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Paycheck and Pension

Longtime Stearns judge Landwehr to retire in September

Retirement in the judicial branch is really not retirement. There are currently 91 “retired” judges in MN that are practicing statewide as “senior judges”.

What are senior judges? Retired judges who are temporarily serving as judges.  Judges can retire, receive their pension and continue to get paid by taxpayers.

Double dippers: Senior judges’ combined compensation costs taxpayers millions

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Image result for courthouse news serviceRetired Judges Fight for Right to Double Dip

ALBANY, N.Y. (CN) – New York is cracking down on double-dipping — the practice by which state judges collect both pensions and salaries after they hit retirement age — but the Court of Appeals focused Tuesday on whether putting retirees to work is actually cost-effective.

Arguing for the retired judges challenging the scheme, attorney Robert Spolzino noted that the state faces a new cost in trying to avoid paying his clients a salary.

Every time the state takes a judge off a case because they start collecting a pension, he said, the state begins paying into the pension of a new judge earning the same salary.

Meanwhile retired judges are “not getting anything extra by what they’re doing,” said Spolzino, of the firm Wilson Elser Modkowitz Edelman & Dicker.

“They are being paid for work they’re doing going forward,” he added.

Lee Adlerstein, an attorney for New York’s Administrative Board of the Courts, countered this position. Some retired judges pull in more than $250,000 a year between their fill-in salaries and their retirement pensions, he noted.

One of the jurists presiding over this afternoon’s appeal emphasized that the case will have far-reaching effects.

“It is relatively common,” Judge Eugene Fahey said of double dipping, noting  that he himself has heard of a number of judges fit the bill.

“So the question is then,” Fahey added, “it’s not the legality of the action but the criteria [used to limit it].”

New York judges must retire at age 70, but a provision in state judicial law allows retirees of the Supreme Court system to fill in as needed until age 76. In most states, a supreme court represents the highest tribunal, but the name is used in New York to designate trial courts for each of the 62 counties.

According to data from the fiscally conservative Empire Center for Public Policy, more than 500 people in New York sought and received permission to collect public pensions between 2015 and May 2016 while working for state or local government positions.

“These waivers are supposed to be used as temporary solutions for the rare instances when a retiree is the only person available and qualified to do a job,” Empire Center Executive Director Tim Hoefer said in a statement.

Taxpayers “have a good reason to question why they’re paying someone twice,” he added.

Retired justices who want to continue must seek recertification every two years from New York’s Administrative Board of the Courts, which evaluates for mental and physical fitness. When the state changed the rules in 2013, however, judges learned that they had to choose between staying on the bench of collecting pensions.

After the new policy went into effect, retired Judges Gerald Loehr, J. Emmett Murphy and William Miller filed suit. Case documents show that Loehr is entitled to a $66,000 annual pension, while Murphy and Miller receive a $91,300 and $89,000 yearly pension, respectively.

Their case hit the state’s highest court this afternoon after a three-judge panel in the Appellate Division found the new rules against double-dipping unconstitutional.

Court of Appeals Judge Jenny Rivera suggested today the rule might be overbroad.

“In this case, you just have a blanket rule that is ignoring the qualifications of the individual,” she said.

Rivera questioned Adlerstein why the state failed to define what was necessary in the board’s stated goal of “expediting the business of the court system.”

“Is there no line in the sand?” she asked. “Is it whatever the board says is necessary?”

Adlerstein argued that judges have no constitutional right to both a judge’s salary and a judge’s pension simultaneously.

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore did not appear to take part in this afternoon’s hearing with the other six judges on the Court of Appeals. How the  court will rule is still unclear. Some of the judges noted that the rule change costs the retired justices nothing: While retired judges serve on the bench, their pensions are merely suspended not revoked.

“No one is taking your pension away,” Judge Michael Garcia said.

Another key issue is whether judges have a right to be certificated. Spolzino said that there is no right to certification but that judges have a right to be considered for certification. “That is what this case is about,” he said.

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Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota

Retirement Benefits
What is Combined Service?

Combined service can provide you with benefits for public service under more than one retirement program. However, you must have at least six months of service with each fund to qualify. For many PERA members, this is service under the Police & Fire, Coordinated, Basic, or Correctional plans, as well as the Minneapolis Employees Retirement Fund division of the Association. In addition to PERA’s defined benefit plans, it can also be public service covered by any of the retirement funds listed below:

  • Minnesota State Retirement System:
    – General Plan
    – Correctional Employees Retirement Plan
    – State Patrol Retirement Fund
    – Unclassified Employees Retirement Plan
    – Judges’ Retirement Fund
    – Legislators’ Retirement Plan
    – Elective State Officers’ Retirement Plan
  • Teachers Retirement Association
  • St. Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association
  • Duluth Teachers Retirement Fund Association (recently consolidated with Teachers Retirement Association)


August 01, 2016  Sandra Grazzini-Rucki story/The Fix.   Podcasts: Archived programs

 August 01, 2016  Sandra Grazzini-Rucki story/The Fix


More on Sandra Grazzini Rucki’s Guilty Verdict


From Michael Volpe:

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was found guilty of hiding her daughters from their father. The decision came after the judge disallowed the majority of her defense’s evidence.



What’s interesting about this audio is that the St. Cloud PD promptly provided me with my readily available, free, electronic public data but Lakeville had the City Attorney tell me that “the data supporting a search warrant is criminal investigation data which is confidential or protected nonpublic data which the City cannot release, until the investigation becomes inactive.”

One of the ways an investigation becomes inactive is upon a decision by the agency or appropriate prosecutorial authority not to pursue the case. (That would seem to be appropriate to stop the continued harassment and misuse of public funds!)

The Lakeville City Attorney Roger Knutson also indicated that the City does not have a department policy on search  warrants.

I then received a fraudulent bill for $210 from Dakota County Attorney Kathryn Keena instead of emailing me my free electronic public and private data. They were put on notice in December of 2015 that I requested my discovery and public data and they willfully refused to comply. That violates the MN Data Practice Law (Minn. Stat. § 13.09 and 609.43) and the law is the law!

The names of the officials present (Note that Detective Dronen indicated there were a couple US Marshals with them executing the search warrant but the list provided by Lakeville PD lists only one).

Detective Jim Dronen
Detective Kelli Coughlin
Detective Dave Watson
Detective Rick Hakanson
Detective Russ Helmueller
Inspector Matt Moran-US Marshals Service
Officer Eric Jensen-St. Cloud Police Department

Search Warrant Below (Click on documents to zoom-in) 

Search Warrant DESearch Warrant DE1Receipt

Below is the reimbursement I received for the damage done to my door when they conducted the “no-knock” search warrant at my home.



Most, If Not All, Police Agencies Destroy or Conceal Exculpatory Evidence, When Their Officers Abuse Civilians and Procure Their Bogus Criminal Prosecutions. Jerry L. Steering

I have contacted officials numerous times to request my evidence. On April 19th, 2016 I contacted Dakota Co.Data Compliance officials and received the information below the day after I made recorded phone calls to them.

From: Dede [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 11:57 AM
To: Miller, Justin; Joosten, Cindi; Long, Jeffrey
Subject: Harassment over Chapter 13 data request/Discovery request for rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State of Minn.
VS Deirdre Elise "Dede" Evavold

Justin Miller, City Administrator (952) 985-4403

You wouldn't mind helping be prove that I am a victim of a corrupt Dakota County court, would you? Why is corrupt police chiefJeff Long sending me harassing emails and hanging up the phone on me?

 Dede Evavold

Subject: RE: 2016-04-05 Data Request
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 14:13:23 +0000   

Dede Evavold,
In response to your 4/5/2016 data request
The signed LOGIS Joint Powers agreement is attached.
The City of Lakeville does not have a contract with TriTech.
The requested document does not exist.
The City of Lakeville does not maintain copies of LOGIS’s documents.
The TriTech selection report is attached.  There is such document for Cisco.
City of Lakeville personnel appointed as director and alternate director to the LOGIS board of directors are listed below.

Justin Miller 20195 Holyoke Ave Lakeville, MN  55044
Allyn Kuennen 952-985-4402 20195 Holyoke Ave Lakeville, MN  55044
The signed resolution appointing a director and alternate director to the LOGIS board of directors is attached. The City of Lakeville master joint powers agreement and the court amendment are attached. 

Diane Bastyr 
Mike Garris,LOGIS Executive Director/Data Practices Compliance Official also provided information via email the same day.


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Criminal Complaint Against Corrupt Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz & Kathryn Keena For Illegally Withholding Readily Available, Free, Electronic, Public Data & Discovery For Rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State Of Minnesota VS Deirdre Elise “Dede” Evavold?

UPDATE FOR: Criminal Complaint Against Corrupt Dakota Co. Attorneys: James Backstrom, Philip Prokopowicz & Kathryn Keena For Illegally Withholding Readily Available, Free, Electronic, Public Data & Discovery For Rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State Of Minnesota VS Deirdre Elise “Dede” Evavold? Corrupt City Of Hastings Police Chief Bryan Schafer Forced To Respond To Data Request? Character Assassination By Star Tribune’s So-Called “Special Correspondent” Michael “Dr. Quack” Brodkorb & So-Called Officer Of The Court Ronald S. Rosenbaum Lawyer License No: 0163478? Brodkorb & Rosenbaum Are Dakota Co’s Unofficial “Hatchet Men,” Aren’t They? They Are, Aren’t They? Star Tribune’s Media Blackout On High-Profile Sandra Grazzini Rucki’s Sudden & Mysterious Release From Jail?

State arbitrator upholds firing of Lakeville police officer over media leaks

Friday, March 11, 2016 Poor Dede Forced The Big, Bad, Corrupt City Of St. Cloud Into Notifying IPAD Of Adoption Of Model MN Data Practice Policies? Poor Dede Is Taking Control In Rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State Of Minnesota VS Deirdre Elise “Dede” Evavold, Isn’t She? Will Poor Dede Force Dismissal Of All Charges? Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Don’t They? 

Harassment Over Chapter 13 Data Request/Discovery Request For Rigged Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227 State Of Minnesota VS Deirdre Elise “Dede” Evavold? Why Is Corrupt Police Chief Jeff Long Sending Poor Dede Harassing Emails & Hanging Up The Phone On Poor Dede? Can Corrupt City Of Lakeville Administrator Justin Miller & Mike Garris, LOGIS Executive Director/Data Practices Compliance Official Explain Why? Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Don’t They? BONUS ROUND: Data Request For The Adulterous Star Tribune Hack Michael “Dr. Quack” Brodkorb’s Domestic Violence  Report?

The Sandra Rucki Case after 20/20


Tim discusses the presentation on the 20/20 show, of the Minnesota Family Law case of Sandra Grazini-Rucki and her children. What did 20/20 do right, and what did they omit in their presentation.

                                                    Complaint filed against Psychologist Paul Reitman

Reitman 5


Below are documents between “Dr.” James Gilbertson, Clinical Forensic Psychologist  and Guardian ad-Litem Julie Friedrich  Right Click to Zoom

Gilbertson Ltr.Gilbertson Ltr,2Gilbertson Ltr. 3


Gilbertson Ltr. 4Gilbertson Ltr. 5Gilbertson Ltr. 6














Did 20/20 manipulate the Rucki story to hide abuse?

by Michael VolpeApr 14, 2016

“20/20” ran a program entitled “Footprints in the Snow” about the disappearance in April 2013 of Samantha and Gianna Rucki; Did they tell the whole story.

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2016 – A recent ABC “20/20” report on a bitter custody battle that led to the disappearance of two Lakeville, Minnesota girls for more than two years may have ignored critical facts.

On April 8, 2016, “20/20” ran a program entitled “Footprints in the Snow” about the disappearance in April 2013 of Samantha and Gianna Rucki, who ran away from home during a bitter custody dispute, leaving nothing but footprints in the snow.

The show hinged on claims by the parents. The mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, said she was abused by her ex-husband, David Rucki. David Rucki, on the other hand, said she made up the allegations and brainwashed their children into believing her, which he called parental alienation.

In the critical scene of the program, Elizabeth Vargas, the show’s host, asked Sandra to provide proof of abuse during their marriage saying: “I’m asking for any of the documentation you assured us existed and we can find none of it.”

Sandra’s attorney, Michelle MacDonald, went back to her office, where producers rummaged through several thousand papers and then proclaimed, “In more than 20 boxes we didn’t find a single piece of paper or photo to provide that any physical abuse existed.”

But this appears to twist what MacDonald provided them.

According to a 42-page document provided by MacDonald to “20/20,” there was a litany of evidence of abuse including an affidavit, criminal charges and convictions, and numerous incident reports made by Sandra.

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Truth Vs. Spin on the Grazzini-Rucki Case

Speechless 2016/4/7

Published on Apr 7, 2016

Parental Rights attacked across the nation
Maplewood v Longrie
20/20 covers the Rucki case.

Start at 34:04 to listen to updates on the Grazzini-Rucki Case

Joe Friedberg and Michael Brodkorb join Lucy Quinlivan to discuss more controversy surrounding the Jamar Clark case and prosecution following an op-ed piece in the Star Tribune published by Steven Belton entitled, “Jamar Clark case: Freeman played dog-whistle politics in communicating the narrative.” They also chat about the state of the presidential election, developments in the Grazzini-Rucki case, and more.

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