Dakota County Corrupt Courthouse Event: Tour Infamous Court at Center of the Grazzini-Rucki Case

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Dakota County Judicial Center, Hastings, Minnesota

..all this courtroom has done has cause misery and heartache…” except of a letter written by one of the Rucki children, April 2013

The public is invited to celebrate Constitution Day at the Dakota County “Open Courthouse” event on September 15… held at the epicenter of corruption in Minnesota: the Dakota County Judicial Center. The free, open-to-the public event, will run from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 2017 Dakota County Open Courthouse Event

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour, and experience firsthand, the infamous courthouse at the center of the Grazzini-Rucki custody trial, and criminal trial where unconstitutional abuses of power by the courts, judges, court officers and law enforcement occurred. Both cases also involve rampant violations of the constitutional rights of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, as well as the 3 co-defendants in the criminal trial.

The public is advised to enter the Dakota County Judicial Center at their own risk – law and justice mean nothing here!

Judge David L. Knutson will make a special appearance at the 12:30 Welcoming Ceremony, held at the Jury Assembly Room, Lower Level.

Wonder if Judge Knutson would be willing to answer questions such as:

**Why did you give custody of five children to a dangerous abuser?

**Why did you ignore the abuse allegations raised by the Rucki children?

**Do you think it is appropriate for a judge to ignore allegations of child sexual abuse?

**Do you think it is okay for a judge to call a child abuse victim a ‘liar’ when they disclose abuse?

**Why did you release David Rucki after several violations of a protective order?

**How is the public supposed to trust the courts when they see you break the law and go to such extreme lengths to give custody to a violent man and deprive a fit, loving mother of custody?

**How do you defend your violations of the Constitutional rights of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki?

**Why did you give such a light sentence to child rapist Dennis Roy?

**Do you support 1st Amendment rights? If so, why are you limiting the free speech of blogger Dede Evavold?

Chances are Judge Knutson, the coward he is, won’t be taking any questions from the public and will continue to hide behind the skirts of judicial immunity.

The court, judges, prosecutors, police and many layers of corruption within Dakota Count colluded to give sole custody to a dangerous abuser, David Rucki, and worked to cover up their crimes in doing so, to detriment of the five Rucki children. Mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, who, fought to keep the children safe from harm is now being punished and criminalized while the real criminals go free.

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was a loving, stay-at-home mother of five children, and former Mrs. Lakeville, who has been victimized, deprived of her rights and due process, and forcibly separated from her children due to injustice and corruption in the family court and criminal court of Dakota County. Sandra’s situation is so dire that she is now living in hiding – and her children have been given into the custody of a dangerous abuser with a long history of criminal acts and violence against his own family. druckipolicereports



Paul Reitman

The Rucki children have raised abuse allegations against their father only to be told by Judge David Knutson, Guardian ad Litems, Julie Friedrich and Laura Miles, and court-ordered therapists, Dr. Paul Reitman and Dr James Gilbertson, that they are liars and in need of de-programming. And this has occurred – the Rucki children were forced into “de-programming” using methods similar to what is done to a POW camp in order to get the children to recant abuse allegations, and then forced into complying with the courts demands even as it has proved detrimental to their safety and well-being.

If you heard a child come forward with an allegation of abuse like this, would you honestly walk away and do nothing?? That is exactly what Judge Knutson, and others, have done to the Rucki children.

In April 2013, one of the Rucki children wrote a letter to describe how she witnessed her father, David Rucki, abuse her mother, and stated that he was also violent and threatening to other children – to the extreme that her even friends feared visiting the Rucki home.

The letter (which was not allowed to be submitted as evidence in Sandra’s criminal trial) included this statement from her daughter,” I know the difference between a lie and the truth….

I stand here today to tell you the truth about my father. To begin with, he has not only told my family that he is homicidal, but sat us down at kitchen table and yelled at us saying that he was not only going to kill me but my brothers, sister and mom. Not even a week later I received a horrifying voicemail of 6 gunshots. He has also choked, slapped, and hit and verbally abused my mother repeatedly throughout their. marriage. He also has lost it on us kids more than a number of time physically and verbally. Also he has made sexual comments to me over the year about my boobs look bigger and so forth and over the year many of my friends could not hang out with me because of my father. The day my father officially moved out of the Ireland place home was not only a day of peace and happiness but safety in the household…Letters from Rucki Sisters April 2013

Sandra has continued to be the punching bag for her abusive ex-husband, David Rucki, even after she fled the marriage by agreeing to divorce in 2011. – Rucki conspired with “Korrupt Knutson” to batter, and destroy, Sandra by using the legal system in the same way that he once used his fist to beat her into submission.

As a result of family court proceedings, Sandra was court ordered by Judge Knutson into a “lifetime of servitude,” stripped of her children and custodial rights, her home, her employment, and her freedom— she is now homeless and destitute, hunted and harassed by ex-husband, David Rucki, who has promised to “see her dead.”

Tour stops in the Dakota County Judicial Center, important to the Grazzini-Rucki case, include: Self Guided Tours: Dakota County Open Courthouse

The public is invited take self-guided tours of the Dakota County Judicial Center, with stops including courtrooms and other areas of interest, and the chance to hear from a local district court judge or other justice system officials.

Jury Assembly Room/Jury room This room is the notorious site where jury tampering occurred in the Grazzini-Rucki criminal case (July 2016). Jury tampering is a factor that contributed to Sandra being found guilty, by tainting the jury with prejudicial information before the trial began.

During jury selection, nearly all of the 60 members of the jury pool admitted they had heard or read about the Grazzini-Rucki case; meaning the jury had been influenced even before the trial began. In criminal cases that receive a lot of publicity it is common to hold the trial in another jurisdiction – that didn’t happen here because Dakota County waged a vendetta against Sandra, and probably won’t give up punishing her until she is dead.

In another instance of jury tampering, an article from the Star Tribune regarding the Grazzini-Rucki case was found in the jury room. It should be noted that the article was written by a blogger who has a close relationship with David Rucki, and has expressed admiration of Judge David Knutson. The blogger was contracted at the Star Tribune to cover the Grazzini-Rucki case as part of an “experiment” that went massively awry when the paper was used to promote propaganda and false and misleading information about the Grazzini-Rucki case; articles specifically do not mention or include documentation of abuse or Rucki’s lengthy history of violence. So what the jurors saw was a news article written as a hit piece against Sandra, who was vilified, and unable to defend herself against the impressions formed in the jurors minds outside the courtroom.

In another instance of jury tampering, one juror admitted to being at a party with Rucki’s relative, and Judge Asphaug refused to have this person disqualified after they promised to remain neutral.

If that were not bad enough, two bloggers covering the trial approached the jurors and asked them to speak about the case. Due to the severity of the allegations, Judge Karen Asphaug stopped the trial in the middle of proceedings, left the bench and went into the jury room to assess the damage. Inappropriate contact with a juror is grounds for a mistrial; despite this, Judge Asphaug continued with trial, once again making excuses for a jury that could not possibly remain neutral after being pressured and influenced before trial began.

Book and ReleaseSandra Grazzini-Rucki was held in Book and Release several times during the course of her criminal trial. If walls could talk, the walls of the book and release room would drip with anguished tears.

Sandra found herself in the Book and Release room not as a criminal but as mother who fought to protect her children from abuse, risking her own life and freedom to do so.

In her former life, Sandra was a stay at home mom who lavished her time, energy and love on her five children. She worked as a flight attendant and had a spotless 30+ year history of impeccable service, and was loved by crew and guests alike. After surviving an abusive marriage that nearly cost her life,  Sandra looked forward a fresh start…hope for the future was short-lived because ex-husband, David Rucki, would escalate his attacks against her in a new arena: family court, where he is assisted by a powerful and korrupt judge, David L.  Knutson.

The result of 6 years of continued legal abuse, and humiliation in family court, is that Sandra is destitute and homeless. She has survived stalking and death threats from Rucki (and people on his behalf) but the nature of the court orders have left her barely surviving. By order of Judge Knutson, her home, all her belongings, and even pictures of her children have been taken. David Rucki has been awarded 100% of the marital property including 4 homes and all the contents within, 9 classic cards and has dumped huge amounts of personal debt onto Sandra. Rucki is also granted nearly $1,000 a month in child support, and motioning the court for Sandra to pay thousands of dollars for legal fees, even though Sandra has not worked for almost two years and is unable to meet her own basic needs. With 6 felonies on her record, it is doubtful that Sandra will be able to return to work as a flight attendant – or be hired anywhere else. The State of Minnesota once extended assistance to Sandra but since has terminated benefits. Now she has no means to pay for food or basic necessities that most take for granted. Rucki lives like a king, devising new ways to torment poor Sandra.

Sandra was forced to witness continued abuse inflicted on her children then was jailed for trying to protect them when they were forced to go on the run to protect their own lives. She was confined in the Book and Release Room, hands in cuffs, while the real criminals – David Rucki and Judge Knutson – go free.

Courtroom 1F: Mock Jury Selection Demonstrations – Courtroom 1F is where Judge David L. Knutson presided over the Grazzini-Rucki custody trial (September 11-12, 2013).

It is here that Sandra lost custody of her five, precious children and would forever be banned from having any contact with them. Dangerous abuser David Rucki is awarded sole custody, despite for being on probation for violating a protective order against Sandra. At the time of the custody order, two of the Rucki children are missing – they ran away in fear for their lives due to their father’s abuse and Judge Knutson’s failure to protect them.

Courtroom 1F is also where lawyer Michelle MacDonald was forced to represent Sandra Grazzini-Rucki while handcuffed and strapped to a wheelchair and without her files and notes, pen/paper, glasses, shoes, and even without her client – and without ever being charged or booked. (Sandra, and several court witnesses, left the courtroom that day after Judge Knutson told them that trial was over and that MacDonald was being arrested.) Judge Knutson took these outrageous actions as retaliation against MacDonald because she had filed a federal lawsuit against him, on behalf of Sandra, and asked that he recuse himself from the trial. Lawsuit: Female Attorney Strapped to Wheelchair in Court

Judge Knutson continues to retaliate against Michelle MacDonald and has actually filed a complaint against her law license, stating she failed to properly represent Sandra in the custody trial – after he alone made it impossible for Sandra to obtain a fair trial.

Judge Knutson avoids any responsibility for his unethical, and illegal actions, by hiding behind judicial immunity like a coward. Judge Knutson now sits on the Board on Judicial Standards, which oversees complaints against judges. Judge Knutson’s role on the Board has greatly contributed to the public trust in the judiciary eroding to an all time law… the people of Minnesota do not respect judges anymore – they fear them.

While the Dakota County Judicial Center celebrates Constitution Day, the public is unaware that they are celebrating at the very alter, the judge’s bench in courtroom 1F, where the gavel has slammed against the Constitution, shattering it rendering it void.. as if our very Constitution were made of glass, and could be easily discarded.

Courtroom 1DScene of “Rigged Trial” – It is here the Grazzini-Rucki criminal trial was conducted under the jurisdiction of Judge Karen Asphaug (July 25-28, 2016).

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki is found guilty on 6 counts of deprivation of parental rights after Judge Karen Asphaug disallowed the majority of evidence supporting the affirmative defense she raised.

Sandra raisde the affirmative defense in her criminal trial, meaning she admitted to assisting her daughters because feared for their safety. If the jury found enough evidence to support the affirmative defense, Sandra could be exonerated. Sandra’s defense depended on proving why she feared for the safety of her daughters. Judge Asphaug suppressed 75% of defense evidence during the criminal trial including: witness testimony, Rucki’s criminal history, CPS and social service records documenting the abuse of the Rucki children, evidence of stalking, protective orders Sandra took out against Rucki, and more..

Sandra is actively appealing the decision.

Holding CellThe Adult Holding Cell is where attorney Michelle MacDonald was detained, and she says “tortured” by order of Judge Knutson, during the Grazzini-Rucki custody trial (September 11-12, 2017). Judge Knutson ordered that MacDonald be detained because she took pictures in the courtroom when it was not in session. The popular story is that MacDonald got in trouble for taking pictures of Deputy Timothy Gonder. Just do a social media search and you will see that pictures are routinely taken in the Dakota County Judicial Center, and no one else is punished in the way MacDonald was. The truth is that the pictures were taken of the court docket to document irregularities in the scheduling of the case. MacDonald was documenting, in pictures, the illegal actions of Judge Knutson and, to him,  had to be stopped.

After the trial (which was not a trial in any sense of the word!), attorney Michelle MacDonald was not allowed to leave court but, instead, was unlawfully detained for through the night and into the next day. MacDonald was held for more than 24 hours without being booked, charged, or allowed bail, bond, or to make a phone call. She was never read her Miranda rights.

Interesting enough, Judge Michael Mayer, who presided over the juvenile trial of the runaway Rucki girls, made a personal appearance to the detention center to witness MacDonald’s humiliation, and tears. With a snide laugh he taunted her by saying, “Having a rough day?”

Also present was Deputy Timothy Gonder, the personal thug of Judge Knutson. Deputy Gonder manhandled Michelle MacDonald and meted out punishment by unofficial judicial order. Gonder would also make an appearance when Sandra was injured while being held in the Ramsey County Correctional Facility during criminal proceedings, and would be the subject of a PREA complaint after he took inappropriate pictures while she was handcuffed to a bed, and made special efforts to humiliate her.

MacDonald later filed a lawsuit, claiming the sheriff’s office engaged in seven of the internationally recognized forms of torture: sexual humiliation, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, solitary confinement/isolation, temperature extremes, sensory bombardment and psychological techniques.

The lawsuit describes the cruelty inflicted on MacDonald – deputies turned the temperature of the room down to freezing and kept the bright lights on all night to keep her awake. MacDonald took the toilet paper and wrapped it around her head and body and feet to keep in an vain effort to keep warm. The guard came in and ripped it off her, saying she was not using it properly. Pictures were taken of MacDonald in her cell in an effort to humiliate her. Guards made comments about prisoner suicide as a way to intimidate her. All of this MacDonald suffered because she bravely defended Sandra, and her Constitutional rights, in Judge Knutson’s lawless court, room 1F.

Michelle MacDonald was eventually released, no charges were ever brought against her related to this incident. Judge Leslie Metzen ultimately determined that Michelle MacDonald’s civil rights had been violated by the illegal search and seizure of the camera.

 Courtroom 1B: Interactive Television (ITV) Demonstration and Judge Chamber 109

The Judge’s Chamber should be called the Torture Chamber for what was done to the Rucki children in the Dakota County Judicial Center.

In February 2013, the Rucki children were summoned to the chambers of Judge David Knutson. The Rucki children not only disclosed abuse to Judge Knutson but clearly stated their preference to live with mother, Sandra, where they felt safe and loved. Enraged, Judge Knutson ordered that the proceedings be sealed.

That same day, David Rucki had a pending case in criminal court for violating a no-contact order that prohibited him from contacting the children. Judge Knutson made special efforts to have all criminal charges against Rucki dismissed, which did happen.

Even after hearing serious allegations of abuse from the Rucki children, and with knowledge that Rucki violated a no-contact order, Judge Knutson ordered that very same day the children be forced to a visit their father. Dr. James Gilbertson, therapist, recommended the children be held in a room and an armed bailiff be used as a show of force in order to get the children to comply. Court records reveal the older children – specifically S.R. and G.R. were viewed as a problem. The “problem” being that they raised abuse allegations and were vocal in objecting to forced visits with Rucki (i.e they didn’t go along with “the programming”).

Another tactic used on the Rucki children, at the recommendation of Dr. Gilbertson, is that the older children were separated from the younger children. This was done so the younger children would have no protection and no advocate, and could be psychologically broken down more easily, and thus, easier to control.

At other times, court records reveal, the Rucki children were brought to the courthouse by order of Judge Knutson, where they were held for hours, in a room without food or drink, without toys, and without comfort of any kind. An armed bailiff was posted at the door to prevent escape. The records reveal the children were extremely anxious and upset to be brought to the court, which would be understandable considering what the children had to endure.

On one occasion, Dr. Gilbertson recommended the children be forced to sit in during proceedings and watch what happened as David Rucki raised false, and outrageous allegations against Sandra, who was then punished by Judge Knutson – who always ruled in Rucki’s favor. The children were sent a clear message that their mother, and protector, could no longer protect them.. that their father held all the power.

Other times, the Rucki children were detained in the courthouse and then forced, against their wishes, to visit with their father, Rucki. There are allegations that Rucki would intimidate the children during visits, give them the middle finger, that he was angry and made veiled threats. Even Dr. Gilbertson records in his notes that the children were visibly afraid of Rucki. Yet “reunification therapy” continued… it is no wonder that the children attempted to run away after their cries for help were ignored, and they were subject to further abuse.

In-Custody CourtroomMoney is the root of all evil.. the In-Custody Courtroom is where Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was brought for a bail hearing on November 6, 2015 and a $1 million dollar bail was issued for a defendant with no prior criminal history, and for a non-violent crime.. Sandra’s bail was much, much higher than most serious offenders.

Is at coincidence judge assigned to do bails that was none other than Judge Knutson?!? However, since Judge Knutson was busy with other tasks that day, the stand-in judge stepped in on his behalf and blindly ordered the astronomical amount of bail without a second thought.

The situation is even more unusual because Sandra was removed from the in-custody courtroom and taken, through a back hall, into a room hidden from public view, where bail was issued.

On February 24th, Sandra was released on her own recognizance. Outside of these trumped up charges, she remains law abiding and poses no threat to anyone.. other than the corruption in Dakota County that does not want to be exposed.

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MN “Experts”/Examiners

Below is a post from MSOP Gulag Blog Spot regarding MN “Experts” and Examiners that include “Doctors” Paul Reitman and James Gilbertson. Both of these psychologists were hired guns by David Rucki and his attorney Lisa Elliot in the Grazzini-Rucki marital dissolution/custody case.
MSOP is the MN Sex Offenders Program opened in Moose Lake in 1995 as a high-security treatment program for sex offenders who are believed to be dangerous or have a “sexual psychopathic personalities.”

SDP-Sexually Dangerous Person
SPP- Sexual Psychopathic Personality   

Minnesota Correctional Facility – Willow River/Moose Lake ~ Image ~ MN Dept. of Corrections

About the MSOP Gulag BlogSpot and author Tom Evenstad

To provide the public with facts about S.O. Commitment laws & the true Mission of the MSOP: Punitive Preventive Detention. I was a Political Prisoner in the MSOP from 2006-2008 & I am a witness to the illegal, unconstitutional punitive gulag which is the MSOP & it’s McTreatment: Now Serving 725. Serving as a repository of evidence against the real criminals & rapists committing crimes in the present by locking people up for possible future crimes.

MN “Experts”/Examiners

Posted by

 I’m going to have a lot to say about the Examiners in coming months. Right now let’s focus on:

Mary Kenning: Brad Stevens, Dale Williams + 50 plus
James Gilbertson: Brad Stevens, Dale Williams + 90 plus
Paul Reitman: Dale Williams, Rich Williams + 90 plus
James Alsdurf: Dale Williams, Chris Coker + 90 plus
Rosemary Linderman: Brad Stevens + 60 plus
Linda Marshall: Brad Stevens + 50 plus

These people and another dozen or so led by Harry “Hitman” Hoberman (100’s in several State’s) responsible for literally 500 “Fake” SDP/SPP Cases in MN alone, and are “Highly Likely” to be stripped of their psychology licenses and jailed and/or imprisoned once I prove what they and I all know they did to these victims. Just as the Examiner Reports are being challenged in ND, they will be challenged here. They will not survive Daubert (Frye-Mack in MN) challenges in the Karsjens litigation, or in my own Judicial Hold Order Class Action.

While I was detained in the MSOP from 2006-2008, I read, analyzed and studied at least 200 SDP/SPP PETITIONS AND A MINIMUM OF 500 MN “Expert” Reports–Either as “Pre-Petition” “Screeners” and/or “Court-Appointed” INDEPENDENT Lol “Examiners”-(Arms of the Prosecution).

I’ve also read, analyzed and studied every SDP/SPP appeal in MN, and I know many Appellants.

In the lawsuits and complaints to the psychology board from their combined HUNDREDS of victims we will get these “experts” under oath and obtain the names and the illegal, unconstitutional Directives/Orders that came down to these unethical psychologists to “…commit them all.” as Dr. Penny Zwecker candidly stated to me in a recorded call.

How ironic now that these Doctors are going to be under severe stressors soon including loss of job/career, professional/public humiliation over their appalling, unethical conduct which violates the very Oath they Swear, and the very real and appreciable threat of Federal Civil Rights Prosecutions!
I look forward to seeing them Examined under Oath in every case I appear after I have dismantled their pro-commit Cherry-Picking of the literature, the “Lifetime Estimate”, “High Risk/High Needs” etc.

The Task Force Recommends educating the SDP/SPP Judiciary, so one case at a time I shall do that!

Hearing offers prelude to coming fight over Minnesota Sex Offender Program reforms https://www.minnpost.com/politics-policy/2015/10/hearing-offers-prelude-coming-fight-over-minnesota-sex-offender-program-refo

MN Rogue Psychologists/Therapists


Image Courtesy of Ambro @ FreeDIgitalPhotos.net

“Parental Alienation Syndrome”

Rogue Psychologists/Therapists such as Paul Reitman, James Gilbertson, and others have been allowed to “infiltrate the family courts” via the Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) roster to overlay what is by its very nature an unsubstantiated “bogus diagnosis” on what cannot be diagnosed. One cannot diagnose a good parent or use a diagnosis to determine or deny a parent custody.  Because even if some mental illness exists, under the Civil Rights Act that parents cannot be discriminated against on the basis of some real or perceived mental disability.  The big problem currently in MN is Parental Alienation Syndrome-PAS which is tantamount to Voodoo, yet our courts even at the appellate level seem to embrace PAS. Educating our courts about the true nature of PAS and to reject such “PAS-voodoo” is essential. Kim Bukstein, MN Civil Rights Advocate      

A SENE is  a voluntary process parents may choose to participate in when they disagree about custody or parenting issues. The ENE is used in divorce cases as well as in custody cases, and can also be used for post-decree disputes. It is an alternative dispute resolution process similar to mediation.

What is “Parental Alienation Syndrome

Appeals Court Judge Issues Absurd Decision (Sandra Grazzini-Rucki Case)   Excerpts Below:

Judge Knutson refused to hold a hearing or to even schedule one. Minnesota Statutes § 589.29 is not applicable.

The habeas corpus statute is useless for Sandy and all other Minnesotans because of a very stupid appeals court judge and a very corrupt district court judge. The legislature may as well not have passed a law to protect citizens from wrongfully losing a liberty interest.

At the hearing on September 7, 2012, Judge Knutson declared that Sandy had the condition of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). He based this declaration on the reports of two whacko psychologists, Dr. Paul Reitman and Dr. James Gilbertson. In August, 2012, at the request of father’s lawyer, Judge Knutson appointed Dr. Reitman as an “expert” on PAS. Dr. Reitman was paid by the children’s father, a millionaire businessman who has an extensive history of domestic violence. Dr. Reitman reported this finding even though he had met with Sandy and her children for only about one-half hour. He did not conduct any evaluations or administer any psychological tests. PAS is widely discredited. “Although there are no data to support the phenomenon called parental alienation syndrome, the term is still used by some evaluators and courts to discount children’s fears in hostile and psychologically abusive situations.” American Psychological Society Task Force Report 40. “PAS as a scientific theory has been excoriated b legitimate researchers across the nation.” Dr. Paul J. Fink, past President of the American Psychiatric Association. “The scientific status of PAS is, to be blunt, nil.” Emery, Otto & Donohue (2005) PAS is “probably the most unscientific piece of garbage I’ve seen in the field in all my time.” Professor Jon Conte, a leading expert on child sexual abuse. “The theory positing the existence of ‘PAS’ has been discredited by the scientific community.” NCJFCJ Custody Guidelines, p.24 “PAS is not recognized by any professional associations, including the American Psychiatric Association.” National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse/National District Attorneys Association.

Continue Reading: http://carvercountycorruption.com/2013/04/30/appeals-court-judge-issues-absurd-decision/

Dakota County MN Judge David L. Knutson/Case of Grazzini-Rucki

Below are comments on the post above from Investigative Blogger Victoria Englund-Let’s Get Honest Blog.  Victoria has analyzed and written about Family and “Concilliation” Courts, Operations, Practices and the History of how these Courts have developed.

The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)

Generally speaking, the AFCC  is favorable to (abusive) fathers’ rights, and the industries of supervised visitation, parent education, and of course as much custody evaluation as possible. A related organization NACC (based in Colorado) tries to get a Guardian ad-Litum (GAL) appointed wherever. From what I can tell, the GALs are rarely neutral

  1. In all of these groups, some of the money is made and control established through the trainings. Continuing legal education-CLE-GAL training etc can be written off
  2. The presence in any jurisdiction of a “Conciliation court” and with it “Conciliation Code” (usually at state level) generally means that any “rebuttable presumption against custody going to a batterer” is a moot point — because that courtroom (and presiding judge) BY LAW grabs jurisdiction and decides to order all kinds of services; a.k.a. “fees for friends.” The goal of the AFCC (ca. 1963 founded) is to transform the language of criminal law into a behavioral health paradigm, which is for control and profit.

Conciliation is about “reconciliation” (co-parenting, allegedly) and is not interested in criminal matters. We need to recognize this; it happened when no-fault divorce replaced actual criminal matters as a cause of divorce across the country, ca. 1970s.

Quick look on James Gilbertson (the Doctor).

Here he is standing by a man who tried to kill his wife by hitting her over the head with a board, as follows:

Stuckmayer sentenced to 90 months in prison

Before sentencing, Morrison County Assistant Attorney Todd Kosovich said Stuckmayer’s mistakes were having an affair, deciding to kill Natalie and intending to kill by hitting her on the head. “The defense wants a reduction in sentencing, but the victim was treated with particular cruelty when she was left on the ground for 20 – 40 minutes, when Stuckmayer pretended to call 911 and when he pretended to faint. Plus, this act was committed in the presence of a child. A good father? That’s a stretch of the definition,” he said.

The recommended sentence for first degree attempted murder is 180 months. Kosovich said that due to mitigating factors, he would ask for 90 months.

“To sentence Stuckmayer to less than 90 months would cheapen the value of life and reward him for not killing Natalie. He must pay his due,” Kosovich said.

After he was sentenced, Stuckmayer spoke to the court on his own behalf. At one point, he turned around and told Natalie he loved her.

~ ~ ~ ~The wife is talking “God” and all — who probably spared her life. Hope she’ll take precautions in the future. Here’s what Gilbertson said at the pre-sentencing hearing: “The subject of probation came up during the pre-sentencing hearing. When evaluating someone for possible probation, Gilbertson said he rated them in a low, medium or high risk tier.

“Kevin is rated low risk, statistically,” he said. “He doesn’t have a history of rebellion, counter culture, rubbing others the wrong way or not  making connections with others. Any of these would go against a recommendation of probation.”

Gilbertson said Stuckmayer had always been a law-abiding person, pleased others, was respectful and a follower. He was not anti-authority. Gilbertson didn’t think there was anything which would derail him in the future. Several friends and family on both Kevin’s and Natalie’s side, testified that he was a model father, great friend and good citizen. Other members of the families testified he was not to be trusted.”

More on Gilbertson (also see Google Scholar)

In the Matter of the Welfare of M.W.W., Child. [M.W., natural father …law.justia.com › … › Minnesota Court of Appeals Decisions › August, 1996 Aug 6, 1996 – … (2) attend weekly therapy sessions, (3) undergo urinalysis (UA) testing, (4) abide … did complete the court-ordered evaluation with Dr. James Gilbertson who …. and could not rebuild his life towards reunification with his son. In January 1992, appellant did complete the court-ordered evaluation with Dr. James Gilbertson who recommended that appellant undergo a professionally guided and coordinated therapeutic effort to make his personal life more ordered.

In the Matter of the Welfare of the Children of: CMS and MDS … – Justia law.justia.com › … › October, 2007 ECFE also indicated that father “needs more in-depth therapeutic parenting services. … In November 2005, Dr. James H. Gilbertson examined father. …. services to meet the needs of the child and the child’s family” and to reunify the family.

Here’s an appeal. The mother remarried and around 2002, kids 9 & 10, they started resisting visiting time with their Dad. She allowed them to skip (probably a mistake) and along comes Gilbertson to correct the situation: http://mn.gov/lawlib/archive/ctapun/0412/opa040197-1214.htm

If you read this one carefully (and the timeline), here’s a guy who had a string of crimes, then raped his 11-year old daughter in 1989 (she got an STD), and somehow was out on parole, and acting up AGAIN within a year (i.e., more crimes in 1994, apparently he was paroled after doing 3 years for this crime).

http://www.leagle.com/xmlResult.aspx?page=3&xmldoc=in%20mnco%2020100622293.xml&docbase=cslwar3-2007-curr&SizeDisp=7 They try to civilly commit this guy in 2002, and there were two “pre-petition screeners” who said he wasn’t a high risk. It doesn’t say so there, but apparently one was Dr. Gilbertson: It goes on with more horrific crimes (false imprisonment of some more minors, impregnating one of them….)

“In 1996, while still on parole for his 1989 offense against his daughter, appellant committed his third and fourth sex offenses that resulted in a conviction. According to the complaint, appellant held two females, ages 15 and 16, at his trailer for approximately one week, providing them with marijuana, threatening them, and repeatedly having sexual intercourse with the 15-year-old, once while the 16-year-old was in bed with them. The 15-year-old became pregnant. Appellant pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct and solicitation of a child under age 18 to engage in prostitution, and received a 90-month prison sentence.

“In January 2002, Dakota County filed its first petition to civilly commit appellant. After the two pre-petition screeners concluded that appellant did not meet the future harm criteria for commitment as SDP or SPP, the petition was dismissed. In February 2002, appellant was released from prison as a Level 3 sex offender and placed on supervised release.”

__________ Here’s one of a cold-blooded murder (by a father of a man, at the dining room table). Of the experts involved, Gilbertson and one other reversed, and found that he didn’t know it was wrong to do so. The trial court didn’t take their opinion:  http://www.soc.umn.edu/~samaha/cases/InsanityOdell.htm\

“In the trial court’s extensive findings of fact and verdict, it carefully considered the evidence presented by all four experts and determined the believability and weight to be given to each expert’s testimony. Accordingly, the court decided to give greater weight to the opinions of Drs. Farnsworth and Kienlen because their reports were more consistent with appellant’s behavior and belief system. The court could not reconcile the opinions of Drs. Gilbertson and Erdmann with several facts of the case; namely, that on April 23, 2000, immediately before and after the murder, appellant was able to communicate and interact with others normally. Further, the court questioned some of the underpinnings of Dr. Erdmann’s revised analysis and found that in his first and second opinions Dr. Erdmann had relied on similar facts to support divergent conclusions. Finally, the court concluded that appellant had proved by a preponderance of the evidence that, at the time of the murder, he was suffering from a severe mental illness, but that appellant had failed to prove that because of his mental illness he did not understand the nature of his act or that the act constituting the offense was wrong.”

This is a quick search. Just checking — but is this the same James Gilbertson who doesn’t believe this mother should see her own children? Let’s get real about the relative level of risks!