiliate.’  This is right out of the Muslim Brotherhood playbook…  civilization jihad.  Guess who will be running as Republican candidates for elected office at all levels of government…

Emmer, the mayor, Republicans like Knoblach…  they just want votes.  And then one day…  they will be challenged by a muslim.



Somali organization vs Muslim organization.  A ‘Distinction without a Difference’…  just depending on the situation.

Joining the ranks of the MN GOP, we’ll use Somali…  Protesting President Trump’s travel ban…  we’ll scream Muslim….  ‘Muslim’ ban!!  Discrimination!!

Somali…  Muslim…  No difference to me.  The world of Islam nor Somalis (Somalia is #2 on the World Watch List for extreme persecution of Christians who are virtually non-existent in Somalia)…  do not accept me as a free Christian American woman as an equal.  I do not accept their misogynist anti-Christ organization.

Do you believe you will go unpunished by the world when you stand with Christ against the anti-Christ?  (2 John 7-11)

Betrayed by my political party,
AJ Kern


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