50,000 Islamist Attendees Screaming “Alahu Akbar” at US Bank (MN Vikings) Stadium (Celebration?) for TWO DAYS – August 21st & 22nd…

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The largest – AND FIRST – Muslim gathering of it’s kind in N. America – EVER! The so-called Super EID Celebration.

Really! – Really?

  • Who is paying for it?
  • How much is the tab for renting an entire MN Vikings stadium for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT?
  • Where did the money come from?

…I thought these folks were poor poor “refugees” (immigrants really)..

..The local contingent, and massive Somali “community” in Minnesota, just got caught – in plain sight, stealing (Organized Crime) $Hundreds of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars ANNUALLY for at least 5 years, AND COUNTING as we speak, and delivering the stolen Minnesota Taxpayer assets, directly into the hands of TERRORIST groups in Somalia (Al-Shabaab – Boko-Haram – ISIS).


Ft. Bragg based, Special Forces Staff Sgt. Alexander Conrad, 26, was KIA in Somalia on June 8, 2018, fighting along side 500 young men and women in our military, and was killed by the very same “terrorists” Minnesota Taxpayers are involuntarily funding.. ..Al-Shabaab has since taken responsibility for this killing.

  • How much is the expected MN Taxpayer tab for SECURITY, and Minnesota (Minneapolis / St. Paul) Police – Fire – EMT – services?

…The new mayor of St. Paul just cancelled OUR State Capitol 4th of July annual fireworks celebration, claiming “budgetary concerns”..

…The new Minneapolis Mayor, has recently agreed to knuckle under, and build a WALL around the Somali “community” compound, known as “Little Mogadishu” (Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis), per the DEMAND OF THE SOMALI “COMMUNITY ELDERS”…or else.. Cost to Minnesota taxpayers? Somewhere between the estimate of $825,000 to $1 Million Taxpayer Dollars.

  • Get a load of the scheduled speakers list!

As an aside, can anyone even imagine for a moment, what Minneapolis is going to look like, once these oh-so-peaceful people are excused from this TWO-DAY “celebration” late in the day on August 22nd? What might be their mindset, and what are they going to be thinking, once the two-day Mohammadan rally is concluded?… One clear-headed look-see at Western Europe, the UK, and or Australia today, should give you a little clue…

In what language will the imams be speaking? Arabic? Somali? What will they be saying? What instructions will they be given?

Will 50,000 Muslims be allows to scream “Allahu Akbar”, the same thing the hi-jackers of were screaming as they were flying airplanes in the World Trace Center on 9/11?

The same fanatic, barbaric scream that Muslims have been screaming for 1,400 years as they kept pillaging, killing and raping Christians and Jews?

And they get to scream this same fanatic call in Minnesota?

Folks, watch the clip below from Paris, France.

                                                         Coming to US Bank Stadium? 



Inspired to do what?

Inspired to do what, and to whom?

What will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting and naive Minnesota public, is my question?

Will (c)ongressman Keith (AKA: Kieth E. Hakim – AKA: Kieth “X” Ellison – AKA: Kieth Ellison- Muhammad), and pal of The Nation of Islam’s minister? …and America hater, Louis Farrakhan, be in attendance?

Will the accused, “immigration fraud”? scandal embattled congressional candidate, (Polygamy? Bigamy? Polyandry? Welfare Fraud? Perjury? Misuse of campaign funds for “divorce attorney fees? – Illegally accepting speaking fees as a MN State Rep.?) MN State (r)epresentative, Ilhan Omar be there as well?

Incident after brutal incident, just in Minnesota in the past two or three years alone, should provide an answer to that question, even for the chronically obtuse here in the land of “Minnesota Nice”.. We’ll see.. Stay tuned..

Is it just me, or, does it look like WE Minnesotans, and all of Minnesota, have NOW been “staked out on an ant hill”…or staked out as bait for 7th century inspired radical islamists?

Bob CarrilloCo-Producer, and Host of Third Rail Talk has hosted his own radio and TV shows in the Twin Cities for years and has served as a member of the Commissioners Advisory Committee at the Minnesota Department of Human Services from 1993-2000. He also served on various Minnesota state-wide task force committees attached to the Minnesota Department of Human Services from 1993-2000. From 1998-2002, he was a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Parental Cooperation Task Force. Connect with Bob here.

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