Child Support Chicanery

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The Child Support Industry IS a For-Profit Government Fraud

Executive Summary                                                          

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In late 1997, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) funded Responsible Fatherhood Demonstration Projects in eight states. All of these programs attempt to improve the  employment and earnings of under- and unemployed noncustodial parents, and to motivate them to become more financially and emotionally involved in the lives of their children. Although the projects share common goals, they do not follow a single format or a specific model of service delivery.  [When they mention noncustodial, they mean fathers– not the thousands of mothers losing  custody of their children to abusers – this is gender specific. The main motivation is money. These programs, designed by the father’s rights leaders, protect violent men from criminal prosecution by giving them sole or joint custody.]  Liz Richards~National Alliance for Family Court Justice NAFCJ

Liz Richards founded NAFCJ in 1993 and dedicated her time to victims of expolitative family and custody court authorities. She was one of the first to identify federally funded Health & Human Services (HHS) grant usage as it relates to family court connected programs and her site contains a wealth of information on how the system was designed. Another excellent site is Let’s Get Honest Blog – Family Court Matters

When you click on the NAFCJ link, you will get the fake warning message that is shown below. Google, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are in the business of suppressing content deemed “truthful” by the government. To get around this, just click on details and click “visit this unsafe site” 

Do You Know Your AFCC? YOU SHOULD!

by Randi James & Liz Richards

“AFCC is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.”

Read about Meyer Elkin’s role in the AFCC discussed toward the bottom of their site [AFCC: History page].

Completely omitted from this AFCC history is the very relevant fact that Meyer Elkin also co-founded in 1985, the leading fathers rights group – Children’s Rights Council. Study these people and their site carefully because it is the “blueprint” of how the courts are organized to rig cases for their paid-up allies. Nobody has to slip an envelope full of cash into the pocket of a co-conspirators to rig court cases for these people. It is all done for them by the government. They get their bribes paid for them!

The AFCC never mentions the multiple cross-affiliations between AFCC officials and the fathers rights group including Children’s Rights Council (CRC), founded by David Levy in 1985, along with several other key AFCC people. While this vital fact is no where to be found on any of their recent literature, it did appear in the early (pre-Interent) CRC hardcopy newsletters, which NAFCJ possesses, and uses to discredit this group and the judges who collude with them. Also in these older CRC newsletters was discussion of grants they received from HHS and the people who worked with them on those grants – people like incest promoters Richard Gardner and Warren Farrell. CRC allies were put into high-level HHS-ACF positions such as David Gray Ross, as Commission for Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) -starting in 1993 through approx 1999. Ross was a Maryland Judge, who people who knew him say was a dead-beat dad himself. He spent his time as OCSE commissioner instituting regulations, programs and policies favorable to fathers and CRC. He essentially set up OCSE to be a fathers rights child support avoidance and custody switching agency. This perversion of OCSE’s agency’s original legislative mission continues to-date. This is the reason why so many custodial mothers can’t collect on their child support arrears, while non-custodial mothers are hounded incessantly and even jailed for support obligations assessed beyond standard guide-lines and beyond their ability to pay. Other evidence taken from HHS Inspector General Web site reveals even worse corruption at HHS-ACF/OCSE.

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  • TANF now diverts billions of dollars to unfit and unwilling fathers. These grants fall under: Healthy Families Initiatives, Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives, and Access and Visitation Initiatives.
  • The child support agencies are engaged in financial fraud when they interfere in custody cases, kids are getting sold out and killed by the abusers the agency promotes and covers for.
  • The best estimate is approximately $150 million per year in HHS money that is specifically designated to support fatherhood initiatives, plus around $4 billion designated for the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). Particularly advantageous to those interested in taking advantage of this financial windfall, fathers in these programs are not required to adhere to TANF deadlines or work requirements that are normally a standard for accessing these funds.
  • Furthermore, there is very little oversight of this money, which means that such programs have gotten away with using fatherhood funds to assist abusive and violent fathers in custody battles against protective mothers. These fathers are told that they have two choices — risk jail for failure to pay child support, or embark on a custody battle to take the children from the Protective Mother and thus eliminate child support altogether. What would you choose?
  • Thus, fathers who have had little contact with their children for years, who have physically and/or sexually abused the children and their mothers, often fathers just being released from jail, end up fighting and succeeding in getting custody with the collusion of family court services and mental health professionals.

Title IV (four) of the Social Security Act consists of four parts (A, B, D, and E)

Title IV, Part A (or IV-A) is the most widely recognized welfare program, and is referred to as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF.

Title IV-B funds can be used for state child abuse prevention services and for programs intended to support and preserve families and/or to reunite children with their families.

The federal Title IV-D program makes large sums of grant money available to the states through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE).

Title IV-E funds can be used for foster care programs, adoption assistance programs, training child welfare workers, and for programs to assist young people making the transitioning from living in foster care to living independently as adults. As the largest single source of federal child welfare funding, combined annual federal and state spending on Title IV-E programs typically exceeds $6 billion.

One of the great mistakes people make is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.

Child Support System Eliminates Due Process: “No Judicial Signature Required” Court Orders, Built-in Conflicts of Interest, etc.

Excerpt from a savvy mother’s letter to a Congressman requesting cuts to OCSE funding:

Support Congressman _____’s proposed deep cuts to the $4 billion of untraceable funding in the HHS TANF budget used to keep these pork barrell programs going unchecked. OCSE is encouraging support enforcement agencies to illegally usurp judicial authority on cases like mine to improperly capitalize on grant money. The federal HHS Office of Child Support Enforcement funding guidelines provide that the more families fight, the more federal money DCSS and the Court will receive. The Court is in charge of awarding these federal funds to the nonprofits, but also orders litigants to retain their services. Court and child support programs are required to collaborate with fathers rights nonprofits which service the courts, which gives these nonprofits a vested interest in the outcome of the cases. This incentivizes extortion, corruption, and fraud.

Anonymous (to you…) recent letter.  The reasons we should stop funding this — it’s untraceable, it funds litigation that destroys families and it literally does incentivize extortion, corruption and fraud.   I’ll quote more at the end of the post.

The OCSE has to go.  It’s out of control, and is hurting men, women, and children — generation after generation– while loudly proclaiming it is, instead, helping society, families and kids.


The tax payers (American Citizens), are actually spending more in tax dollars due to the fraud, waste and abuse of the Welfare Title IV-D incentive program. Also, the OCSE does not have to immediately distribute the funds to the custodial parent. Simply put, there is money to be made off the interest of funds that are allowed to sit and/or rotate through Child Supports Central Treasury.

Below are examples of governmental employees stealing from child support funds.

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Former Cherokee Deputy Clerk Pleads Guilty 

COLUMBIA, SC—United States Attorney Bill Nettles stated today that Melanie Sparks, age 40, of Gaffney, South Carolina, pled guilty today in federal court in Anderson, South Carolina, to stealing funds in excess of $60,000, from a child support fund operated by Cherokee County, South Carolina.

Former Department of Human Resources Employee Pleads Guilty to Theft of Child Support Payments

Susan Willis, a former case worker in the Department of Human Resources (DHR) Office of Child Support Services, pled guilty yesterday to Theft by a Government Employee in Mitchell County Superior Court. While employed by DHR, Willis stole approximately $17,031.00 in funds that had been paid by persons for child support.Child support fraud sweep nets two more

Two San Antonio women who are among 13 people charged with diverting child-support payment money to themselves instead of the rightful recipients were released on bond Tuesday.

Christine Aguirre is among the six former employees of Texas’ child-support payment processing contractor, Affiliated Computer Services Inc., who are accused of wrongfully diverting state-sanctioned debit cards to themselves or associates.

So in the case above, the corporation was the one left holding the bag.  It’s out $275k due to the criminality of its employees.  How long it took to get the money to the children it was intended for goes unmentioned.

Excerpt from: Yes, Child Support Industry IS a For-Profit Government Fraud (“F.R.A.M.E.D.” and other topics)

The government takes situations in crisis (for a variety of reasons, but definitely may include abuse), and exploits them – – – for profit.  What I do, and what I recommend both mothers AND fathers do,is find that profit.  To find that profit, one has to, after the anecdotes and narratives, which speak to the emotional, wounded, and high-charged issues, get clear, cold, hard, focused and analytical — and use that analytical truth in its own words, to expose the systems.  These are not just one system with one result, but multiple systems with multiple goals, depending on what sector they are in.    

What I (Let’s Get Honest blogger) do which is categorically different that almost any advocacy group or set of individuals I’ve run across, is SHOW that whether it’s about mothers, about fathers, about children — it CAN be described in business and economic terms.  This requires some basic vocabulary (and using that among each other) to discuss, and to get to the basic elements, one MUST (1) include the historical development and expansion of the nonprofit groups pushing:  women’s rights (it’s rarely called “mothers’ rights”), father’s rights, children’s rights, violence prevention, child protection, child support enforcement, child abuse prevention, (fill in the blank). 

Don’t Just Tell Our Stories– Report on Systems, in Detail, and Using Accounting, Incorporation, and Tax Status (exempt or not) Vocabulary.  

To tell “Their” Stories, meaning, those who profit from others’ losses, who build careers around writing up others’ tragedies, and take public and private funding for it, while the suffering continues — is (trust me) very empowering and counters the constant help-seeking mode, which is downright humiliating and frustrating for most people when dealing with systems this large.

Telling our stories and sharing experience is good for bonding, empathy, moral support and identifying one’s special interest group(s).  This only goes so far, and in fact some of the most successful special interest groups who continue to survive, often do so because they do NOT expose the true (fiscal) sources of their own income, or their associates, and especially not the game being played on the public at its own expense.  The Federal grants to the states are the powerhouse and tool of control as the state economies rely on that help for their poor. So, while I thought the place when it came to the issues in my family courts to look was IN those courts, or IN the child support system, in fact, the real answers were closer to the US DHHS, and grants put in place as systems change incentives to the states (ALL states).  So the issues is more than at the state level, it’s about how people who can get to Congress, specifically, to push through appropriations to HHS (largest grantmaking agency around) to start up new programs, fail to monitor the existing one, and “turn the faucet on” while crying “broke” wherever possible, and being “broke” justifies not delivering on their basic services (i.e., for which they exist), AND further extortionist control of either mothers, or fathers, or children.

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Reunification With Predatory Parents


From Dangerous State of Justice PROTECT’s Criminal Justice Reform Report on Minnesota’s Failing Response to Sexual Violence and its Decriminalization of Child Sexual Exploitation ↓ 

Reunification Therapy  (My comments are in red)

The main goal of reunification therapy is to reintroduce a parent (or parents) back into a child’s life in a safe, controlled, and therapeutic manner. (Sounds like a cult mentality to me.) The process of reunification therapy can be a very long one, (and profitable), but it’s designed to ensure a safe environment for the children and parents involved to create a new and secure bond with one another under the close supervision of a clinician.

Dr. Donald Franklin, a New Jersey psychologist istates, “the child needs to be pushed to cooperate with the therapy process. While the child does identify legitimate complaints about the non-custodial parent, they are usually minor. (If we say they’re minor, then ithey’re minor!) The complaints do not justify eliminating parental contact. (Unless of course you’re the protective parent and have been removed from the child’s life by the courts.) Additional individual sessions with each parent focus on addressing their behavior and how they need to support the process. Over time, the amount of time the child spends with the non-custodial parent increases until a normal relationship is restored. (normal meaning that the child finally realizes that they have no other choice but to submit to the abuse.)

What constitutes “reunification therapy”? There is no established model of therapy so basically anything the therapist deems necessary to force the child to have a relationship with the abusive parent is effective. A Systematic Approach to Reunification Therapy 

Changing the language is also helpful by making the “alleged offender” the “formerly accused” so everyone can now move forward and have a great relationship!

The incentive for all of the family court ordered services is of course the federal grants being given to states and child placement agencies to create situations that do not exist to generate these funds.

This financial scheme diverts Health & Human Services (HHS) grant program funding (welfare) through “high conflict”(domestic violence) cases, in the guise of promoting “shared parenting” post-divorce. The family law system reframed  Domestic Violence (DV) as pathological (not criminal) and created numerous programs aimed at treating the entire family.

These funds became heavily influential in court litigation. “Working toward a More Therapeutic Family Justice System”- Therapeutic jurisprudence in the family courts, i.e. a “mental health approach to the law” substitutes the opinions of mental health practitioners for traditional evidence and decision-making procedures. Because these persons actually do not have any kind of “expertise” to opine this way, what originally was thought to be a helpful idea has become merely economic opportunism, harming not only the litigants and children in the system as well as the court system itself, but also perverting substantive and procedural law.

Supervised Visitation 

“The purpose of supervised visitations is to enable an ongoing relationship between the non-custodial parent and child by impartially observing their contact in a safe and structured environment.

 Although therapeutic supervised visitations can be a part of Reunification Therapy, they should not be used in place of it. Therapeutic supervised visitations, unlike reunification therapy, does not assist in the long term goal of achieving a healthy relationship between the non-custodial parent and the child. Supervised visitations is normally a short-term practice.

Normally high-conflict families who are at risk for domestic violence, physical or verbal abuse, and parents with a history of very poor parenting skills require the use of therapeutic supervised visitation programs. Those who have previous allegations of sexual abuse, who have threatened to abscond with the child, or who have a history of severe parental alienation or restrictive gatekeeping are also generally good candidates for therapeutically supervised visitation.”

The truth is that if these professionals actually resolved the problem they purported to be tasked with healing, their money stream would dry up. Such professed concern is false and driven by money, and with the ever present extortionate threat of stopping it at any moment. Even good intentions, if they were really there, have a way of becoming distorted and corrupted when money incentivizes pathological caution, caution that will guarantee a continuing flow of money into their pockets. 

As Upton Sinclair observed, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Happy Mother’s Day

Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book and blame is the name of the game!  By pitting everyone against each other, we will never look at the criminal enterprise creating this or rally the masses against this family destruction machine!


NFI logoCreating a National Movement to End Father Absence and Connect Fathers to their Children, Heart to Heart              

Pre-founding: Early 1990s

By the early 1990s, a growing body of social science research was emerging that showed, a) there were record numbers of children living in father-absent homes in the United States, and b) these children were more likely than their peers in two-parent homes to suffer a number of negative outcomes across every imaginable measure of child well being.

But despite this growing, alarming evidence, the issue of “father absence” was largely “flying under the radar”; very few people and organizations were doing anything about it. For example, public policy was still largely focused on alleviating poverty for mothers and children. Additionally, social service agencies and civic organizations focused on families were almost exclusively set up to serve mothers and children. Finally, much of popular culture was marching on with the message of the “doofus dad” who often did more harm than good to his family.

Founding: 1993-1994

Don Eberly

Image result for wade horn

Wade Horn

In the spring of 1993, Don Eberly, a prominent civil society scholar, organized a team of 20 of the nation’s leading social experts to meet in Aspen, Colorado to discuss strategies to build a society-wide movement to reverse father absence. Within a year of that pivotal meeting, National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) was formed with Wade Horn as its first president, David Blankenhorn as its first board chairman, a board of directors including leaders such as Dr. Louis Sullivan and George Gallup, and an advisory board made up of luminaries such as James Earl Jones, Willard Scott, and Bill Bennett.   

(All of these individuals are opportunists and could care less about fathers, mothers, children or justice!)

The Early Years: 1994-2002
NFI’s first decade was largely focused on two areas:

  • Public Education: Raising awareness in the government, entertainment, and social services sectors that fatherhood was an issue they needed to care about and take action on. For example, in 1997 in partnership with the Ad Council, NFI started the first national Public Service Advertising Campaign focused on fatherhood. Additionally, in that same year, NFI formed the first bi-partisan Congressional Task Force on Responsible Fatherhood.
  • Research: Knowing that solid social science research would be critical to “making the case” that fatherhood deserved the attention NFI was focusing on it, NFI began conducting and compiling research on the causes and consequences of father absence. This was exemplified by the creation of Father Facts, the first edition of which was published in 1995, and in its 6th Edition today. Father Facts was a comprehensive compilation of the social science research showing why children need good dads, and why so many children were without them.

Recent History: 2001-2012

While public education was critical to NFI’s beginnings (and remains so today), there was a growing sense that the “next phase” of NFI’s work would be to provide solutions “on the ground” to organizations at the nexus of children and families who were often dealing with the “consequences of father absence” (such as poverty and crime) in their neighborhoods.

Therefore, starting in the late 1990s, and taking off with the naming of Roland C. Warren as president in 2001, National Fatherhood Initiative® began to create a portfolio of high quality fatherhood skill-building materials to ensure that organizations around the country had the resources, knowledge, and training they needed to provide programs to help men be the best dads they could be. During this time, flagship NFI programs such as 24/7 Dad®, InsideOut Dad®, and Doctor Dad® were created, and NFI emerged as the #1 provider of fatherhood resources and the #1 trainer of fatherhood practitioners in the nation.

Today: 2013-Present

In 2013, Christopher Brown, who played a leading role in developing most of NFI’s flagship fatherhood programs throughout the 2000s, was named president. Under Chris’ leadership, NFI continues to be focused on providing the very best fatherhood resources and training to community-based, military, and corrections organizations across the country. NFI also continues to be a leading voice for responsible fatherhood, with a new emphasis on using social media and blogging to educate the public about the importance of involved, responsible, and committed fatherhood.

So what’s missing, let’s see, what could it be? Oh yeah, mothers!

In 1995, former President Clinton issued executive orders that directed federal agencies to review and “modify” all family programs and initiatives serving primarily mothers and children, to include fathers and “strengthen their involvement” with children.They took the so-called problem of absent fathers and instead of adding services and including fathers, flipped the narrative to remove mothers from the picture. Do we need the government to be involved in teaching fathers how to become “good dads”? Um, I don’t think so. But it did open up a new market for trainers to teach these skills to fathers, judges, attorneys, GAL’s etc. Here’s the problem. If you’re not a good father or mother, government isn’t going to change that!

By vilifying, leveling, and weakening people, an environment is created for social, political, and economic turmoil which produces change that will benefit the sponsors of this turmoil (Increasing the outreach and social work staffing, providing resource development, training and mentoring, and networking with other community agencies serving these families). If the government and news media relentlessly pursue issues of gender, race and diversity in preference to the real issues that need to be addressed, there will be an increasing division of society along the same lines. The attention is taken off the government entities that are robbing us blind through taxation.  Millions of dollars in funds are handed over to the States by the Department of Health and Human Services to family court connected nonprofits and GRANT DOLLARS = TAXPAYER DOLLARS

William J. Clinton

Statement on Efforts To Promote Responsible Fatherhood
January 19, 2001

At the same time the National Fatherhood Initiative was forming, welfare reform also took place.

The Commission supports federal policies (the Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRA) and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997(BBA)) that have given states the opportunity to promote responsible fatherhood in several ways. Under the new welfare law, states can increase family income by:

1) providing employment and training to fathers;

2) increase child support collections; and

3) increase the distribution of child support collected on behalf of families receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy families (TANF). Funds allocated to the States from H.B. 3314 should be linked to and coordinated with State welfare reform initiatives to ensure maximization of funds and to eliminate duplicative programs.

Don’t think for a minute there wasn’t backroom planning and deals made before the dog and pony performance at the public hearing.    ↓

E Clay Shaw.pngShaw Announces Hearing on Fatherhood and Welfare Reform

Eugene Clay Shaw Jr. (April 19, 1939 – September 10, 2013) Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from 1981 until 2007.

Welfare Reform Act Champion Clay Shaw Dies
A former mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Shaw was elected to Congress in 1980, and is remembered for his pragmatism in helping guide the GOP through the historic Welfare Reform Act of 1996 as chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Resources.

anne stevenson Ways and Means Committee

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Family Court Corruption, Part 2: Fathers’ Rights and Conciliation Court Law: Federally funded misogyny and pedophile protection by Cindy Ross © 2/19/03

Excerpts: Numerous reports have identified bias against women and corruption in family courts across the country. In bizarre and illegal rulings, family court judges ignore or deliberately suppress evidence of male perpetrated family violence and child molest. Fathers who are batterers and sex offenders are routinely granted visitation and custody, while mothers and children trying to escape abuse are punished through financial sanctions, loss of custody, supervised visitation, jail and institutionalization. [1]

Very occasionally, men reporting abuse of their children have also been targeted for retaliation through family court. [2] However, the systematic mishandling of domestic violence and child molest cases as “custody disputes” is based in a financial corruption scheme that calls for diverting grant program funding through “high conflict” cases, in the guise of promoting “fatherhood” and “shared parenting” post-divorce. [3]Rather than assisting men become responsible parents, “Responsible Fatherhood”, “Access to Visitation Enforcement” (supervised visitation for noncustodial parents), “Child Support Enforcement” and similar federal programs perpetuate abuse of women and children through the legal system. [4]

In the guise of reducing poverty and promoting child welfare, women are forced to stay married and mothers are punished for seeking divorces. In the guise of amicable custody resolution, federal programs enforce the systematic abuse of women and children. The pretense is that government programs produce responsible fathers and healthy families. The reality is that federally funded misogyny and pedophile protection programs are lining the pockets of corrupted court officials and appointees.

For further information, visit the website of the National Alliance for Family Court Justice at

Cindy Ross
California Director National Alliance for Family Court Justice

Image result for office of family assistanceThe Office of Family Assistance (OFA) competitively awards HMRF grants to states, local governments, and community-based organizations (both for profit and not-for-profit, including faith-based). These grantees work to help participants build and sustain healthy relationships and marriages, and to strengthen positive father-child interaction.

About Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood

Our Mission 
Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) programs promote strong, healthy family formation and maintenance, responsible fatherhood and parenting, and reentry opportunities for fathers returning from incarceration.

Our Grantees
HMRF programs are funded under a 5-year project period (2015 – 2020). There are 47 Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education grantees (including a National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education); 39 New Pathways for Fathers and Families grantees, and 5 ReFORM grantees.  FY 2015 Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood

Below are just some of the programs developed for fathers.

Many federal departments have initiatives and programs supporting responsible fatherhood and fathers in the community.

  • Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood 
  • Federal Programs and Resources 
  • Responsible Fatherhood | Office of Family Assistance | ACF
  • Dad Stats | National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
  • Education Department Roundtable highlights importance of fathers involvement in Education
  • The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children
  • Why Kids Need Their Dads | Parenting
  • Engaging Fathers in Programs for Families – Best Start Resource Centre
  • New Pathways for Fathers and Families
  • Importance of father involvement
  • The Fatherhood Research and Practice Network
  • The Good Dad Project
  • The Parents and Children Together (PACT) Evaluation, 2011-2016
  • Engaging Men & Dads at WIC
  • Dads –
  • | Faith & Family
  • DadTalk Blog: Grants and Resources
  • Fathers Supporting Breastfeeding
  • National Center for Fathering | How to be a Good Loving Dad
  • National At-Home Dad Network
  • Transitioning Dads into Family Sustaining Careers
  • Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome 
  • father's day Current statistics show that children suffer when their fathers are absent. This in no way suggests that HUD does not recognize the critical importance of mothers. The majority of public housing households with children are headed by single women who earn less than $9,000 annually, and they do a tremendous job of raising their children. However, according to statistics drawn from communities across the country, children raised in absent father families are more at-risk for a host of negative factors, including dropping out of school. The focus on Father’s Day is meant to be a starting point; either a celebration of existing relationships or a reason to form first connections.

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable housing for all Americans. As a part of creating strong communities, HUD is actively engaging families in a way that involves all family members—including fathers.

    The Department’s strategy utilizes housing as a platform for improving quality of life and engages HUD assisted tenants, including fathers, who are in need of quality affordable housing. Individuals are then able to access a broad array of services necessary for them to have meaningful access to opportunity and economic self-sufficiency, including education, healthcare, and job-training. HUD also works with local non-profits and NGO’s to strengthen the capacity of fathers to engage with their families, and of newly entering non-profits to work effectively with intermediary organizations and with fathers themselves, by offering them capacity building training and networking opportunities.

    Feds Spending $800,000 to Teach Responsible Fatherhood                          
    June 12, 2013 – 8:17 AM By Penny Star

    Stuart Chaifetz plays with his son Akian Chaifetz, 10, in the backyard of their home in Cherry Hill, N.J., in April 2012. (AP Photo) – The Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families (AFC) is providing $800,000 in funding to create a Responsible Fatherhood Research Network.

    The initiative is described in the grant abstract as a “multi-year plan” designed “to disseminate information about good fatherhood parenting practices by building research and practice knowledge and capacity” and to “increase positive father involvement in the lives of their children.”

    The grant, announced on June 7 and open to applicants until Aug. 2, stated that the network, once established, “will be expected to have a primary focus on economically disadvantaged fathers and families and other under studied population groups.”

    In the grant announcement posted on the website, the category of the funding was listed as “income security and social services.” The ACF website stated that the agency “administers more than 60 programs with a budget of more than $49 billion, making it the second largest agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.” asked press officials at ACF a series of questions about the grant, but no response to the inquiry was received at press time.
    The questions asked were:

  • Why is it government’s role to improve parenting skills for fathers of low-income or at-risk children?
  • How is ACF going to measure and track the success of the network?
  • How many fathers and children will benefit from this project?
  • Will the recipients of this grant be private or public sector entities? –

    See more at:

    When calls are made for support of  slogans such as “There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse, Stop Child Abuse & Neglect, Remember the Children, It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be a Child”, etc. what is really meant is we need to educate the judges, attorneys and other court players as well as fathers, mothers and children on child abuse and domestic violence. Why? So they can get a piece of the federal funding pie. 

    Gender wars (both sides) have been exploited by “carpet-bagging” interests as if these interests were neutral, when they’re not.  

    Documentary Exposes Our $50 Billion a Year Divorce Industry

    No mention of the federal funding of course!

    The court cartel is no different than any other cartel, they are tyrants who seek more power, more wealth and more control over people.  By keeping everyone at each other’s throats, they have effectively redirected the true root of the problem to everything but this fact – the same people that have created the problem have also created the solution! 

    The traditional nuclear family unit containing a father, mother and child(ren), now a minority in America, has also come under national assault, forced to taking a disfavored backseat to the statist propaganda and oppressive policies. Parents’ rights to teach their children their own individual values, their sense of morality and spiritual/religious convictions have increasingly been undermined and usurped by rigid statist PC dogma. As a licensed therapist for many years in Los Angeles, I can personally attest to the notorious abuses of overzealous authoritarian child protection services overstepping its rightful bounds by destroying families, unjustifiably yanking kids out of their family homes, inflicting children in their care and custody with lifelong trauma and abuse, misplacing children in unsafe home environments (be they with biological family, foster care, group home or residential care). A thoroughly overburdened, broken system that’s been set up to protect children is too often only abusing and re-victimizing them as part of a national assault on the American family. (Minus the broken system, it’s a good overview).

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Before they slip us all into their shackles, it’s time to come together as one formidable unified force to take action, arming ourselves with the truth and then spreading the power of that truth as far as it’ll take us. In the end evil will not defeat truth, honesty and justice. Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. 

    People have to think in terms of accounting and commerce, or it’s a lost cause. This situation is heading towards slavery which is possibly why people like Judge David Knutson are in positions of power.  Something needs to wake us up out of the brainwashed condition we are currently living  in.

    The basic concept is that the government OWNS (by investment, collectively) majority shares  in all major businesses  is a fundamental truth that should alter how we think and approach any arm of government including our courts.


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St. Cloud, MN billboard removed when Catholic Charities complains

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 18, 2016

Here is the news from the Minneapolis Star Tribune yesterday (just as the Pope was doing his publicity stunt on the Texas border).


A picture worth a thousand words. (Readers this is one more way for you to get your message out and educate the public!) Photo: Jason Wachter at MN Star Tribune.

The local Catholic Charities in St. Cloud complained that the sign was inaccurate because their particular branch of CC didn’t actually place Somali Muslims in St. Cloud (that is the job of Lutheran Social Services).  The sign company agreed to remove the sign.


It is accurate that Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis do resettle Somali Muslims (a shocking number of their ‘youths’ have gone on to become international jihadists), so for the whole state of Minnesota the sign’s message is accurate.  We told you as early as 2011 that Catholic Charities was one of three phony non-profits (federal contractors) that first brought Somali Muslims to Minnesota beginning in the 1980s.

Go here to see one of dozens and dozens of posts about the ‘Somali youths’ who received the benefits of US citizenship, welfare as they grew up, and some even obtained college educations and still went on to become (or attempted to become) Islamic terrorists.

Minneapolis Star Tribune story begins:

A billboard that targeted Catholic Charities for resettling Muslim refugees was taken down Wednesday, just days after it was installed in St. Joseph Township in Stearns County.

The sign, which read “Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?” was apparently paid for by an individual who hired Franklin Outdoor Advertising to post it along a highway a few miles west of St. Cloud, where Somali immigrants have been targeted by anti-Muslim groups.

A spokesman for Catholic Charities in St. Cloud said the office reached out to the advertising firm after an employee spotted the billboard to notify the firm that the office isn’t involved with refugee resettlements. Franklin Outdoor agreed to remove the sign due to the inaccuracy, said Steve Bresnahan, the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud.  [Again, it is not inaccurate for the entire state!—ed]

Continue reading here.   The St. Paul/Minneapolis Catholic Charities admits it resettles Somali Muslims.

Chuckling!  How many passersby saw this sign in Stearns County before it was removed compared to how many will see it now that Catholic Charities forced its removal… help get this story out far and wide!

Go here for a huge archive on St. Cloud (a pocket of resistance)!  Go here to see which other towns in Minnesota ‘welcomed’ Somalis over a ten year period.  And, don’t miss this recent post where we reported that over 43,000 Somalis have been admitted to the US just since Obama took office. Minnesota is destination #1 for Somali colonization.