Probation Violation Hearing

Dakota Co. Courthouse Hastings, MN

My contested probation revocation hearing is scheduled tomorrow (Nov. 2nd) in Hastings. This is just continued misconduct of public employees by intentionally and unlawfully attempting to harm me under the color of official authority. Even if I wasn’t falsely convicted, this would not be lawful or justified! 

“It is unjust for an accused to be troubled for an unreasonable length of time with the physical, emotional and material burdens of endless criminal prosecution.” As a matter of Fact By Sara Soliven De Guzman 

Below is a portion of evidence I recieved that is redacted to the point that it is meaningless. Apparently, all items required to be disclosed have been provided to me. On the Contact Detail page 12, it states that “this blog appears to be a conspiracty blog, though much of the attention appears to revolve around the case in which Ms. Evavold is one of the conspirators.” (Exactly, am I gagged from discussing my own case???)

“The most disturbing item of note was a video of the police interview of one of the apparently juvenile victims. It appears posting this item possibly may be a violation of privacy laws, particularly as the victim was a juvenile.” First of all, the victim was an adult when she was forcibly brought into the Lakeville Police Dept. to recant her testimony. This resulted in the addition of 4 more felonies against me instead of dismissal of the case. Secondly, this was posted prior to my trial and false conviction. The fact that the community corrections supervisor was troubled by the video and not the fact that witness tampering occurred and charges were trumped up against me, is extremely troubling to me.

Stay tuned for the outcome. . .



Lion News: Exclusive Video Of Samantha Rucki Calling Dakota County Judge Knutson A “Dick”?

Did 20/20 manipulate the Rucki story to hide abuse?

by Michael VolpeApr 14, 2016

“20/20” ran a program entitled “Footprints in the Snow” about the disappearance in April 2013 of Samantha and Gianna Rucki; Did they tell the whole story.

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2016 – A recent ABC “20/20” report on a bitter custody battle that led to the disappearance of two Lakeville, Minnesota girls for more than two years may have ignored critical facts.

On April 8, 2016, “20/20” ran a program entitled “Footprints in the Snow” about the disappearance in April 2013 of Samantha and Gianna Rucki, who ran away from home during a bitter custody dispute, leaving nothing but footprints in the snow.

The show hinged on claims by the parents. The mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, said she was abused by her ex-husband, David Rucki. David Rucki, on the other hand, said she made up the allegations and brainwashed their children into believing her, which he called parental alienation.

In the critical scene of the program, Elizabeth Vargas, the show’s host, asked Sandra to provide proof of abuse during their marriage saying: “I’m asking for any of the documentation you assured us existed and we can find none of it.”

Sandra’s attorney, Michelle MacDonald, went back to her office, where producers rummaged through several thousand papers and then proclaimed, “In more than 20 boxes we didn’t find a single piece of paper or photo to provide that any physical abuse existed.”

But this appears to twist what MacDonald provided them.

According to a 42-page document provided by MacDonald to “20/20,” there was a litany of evidence of abuse including an affidavit, criminal charges and convictions, and numerous incident reports made by Sandra.

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Lakeville Police Department

State arbitrator upholds firing of Lakeville police officer over media leaks

Lakeville says cases were harmed, but cop’s lawyer cites right to free speech.

By Star Tribune

Excerpt: The Lakeville Police Department said the leaks caused other agencies to believe Lakeville “cannot be trusted to maintain proper control of information.”

“It is deeply disturbing to know how law enforcement has tipped off local media to parts of the investigation, prior to any public reports from the officials.  Isn’t it pathetic that the Star Tribune sat there for 3 hours prior to the arrival of law enforcement?  3 hours!

Read Entire Post:   Interesting, No?



Det. Dronen Image by

Detective Dronen




Readers may recall that Michael Rhedin is considered a “person of interest” in the disappearance of the Grazzini-Rucki girls. Keep in mind, the girls went missing in April, 2013 and police are just now conducting a search.

Interestingly, Michael Rhedin was a former police officer in Elko New Market and reported allegations of racial profiling and improper conduct in the department.  The American Civil Liberties Union is investigating claims from two former Elko New Market Police officers who allege racism and inappropriate actions within the department.  One of the officers was Michael Rhedin.  Read link below:

Former cops allege racism by Elko New Market Police

Was it something I said?  Elko decided to make some cuts after the allegations:

City spending cuts? Good. No cops? Whoa!


“In 2004, Officer James Kiecksee resigned after claiming he’d been pressured to pull over black drivers. In his letter of resignation, he said a trainer told him: “If you see a black man in a car, find a reason to stop him. He is either going to commit a felony, just leaving the scene of a felony or just lost.”

In another well-documented flap, a stuffed toy monkey hung in the back of police Sgt. Steve Malecka’s squad car for months last year; the sergeant said it was an innocent gift given to him by school children, according to Lakeville’s report.

A second officer, Michael Rhedin, resigned last year after filing a complaint with the city against Malecka and Police Chief Richard Jensen alleging a string of harassing behavior and inappropriate racial comments. Rhedin had been a part-time officer for 8 1/2 years.

The Lakeville Police Department said it could not substantiate the allegations against the police chief. Malecka, however, was issued a written reprimand for two policy violations. The remaining allegations against him were not substantiated.
The Dakota County Attorney’s office decided not to prosecute after reviewing findings from the Lakeville police.”

Don’t forget about Lakeville Officer Jim Dronen’s request to have David Rucki’s Violation of the Order for Protection deleted.  Should someone sympathtic to David Rucki ALSO be investigating the missing Rucki girls?lakeville-pd

Michael Rhedin, as well as, others involved in trying to help Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and her family, have endured demonization, discrediting, and destruction by the “professionals” involved in the Grazzini-Rucki case. Michael Rhedin’s son has been charged with a felony for property damage at the Lakeville home where two sisters disappeared in 2013. (Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has already been charged with this alleged crime civilly and paid restitution for the “damages”).

Felony charge filed for damage at home of missing Lakeville sisters

The following is a statement made by Michael Rhedin with the Plymouth Police regarding his missing $2,500 after the search and seizure.

Internal Affairs Complaint against Lakeville PD (click and zoom on image):


FAQ’s on American Judicial and Legal Corruption

by Dr Les Sachs

“America brags about having the “rule of law”, but this does not mean that the law is taken seriously. All it means is that there are people with the title of “judges” and “lawyers” involved, while you are being railroaded and denied your rights, while your family is destroyed, your life ruined, and your freedoms are trampled by a court. “The rule of law” is just a propaganda phrase that covers for rule by lawyers.

The reality of American courts is an immense tragedy and catastrophe, a tragedy which is mostly un-reported in the news media. (See below on why the U.S. media are quiet about crooked judges and lawyers.) There are millions of victims, with stories that are largely hidden, suppressed or obscured by the big news media organizations. Some of these victims are under gag orders or bans on their freedom of speech, but many of these stories are out on the internet for you to see, some of them despite the gag orders.

Because these stories are not prominent on the TV news or in the major newspapers, most people who are not yet victims – maybe like you, before you became a victim yourself – most people tend to believe what they have been told, about living in a “free country” with “justice in the courts”, and the “greatest legal system in the world”.
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Image by Red Herring Alert/SC

Image by Red Herring Alert/SC

Our thanks to guest contributor, Dede, for the article!