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Christian Conservative Women BETRAYED by MN GOP leadership: PART II

The Somali Organization Affiliate

We don’t always share the same values, ethics, and morals with other cultures.

Politicians and political parties seek votes, donations…  providing favors to lobbyist and special interest… not necessarily in the best interest of the American people.

 AJ Kern


Leaders must speak up to stop female genital mutilation

AJ Kern, Sauk Rapids3:04 p.m. CT April 29, 2017

(Photo: Submitted photo)

With the recent arrest of Michigan emergency room doctor Jumana Nagarwala, it’s time to have “the talk.”  I’m not talking about that awkward discussion you had with your kids about the birds and the bees.  I’m talking about the cultural and religious ritual of female genital mutilation, or FGM.

Nagarwala was charged with performing FGM, a felony, involving the removal of clitoral skin from two 7-year-old girls brought to Detroit from Minnesota. Although charges have yet to be brought against the parents, Hennepin and Anoka county attorney’s offices have filed child protection petitions in the first federal case in the country.

Female genital mutilation is a brutal act you might find in a horror film, which makes it difficult to discuss and comprehend.

A 2004 World Bank report claims girls having undergone FGM suffer permanent and irreversible health damage.  “Every year, two million girls are subject to mutilation, which traditional communities call ‘female circumcision’ and the international community terms ‘female genital mutilation’ (FGM), or ‘female genital cutting’ (FGC).”

Identifying FGM/C as “female circumcision” is deceptive.

While male circumcision, performed at birth, is not destructive to genitalia nor does it eliminate the male’s ability to function normally.  This is not the case for females.

FGM/C is typically performed on girls from birth to 15 years of age, without pain medication or anesthesia, inflicts serious physical, psychological and painful sexual complications.  A lifetime of suffering resulting in eliminating the woman’s sexual desire including lack of libido and orgasm.

Somalia has one of the highest FGM rates in the world and now we have evidence that it is practiced here in America.

The World Bank estimates “98 percent of Somali women and girls have undergone some form of genital mutilation.  About 90 percent have been subjected to the most drastic form, type III.

FGM type I, a clitoridectomy, consists of partial or total removal of the clitoris. Type II, known as excision, the clitoris and labia minora are partially or totally removed, with or without excision of the labia majora.

Type III, a radical procedure known as infibulation, includes removing the clitoris and narrowing the vaginal orifice by cutting and appositioning the labia minora and/or labia majora. The vagina is stitched together then the girls’ legs are bound together in facilitating the desired closure while healing.  A small opening is created for urine and menstrual blood to escape. An infibulation is opened through penetrative sexual intercourse or surgery.

In 1996, Congress passed legislation making FGM/C a federal crime.

And because immigrants have been caught taking their daughters back to their country of origin for the procedure, in 2012, Congress passed the Transport for Female Genital Mutilation Act, making so-called “vacation cutting” illegal.

AJ Kern Wins Respect of Many Disillusioned Voters

Thanks Kern for challenging Emmer

Congratulations to AJ Kern for a hard fought (but under reported) 6th District Congressional Campaign to represent the Republican Party in November.

Smart Politics reported opponent Tom Emmer outraised Kern’s campaign 61:1, but Kern received 26.5 percent of the tallies. The Minnesota Secretary of State reported Kern won Stearns County 49.64 percent to Emmer’s 47.48 percent.

It appeared as though the St. Cloud Times was blacking out coverage of this election.

Those of us who supported Kern’s constitutional conservative campaign with our votes, donations, yard signs, billboards, working parades and county fairs, and spreading the word on why you deserved to be elected say thank you! You did us proud!

There is worry in the 6th District — worry about jobs, our schools, an eroding tax base, an aging population, cost to care for our veterans, public safety and whether our Second Amendment rights will be preserved.

We will be looking to Emmer to address these issues and support bills good for all the 6th District instead of international concerns, following administration coercing, VOLAG pressure and lobbyist wishes.

Please show the 5,217 Kern voters that you will work to win back their votes.

This is the original letter to editor submitted to the St. Cloud Times but was required to be reduced in size and some content by the Editor.

Congratulations to AJ Kern…

For a hard fought (but under reported) 6th District Congressional Campaign to represent the Republican Party in November.  AJ was outraised by Emmer by a 60:1 ratio but received 26.5 % of the vote.

Those of us volunteers that worked for your election and many others that supported your Constitutional Conservative Candidacy by donations, placing yard signs and bill boards, working the parades and County Fairs, and spreading the word on why you deserved to be elected.  THANK YOU.


The Times who adopted a policy of black out to any AJ Kern Campaign news finally found a way to cover the Primary with a small front page headline today (the 11th)….”Primary win is weakest since 1962″ with the majority
of their front page dedicated to and celebrating a primary win in District 60 B in Mpls.  So much for local coverage!

The actual statistics that may have interested your readers were omitted from the article.

For instance…AJ won Stearns County 49.64% to Emmers 47.48% showing a need for Tom Emmer to become the conservative he claims to be on the campaign trail represent the people who elected him.

Simply said there is worry in the 6th district…worry about jobs, our schools, eroding of our tax base, aging of our population, cost to care for our veterans, public safety and will our Second Amendment Rights be preserved?

We who supported AJKern will now be looking to Tom Emmer to address these issues and sign bills that will be good for all the 6th District instead of International concerns, following Administration coercing, volaag pressure
and lobbyist wishes.

Please show the 5,217 Primary AJ Kern voters (Emmer votes at 13,548) that you will work to represent the entire 6th District.!

Submitted by,

Karen Ament

Breaking News! Key Emmer Delegate Files FEC complaint against AJ Kern


See Breaking news on Alpha News MN 

BREAKING: AJ Kern to Announce Primary Bid Against Rep. Emmer – Cities Endorsement Convention Fouls


Learn about Emmer supporter who filed frivolous FEC complaint at Alpha News MN…

The Man Behind the Complaints Against Daudt & Emmer Primary Challengers

On Friday, August 5th, The AJ Kern for Congress campaign received notification from the Federal Election Commission that Matt Stevens (Endorsing convention delegate from Senate District 30) filed a complaint against Kern’s grassroots campaign for alleged fundraising irregularities.

Kern said, “I take this allegation seriously and because the primary election is coming up this Tuesday, August 9th, I am releasing this information in an effort to provide full transparency and accountability to the voters of CD-6.”

Matt Stevens is one of the select men identified at the Senate District 30 Convention by Tom Emmer as a “great conservative” chosen specifically by Mr. Emmer to represent him at the CD-6 endorsing convention—a member of Emmer’s slate of delegates.

Inviting precinct delegates to vote for Matt Stevens and other key supporters, Mr. Emmer wrote, “When it comes time to choose delegates for the sixth district convention, the delegates below are great conservative activists and some of my key supporters.” [See Emmer’s SD30 convention slate]

Tom Identified Matt Stevens as a “key supporter” — a trusted political insider.

FEC rules & regulations are intended to protect the public from being misled by unscrupulous political operatives but, as FEC has identified, these rules can also be abused.

Former FEC commissioner Bradley Smith wrote[1]:

“Charges and litigation are used to harass opposing candidates and make political hay with the press …used most effectively by ‘incumbents’.”

Smith also wrote that, “Many, if not most, of these cases end up being dismissed, but not without distracting the campaigns and using up their resources.”

It is the Kern campaign’s opinion that Matt Stevens submitted a complaint with the federal government, not intended to protect the voters of CD-6 but rather to distract the Kern campaign during a critical point just prior to the primary!

The FEC notification was dated July 27th, just 14 days prior to the primary election with a 15 day response deadline—effectively forcing the Kern campaign, composed entirely of grassroots volunteers, to redirect scarce time and resources toward a response to this complaint.

This tactic isn’t new. As discussed by the United States 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, No 13-1229, cautioning that, “…it is immensely problematic that anyone may lodge a complaint…” when “…there is no promise or requirement that the power to file a complaint will be used prudently.”

“Complaints can be filed at a tactically calculated time so as to divert the attention of an entire campaign from the meritorious task at hand of supporting or defeating a ballot question, possibly diffusing public sentiment and requiring the speaker to defend a claim before the OAH, thus inflicting political damage” [2]

The website Matt Stevens complained about was published in January of 2016, allowing ample time for him or others to alert the Kern campaign of these alleged transgressions. The Kern Campaign has received no other complaints.

AJ Kern pointed out that “Matt Stevens, felt it most expedient to solve this problem by bringing in the heavy hand of the federal government, when one phone call, one Republican to another, would have easily rectified any possible disparities in a matter of minutes.”

Much time, taxpayer money and campaign resources will be wasted resolving Mr. Stevens frivolous allegations–a 15 page complaint.

AJ Kern said “I find it ironic that a key supporter of a so-called small government republican would seek such an extreme big government approach.”

In Kern’s opinion, this was an electioneering tactic to bully her grassroots campaign composed exclusively of hardworking volunteers of whom she is very proud.

Kern said, “This is why ordinary patriots, like myself, are discouraged from throwing our hat in the ring representing ….We the People.”

[1] Bradley A. Smith key note address to the Editorial Board of the Catholic University Law Review, former_members/smith/ smithspeech01.html

[2] opndir/14/09/131229P.pdf


Emmer told us recently that he is running for SEVEN REASONS; his kids.  (emotions)  

AJ Kern is running for one reason!

Statue of Liberty



Vote your conscience people; Vote AJ Kern for Congress: Tuesday August 9th.


BREAKING: AJ Kern to Announce Primary Bid Against Rep. Emmer – Cites Endorsement Convention Fouls

UPDATE: A response from Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota Keith Downey is posted at the end of the story:

Republican AJ Kern intends to announce a primary bid today against United States Representative Tom Emmer (R – Congressional District 6).  Kern and Emmer sought the party endorsement at the district’s convention in April.  Emmer achieved the required 60 percent of delegates by 11 votes (212-119) and won the endorsement on April 23rd.

Kern is claiming convention misconduct led to her decision to primary against Emmer.  Kern tells Alpha News the three reasons she thought the convention was mishandled include her campaign being kept out of the ballot room, a violation of “the rules for seating Delegates and Alternates,” and there never being “a motion and vote to endorse a candidate.”

Kern says the two campaigns were “provided different treatment during ballot counting,” explaining, “The Emmer campaign was provided observer(s) in the room while ballot counting occurred. The representative from the Kern campaign, Dr.John Kern, was physically blocked from entering the room during ballot counting.”

In regards to her contention with the seating of delegates and alternates, Kern says, “Sworn statements also indicate that after the permanent voting roll had been created, Alternates were wrongly unseated for late arriving Delegates in violation of the party constitution and convention rules.”

Continue Reading:

AJ Kern For Congress

This was AJ Kern’s CD6 GOP Convention Video.

AJ Kern CD6