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Calling All Patriots

St. Cloud Council Member Calls for Moratorium on Refugee Resettlement

Photo: City of St. Cloud Jeff Johnson October 18, 2017   A St. Cloud City Council member is calling for a temporary ban on refugee settlement in the city.

St. Cloud can take 225 resettlement refugees each year, according to the refugee resettlement supervisor for St. Cloud.

But Council Member Jeff Johnson wants to know how that number was determined, and is concerned it’s putting excessive demand on local resources.

“It’s 100 percent clear to me local government does play a role in this,” Johnson said at a council meeting earlier this month.

He proposed a resolution recommending the City of St. Cloud  place a moratorium on the placement of additional refugees.

The resolution states the overall quality of life for St. Cloud residents will continue to be adversely impaired by excessive demands on local resources.

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The issue will be discussed at Monday’s City Council meeting.

From Let Freedom Ring 

Jeff Johnson vs. Dave Kleis

From Peace In St. Cloud

Calling all Patriots! 

We need EVERYONE to help us by coming to the October 23rd St Cloud City Council meeting at 6:00 p.m. at 400 2nd St S, St Cloud, MN

We will gather early, as there will be much opposition.

They are pulling out all weapons against us and we need to show up and stand up for our Christian freedoms.

We want signs and posters, and everyone to be on message—NO HATEFUL COMMENTS ALLOWED!

All we are asking for is transparency and accountability by our city leaders and for Lutheran Social Services to follow Federal Law 8 US Code 1522.

VOLAG Lutheran Social Services and our St. Cloud Mayor and City Council may be found in violation of this law by their refusal to allow citizen participation in the economic and social upheaval being forced on them. 

It has been reported that St. Cloud now has approximately 20,000 refugees living here and most are on assistance.  WE were a small town of 50,000 10 years ago and now population estimated at 67,000. Federal law..8 US Code 1522 was adopted for a good reason so that no town would be saturated with peoples that need everything. 

Moratorium to be requested on the addition of 225 primary refugees until a full and true costs refugee resettlement is done with the public informed fully. This will have nothing to do with the 20,000 people already here or will be coming through secondary migration.  Jeff Johnson and his supporters fully support continued welcoming of these peoples.  City planning used to involve knowing the numbers of people that are here now and will be coming.  Our Mayor and most council members do not want to know any of this information and certainly do not want their citizens to know.  This may be against Federal law…8 US Code 1522.   

Please mark your calendars for November 6th..Council chambers at 6:00 pm.  Speak during the open forum if you have not already spoken twice this year and attend this important meeting in support of Council member Jeff Johnson.  

Our St. Cloud Times true to form with no research into Federal Law..8 US Code 1522 headlines today October 19th paper..”.Leaders call council member’s refugee ban proposal ‘despicable’.”  And the renowned organization CAIR that they love to quote as a Leader came out with typical terrorist language …”vote no on the moratorium which is a despicable, racist, Islamophobic, and ill-informed motion targeting refugees.”

Remember CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator with the Muslim Brotherhood at the Hold Land Foundation trial.  So the Times likes to quote terrorists to prove their points.  No surprise there.

Thumb_logoCouncil on American Islamic Relations

Urge St. Cloud City Council to Vote ‘NO’ on Moratorium on Refugee Resettlement

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 10/17/2017) – – The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) is calling on all Minnesotans to urge the St. Cloud City Council to vote “NO” on a motion calling for a moratorium on refugee resettlement in St. Cloud.

Sources report to CAIR-MN that the anti-refugee motion will be introduced by Councilmember Jeff Johnson (4th Ward) during the next city council meeting taking place on Monday, October 23.



The Illusion of Freedom

Protest policies under review at MN Capitol

State Patrol Captain Eric Roeske and Chris Guevin of the Dept. of Administration present on overview of current policies for rallies and protests at the Minnesota Capitol. Tim Pugmire | MPR NewsMinnesota lawmakers and other government officials are raising concerns about the growing intensity of protests at the state Capitol, including two recent events that led to arrests.

Members of an advisory panel on Capitol security met Monday to review current permitting policies for large rallies and protests. They also discussed whether any changes are needed.

Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, said he thinks protests during this year’s legislative session were louder and more emotional than he’s seen in the past. Limmer said he worries about a novice protester who might get swept up in that emotion.

“The protest is very close and it’s becoming very personal,” Limmer said. “If it continues, I think we’re just asking for it. Someone is going to be hurt by that lone individual who’s attracted to the organized event that’s going to do something on their own initiative.”

Limmer suggested the creation of a designated protest area outside of the Capitol building.

Rep. Jim Nash, R-Waconia, said he understands the apprehension of Limmer and others. But Nash said he wouldn’t want to restrict access or limit speech.

“This is ground zero for protesting, and all sorts of issues,” Nash said. “I don’t want to be the one that gets in the way of that.”

Seven people were arrested last month at the Capitol when participants in a march against Shariah law clashed with counter protesters. In March, a skirmish between supporters of President Trump and counter protesters also resulted in arrests. Lawmakers were not in the building for either of those weekend events.

Much of the concern among committee members was the result of an end-of-session protest over steps lawmakers took to prohibit unauthorized immigrants from getting drivers’ licenses. Those protesters staged a multi-day sit-in inside the governor’s office.

Sven Lindquist, the Minnesota Senate sergeant at arms, said he’s concerned about similar unpermitted events that are driven by social media.

“So, far so good, but we’re on the verge, we’re on the edge with some of these things,” Lindquist said.

Committee members offered no additional suggestions for policy changes.

State Patrol Captain Eric Roeske said part of the problem is that every protest situation is different.

“We do a very good job of making sure the last thing doesn’t repeat,” Roeske said. “But they always take a different path and we have to react in the midst of that situation.”

Protest policies are under review all over the nation because that’s the plan folks! The PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION formula has been used in some form for thousands of years by various governments, groups, and individuals. In its basic form, it consists of using a fictional or real event, such a crisis, to bring about radical change. It is usually employed when the change to be brought about is controversial and/or disliked. It often includes a type of framing called a false flag operation, which has been used by governments and the civilian sector.  New World War

Terror-Tied Group CAIR Causing Chaos, Promoting Protests & Lawsuits as Trump Protects Nation

The orders are designed to keep Americans safer from terrorism by temporarily barring visitors from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan from entering the U.S. without “extreme vetting” and banning refugees from these countries for at least 30 days.

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is also increasingly a part of America’s institutional left infrastructure and was one of the partners behind the recent Women’s March in Washington that drew hundreds of thousands, along with feminist groups like Planned Parenthood.

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Excerpt from: Bill O’Reilly: How Black Lives Matter is killing Americans

The Black Lives Matter crew is promoting a false narrative that American police officers are actively hunting down and killing blacks. Here’s the truth. Police shot Whites at a rate of 50 percent in 2015. Police shot blacks at a rate of 26 percent. In addition, Black Lives Matter is now infringing on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.


There is no question Black Lives Matter is affecting what we do here in the USA. A new book by Heather McDonald entitled the war on cops have a new attack on law and order makes everyone less safe leaves out the threat from the radical group which oftenly attacks come stat, a policy placing police officers where violent crime is taking place. Here is a quote from Miss McDonald.

“In terms of economic stimulus alone no other government program has come close to this successive come stat. In New York City, businesses that had previously shunned drug infested areas now set-up shops there. Offering residents a choice in shopping and creating a demand for workers. Children could ride their bikes on city sidewalks without their mothers worrying they could be shot. But the crime victories of the last two decades and the moral support on which law and order depends are now in jeopardy, thanks to the falsehoods of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

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President Trump Undermined by MN GOP


I’m not willing to give up…  give in…  or remain silent…  The smaller group of establishment activists in the MN GOP party are silencing the grassroots patriots ‘We the People.’  AJ Kern MN 6th District

President Trump undermined by Minnesota GOP: PART 1 – The Somali Party Affiliate

AJ Kern~Betrayed by my political party

AJ Kern

Just in case you missed it…

Read the OCR complaints against ISD742, filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is how they infiltrate our schools…   and demand special accommodations.  ‘Don’t offend me…  CAIR will file a federal complaint.’

Who didn’t experience some form of harassment in school?  Raise your hand?  I guess if you are not assimilating and donning garb symbolizing the enslavement of women…  you just may be inviting trouble?

The Muslim Brotherhood, and associated front groups, need to be identified by the federal government as a terrorist organization.  Until then, they will infiltrate government and other organizations, such as the MN GOP, who have recently accepted a Somali Organization as an ‘affiliate.’  This is right out of the Muslim Brotherhood playbook…  civilization jihad.  Guess who will be running as Republican candidates for elected office at all levels of government…

Emmer, the mayor, Republicans like Knoblach…  they just want votes.  And then one day…  they will be challenged by a muslim.


Somali organization vs Muslim organization.  A ‘Distinction without a Difference’…  just depending on the situation.

Joining the ranks of the MN GOP, we’ll use Somali…  Protesting President Trump’s travel ban…  we’ll scream Muslim….  ‘Muslim’ ban!!  Discrimination!!

Somali…  Muslim…  No difference to me.  The world of Islam nor Somalis (Somalia is #2 on the World Watch List for extreme persecution of Christians who are virtually non-existent in Somalia)…  do not accept me as a free Christian American woman as an equal.  I do not accept their misogynist anti-Christ organization.

Do you believe you will go unpunished by the world when you stand with Christ against the anti-Christ?  (2 John 7-11)

Betrayed by my political party,
AJ Kern

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