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Warren Limmer, Ron Latz, Dan Hall and Bill Ingebrigtsen are still on the Judiciary Committee today. See Seeking JusticeNo one gets to say they didn’t know and don’t think for a minute that we’re going to go  away. WE’RE NOT GOING AWAY!

Carver County Corruption

Carver County Takes Lead Position of Counties in US Showing Signs of Corruption

Informational Hearing for Judicial Reform MN

An informational hearing for judicial reform was held at the Minnesota State Capitol November 17th, 2011 at 9 am.

The issues on topic were:

The hearing began by reading the US Constitution. This hearing was video and audio recorded.

LINK TO VIDEOhttp://www.senate.leg.state.mn.us/media/media_video_popup.php?flv=cmte_jud_111711.flv    
(The link is no longer available and in searching further, this meeting is not on the MN Legislature Website)

The audience was large, it included numerous family members, parents and other public devastated by the corruption in our judicial system of Minnesota. The behavior of the judges present who attended from the Minnesota District Judges Association (MDJA) was not received well by those in the room. These judges sat out of the way of the video camera, yet the public sitting close to them witnessed haughty and arrogant behavior about numerous issues brought up during the hearing. When the mention of the `bribes` allowed for judges in Minnesota came up these two judges laughed, smirked and shook their heads. Their arrogance was insulting to the family members and those in the room that have had their children, families and entire lives ruined as a result of this very law. This law has devastated the state of MN more than the public is aware. For grown men who represent the judicial system of Minnesota at the State Capitol and behave this way during a hearing regarding such important issues in our courts today lacks professionalism, class and sensitivity.

During the hearing one of these judges from the MDJA sat front and center answering questions and defending the judicial system and the laws in place causing such horror in our courts. This particular judge was defending the `incumbent` mention on voter ballots. He defended this issue by stating the public needs to know who is currently holding seat as judge – and that is known to the public by the incumbent mention on the ballots. He also stated that the public can be made aware of a judge with a bad reputation – and by the incumbent being on the ballots – the public can know to not vote for that particular judge.

A Minnesota senator replied the obvious, `I will bring up a case in Carver County… a recent case…` The senator spoke of the case where a citizen in Carver County is being charged for a blog outing a particular judge`s behavior. The senator mentioned that it seems a judge will simply order his behavior to be removed from public view and charge money for it if it is not, so this argument presented today is not really the case, is it?

In response to the mention of the outrageous order from Carver County this judge replied, `I find that hard to believe`

About 5 minutes after this `unbelieving` judge got off the hot seat a gentleman nicely handed him the order signed by judge Richard Perkins from Carver County charging money for a blog. This unbelieving judge`s face flushed beet red. This same court order from Carver County removes legal and sole custody of small children from a loving mother – no law or reason supporting any ruling on the order.

Another one of Minnesota`s terrific senators stated during this hearing, `I respect the people more than I do our judicial system` This was a reality check as to why we were gathering: for the people. Not protection of a judicial system which is currently embarrassing the state of Minnesota.


Sen. Michael Jungbauer, Sen. Scott Newman and Sen. Dave Thompson really stepped up for the people of Minnesota.


All of this is appalling! Can I give you some suggestions though to help you spread the word more effectively? First, I would highly recommend setting up a Facebook page for this. You could still have this blog, but it’s easier to share this info via Facebook and keep people engaged with what is happening on this blog.

Second, when posting and reporting links to these series, you should change the title. I know you want the names of the people involved front and center in the title, but having a compelling title that describes what the article is about is more effective. You can put the names of the people involved in the article. I skipped over links for this blog several times because the title of the articles about Carver county, corruption, and judges didn’t seem to be something I cared about. On a whim, I clicked on one finally and realized what it was about. If the title of the pages that people link to are not descriptive like, “Minnesota children placed with sex offender parents, please help” aren’t used, people won’t care to click on the links to find out what the story is about. I think you’d reach more people and get more traction.

Carver County Corruption

Carver County Takes Lead Position of Counties in US Showing Signs of Corruption

Judge Victims, and their Children, Continue to Suffer

Posted on March 27, 2012

Legislators are not yet ready to enact legal reform that would make out-of-control judges and judicial officials (child protection workers, guardians ad litem, custody evaluators) accountable for their wrongdoing.

On March 23, 2012, Senator Ortman made a silly proposal – create a joint legislative commission that would hear complaints against judges and refer them to the Judicial Standards Board that has no power to do anything. If the Board fails to resolve the complaint, which it can’t resolve even if it wanted to, the matter would be referred to the legislature for impeachment of the judge (forget about judicial officials), which the legislature can do only if it is in session – about three or four months each year. It is worse than a silly proposal – it is stupid. But it will defer effective reform for several months while the proposal, which was “laid on the table” is studied. During this time, Lea will have no contact with her children and cannot protect them; Brad Kramer and his family will have no contact with his children; Kimberly Sperling will continue to hide in Canada ; Candelauria Aikin will continue to see her son bounced from South St. Paul to Apple Valley each week; and thousands of other Minnesota mothers and fathers will have to endure abuse of their children and themselves. These parents cannot continue to wait and should not be forced to.

The problem is lack of leadership and failure to offer bold and aggressive ideas for reform. Senator Ortman justifies her proposal on the basis that “most legislators do not understand the responsibility of the legislature for oversight of the judiciary and are afraid to act on these issues.” She also says that our bills are dead for this legislative session and will not be getting a hearing before Sen Limmer’s judiciary committee. So the real problem is lack of leadership from Senators Ortman and Limmer and the republican leadership. This is not acceptable. Senators Ortman and Limmer should be defeated. Even democratic replacements would be better because that would remove Ortman and Limmer from the judiciary committee.

Judges soon will be asking for tens of millions of dollars, including additional millions of dollars the state doesn’t have, to fund their operations, even though they waste millions of dollars on hearings they don’t need and that abuse thousands of parents and children. Deny the judges new funds and force them to simplify and economize and practice cost-effectiveness like the rest of Minnesota.

Dale C. NATHAN ObituaryDale C. NATHAN    1934 – 2016

Age 81, of Eagan, MN passed on April 9, 2016 after a rewarding life helping many children and families pursue happy and productive lives. Dale was born on July 4, 1934 in Louisville, KY, the first child of Albert and Tobie Nathan. He was a protective and loving brother to Barb Liebschutz of St. Louis, MO and Audrey Weinstein of Buffalo Grove, IL. He was a loving father to Chris-Ann Wilkoske. Dale earned a BS in Political Science and Psychology and a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Kentucky. He then worked as an Administrative Assistant, Contracts Administrator and Contracts Manager for the City of Louisville, Kentucky. Dale had a distinguished military career, serving as U.S. Army Medical Reserve during the Korean War. In 1965 Dale moved to Minnesota to accept a position as General Counsel for the Sperry Univac Division of the Sperry Rand Corporation, where he served for 13 years. In addition to this position, Dale served as Adjunct Professor and Co-Director of the Government Contracts Program at the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business, as well as teaching for 10 years at the Religions of the World Temple Israel and Temple of Aaron. Dale’s illustrious career includes being admitted to the Minnesota state and federal courts, the United States Supreme Court and the United States Court of Federal Claims. Dale served as President of the National Contract Management Association, and was part of a historic cultural exchange mission during the 1989 Tanananian Square Massacre. He worked as law editor of the United States Bureau of National Affairs, and provided more than 30 years tireless service as a volunteer attorney for Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services. Dale was active politically, acting as Chair of the Independence Party Platform Committee and a member of the party’s Executive Council. Dale served as a foster parent for many years, fostering numerous children. He will be missed by them, as well as his nieces and nephews that remember him fondly. Graveside Service 10:00 A.M. Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at TEMPLE OF AARON CEMETERY 1690 Dale St. Roseville. Donations can be made to the Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul. Hodroff-Epstein 651-698-8311 www.hodroffepstein.com

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