August 01, 2016  Sandra Grazzini-Rucki story/The Fix.   Podcasts: Archived programs

 August 01, 2016  Sandra Grazzini-Rucki story/The Fix


Minnesota Exposed: “Tough on Crime” but Silent on Abuse (Grazzini-Rucki Case Update)

I’m the toughest on crime that ever lived, I make Elliott Ness look like nothing.  I think for some reason the authoritiehave dropped the ball on this case.” – per Ron Rosenbaum (Holding Court Podcast Thu, 22 October 2015) claims he is paraphrasing James Backstrom.

County Attorney James C. Backstrom

The Lakeville police have mishandled the investigation of the missing Rucki sisters – worked to cover up child abuse, and tainted the investigation with bias and misinformation. Innocent children are being punished for the actions of an abuser, and those who are charged with protecting them have failed to keep them safe.

 Ongoing Child Abuse Cover Up 

From the beginning, the Lakeville Police have failed to protect those victimized by David Rucki – Sandra and the children, the neighbors, and the public. Had the Lakeville Police properly intervened, the escalating behavior could have been prevented, and the children could have been spared the abuse they have suffered (and continue to suffer.)



Laura Miles GAL Coordinator

The Lakeville police are aware of multiple abuse allegations concerning the Rucki sisters made before their disappearance. NONE of these allegations were ever investigated by the police. The sisters had also attempted to run away in Sept. 2012, again because they did not feel safe.

The Rucki sisters also reported  abuse to numerous professionals, doctors, therapists, friends – and each time the family court professionals, under the jurisdiction of Judge Knutson, ignored or dismissed their cries for help. Even after being “recovered”, the Rucki sisters again stated to anyone who would listen, that they were afraid of their father, David Rucki, that he had abused them, and that they would run away if returned to his care. Instead of listening to their cries for help, the police and court system have chosen to listen to the abuser.

Judge David Knutson

Judge David Knutson


Dr. Paul Reitman, Clinical Psychologist


Julie Friedrich, GAL

 Rogue Drone – Detective Jim Dronnen Erases Report of OFP Violation

Image from

Image from

Det. Jim Dronen should have never been assigned to this case because of his past involvement with David Rucki.

In 2011, Det. Dronnen handled a case where Rucki was charged with an OFP violation. Dronnen had the charge not only dismissed but wiped completely off MNCIS.

Lakeville Appoints Det. Dronen to “Most Bizarre” Case

Det. Jim Dronnen began working on the case in 2014, and bragged that “the Rucki case was virtually the only one he worked on”. How is this possible? What about the violent crimes, unsolved cases and other threats to public safety? How can the Lakeville police direct one investigator to this case – and yet also fail to issue an Amber Alert or fail to do a local search for the missing sisters?

The Lakeville police also failed to contact Trish Van Pilsum, who interviewed the the girls for a story after they had run away. There was a crucial period of time to gather information that was totally ignored. Yet, at a later date, the Lakeville police had multiple conversations with Brandon Stahl and Michael Brodkorb of the Star Tribune…after the girls were missing for almost 2 years! What is the difference? The Star Tribune had aligned with the Lakeville police in covering up abuse, while Van Pilsum was exposing it.

The Lakeville police had mishandled previous reports of abuse made in connection to David Rucki, and needed to keep the allegations silent to avoid responsibility for their role in the escalating conflicts. In order for this cover-up to be successful, one party must be targeted a scapegoat. 

Just A “Very Sad Case…(of a) Nasty Divorce” or a High Profile Case for Lakeville?

Instead of correctly naming, and investigating the abuse, the Lakeville police have begun a disinfo campaign to say this case is really just a “high conflict” divorce issue.

Lakeville Police Chief Jeff Long says this case “is one of the most ‘bizarre’ cases he has seen throughout his 29-year career..” Keep in mind that Chief Long has investigated murder, rape and other serious crimes.. and yet we are to believe this is “the most bizarre”? 

The Lakeville police ignored the history of abuse, ignored documentation of abuse , and ignored the reason the Rucki sisters ran away. They stated they did not want to live in the care of paternal aunt Tammy Love, which is in itself may be an indicator of abuse. 

If the sisters did not run away due to abuse, what led up to this? According to Detective Dronnen,of the Lakeville Police Dept. “This is a very sad case that just shows how nasty divorce can be…When you have people that are just working so hard to win, it can just make things really, really nasty and there’s really no winners.” 

The police listened with a sympathetic ear to David complain about suing Sandra for the money in her family trust. What does that have to do with the missing Rucki sisters?





Millionaire David Rucki then used money from the Wetterling Foundation to pay for all expenses for the Rucki sisters to be shipped, with a retired security officer so they would not run away again, on a plane to California for “intense therapy lasting 6-8 hours a day” to “de-program” the girls in a treatment facility, transcripts state, which was used by the Feds on numerous occasions.

David confided to an officer that “the MN Attorney General’s Office was conducting an investigation which involved the two missing girls in this case.”  According to David Rucki, the Attorney General’s Office is now involved in a missing persons case? 

The Lakeville police also utilized the resources of the BCA to collect DNA samples on the sisters as well as dental records. 

Why all of this effort? I would argue that Lakeville’s interest in this case was not so much in finding the Rucki sisters, but had to do more with this being a high-profile case that would increase the prestige of the police department. 

 A Pat on the Back for the Good ‘Ole Boys

IN 2015, Det. Dronnen was named officer of the year. And Det. Dronnen recently received a Medal of Commendation related to his work on the Rucki case (May 2016) . Mayor Matt Little personally praised him, saying, “If you continue to receive all that pressure, we’ve got your back and we’ll support you for the whole way.” Det. Dronnen is given one of the highest awards for law enforcement service, usually reserved for those who risk their lives in the line of duty, for one case that was supplemented with help from the Star Tribune?

If this is not a Red Herring Alert, I don’t know what one is! Stay tuned for updates on the Grazzini-Rucki case… 

Additional Sources:

Charges Filed Following Discovery of Missing Rucki Sisters

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Did 20/20 manipulate the Rucki story to hide abuse? (Michael Volpe)

(2011) Judge Knutson Orders Reunification Therapy with David Rucki and Children, while HRO in place

Lakeville detective receives medal of commendation

RĒ TALLY Ā SHEE ŌNN? (Det Dronnen)

Las Vegas Judge Has Defense Attorney Handcuffed During Trial to “Teach Her a Lesson”


Las Vegas Justice Peace Judge Hafen

On Monday, Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen ordered Deputy Public Defender Zohra Bakhtary to be handcuffed and placed within the area where defendants that are in custody normally are seated in the Las Vegas Justice Court. According to the judge she had violated “courtroom decorum” by speaking after he had told her to “be quiet.” (Transcript included below.)

Later he explained to the Las Vegas Review Journalin a phone interview:

“There’s been a progression of steps in the courtroom where I’ve tried to let her know it’s not proper decorum for her to continue to talk over me or interrupt me after she’s already made her argument,” he said. “Once an argument is made, then you have to allow the judge to respond, so there’s a clear record, and you shouldn’t be interrupting the judge as the judge is making a ruling. … I’ve been trying to work with her. And today it just spilled over to where I thought, ‘Well, clearly she’s not understanding what I’m trying to tell her.’ ”

However, according to Bakhtary, she was simply trying to properly defend her client and the judge wouldn’t listen to her argument. (Once again, via the Las Vegas Review Journal.)

“It all happened so fast,” she told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday, a day after Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen ordered her placed into custody.

Hafen Bakhtary Transcript Las VegasShe was left to sit silently, alongside inmates, while her client was sent to jail for six months.

Moments earlier, Hafen told Zohra Bakhtary to “be quiet,” as she tried to argue that a man facing larceny charges should not be thrown behind bars. After Bakhtary tried to speak, the judge asked her if she wanted to be found in contempt.

“I was not trying to argue with the court,” Bakhtary said. “I was just trying to calm the situation down. I was never allowed to speak. I was never given the opportunity to respond to his question. Had I been given the chance to actually respond, it would have been, ‘Absolutely not…’”

“Every day I zealously represent my clients,” Bakhtary wrote in a statement to the newspaper. “Every individual who goes through our criminal justice system has a constitutional right to effective assistance of counsel. It is a frightening day when a lawyer is locked up for fighting on behalf of her clients and their rights. That is precisely what I was doing, my job. I was placed in handcuffs for attempting to speak on behalf of my client … I have a great deal of respect for our judiciary. I did not act unprofessionally. I simply wanted the Court to listen to my argument and consider it before remanding my client for a 180 day jail sentence. The Court’s constitutional duty is to listen to arguments, not silence them.”

Continue Reading:


I think Judge Hafen might have taken some training from Dakota County Judge David Knutson (Click on link below)

Michelle MacDonald

Attorney Michelle MacDonald

Judge David L Knutson Orchestrates Illegal Arrest of Attorney

Did 20/20 manipulate the Rucki story to hide abuse?

by Michael VolpeApr 14, 2016

“20/20” ran a program entitled “Footprints in the Snow” about the disappearance in April 2013 of Samantha and Gianna Rucki; Did they tell the whole story.

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2016 – A recent ABC “20/20” report on a bitter custody battle that led to the disappearance of two Lakeville, Minnesota girls for more than two years may have ignored critical facts.

On April 8, 2016, “20/20” ran a program entitled “Footprints in the Snow” about the disappearance in April 2013 of Samantha and Gianna Rucki, who ran away from home during a bitter custody dispute, leaving nothing but footprints in the snow.

The show hinged on claims by the parents. The mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, said she was abused by her ex-husband, David Rucki. David Rucki, on the other hand, said she made up the allegations and brainwashed their children into believing her, which he called parental alienation.

In the critical scene of the program, Elizabeth Vargas, the show’s host, asked Sandra to provide proof of abuse during their marriage saying: “I’m asking for any of the documentation you assured us existed and we can find none of it.”

Sandra’s attorney, Michelle MacDonald, went back to her office, where producers rummaged through several thousand papers and then proclaimed, “In more than 20 boxes we didn’t find a single piece of paper or photo to provide that any physical abuse existed.”

But this appears to twist what MacDonald provided them.

According to a 42-page document provided by MacDonald to “20/20,” there was a litany of evidence of abuse including an affidavit, criminal charges and convictions, and numerous incident reports made by Sandra.

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Michelle MacDonald’s Civil Rights Attorney on The Long Version

Feb. 24, 2016  The Long Version of Tayari Garrett, because She Should Be Celebrated, not Vilified.


Criminal Complaint Against Corrupt Dakota Co. Attorneys

Re-blogged from Lion News

Lion News is a local grassroots media outlet. Lion News focuses in on local corruption.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Criminal Complaint Against Corrupt Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz & Kathryn Keena For Illegally Withholding Readily Available, Free, Electronic, Public Data & Discovery For Rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State Of Minnesota VS Deirdre Elise “Dede” Evavold? Dede Was Sent A Fraudulent Bill For $210.00, Wasn’t She? She Was, Wasn’t She? Dede Is The Victim, Isn’t She? She Is, Isn’t She? 02-22-16 Update: Corrupt Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility Board Acknowledges Reciept Of Dede’s Complaint?

Bryan Schafer, Chief of Police                 February 21, 2016
101 4th Street East
Hastings, MN 55033
Phone: (651) 480-2306

Emailed on 02-19-16 to:

Re: Criminal complaint against Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz and Kathryn Keena for illegally withholding readily available, free, electronic, data.

This is my criminal complaint against Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz and Kathryn Keena for illegally withholding readily available, free, electronic, data in violation of the Minnesota Government data practice act (Chapter 13.09) and criminal misconduct of a public official (Chapter 609.43(1)).

On December 12,2015 I emailed my data request and discovery request (see attached) to Carol Renn, Dakota Co. Court Administrator and Philip Prokopowicz, Dakota Co. Chief deputy assistant attorney. I requested that the following readily available, free electronic, public documents be emailed to me: the Dakota county’s Sheriff’s dept’s 2015 Lexipol policy and procedure manual; the 2015 Lexipol custody manual; the 2015 prisoner handbook; the 2015 Dakota county personnel handbook; the 2015 Dakota County data practice manual; the Licensing and Service Quote, Master Software License Agreement, Vendor Questions, Public Safety Software System Recommendation Report and proposals for the the following Dakota county software vendors: Tritech and BCA for eCharging and my discovery for 19HA-CR-15-4227. Prokopowicz willfully refused to respond. Not only that, Renn willfully refused to register my discovery request in my rigged case. On December 30, 2016 I emailed a notice of non-compliance (See attached). Both Renn and Prokopowicz willfully refused to respond. Now I have proof that my case is being rigged, don’t I? I do, don’t I My case is being rigged  so I will automatically be found guilty, isn’t it? It is, isn’t it?

This is especially damning for the reputation of the rigged court since one of rigged court’s documents (See attached) that I received clearly indicated that Dakota Co. is mandate to eFiling. The whole purpose of submitting my December 30, 2015 data request/discovery request was to have my evidence and public data to prepare for my first appearance on January 11, 2016. Neither Dakota Co. judicial officer Karen Asphuaug, Dakota Co. Court Administrator Carol Renn, Dakota Co. Attorney James Backstrom, Dakota Co. Chief deputy assistant co. attorney Philip Prokopowicz nor Assistant Dakota Co. attorney Kathryn Keena wanted me to be prepared for my rigged first appearance, did they? They didn’t, did they?

Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State of Minnesota vs Deirdre Elise Evavold 01/11/2016    First Appearance (9:00am) (Judicial officer, Asphaug, Karen) 01/11/2016 Waiver of Time Requirement for Hearing
02/02/2016 Demand/Request for Discovery  Doc ID# 5
03/07/2016 Omnibus Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Asphaug, Karen)

At my first appearance on January 11, 2016 Assistant Dakota Co. attorney Kathryn Keena neither handed me my discovery nor did she hand me my readily available, free, electronic, pubic data before or after the rigged hearing. It was clear that to me that the the whole purpose of this malicious scam was to force me to plead guilty without ever seeing my evidence nor my  my readily available, free, electronic, pubic data.

Foolishly, on February 2, 2016 I faxed a discovery request to Renn and Keena. I say foolishly since instead of receiving my readily available, free, electronic, pubic data and my discovery I received a fraudulent bill (See attached) in the mail for $210.00. First of all, there is no law that requires Page 1 of 4

Backstrom to charge me anything for my readily available, free, electronic, pubic data nor my discovery. Second, there is a law that requires Backstrom to give (email) me a free electronic copy of their data practice manual. Third, there is a law that requires Backstrom to justify his fraudulent bill. Fourth there is a law that prohibits Backstrom from mailing fraudulent bills. Fifth, there is a law that limits Backstrom charge for any data to me to actual costs. (Actual costs for a CD is only (2) two cents – not $15.00, right? Plus, (6) six CD can fit onto one (1) DVD, right?) Apparently, Backstrom thinks and acts like he is above the law since he has willfully refused to justify his fraudulent bill and willfully refused to provide proof that he is in compliance with the data practice laws. Instead, Backstrom just had  his minion, Keena, send me another harassing letter. I have no confidence that I will receive a fair trial. I have a reasonable suspicion that rigging court cases is standard operating procedure in Dakota County. The real victim is the person who is on trial. There is no justice in Dakota County, is there? That must be why Samantha and Gianna Rucki ran away, huh? The only reason I am filing this legitimate criminal complaint is to prove that the Hasting Police department is just a much of a joke and the corrupt Dakota Co. attorney’s office and the corrupt Dakota Co. Court.

Deirdre “Dede” Evavold
3015 30th St. Ct. S.
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-293-6233

Trial-by-ambush can be very effective if you are are the party with all the aces up your sleeve, but many worthy persons believe justice suffers in the process. George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West: 2007). page 144.

“We have held that when the State suppresses or fails to disclose material exculpatory evidence, the good or bad faith of the prosecution is irrelevant: a due process violation occurs whenever such evidence is withheld.” Illinois v. Fisher.² 2. 540 U.S. 544, 547, 124 S.Ct. 1200, 1202 (2004). George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook, Page 145.

Effective July 1, 2015, attorneys, government agencies, and guardians ad litem are now required to electronically file and serve documents in all court cases filed in the 11 eCourtMN pilot counties. This includes all cases filed in Cass, Clay, Cook, Dakota, Faribault, Hennepin, Kandiyohi, Lake, Morrison, Ramsey, and Washington counties. eFiling now mandatory for attorneys, agencies, GALs in 11 pilot counties, effective July 1 Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Subd. 4. Availability. The responsible authority shall make copies of the policies required under subdivisions 2 and 3 easily available to the public by distributing free copies to the public or by posting the policies in a conspicuous place within the government entity that is easily accessible to the public or by posting it on the government entity’s Web site. 13.025 GOVERNMENT ENTITY OBLIGATION.

(d) … Any fee charged must be clearly demonstrated by the government entity to relate to the actual development costs of the information. The responsible authority, upon the request of any person, shall provide sufficient documentation to explain and justify the fee being charged. 13.03 ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT DATA.

Copy Costs Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, allows, but does not require, government entities to charge for copies of government data

If we have the data, but the data are confidential or private data that are not about you, we will notify you within 10 business days and state which specific law says you cannot access the data. Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects – If your entity adopts this model policy, it must notify the Commissioner of Administration per Minnesota Statutes, section 13.073, subd. 6. Please use the notification information at the end of this model policy. Page 4

In situations in which the requester clearly identifies the data sought, and the data exist (other than the compilation of the policy letters), the only thing that seems to be required of the government entity, in order to meet its statutory obligation, is to photocopy the data and provide it to the requester. A response five weeks later is neither prompt nor reasonable. Although the Department did not provide information about its data practices policies and procedures, in instances like this one, those procedures ought to provide for a response within a matter of days, not weeks.

We will provide electronic copies (such as email or CD-ROM) upon request if we keep the data in electronic format. Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects – If your entity adopts this model policy, it must notify the Commissioner of Administration per Minnesota Statutes, section 13.073, subd. 6. Page 5  Actual Cost – These can be included: Cost of media (paper, CD ROMs, DVDs, etc.) … Entities cannot charge search for and retrieval time when the requestor is the data subject.

Notice to Commissioner of Administration: Adoption of Model Policies [Name of entity] has adopted the Commissioner’s Model Policy for the Public and Model Policy for Data Subjects. This notice to the Commissioner satisfies [name of entity]’s obligation under Minnesota Statutes, section 13.073, subdivision 6. . Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects – If your entity adopts this model policy, it must notify the Commissioner of Administration per Minnesota Statutes, section 13.073, subd. 6. Page 10

Mail fraud. The use of the mails to defraud is a federal offense requiring the government to prove a knowing use of the mail to execute the fraudulent scheme. U.S. v. Dondich (C.A. Cal.), 506 F.2d 1009. Elements of “mail fraud” are a scheme to defraud and the mailing of a letter for the purpose of executing the scheme. U.S. v. Scoblick, D.C. Pa.,  124 F.Supp. 881, 887. Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition, page 858.

Using mail to to defraud.  The elements of this offense are the formation of a scheme or artifice to defraud, and use of mails for the purpose of executing or attempting to execute such a scheme or artifice; the later element being the gist of the of the offense. 18 U.S.C.A. 1341. Stryker v. United States, C.C.A.Colo., 95 F.2d 601, 604, 605. The crime complete when mails are used in such scheme, and what happened subsequently is not controlling. United States v. Ames D.C.N.Y., 39 F. Supp. 885, 886. Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition, page 1383.

Willful. Proceeding from a conscious motion of the will; voluntary. Intending the result which actually comes to pass; designed; intentional; not accidental or involuntary. Black’s Law Dictionary. 5th Ed..  Page 1434.

13.09 PENALTIES. (a) Any person who willfully violates the provisions of this chapter or any rules adopted under this chapter or whose conduct constitutes the knowing unauthorized acquisition of not Page 3 of 4

public data, as defined in section 13.055, subdivision 1, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (b) Willful violation of this chapter, including any action subject to a criminal penalty under paragraph (a), by any public employee constitutes just cause for suspension without pay or dismissal of the public employee.  609.43 MISCONDUCT OF PUBLIC OFFICER OR EMPLOYEE. A public officer or employee who does any of the following, for which no other sentence is specifically provided by law, may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year or to payment of a fine of not more than $3,000, or both: (1) intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law; or Page 4 of 4

02-22-16 Update:

From: Burns, Pat []
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 7:11 AM
Subject: complaint against Dakota County Attorneys

Ms. Evavold,
Mr. Hird has forwarded to us your complaint against several Dakota County Attorneys.  We will review that complaint to determine whether to investigate.  For future reference, complaints against attorneys should be sent directly to this office rather than to individual members of the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board.  Complaints may either be mailed to us or submitted via our web site:

Patrick R. Burns
First Assistant Director/Acting Director
Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility
1500 Landmark Towers
345 Saint Peter Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

My email to “Special Star Tribune Correspondent” Michael Brodkorb:

from:    Lion News
date:    Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 7:41 PM
subject:    News Flash: Dede Evavold files criminal complaint against corrupt Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz & Kathryn Keena?

Michael Brodkord, Special Correspondent with Star Tribune (612) 234-7154:

Just so you know, Dede Evavold filed a criminal complaint against your favorite corrupt Dakota Co. attorneys James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz & Kathryn Keena on Sunday, February 21, 2016. Did you get a secret decoder ring with your title of “special correspondent”? Inquiring minds want to know, don’t they?

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

P.S. I’ve successfully thrown monkey wrenches into more than one felony case, haven’t I?

Criminal Complaint Against Corrupt Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz & Kathryn Keena For Illegally Withholding Readily Available, Free, Electronic, Public Data & Discovery For Rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State Of Minnesota VS Deirdre Elise “Dede” Evavold? Dede Was Sent A Fraudulent Bill For $210.00, Wasn’t She? She Was, Wasn’t She? Dede Is The Victim, Isn’t She? She Is, Isn’t She?

More to come . . .

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s Attorney On Air With Fletcher Long

Attorney Michelle MacDonald Speaks with Disbarred Attorney Fletcher Long on WJZM – Clarksville, Tennessee


Michelle MacDonald

WJZM The Long Version Podcast  Posted: February 11, 2016 |

The Long Version

The Long Version with Fletcher Long
Weekdays 9-11

Attorney Fletcher Long disbarred

A criminal defense attorney found guilty of a criminal offense has had his law license yanked by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

It’s an expected move given attorney Fletcher Long and another attorney, Carrie Gasaway, were convicted of extortion in Clarksville just four months ago. They agreed to forfeit their law licenses in exchange for a sentence of probation instead of prison.

You know Long’s name because of the work he’s done in high-profile cases in Tennessee: He defended Brandon Vandenburg, one of four former Vanderbilt University football players accused of rape; the so-called Wooded Rapist, who was connected to as many as 13 victims; and one of the Memphis men accused of killing Holly Bobo, whose partial remains were found three years after she disappeared.

Long declined to comment, saying via text message he was excited about his new gig: a radio talk show.

A release from the Board of Professional Responsibility, which regulates and investigates attorney misconduct, said Long consented to the disbarment. It also says there were five other complaints pending before the BPR with similar allegations.

Gasaway is still going through the disciplinary process in regards to her law license.

Reach Stacey Barchenger at 615-726-8968 and on Twitter @sbarchenger