Child Predator Services Taken to Task in Minnesota

Group of Minnesota parents calls for shutdown of Child Protective Services

 – A group is calling for a federal court to shut down Child Protective Services after claiming the agency takes children away from parents without due process.

“Stop Child Protective Services from Legally Kidnapping Children” filed a motion Tuesday for a permanent injunction to immediately close CPS, calling the agency’s practices unconstitutional.

Dwight Mitchell, who created the group, is on a crusade to stop what he calls “legal kidnappings.” He says his son was taken unfairly from him for 22 months. Mitchell says these stories may be hard to believe, but they are not uncommon at all.

“Our phones have not stopped ringing and our email inboxes are overflowing,” said Mitchell. “Our association had 250 members we have now grown to 1,265 in less than 30 days.”

Ten-month-old Zayvion has been away from Amanda Weber, his mother, in foster care for just over a week. The ordeal started when Weber took her son to the hospital with a cough. The doctor deemed him stable and notes show the diagnosis was, in fact, a cough. However, the recommendation was that the patient should have stayed. Weber took him home.

“After waiting, I had asked to leave because I wanted to put my kids to bed and I had my three-year-old with me and I asked if there was anything else that had to be done,” said Weber. “They said ‘No, there was no other testing or anything that needed to be done.’”

In a couple of days, police were at her door and took Zayvion to the doctor.

“She checked him out, all his vitals were stable,” she said. “They already had a foster parent in the room, in the room to remove my son before they ever proved … before they ever proved there was an emergency situation.”

Mitchell says he believes it all comes down to money.

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Outraged Parents Ask Federal Court For Injunction to Shut Down Child Protection Services in Minnesota

Read the current full complaint, Stop Child Protection Services from Legally Kidnapping et al v. Dakota County Social Services et al, filed June 5, 2018, in United States District Court – District of Minnesota, by attorney Erick Kaardal on behalf of Dwight Mitchell, his children and Stop Child Protection Services from Legally Kidnapping

Parents File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Minnesota Because CPS Kidnapped Their Children

Minnesota Parents Sue CPSDwight D. Mitchell (center at podium) is the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit of parents suing the State of Minnesota for kidnapping their children via Child Protection Services. Image courtesy

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Teacher who fed live puppy to turtle in front of pupils charged with animal cruelty

Robert Crosland faces jail and a fine if convicted over the incident in Idaho Peter Stubley

A US science teacher accused of feeding a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of his students has been charged with animal cruelty.

Robert Crosland faces up to six months in jail and a $5,000 (£3,740) fine if convicted of the misdemeanour over the incident at Preston Junior High School in Idaho.

The turtle was seized by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture after the incident on 7 March and has since been “humanely euthanised” because it is considered an invasive species.

When the initial story was first reported, Mr Crosland was described as “a bully who should not be allowed near impressionable young people” by the UK charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).

A petition calling for the teacher to be sacked for his “sick and disturbing actions” has now attracted nearly 190,000 signatures.

Fewer than 3,800 people have signed a rival petition to “show our support for the man that taught us science in a new way and truly loves his job”.

Mr Crosland fed the puppy to the snapping turtle in front of a small number of students after classes finished and not during regular school activities, according to superintendent Marc Gee.

“We hope that any errors in judgement made by a teacher in this instance will not cause us to forget the years of care, effort, and passion the teacher has given to students in Preston School District,” Mr Gee added. (Really? Errors in judgment? The same old excuse for abuse is abundant in every part of our society!) The Link Between Sociopaths And Cruelty To Animals

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The Minimization of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Domestic violence and child abuse have been reframed as pathological (not criminal) and the professionals involved in the family court system are incentivized to treat the entire family and persuade everyone involved that abuse isn’t dangerous, it’s just a ‘dispute’.

‘Family Problems’ Aren’t Newsworthy

Does the lack of media coverage protect abusers?

February 17, 2017  By

'Family Problems' Aren't Newsworthy

Garland Waller, assistant professor in the College of Communication at Boston University, believes that the mainstream media should be doing a better job of covering domestic violence as well as child abuse and child sexual abuse.

In 2001, Waller produced an award-winning documentary, Small Justice: Little Justice in America’s Family Courts, focused on the flaws in the family court system that allowed men who beat their wives and sexually abused their children to be granted custody. These court decisions put both children and survivors in danger, since they force survivors to interact with their abusers when they drop off and pick up the children.

“I was getting so many letters from women from all over the country, I had a file called ‘Horror Stories.’ There were so many and they were awful. They were still in court, they were complicated, and they went on forever,” she says.

For a second documentary, Waller searched for a story with a positive outcome. She found it when she met Jennifer Collins at a custody conference. Jennifer was the adult daughter of Holly Collins, a domestic violence survivor whose ex-husband was granted custody of her two children. Medical evidence of domestic violence, including Holly’s broken nose and her son Zackary’s fractured skull, wasn’t enough to stop the custody decision.

Waller could see that as adults, the kids were okay. “I met them. They were normal and healthy and they laughed. They had nothing good to say about family court in America but they loved their mom. They said, ‘Mom saved us. Dad would have killed us’,” she says.

Waller’s film, No Way Out But One, premiered in 2012 and tells the Collins’ family’s story. In 1994 Holly fled with her children, ultimately reaching Amsterdam. She applied for asylum in the Netherlands and was approved. “The panel in the Netherlands found they needed to protect them. [Holly] would lose custody and be killed if she returned to the United States. So it was a happy ending, because she saved the kids,” Waller says.

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Child Abuse – Battered Woman, Holly Collins, Protects Her Children From Abuse (Jennifer Collins)

Published on Mar 24, 2008

Jennifer Collins and her brother were abused by their father and yet the Hennepin County Famiy Court (Minnesota) awarded him custody. Their mother, Holly Collins, fled with them to protect them from further abuse. They were granted asylum in Europe.

Jennifer Collins: Family Court Survivor, Courageous Kids Network



Special Agent chose brutal abusers over 15-year-old girl in wheelchair

Savage: FBI Agent Refuses to Investigate Tortured Children

Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. You can donate to his legal defense fund at or to his political campaign at

With all of the recent attention on the apparent malfeasance in the upper echelons of the DOJ, I couldn’t help but feel that the media has been losing sight of the pervasive and systemic nature of the organization’s problems and of the bulk of the dirty iceberg lurking just beneath the surface of the Justice Department. As is becoming increasingly clear, more is required than a simple change in leadership at the top if we are to really address the situation and I was grateful to hear the part of President Trump’s State of the Union speech when he said that he plans to fire federal employees who undermine the public’s confidence in our government.

So, to highlight the deeper issues, I figured that I’d profile one of the crooked lower-level modern-day FBI field agents whom I know: Michael W. Tunick. In many ways, Tunick is a microcosm of the larger problems which permeate his agency.

Tunick attended the elite Duke University, known for its NCAA Division I basketball program as well as its strong academics. He was a member of the school’s lesser-known but still successful wrestling team, but he failed to stand out with his individual record of 33-47. He graduated, apparently without honors, in 2009. Then like many of his fellow agents, he began a lackluster career in the private sector before joining the FBI and being assigned to one of its top units – the Boston field office’s Cyber Crime Squad (CCS).

It wouldn’t be long until Tunick would have a chance at a big break: being one of the lead agents on a very high-profile case. However, as has become increasingly normal in the heavily politicized and patronized  FBI, in order to please his superiors, Agent Tunick would have to put politics over morality and ignore the plight of real victims to instead do the dirty work of powerful monied interests who had his department in their back pocket. And, indeed, those influential elites had found their man.

The case would center around a young girl named Justina, who had been enduring almost unfathomable torture at the hands of Harvard’s primary pediatric teaching facility, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH).

To learn more about what happened, including how I fought for Justina’s life and human rights, please see this article by Michelle Malkinthis one by Rolling Stone or this one by Daily Wire. Or, you can watch this clip by Lee Camp or this one below from Infowars:

When Special Agent Tunick and his superiors learned about the above, they didn’t spend one moment doing anything to help Justina, who had already been detained against her will by BCH for over a year and crippled by its alleged malpractice and healthcare fraud. Instead, as the FBI testified in court, they immediately started investigating me for trying to save Justina’s life with a digital sit-in — an Internet and fundraising disruption — at the $2 billion Harvard hospital, which receives $300 million/year in federal funding. But that callousness only represents a fraction of the true monstrosity of Tunick and his fellow federal government agency.

Indeed, as detailed by Red Statethe New American and Daily Wire as well as by me at WNDInfowars and the Huffington Post, Tunick and his colleagues, including former chief cyber crime prosecutor and Harvard alum Adam Bookbinder, went to Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler for a bogus search warrant for my home. The warrant is bogus for many reasons, not the least of which are the conflicts of interest on the part of the judge to whom they went to have it issued. It turns out that not only did Bowler work for BCH’s overseer, Harvard Medical School, but she is married to one of its professors and worse yet she was the director of a non-profit that raises money for Justina’s tormentors. Indeed, Bowler recused herself from at least one other Boston Children’s Hospital case while she was presiding over my docket — but not from mine.

Cases like this demonstrate that federal monsters like Tunick, Bookbinder and Bowler have little respect for the 4th Amendment, nor for its requirement that warrants be issued by neutral and detached judges.

Then, when Tunick and his bent Boston FBI cronies were actually searching my house and seizing my things, I told them all about how there are many thousands of institutionalized children in America suffering fates like these:

Tunick and his fellow agents didn’t bat an eye. Nor have they done anything with their badges to protect these kids since. Even when the DOJ was asked by the chair of the House Committee on Education and Labor to help these kids, it did nothing despite money and children crossing state lines. And that makes them monsters of the worst kind.

But Tunick and these other thugs still worked on defending their depravity. In the months that followed they went to my wife’s parents in California to try to intimidate them. Then, as covered by Daily WireShadowproof and Red State as well as by me at WND, my wife reported that they threatened to come after her for posting evidence of their corruption documented in the FBI’s own flagrantly unashamed sworn court testimony.

Indeed, the mob has nothing on these guys and I’m not the only person from Boston saying as much. Let’s hope President Trump uses his constitutional authority to do something about this. Justina and other kids deserve better.

MN Office of the Legislative Auditor

Email from a MN parent regarding the release of the OLA Guardian ad Litem Program Evaluation

From: jmac <>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2018 5:43 PM
To: Rodriguez, Jodi (OLA) <>
Cc: EJ P <>; D Evavold <>; B Roy <>; Y Baudelaire <>; T Glanzer <>; B Dalton <>; Sen.Michelle Benson <>;; m miller <>; Amanda Kay <>; A Call to Action <>;;; JE Jones <>; B Carlson <>;; Peggy Cottrell <>; Christine M. Middleton Esq. ( <>; SCollins <>; Senator Dan Hall <>; E Wacker <>; FamilyInnocence <>;; Justice Family <>; OVW.FOIA <>; N.Moehle <>; Gallagher, Megan (HLB) <>; Help Me <>;; Be Informed <>; Katherine Johnson <>; Nassikas, Lauren (OVW) <>;; Peggy Scott <>; Steve Simon <>; Vasaly, Thomas (BJS) <>; Michael Volpe <>; V Law <>; Whistleblower.Ombudsman <>; 4th Referee Madden Chambers <>; 4th Judge KBurke Chambers <>;; Renee S Meerkins <>
Subject: Guardian Ad Lietem Audit Release March 23, 2018 (last audit 1995)


Dear Parents Harmed by the GAL Program in family court:

I stand with you. And, I grieve with you too, over a broken and corrupt system that has harmed our children and changed us all forever.

Children denied a relationship with their loving parent and handed over to an abusive parent and then all contact cut off.

Childhood trauma caused by family court!

Friday, March 23, 2018 8:30 AM

Legislative Audit Commission

Room: 1150 Minnesota Senate Building
Chair: Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, Rep. Rick Hansen

  • Approve evaluation topics for review by OLA in 2018
  • Release OLA evaluation, Guardian ad Litem Program

God, please don’t let this be more bullsh&%!

Tell me good people stand up against greed and corruption.

Peace to you all


Results of Guardian ad Litem Program Evaluation Coming Soon

Since its inception, the Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Program has committed itself to giving abused and neglected children a strong voice in our court system.  The Program provides advocates who represent the best interests of abused and neglected children in court and are independent from the court and the child welfare system.  Guardians ad litem (GALs) are professionals who are paid staff or volunteers and are appointed by the Juvenile or Family Court to represent a maltreated child’s best interests in court proceedings. What it should say is the MN GAL Program has committed itself to giving abused and neglected children BACK TO THE ABUSER.

The results of our evaluation of the GAL Program will be released within the next few weeks. 

Jodi Munson Rodríguez | Program Evaluation Manager | Office of the Legislative Auditor | Program Evaluation Division
140 Centennial Building, 658 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55155 | 651-296-1230 | Fax: 651-296-4712
Office of the Legislative Auditor

Legislative Auditor Set to Review Programs that Oversee Vulnerable Minnesotans

Comment on Carver County Corruption Blog 2013

The courts themselves were set up and designed by a nonprofit organization of judges, attorneys, and psychologists — promoting mediation in particular — which started as (I’m going to state as fact because evidence seems to support this) as a slush fund (means of money laundering) IN the Los Angeles County Courthouse. People who accept and understand this will recognize the same behavior in action generations (of related nonprofits contracting with or running the courts) since, and adjust their responses accordingly.

Generally speaking, AFCC is favorable to (abusive) fathers’ rights, and the industries of supervised visitation, parent education, and of course as much custody evaluation as possible. A related organization NACC (based in Colorado) tries to get a GAL appointed wherever. From what I can tell, the GALs are rarely neutral.

In all of these groups, some of the money is made and control established through the trainings,, (CLE, GAL training etc.) which can be written off.

The presence in any jurisdiction of a “Conciliation court” and with it “Conciliation Code” (usually at state level) generally means that any “rebuttable presumption against custody going to a batterer” is a moot point — because that courtroom (and presiding judge) BY LAW grabs jurisdiction and decides to order all kinds of services; a.k.a. “fees for friends.” The goal of the AFCC (ca. 1963 founded) is to transform the language of criminal law into a behavioral health paradigm, which is for control and profit.   

Conciliation is about “reconcililation” (co-parenting, allegedly) and is not interested in criminal matters. We need to recognize this; it happened when no-fault divorce replaced actual criminal matters as a cause of divorce across the country, ca. 1970s.

What this means is that Lundy Bancroft’s “Batterer as Parent” material, while mostly true, is irrelevant in this context. Access/Visitation funding, that the child support system extorts some and rewards others at will for its own (and the states)’ profits IS. That an entire industry of responsible fatherhood money (Hundreds of millions) funded by the public (and private philanthropies adding to it) IS relevant. It’s a racket, which is good to at least be aware of. At least if this is identified and put on the table, those involved might at least RESPECT individual litigators, or fear being “outed” and perhaps in individual cases, someone higher up the ladder might toss out a lesser lackey to the crowds, as they did a GAL in Lackawanna County, PA (Danielle Ross) on tax evasion.

Not only state laws, rules of court, etc. are changed to accommodate some of these goals, but also federal welfare law (access/visitation, etc.) such that people the incentives of all involved to favor (a) churning the case; (b) stripping the family’s assets as treatments are ordered and (c) while preaching about best interests of the children and child support, actually compromising arrears by increasing “noncustodial parenting time) which helps “balance” the state/federal budget. EVERYONE seems to have a vested interest in doing the wrong thing.

I am sorry for your situation, BUT, you are hanging around in the wrong crowd. Lawless America is not going to tell the relevant story — it’s going to encourage you to tell your victimhoood story. Get your head out of that and start examining the people in your case, andd the groups operating in your area. All over the country people have had similar experiences (I have; I’m a DV survivor, there was an abusive “step” figure in mine. I hadn’t done anything wrong or illegal for a parent, and a whole lotta lying took place, easily disprovable, which no one (in the courts) cared about. A GAL diagnosed me (by mail) long-ddistance with zero meeting and when asked what her scope of service was (I had no idea at the time what GALs did) couldn’t or wouldn’t give me any answer. And it’s been more than two years of my not seeing the children).
On that FACTS sight, I took the ABA Commission on DV fact sheet into a courtroom; no one gave a hoot about it. The MOST relevant information you have up there is a broken link — to the California-NOW-Family-Court-Report-2002-2. It can be obtained on-line and includes the writing of Marv Bryer on the development of these courts.
~ ~ ~
What is happening IS evil, in my terms — but even evil has to be organized to function. If people are simply not willing to figure out how it is organized, then they are part of the issue. It may take a while to comprehend, but only by comprehending can you lobby by some other means than telling the public that bad things are happening in the courts (they’re already stressed and don’t understand how; and paying for the courts), or telling the courts that your kids are getting hurt.

I have high respect for NOW (was never a member) and one of the former members was a partial witness when my kids were stolen overnight. NOW should’ve kept that report on-line; perhaps someone could remind them. Most of my information is on the blogs; I participate iin this blog from time to time, or comments elsewhere to keep communicating this basic information. Again, just because a group of people agrees there is a problem doesn’t mean they are telling you everything relevant they know. Many of the advocacy groups simply are not; I guess they just like the publicity.

I have been over ten years post-separation and watched these things developed as well as been a single mother, then a noncustodial mother (networking with others) then identified what some of the networks were encouraging mothers NOT to talk about, and since then am more particular about who I hang out with. This issue affects the entire country and should be, I believe, presented in that light. Most people are at least concerned about what’s happening to their tax money, and if they understood that a $4billion a year industry (OCSE/child support) is being used to expand (not reduce) welfare roles through the family courts, that the religious elements are having a heyday with contracting with the courts, and getting rich off it, and that millions of dollars are getting lost in the cracks (which the HHS/OIG/OAS also admits), THEN perhaps there might be more public support to restructure the courts.

Sorry to lecture, but I think it’s simply inexcusable that too many of us who know better, have not made sure that women coming into the system at least get to “family & conciliation court 101” level before joining groups, telling their stories, and blogging. There really are some BASICS. Not to know — as that missing CANOW 2002 report (about 171pp doublespaced) showed, and a CANOW 2005 letter to HHS said — that the federal funding is affecting the local custody outcomes, and that even well to do families are being affected by programs which were initially aimed at low-income families (single black mothers, to be specific) — is simply, well, it’s a shame.

Look up Anne Stevenson’s Huffington Post Blog on 5 HHS programs dangerous to women and children for a quick rundown. Even father’s rights groups don’t like them. We have to understand the courthouses better, who’s funding them and who’s running them. It’s a great study, something you can explain to your children when you see them again; they will grow up sooner or later..

We already know America is Lawless and don’t need this movement to say so. The question is, what to do about it, and how. That requires following the money and which organnizations and means are directing it where. Sorry if this is a rant, hope it was helpful.

The website on THIS comment isn’t mine; it’s a group you should know about — thoroughly— if you are a mother in a custody challenge. They conference to get the HHS grants and have the US divided up into regions.It’d be good to know who’s active in your region. FYI, many of the affiliates don’t pay their taxes or stay filed right; that may be some leverage we have to protest their getting that “marriage/fatherhood” funding. Judges, lawyers, “Bishops” (COGIC) and others are involved. Jeffrey Leving, Esq. of Chicago is a sponsor of the group which itself got started with Fathers’ Rights funding initially ca. 1994 in Arizona. Notice 1994 was right before 1996 welfare reform, and when the National Fatherhood Initiative (nonprofit ggetting HHS and private funding, Wade Horn, Daniel Blankenhorn, etc.) was formed and from which we now have a major federal program, taken for granted like a coat of new paint in the room. People pushing this KNOW that the public will just adjust and accept, rather than protest and shut down.etc. (My home blog available on other comments on this thread.)

Let’s Get Honest
March 16, 2013