From the Peace in St. Cloud Group

Taxation without representation…

You are invited to attend the St. Cloud City council meeting on Monday July 10th at 5:45 pm 

Council Chambers at City Hall
400 Second St. S.

Open forum promptly at 6:00 

Any topic of concern but many people are beginning to worry greatly about the inequities present in the Refugee Resettlement program

Especially the volag Lutheran Social Services not permitting any taxpayers to attend their quarterly meetings. … next one September 20th.  

And see below the feelings of a Southside resident that has seen first hand the reasons why the average resident feels beat up on in this town.  They pay taxes they can barely afford, if they are low income they cannot be considered for a Habitat for Humanity home.

From June……

So, on the second of July we have a front page top of the fold story on Somali Independence day complete with article, history and color photos…

On the 4th of July …AMERICA’S Independence day…no top of the fold, front page news…, on the 5th of July there is on page 7 a blurb…


you’d think the Times Newspaper could have found a few GRATEFUL Somalis waving AMERICAN flags and saying thank you IN our town…but there was no there there because it just didn’t happen.

What a shame.

The Times does a nice write up on the fireworks display…but what about the HISTORY LESSON for the benefit of our immigrants/refugees who you’d think would WANT TO assimilate and KNOW what AMERICA is all about rather than shoving their culture and country down our throats PERHAPS they could at least feign interest in the Country that has given them freedoms they could never  have in the country they left but HONOR.

SO let’s recap:

on the 2nd we were all schooled on SOMALI Independence day…

The flying of a somalia flag

At least there was a USA Flag…And I do hope that OUT OF respect for OUR country , the USA, that the American flag was first and on top as is etiquette.

(Too bad there was no Minnesota flag…since we are their beloved adopted country.

If they love their dear somalia so much why have they thrown it aside?

This years festivities are being held in Minneapolis (does that suggest to anyone else that this “celebration” could in later years bring the total population and celebration here to St. Cloud?

AND wouldn’t it be nice if the masses could all converge in a shiny new TRAIN? HMMMMMMMMMMM (food for thought)

It appears that these people are  trying (and succeeding) to make (St. Cloud) Minnesota the new Somalia. Move over NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS

AH, what a concept! Perhaps the somali community would benefit from a tutorial on MINNESOTA HISTORY,and American History and of the many who died to give them the freedoms they are enjoying in this land of free stuff and opportunity.

I do wonder about the use of the St. Cloud venue and stage?

Was this a rotary sponsored  event or private affair?

I know you can rent the Old Municipal pool renovated area BUT what about the stage?

Was this a freebie?

Because there was a plea, Periodically, politicians would make their pleas for health care and education to the crowd  was this in compliance with any ordinance for arena usage…SO who were the POLITICIANS? Were any special permits required?

I do recall we Tea Partiers needing special permits etc. to have Bachmann rally  in the park years back…

a chance to recognize the role the Somali community plays in their adopted country.

ON our independance day…CRICKETS and FIREWORKS…


“Nabad & Midnimo”: Locals celebrate peace and unity on Somali independence day


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