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Meet the CEO of Gab, The Free Speech Alternative to Twitter

by Charlie Nash

I recently got the chance to sit down and talk to Andrew Torba, CEO of, a new freedom of speech-focused social network. Though the Twitter-style network was only launched last Monday and is still very much in early beta, thousands of people are currently waiting in line for an invitation to the service, which aims to act as a shelter for freedom of speech and expression.

Charlie Nash: Censorship has been rampant on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now. What was the final straw that pushed you into developing

Andrew Torba: If I had to pick a single event that pushed me over the edge to take action, I would have to say it was the suppression of conservative sources and stories by the incredibly biased Facebook Trending Topics team.


CN: You’ve already attracted thousands of people who are currently waiting in line to join the social network. Has their reaction been mostly the same? Would you describe them almost as digital refugees looking to leave the totalitarian regimes of Twitter and Facebook?

AT: It’s been an incredible week, in just four days 10,000 people registered for our beta through nothing but word of mouth. Our mission is to put people and free speech first. That mission statement is connecting with tens of thousands of people not only in the United States, but around the world. The sentiment and feedback has been phenomenal and very exciting. It’s also refreshing to see that this issue of censorship is not strictly limited to conservatives as many progressives are also joining Gab and expressing interest in a user-first, pro-free speech platform.

CN: A few of the Breitbart Tech guys, including myself, are already over there testing it out. Have you seen much interest in other media professionals or public figures? Will we see Mike Cernovich, Adam Baldwin, or Julian Assange there soon?

AT: At Gab we welcome anyone who wants to speak freely. One of our new users today is Kassy Dillon, a conservative influencer, who has experienced the censorship of Twitter directly. We are actively reaching out to influencers from all backgrounds who are searching for an alternative. We welcome everyone and want to encourage open, honest, and authentic discourse on the internet.


CN: You currently have a much more different approach to verification, unlike Twitter or Facebook. You’re giving the checkmark to people who should have had it on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, like any journalist or public figure, however were never given it due to their politics. You’re also giving it to normal members of the public who can verify that they are real, even if they wouldn’t normally meet the professional or social criteria for verification on other social networks. Do you think this will speed up the process of bringing over influential figures and media professionals?

AT: Unlike other social networks, we don’t use verification checkmarks as an elitist social ranking system. We use them for one purpose – verifying identities. Currently, we verify accounts if they have a high likelihood of being impersonated, but very soon every Gab user will have the ability to verify their identity if they so choose. We believe that when people verify their identity they are much less likely to harass others.

It’s easy to harass folks online behind an anonymous profile, but much more difficult to do so when your name is attached. We want to make sure everyone on Gab can find who they want to find, and protect their identity or brand. That being said there is no requirement to verify your identity. We believe anonymity is important for some to feel comfortable expressing their right to free speech, and we don’t want to infringe on that right.


CN: You said in the launch post that will never bow down to political or otherwise avoidable censorship, and that you’ll remain a service for the people. Do you intend on taking an 8chan-style view on content, and only removing things that are illegal or dangerous?

AT: We believe that the only valid form of censorship is self-censorship, an individual’s freedom to opt-out. Gab empowers users to self-censor and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they don’t want to see in their feeds to help stop and prevent different forms harassment.

However, we do take steps to protect ourselves and our users from illegal activity. Our rules are very simple: no illegal pornography, a zero tolerance policy for promoting terrorism or violence, and users are not allowed to post other’s confidential information without their consent. We expect these guidelines to develop overtime and we will discuss and get feedback on these changes with the community as we scale.

CN: is already looking great, and I love the aesthetic of it at the moment, but what other features are you planning to implement soon? Can you give us an estimation of when certain things will be introduced?

AT: We have many exciting features on our product roadmap. Our core focus right now is providing as much value as possible to our people. Mobile apps are our top priority and we expect these to be ready in a month or two, but many users are enjoying our mobile website until that time. We are also working on an API to start building our developer community. Third-party developers have been treated terribly over the last decade by social giants. We welcome these developers with open arms who believe in and want to fight for free speech on the internet with us. Beyond this we are letting our community shape the product by crowdsourcing feedback on a dedicated Gab account and building based on user demand and need.

You can sign up to join here, and follow both Charlie Nash and Andrew Torba on their official Gab accounts.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.



BREAKING: AJ Kern to Announce Primary Bid Against Rep. Emmer – Cites Endorsement Convention Fouls

UPDATE: A response from Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota Keith Downey is posted at the end of the story:

Republican AJ Kern intends to announce a primary bid today against United States Representative Tom Emmer (R – Congressional District 6).  Kern and Emmer sought the party endorsement at the district’s convention in April.  Emmer achieved the required 60 percent of delegates by 11 votes (212-119) and won the endorsement on April 23rd.

Kern is claiming convention misconduct led to her decision to primary against Emmer.  Kern tells Alpha News the three reasons she thought the convention was mishandled include her campaign being kept out of the ballot room, a violation of “the rules for seating Delegates and Alternates,” and there never being “a motion and vote to endorse a candidate.”

Kern says the two campaigns were “provided different treatment during ballot counting,” explaining, “The Emmer campaign was provided observer(s) in the room while ballot counting occurred. The representative from the Kern campaign, Dr.John Kern, was physically blocked from entering the room during ballot counting.”

In regards to her contention with the seating of delegates and alternates, Kern says, “Sworn statements also indicate that after the permanent voting roll had been created, Alternates were wrongly unseated for late arriving Delegates in violation of the party constitution and convention rules.”

Continue Reading:

AJ Kern for Congress


Kern Img-1

AJ Kern for Congress

AJ Kern for Congress is on Facebook.To connect with AJ Kern for Congress, sign up for Facebook today.

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Activist Post

Obey = Slavery, Disobey = Freedom

By David Icke

Obey = Slavery, Disobey = Freedom – The David Icke weekly videocast trailer. David talks about censorship and explains how the war on freedom of speech is unfolding. Many activists don’t even realize that they’re participating in their own censorship. Additionally, Icke discusses the ways people are diverging from the establishment.


Comedian warns PC culture poses massive threat to free speech

Reading from his book, “When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops,” Carlin touches back on a topic covered in his previous work, “Brain Droppings,” and warns political correctness poses a massive threat to free speech.

“Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules. I’m not sure that’s the way to fight discrimination. I’m not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.”

St. Cloud’s Very Own Celebrity Patriot

Chelsea Hartmann  Singer/Songwriter/Model, Creativeness=Sexiness! Lover of: God, Cars, 2A, McCafe’s, Antiques & Tattoos! Enjoying the gift called LIFE! LIFE’S 2 SHORT NOT 2 ROCK!

DSC_4524 Edit 2


*Special Note From Chelsea ~ I just want to say thank you to Jim & his studio for all the hard long hours put into just this one song. Without your amazing talents Jim, I wouldn’t have the ability to have my songs / creations be heard…thank you so much! Also a thank you to Duff who put many hours into the drums and percussion & large drum line, giving this song the marching drive I was looking for! ~ This truly has been a journey creating what I call a masterpiece! A ton of my heart has gone into creating this song & video. I hope you can see it! I truly hope it reaches out to, and speaks to all who watches it. I hope it makes you understand how I believe, “WE THE PEOPLE” create our freedoms and also allow them to be taken away. We need to start standing up for morality and the rights our ancestors shed their blood for. If we as humans do not change things, I truly do believe we will lead ourselves into “The Suffering”… I’ve never understood why we seem to think we need leaders to maintain our lifestyles. If more people would take a stand and start seeing the signs….we need less government, less taxes feeding the government, and more “WE THE PEOPLE” if more people could take responsibility for their actions while living here on this green earth, I believe we could achieve that. I also believe there are reasons why our county is going the direction it is going and I strongly despise the “Higher up’s” the ones that control our media, our music industry, our banks, our government, and most of all, our lives and they control it all while trying to take our constitution away…our map that was laid out to shape humanity and keep our rights so we keep empowerment within ourselves as humans…life and times now are scary & my heart never wants to see our beautiful world suffer but only we can stop it….I don’t want to see “Hitler” happen again!

AJ Kern For Congress

AJ Kern Congress






Dear Friends,

Most of you have heard by now that I am seeking the Republican endorsement for the Sixth Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives. Many of you were at our event at the Pickled Loon when I announced my candidacy, and to all of you a huge thank you for your support and encouragement to take on this important challenge. Tuesday March 1st is just over a week away so I wanted to take this opportunity to reconnect, and encourage all of you, your friends and family to get out on Tuesday March 1st to your precinct caucus.

As a Christian Constitutional Conservative, I am seeking your endorsement to represent you in the United States House of Representatives, standing with conservatives supporting the constitutional principles our founders designed, including  limited government, defending national sovereignty, culture and borders. I am running a grassroots campaign and I need your individual support to counter the influence of big money and lobbyists currently controlling Washington DC. Although I primarily ask for your vote at the upcoming caucus on March 1, I also ask for modest monetary support. Many small contributions signal many “grassroots” which are needed to counter well funded special interest groups.

First I would like to tell you a little about myself.

My story is probably different than what many of you have experienced.  My parents were both teenagers when I was born with few skills and resources.  Struggling to make ends meet, my parents divorced.  There were many places I called home as a child, including living in a tent one summer picking fruit with the seasonal immigrant workers.  I also experienced living in a middle-eastern country and understand what the culture looks like first hand.

Clearly, the odds were not in my favor…  Nevertheless, I did have one critical circumstance on my side.  I was born an American.

Under the constitutional framework of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I had the same opportunity as any other American to achieve and, just as importantly, the incentive to achieve with the promise to retain what I have worked so hard for.

Relying on the Power much greater than myself, I joined the Army Reserves, attended college, and have enjoyed a blessed and successful life.  After graduate school I worked as a County Planner and then for American Tower Corporation.  Like many women, I was pulled between career and family…  and chose to stay home, raising my own children. Over the past year I have served as a monthly columnist for the St Cloud Times.

Which brings me to this point in my life of seeking the Republican Party endorsement for the Sixth Congressional District of Minnesota. We cannot bury our children in over $19 Trillion in debt. Please support me by being a delegate on March 1st.

To learn more about the issues and why I’m challenging Tom Emmer for the CD6 endorsement please visit, subscribe to the newsletter, and donate.

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