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Frey wins Minneapolis mayoral race

Jacob Frey is the next mayor of Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis City Council member emerged Wednesday from a crowded field of contenders as the winner of Tuesday’s election — a contest in which the city’s ranked-choice voting system added to the drama.

Under ranked-choice, since none of the Minneapolis candidates won a majority of votes in the initial count Tuesday night, election officials needed to continue moving through the ballots, counting voters’ secondary choices until one candidate snagged a majority. It left city residents hanging about the final results.

Frey had been leading in first-choice votes Tuesday night. By Wednesday afternoon, election officials said the tabulation of second- and third-choice results showed Frey the winner, defeating incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges, candidate Tom Hoch, state lawmaker Raymond Dehn and civil rights attorney Nekima Levy-Pounds.

After five rounds of tabulations, Frey and Dehn were the remaining candidates left in the process. Frey tallied 46,716 votes, Dehn came in at 34,971 out of a total of 104,522 votes cast, according to the unofficial results.

“I do think that people were looking for a fresh start right now,” Frey told MPR News Wednesday afternoon. “We have become a divided city … people were looking for a bridge builder.”

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Calls For Hodges Resignation

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges faces calls for resignation

 – Soon after calling for the resignation of the Minneapolis chief of police, Mayor Betsy Hodges was met with a similar demand.

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MN native Christopher Chamberlin running for governor in 2018

Minnesota Mayhem

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Minnesota About To BURN After Mob Of Somali Muslims Take Over Neighborhood And Force HELL On Women

By Prissy Holly

America is still in shock over the murder of Minneapolis resident Justine Damond, who called police after witnessing an assault in her neighborhood. Minutes after her 911 call was placed, Damond would be dead, after a Somali Muslim police officer turned off his body cam and shot her in cold blood through his police car window. As the liberal media works overtime to bury the story since it puts leftists’ precious Muslim refugees in a negative light, now a sickening story is surfacing about a disturbing incident that happened in Minneapolis several months ago, that was completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Minneapolis is rapidly becoming a Sharia swamp thanks to the liberal politicians who keep allowing Somali Muslims to invade the city at an alarming rate. Muslim migrants in the city have attempted to set up Sharia zones in the past, and once thriving American neighborhoods have now been completely transformed into cesspools of crime, as these migrants have completely taken over large sections of the community. Now Minneapolis residents in one of the only remaining white neighborhoods are being victimized and threatened with death, after the sickening thing that a mob of 30 Somali Muslims did during their Sharia patrol.

Local reports reveal that white woman was just minding her own business outside of her home when a mob of migrant males approached her and began screaming disparaging comments at her, threatening to rape and kill her. KSTP TV interviewed the victim, where she relayed her horror about the incident that transpired in her neighborhood.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap me and they were going to rape me,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

The unnamed woman wasn’t the only one targeted with a barrage of terroristic threats, as the mob made their way around the upscale neighborhood yelling comments at numerous homeowners, while driving their vehicles onto the sidewalks and lawns while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming.

Continue Reading: http://freedomdaily.com/minnesota-burn-mob-somali-muslims-take-neighborhood-force-hell-women/

Mpls Mayor Betsy Hodges Messages

Betsy Hodges-Facebook

Hey Betsy, Your political stupidity is no longer protected by the Obama White House so maybe you should stop talking!

In Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges State of the City address May 2017, she stated that the Muslim community is under attack from the highest levels of the federal government. (Um, we’re all under attack Miss Betsy!)

“We stand with our Muslim community, as President Trump singles them out for attack and unfairly-targeted policy,” she said during the speech. (Does having your house broke into by law enforcement and being incarcerated for 4 months with 8 years of probation and 6 years of returning to jail for a non-crime sound like being unfairly targeted?) Read-Deceptive Dakota County

She said she wanted to send a strong signal to the Muslim community that their Mayor and their city stands with them. (As for you MN citizens, you’re on your own!)

During the speech, the mayor said she heard from many Somali Minnesotans with large families who can’t find affordable housing. Hodges says the city is now transforming how it funds affordable housing in Minneapolis.

“This is our next horizon: everyone housed, stably housed, with a range of housing options for all incomes in all neighborhoods,” Hodges said. (Again, sorry suckers-veterans, disabled individuals, and those that have been born and raised here!)

“I want to thank the brave men and women of the MPD who put themselves on the line for us every day,” she said. “True public safety requires a collaboration between law enforcement and the community.”

Hodges says gun violence in the city must end and will. (Or maybe not when we militarize our local police force and control gun ownership of citizens)

“Anytime anyone shoots someone else with a gun in Minneapolis, it violates the values we hold as a people,” she said.

Mpls Mayor Betsy Hodges messages re: article on President Trump winning election and Officer Noor killing Justine Damond

Betsy Hodges November 9, 2016 

Betsy Hodges Facebook

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To those who awoke afraid and more vulnerable to a President who has pledged to attack you: I stand with you, your city stands with you, and we will find a way through. To my Muslim, Mexican, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ, low-income, of-color, women, Jewish, and other friends: you are not alone, I and all allies stand strong with you, we will create more and better allies, and we will find a path forward. Together.

To my fellow white people: we get to do a lot of work with one another. We have been surprised by our brothers and sisters who are so angry, scared, and confused that Donald Trump seemed like a solution to a problem. We cannot expect people of color to lead us out of this. We can’t expect blame, attack, and criticism to magically make people less angry, scared, or confused. We get to tackle our own confusions about one another and find a way forward. Together.

That is not an invitation to naiveté. People’s lives, livelihoods, safety, and well-being are at stake. We must continue, as always, to take a stand against what is coming, to fight for and with people against the meanness that is upon us. We must continue, as always, to stand for what is best in us as people – helping rather than hindering, inclusion rather than division.

The first order of business, however, is to grieve, to rage, to confess confusion, to shake with fear. Only when we let ourselves feel fully do we free our minds enough to think clearly about what is next. Then we get to remember that we have one another, we know how to organize, and we know how to stand up, dust off, and take the next step. Together.

This is how Minneapolis is strong. We come together. I believe in us.

Betsy Hodges Facebook Post on 7/19/2017 Yesterday at 2:57pm · Minneapolis 

To the Somali community: I want you to know that you are a valued and appreciated part of Minneapolis. I stand with you and support you. The strength and beauty of the Somali and East African communities are a vital part of what makes Minneapolis so strong and beautiful. I am grateful to be your neighbor.

This week a Somali police officer, Officer Mohamed Noor, shot and killed a woman under circumstances we don’t yet comprehend. Justine Damond’s death was tragic and awful for… everyone. And I want to be very clear that Officer Noor, a fully trained officer in the Minneapolis Police Department, won’t be treated differently than any other officer.

Justine’s death is a tragedy for our city. We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person. That will not be tolerated in Minneapolis. If you are experiencing discrimination, you can file a complaint at http://www.minneapolismn.gov/civil…/discrimination-complaint


Mayor Hodges is reassuring Muslims and warning against “Islamophobia,” as if a non-Muslim police officer had shot an unarmed Muslim woman. But that’s not what happened. And in issuing this warning, Hodges is only reinforcing the false premises that led to the killing of Justine Damond in the first place: the idea that Muslims are a victimized, persecuted community that needs special consideration, such that an incompetent Muslim police officer had to be hired. This just ensures that in the future, there will be more Justine Damonds.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies). Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

Image result for strong cities networkIn September, 2015, at the United Nations, Attorney General Lynch announced that the United States is going to implement a new program called the Strong Cities Network.” (The first global network of mayors, municipal-level policy makers and practitioners united in building social cohesion and community resilience against violent extremism in all its forms. The global network is currently made up of more than 85 cities, with membership set to grow to around 200 by the end of 2017. Minneapolis has already joined the Strong Cities Nietwork).

This program is one of the most powerful and frightening threats to American freedom ever conceived.

In fact, I believe the enforcement of the Strong Cities Network is high treason to the Constitution of the Unites States!

Lynch makes the Strong Cities Network sound like a plan to help cities prepare to defend themselves against radical Islamic terrorist.

She said the Strong Cities Network is a plan for cities to join hands with others around the world to assure “extremism” is kept in check.

The truth is, the Strong Cities Network is the brainchild of a UN organization called the Institute for Strategic Dialog (ISD).

But according to the ISD, the target is what they call “Far Right Extremism.” In fact, the ISD actually thinks “Far Right Extremism” is actually a threat to Islam!

And what do they mean by “Far Right Extremism?”

The ISD, and now Attorney General Lynch (representing the government of the United States) are “alarmed” about Conservative opposition to illegal immigration and our opposition to the nation being flooded with radical Islamists.

They call that “Far Right Extremism” and a ”threat to world peace.”

Do you oppose illegal immigration?

Do you oppose the invasion of radical Islam into our country?

Do you oppose the enforcement of Sharia Law in the United States?

Then you are a direct target of the Strong Cities Network.

Some now believe that this Obama-backed program will result in a United Nations police force on American soil.

I don’t know if that will happen. But I do know that at this very minute, the Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC) is conducting training seminars for our local police forces to teach them about how to combat Domestic Terrorism.

In 2010, The SPLC issued a report entitled “Rage on the Right: The Year in Hate and Extremism.” What did they describe as acts of hate and extremism?

Opposition to Obamacare. Opposition to illegal immigration. Opposition to abortion. Opposition to gun control. Opposition to big government.

And the Southern Poverty Law Center has contracts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to define and target extremists.

Apparently the SPLC’s brand of extremism doesn’t include beheadings; burning people alive’ drowning them in a cage as they are slowly lowered into a pool; or targeting people of specific religions, such as Christians.

No – people like you are considered much more dangerous than radical Islamist terrorist, according to Loretta Lynch and the Strong Cities Network.

Do you understand? The Strong Cities Network is Obama’s response to your opposition to his policies.

The Strong Cities Network is designed to be a blockade around you!

That’s why I call it treason. Treason to the Constitution. Treason to every right and freedom America has ever stood for. It must be stopped now, before it can be fully implemented.

If you think this is simply a hollow alarm or a conspiracy theory, let me tell you, the American cities of New York, Denver, Atlanta and Minneapolis have already joined the Strong Cities Network. That means millions of Americans are already under its direct threat.

We cannot let this threat grow. It must be stopped.

That’s why it is urgent that you sign the attached petition to House Speaker Ryan to demand that he take immediate action to stop this monster now, before it can gain a foothold across the nation – before there are UN police patrolling our streets.

You may think that signing such a petition does no good. But I assure you that if thousands of Americans suddenly demand action – that demand is heard.

APC was able to get the SPLC to back down when it labeled Dr. Ben Carson an extremist. We did it by making a major protest.

APC has led the fight to get over 150 cities to drop their memberships in the UN group ICLEI, as it attempted to enforce Agenda 21 on them. In fact, the head of ICLEI USA reported that he is terrified of our movement because we made their very name political poison and they can’t get new American cities to join them!

With enough protest now, we can get those same cities to fight enforcement of the Strong Cities Network.

That’s what we can accomplish if we fight!

If we do nothing, then we will see our freedoms destroyed under this tyranny.

Please don’t let that happen. Please sign your petition to Speaker Ryan to demand that he take action to stop the Strong Cities Network.

We can win this fight.

And please, help me and APC lead this fight by supporting APC with your dollars. Your financial support is the only way I have to fund this effort. APC is effective. APC is a leader in the fight for freedom.

Together you and I can and we will stop the Strong Cities Network.

Click here to sign our petition to stop the Strong Cities Network

Thank you,