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Minnesota: Police Caught Giving Suspects to Hospital for Involuntary Human Experiments with Date Rape Drug

Written by: Published on: July 2, 2018

Minneapolis, MN – Last week, The Free Thought Project reported that cops were caught involuntarily injecting unruly suspects with the powerful sedative ketamine, which police classify as a date rape drug.

Since the initial story was made public, more details have emerged in the case, revealing a twisted study that has been going on for many years, researching the effects of different sedatives on patients, many times without their knowledge or consent.

This research has been taking place at Hennepin Healthcare, under the supervision of doctors and full knowledge and encouragement from the local police.

The Star Tribune interviewed numerous victims who were involuntarily enrolled in the study, and not made aware of the fact that they were drugged until afterward.

Representatives of Hennepin Healthcare have defended the study, insisting that sedating agitated people can save lives.

According to the hospital, the studies have been approved and do not require consent from the patients because they are “performed in emergency situations.”

We’ve all seen agitated and confused people just die, and we’re certain we can prevent that. We want to do it the best way possible,” said Dr. James Miner, chief of emergency medicine at Hennepin Healthcare.

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Cops Caught Injecting Powerful Sedative They Classify As ‘Date Rape Drug’ into Dozens of Suspects


Protecting MN Children From Government

Tim Kinley discusses video from press conference on Minnesota Child Protection Service legally kidnapping children from fit parents who have not harmed their children.


Governor’s Task Force on the Protection of Children

Function:To advise the Governor and Legislature on system and practice improvements in the child protection system at all levels of government within the State of Minnesota.
Active dates:2014 – 2015
Succeeded by: Legislative Task Force on Child Protecction
History: The Task Force was created in September 2014 after a high-profile child maltreatment case.
The task force is tasked with reviewing policies, laws, and protocols, enhancing accountability in the child protection system, and ensuring the system has sufficient capacity and resources to operate as intended.The task force was charged with delivering an initial report to the Governor, Legislature and the public by December 31, 2014, and delivering its final recommendations by March 2015.The task force’s first meeting was set for October 13, 2014. Its last meeting was March 23, 2015. In their final report, they instructed DHS to convene a workgroup to implement their recommendations. As a result, DHS created the Professional Development Workgroup, which began a series of meetings in January 2016, and issued a report in 2017: The Child Welfare Center for Learning and Development: Report and Recommendations for Training System Reform
Membership: 26 members appointed by the Governor, including: legislators, county representatives, children’s advocates, attorneys, and child protection experts from across the state.
Agency heads: Chaired jointly by the Commissioner of Human Services, Lucinda Jesson, and Ramsey County Commissioner, Toni Carter.

Note:  The Legislative Reference Library may have additional reports on or by this group available through our catalog.

Record last updated: 01/10/2018

Dwight Mitchell’s Facebook Group (Click on image to go to FB page)

Child Predator Services Taken to Task in Minnesota

Group of Minnesota parents calls for shutdown of Child Protective Services

 – A group is calling for a federal court to shut down Child Protective Services after claiming the agency takes children away from parents without due process.

“Stop Child Protective Services from Legally Kidnapping Children” filed a motion Tuesday for a permanent injunction to immediately close CPS, calling the agency’s practices unconstitutional.

Dwight Mitchell, who created the group, is on a crusade to stop what he calls “legal kidnappings.” He says his son was taken unfairly from him for 22 months. Mitchell says these stories may be hard to believe, but they are not uncommon at all.

“Our phones have not stopped ringing and our email inboxes are overflowing,” said Mitchell. “Our association had 250 members we have now grown to 1,265 in less than 30 days.”

Ten-month-old Zayvion has been away from Amanda Weber, his mother, in foster care for just over a week. The ordeal started when Weber took her son to the hospital with a cough. The doctor deemed him stable and notes show the diagnosis was, in fact, a cough. However, the recommendation was that the patient should have stayed. Weber took him home.

“After waiting, I had asked to leave because I wanted to put my kids to bed and I had my three-year-old with me and I asked if there was anything else that had to be done,” said Weber. “They said ‘No, there was no other testing or anything that needed to be done.’”

In a couple of days, police were at her door and took Zayvion to the doctor.

“She checked him out, all his vitals were stable,” she said. “They already had a foster parent in the room, in the room to remove my son before they ever proved … before they ever proved there was an emergency situation.”

Mitchell says he believes it all comes down to money.

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Outraged Parents Ask Federal Court For Injunction to Shut Down Child Protection Services in Minnesota

Read the current full complaint, Stop Child Protection Services from Legally Kidnapping et al v. Dakota County Social Services et al, filed June 5, 2018, in United States District Court – District of Minnesota, by attorney Erick Kaardal on behalf of Dwight Mitchell, his children and Stop Child Protection Services from Legally Kidnapping

Parents File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Minnesota Because CPS Kidnapped Their Children

Minnesota Parents Sue CPSDwight D. Mitchell (center at podium) is the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit of parents suing the State of Minnesota for kidnapping their children via Child Protection Services. Image courtesy

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How We Rule Ya

Song for Tommy Robinson: Owen Benjamin with “How We Rule Ya”

Brilliant—to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s, “Hallelujah”. I don’t think it’s funny at all, but that’s just me. It’s tragic, really. May Tommy Robinson be safe, and may the Brits realize what’s really happening and rise up.  ~ BP

There was a time the press let ya know,
who’s really coming to your shores,
but now they don’t tell the story ever true, yeah.
The state tries to say Tommy has racial hate,
but really, it’s a fear of the caliphate,
And the state says no, take it,
This is how we rule ya.

You Want Universal Health Care? Think Again!

After Using His Son to Beg for Socialized Medicine, Jimmy Kimmel Silent as It Kills Baby Alfie

The system of state-run health care, which is championed by many in Hollywood, is responsible for the death of a baby and now its champions are silent.

A 23-month-old baby boy has died after he was held hostage by the British government against the wishes of his parents who may have been able to save his life. The denial of medical care to baby Alfie—which was being offered to him for free by doctors in Italy—happened, not out of some vile conspiracy to harm a child, but as a function of the British healthcare system.

“My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings at 02:30. I love you my guy,” Tom Evans, Alfie’s father wrote on his Facebook page Saturday.

“Our baby boy grew his wings tonight at 2:30 am,” his mother Kate wrote. “We are heart broken. Thank you everyone for all your support.”

Alfie’s life began as a struggle and the toddler had been in a hospital since December of 2016 because of a rare degenerative neurological disorder. This year, the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, run by bureaucrats who are apparently more interested in saving money than saving lives, decided that Alfie’s life was no longer worth saving.

The Vatican hospital in Rome offered free medical care, with experimental treatments that are not offered in the UK, which could’ve saved Alfie’s life, and came at no expense to the UK government. However, the bureaucrats ruled that “all medical experts agreed that further treatment was futile and that it would be against Alfie’s best interests to travel to Italy.”

Alfie’s father had been attempting to appeal these rulings so the family could seek this treatment. But despite the fact that this would have come at no cost to the UK government or the hospital, they forced the family to stay in the UK.

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Baby Alfie’s Case Proves Kidnapping & Child Abuse Are Allowed When Government Calls it ‘Health Care’ 


Image result for DAKOTA COUNTY

Image result for mn department of human servicesThe Lawsuit below alleges claims against Dakota county and the Minnesota Department of Human Services for wrongful rermoval of children. The case is brought with the hopes of widespread changes to the child-protection system.

This case will definitely help shine the light on child predator services and the courts, however, once again, racial bias is the focus. The fact is  this is a system that is well designed to harm all families, regardless of race.

Lawsuit alleges Minnesota child welfare workers are illegally removing children from homes

In the civil rights suit, attorneys for a group of parents allege that Minnesota’s child protection laws are overly broad.
Star Jones wiped tears away as Dwight Mitchell talked Tuesday of his struggle to get his children back.


Star Jones wiped tears away as Dwight Mitchell talked Tuesday of his struggle to get his children back.

A group of Minnesota parents has accused state and county child protection agencies of wrongfully removing their children and placing them in foster care for what they consider to be ordinary parental discipline, such as spanking.

In a civil rights lawsuit filed Tuesday, attorneys for the parents allege that Minnesota’s child protection laws are overly broad, triggering unnecessary investigations and putting children at risk for being removed from safe and loving homes.

The main plaintiff in the case is Dwight D. Mitchell, who founded an association of parents called Stop Child Protection Services From Legally Kidnapping, which has about 250 members across the state. Mitchell alleges that two of his children were removed from his home in Apple Valley by Dakota County child protection workers after a family babysitter reported that his 11-year-old son had received a spanking from Mitchell for stealing and disobeying his parents.

“It was every parent’s worst nightmare,” said Mitchell, 57, a management consultant. “My children were legally kidnapped for a bottom spanking that was done out of love, because I want my children to grow up to be hardworking members of society.”

The child, Xander Mitchell, was kept in state custody for 22 months, during which time his father was refused all contact. Mitchell’s other child was removed for five months, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

A spokeswoman for Dakota County declined to comment, saying the agency had not had a chance to review the lawsuit. A spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, which oversees the child protection system, also declined to comment, saying the agency had not been served with the lawsuit.

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Father who temporarily lost custody sues, alleging Dakota County racial bias
Black children disproportionately removed from their families; state lawmakers seek fix
Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act 

When Was the Last Time Your Voice Was Heard


Excerpts from Punished 4 Protecting TODAY’S LIVE-When is the last time you had your voice heard?               
Francesca Amato-Banfield

“When was the last time your very voice was heard? We put people into positions of power, such as our president for example, judges, senators, different political parties. They actually speak into our lives. But there are things they are doing that we don’t want. There are things that are detrimental to our families and our children, and it affects everybody.

You reach out to me to be your voice and that is a very humbling position to have. You just want to be heard, you want somebody to listen, you want somebody not just to listen, but to take what you’re saying very seriously. Not just to vindicate what youre saying, but to make sure that what you’re saying doesn’t just go on deaf ears either.

It has to happen and manifest in this world. We cannot continue to allow the abuses to continue with our families. I know every case that comes through me. I read your cases, you beg and plead for help. We have systems set up to help you as best as we can, but at the same time we need you to be able to carry it through. We work with very different states. I see how some people will do anything to save their children and I see how others will do nothing to save their children. And people look for a leader, someone to lead you, someone to guide you. We are the foundation of our country. We are by the consititon, the bill of rights, the the declaration of independence, and the bible talks about the fact that its up to us, we the people, to make sure that our government does what we want it to do.

It’s up to us to take the authority that god gave us. We need massive change on this earth. We’ve given over that authority to forces that are not good. There needs to be some kind of bridge of communication that helps people in this world. And that your voices matter because without your voices, your children’s voices are not heard and the suffering is outrageous.

Participate in the revolution/revolt/protest on April 30th at a family court or CPS near you. Pull your own teams together. We can’t babysit you. Are you angry enough yet? Are you upset enough about what they’ve been doing? Get out there. make flyers, make signs, get your people together, stand outside, be that voice. you want them to hear your voice, be that voice, be bold, be courageous, do what you need to do to save your families. If you haven’t caught on to this message yet, your’e not paying attention. You need to wake up and pay attention to this message. You’re families have been assaulted! Any child that has been taken away from a loving family at any point in time is being abused.

We don’t care how many judges we expose, that’s what needs to be done. These judges belong in jail, they’re committing felonies. Judges are revicitimizing victims.

The gavel is way more dangerous than a gun. The suffering is endless and unbearable. I’m running for governor of New York to make this stop. We need to all do this together to make this stop. We need people in these positions, in these offices as public servants that are going to go right into the heart of corruption. And shine the light into the heart of corruption, and be a corruption buster and say NO MORE and not be afraid. And to go in with the boldness that God gave us and be bold as a lion.

This is our country, these our are states, these are our counties, these are our legislators, these are our senators, these are our politicians, not the other way around! They work for us, not the other way around!

It’s up to you to discern truth from a lie. If youve been living a lie, you will not know the truth.

Get ready to take back what’s rightfully ours. Your children, your families, your gun rights, your property, your food not grown organically the way you see fit so you don’t have to eat genetically modified poison. Let’s get this message out there so that your voices can be heard. Share this video with everyone and anyone because this affects everyone.

You need this message today. You need your voice heard. Your children need to have a voice. and they need to grow up and they need to have a life in the future instead of it being snuffed out. God bless you guys.”

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