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Family Helps Raise Walls on ‘Unity Build’ Sauk Rapids Home

By Chrissy Gaetke June 28, 2017 2:25 PM

"SAUK RAPIDS — Children will grow and many family memories will be made inside a new Habitat for Humanity house in Sauk Rapids.

The home is known as a “Unity Build.” Central MN Habitat for Humanity Construction Manager, Art Buhs says the house is designed to bring people of different backgrounds together.

“What we are trying to do is to bring peoples from different cultures, religions, any walk of life that we can to come and build and it’s working wonderfully.”

Habitat for Humanity crews along with the Muhamud-Omar family, which will be moving into the home, raised the walls of the house Wednesday afternoon.

Deeq Mohamud and Nasra Omar along with their six, soon to be seven, children will be moving into the home this November. Mohamud says he feels honored to move into such a caring and supportive community.

“It means everything, thank you so much to the great community and I really love to be apart of this great community in Sauk Rapids.”

Mohamud works as a bilingual communication specialist in the St. Cloud Area School District. Omar is a child care provider at a Somali day care in St. Cloud.

When completed the house will be about 2,000 square feet and will feature six bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The Unity Build home is on North Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids. It was designed by St. Cloud Technical and Community College student, Patrick Michael.

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Comment from Tony Smith-MN

Turning your back on your Real Estate Tax paying Citizen neighbors is not nice, as Minnesotans and the assinine local media seem to thrive on proclaiming something to be “Minnesota nice” when in reality it is BABOONERY which is nothing more than “monkey see monkey do”!!!!

I am sure that these same Minnesotans must also say, “Well it must be OK —  if every one else is doing it!”

All I can say stupid is as stupid does!!  You are suffocating on your SCSU social engineers who are bringing you European Socilaism ala the Frankfurt Institute of Behavorial Research which opened its US branch as the Aspen Instritute in 1950, which has assumed control of both major political parties.  Today many refer to them simply as Socialist Party A & Socialist Party B!

Spineless politicians who spin in the wind are continuously turning their backs on the local body politic in pursuit of lobbyist cash and/or other trinkets as they simply dance to the tune of the shrillest organ grinder (highest bidder).  Tom Emmer, immediately comes to mind — as he has never earned nor deserved one vote from those who had elected Michelle Bachman four times to the office which, sadly, he now occupies.

The UN building in NYC has become the home office for Soviet spies and infiltrators in US since 1951, within just one year of the opening of the Aspen Institute.  Since that time, the Sovietization of America has gained a throttle grip on the throats of American Christian youth via public education, which marginalizes Christian faith at every potential opportunity while it simultaneously extolling the virtues (?) of the discovery of science. However, these same pseudo educators have apparently enshrined psychology and sociology (the studies of feelings and human reactions) as science, even though these studies are almost devoid of factual scientific evidence.

Although I have met a couple of male Minnesotans (GM) who can and do stand in the gap to be counted in this battle in America for our minds and hearts, most tend to cower in the shadows of the women who brought them to the battle.  I pray for those few ladies who exemplify by their genteel discipline that they are not ashamed of their Jehovah God given blessings of gender which He has bestowed upon them!  Those few (KJL) truly beautify this planet called Earth.  Meanwhile the LORD is truly looking for a few good men to stand with Him in this battle and to reign with Him in the Kingdom

My prayer is that I will never be known by the moniker of “Minnesta nice”, as to me, it simply means spineless!  Back sliding heifers is also another term which immediately comes to mind!! ts 06/29/17


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