Time’s Almost Up To Have Your Voice Heard On GALs

April 07, 2017 01:03 PM

A legislative commission on Thursday approved several state programs it would like the Legislative Auditor to evaluate, including the health department’s Office of Health Facility Complaints and the Minnesota Guardian ad Litem program, both subjects of 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Investigations in November.

The Office of the Legislative Auditor said its evaluation will look into management, governance, oversight and processes of specific program areas.

Excerpt: Guardians Ad Litem Review

The Legislative Auditor plans to review the Guardians ad litem program, which advocates for children and vulnerable adults in the legal system.

According to OLA documents, the state has made frequent changes to the program’s governance, management, and funding over the past 20 years.

“As the GAL board and program staff are committed to continuous improvement in providing services to children, we welcome the opportunity to work with the Legislative Auditor,” a state program spokeswoman wrote in an email to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

The OLA plans to review the board’s policies, procedures and program standards while surveying judges, attorneys, and families about their experiences working with those in the program.

In November, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reporter Katherine Johnson exposed that some children in the system have had their wishes ignored by their guardian ad litem.

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Since the story aired, KSTP has received countless tips from families who feel their assigned guardian ad litem failed them.

“Despite efforts to improve oversights, concerns remain about the quality of guardian ad litem services,” the OLA wrote to House and Senate members earlier this week.

The OLA program reviews are expected to be completed by January or February. (2018)

If you want to provide written comments regarding the GAL program or ideas for improvement, contact Jodi Munson Rodríguez, the program evaluation manager. You may reach her at jodi.rodriguez@state.mn.us.

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Information below is from a MN parent that has been subjected to the evils of the family court system.
The GAL program and those collateral’s profiting off family court orders often name and handpick therapists in their recommendations. That is RICO by definition. If you want your kids back you pay to play. 
They use the legal system to make you destitute and take the kids. This is textbook and the dim witted or malicious or both GALs side with the abuser. 
The audit of the GAL program is closing soon and now is your chance to speak out about the effect GAL’s have had on your family and the reasons this program needs to be dismantled.
Please flood Jodi’s inbox with your very specific examples of how they are ruining your relationships and limiting your contact with your children,
Provide examples of them using therapeutic terminology, false reporting, no accountability when you complained, rubber stamping recommendations, refusal to retract when details were verified false, lies, etc.
Please share this with any parent in Minnesota harmed by a guardian and their lack of accountability from the top down.

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Federal lawsuit filed to dismantle Lackawanna County’s guardian ad litem system


2 thoughts on “Time’s Almost Up To Have Your Voice Heard On GALs

  1. I back in June 2013 sent in complaints in regards to GAL per the those in charge of these people…specifically, Brian Ansberry, MS, GAL, program. POB 1836; St. Cloud, MN 56302….detailing the allegations specific to ‘foster care’ parents and welfare of children, they essentially did nothing. Lucinda Jesson was the commissioner of DHS; I even sent validated info…specific to the violations that occurred…Those in titled position of power much rather cover up…do nothing…no response…sociopaths at the breakfast table


  2. FYI: This has been sent out to Jodi Munson-Rodriguez…”IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT AN OUTSIDE OVERSEER OF THE PROCESS RECEIVE THE COMPLAINT AND ACT AS AN OMBUDSMAN TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN. OUR POSTERITY IS INHERENTLY WITHOUT A DOUBT NECESSARY FOR OUR ESTATE IN LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.” This is based on the failure of or in-action of GAL program to follow through and DHS marginalizing and covering up Foster Care family that did not present ‘full disclosure’ when small children were under their “protection.” Essentially penalizing the or assuming that acting like a ‘Whistle Blower.’ In addition; allowing the courts to enable GAL per children to place something similar to a ‘gag’ order on GAL so they could not be used at Appellate Court…


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