On March 25, 2015, Michelle MacDonald filed a Complaint against Dakota County Deputy Sheriffs, the Fluegel Law Firm and others seeking injunctions and money damages for more than twenty claims including False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Conspiracy, and Malicious Prosecution.

MacDonald’s lawsuit, filed in the District of Minnesota federal court, stems from her representation of an indigent mother in family court pro bono. MacDonald sued Judge David Knutson on behalf of this client for violations of constitutional rights that separated the client from her children and stripped her of all assets and property.  MacDonald filed the federal class action lawsuit against Judge Knutson and sought to recuse him from her client’s case. During the trial the next day, MacDonald was handcuffed and detained  by Dakota County Deputy Sheriffs for taking a photo while court was not in session. On Judge Knutson’s orders, MacDonald was required to complete her client’s trial in handcuffs without her client present.

As detailed in the lawsuit, MacDonald alleges Deputy Sheriffs employed up to seven of the eleven internationally recognized forms of psychological torture while she was in their custody from September 12th to September 13th, 2013. MacDonald was, further, disallowed a single phone call and Deputy Sheriffs threatened her with 30-days of additional detention for no specific reason. Deputies acted with the aid of City Attorneys at Fluegel Law Firm whom they claimed would merely file a “motion” with the court to allow them to continue to detain MacDonald without cause.

MacDonald notified lawyers for Dakota County and Judge Knutson of her intent to file a lawsuit. In response to MacDonald’s detailed notice of claims, Dakota County lawyer James Backstrom filed a frivolous complaint with the Minnesota Lawyer’s
Board in a retaliatory attempt to disrupt her lawyer’s licensing. Judge Knutson’s attorney at the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office just flatly refused to comply with the request to preserve evidence of the detention and torture. Neither presented facts to refute the claims made by MacDonald. The case was dismissed for immunities and was appealed and argued in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on October 17th, 2018.

According to MacDonald’s then attorney, Nathan Busch, “[o]ur Constitution guarantees every citizen inalienable rights of due process before arrest and detention to prevent exactly the outrageous tyranny Dakota County officials have inflicted on Ms. MacDonald. However, the words of the Constitution have no meaning unless our Judiciary both respects and abides by those words. When the Judiciary refuses to do so and instead retaliates against attorneys like Ms. MacDonald who are asserting their rights and the rights of their clients, then both the Judiciary and the State have become the very tyrants that the founders of this country sought to banish.”


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Star Tribune Twisted Tabloid Coverage


Minnesota: Police Caught Giving Suspects to Hospital for Involuntary Human Experiments with Date Rape Drug

Written by: Published on: July 2, 2018

Minneapolis, MN – Last week, The Free Thought Project reported that cops were caught involuntarily injecting unruly suspects with the powerful sedative ketamine, which police classify as a date rape drug.

Since the initial story was made public, more details have emerged in the case, revealing a twisted study that has been going on for many years, researching the effects of different sedatives on patients, many times without their knowledge or consent.

This research has been taking place at Hennepin Healthcare, under the supervision of doctors and full knowledge and encouragement from the local police.

The Star Tribune interviewed numerous victims who were involuntarily enrolled in the study, and not made aware of the fact that they were drugged until afterward.

Representatives of Hennepin Healthcare have defended the study, insisting that sedating agitated people can save lives.

According to the hospital, the studies have been approved and do not require consent from the patients because they are “performed in emergency situations.”

We’ve all seen agitated and confused people just die, and we’re certain we can prevent that. We want to do it the best way possible,” said Dr. James Miner, chief of emergency medicine at Hennepin Healthcare.

Continue Reading: https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/minnesota-police-caught-giving-suspects-to-hospital-for-involuntary-human-experiments-with-date-rape-drug/


Cops Caught Injecting Powerful Sedative They Classify As ‘Date Rape Drug’ into Dozens of Suspects


Britons Rage Over Robinson Arrest As Mass Protests Break Out Worldwide

ZeroHedge MAY 29, 2018

The arrest, imprisonment, and government-ordered media blackout of UK journalist and activist Tommy Robinson has set off a firestorm of protests around the world.

Free speech advocates and supporters of Robinson’s movement from Melbourne to Berlin came out by the thousands to protest the Friday arrest outside of Leeds Crown Court while Robinson was reporting on a pedophile grooming trial via Facebook livestream. Within six hours of his detention, Robinson was slapped with a 13 month prison term for violating a prior suspended sentence for a similar offense.

A big police van with about seven police officers pulled up and arrested [Robinson] and told him to stop live streaming,” Robinson’s producer told RT (before their article (archivedwas scrubbed from the internet). “They said it was incitement and a breach of the peace.

“No peace has been breached – there were two other people there and he’s been perfectly quiet talking into his phone. [The police] said nothing about the court proceedings. It’s very strange.”

Equally as disturbing are the implications of a court-ordered media banmaking it a criminal offense for news outlets operating in the UK to cover Robinson’s arrest and incarceration. In a page straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, several news outlets were forced to pull articles which were published before the ban.

Mass protests broke out following Robinson’s arrest – the largest of which was a crowd of thousands in the UK, demonstrating at the gates of Downing Street to demand the release of the conservative activist.



First Amendment Arrest

Last week, a warrant was issued and I was falsely arrested and imprisoned  for 4 days. My crime? Blogging on this very site. I challenge readers to find another person that has actually had a warrant and been arrested at their home for blog posts. I was also arrested on a Sunday and according to MN Rule 3.03 Execution or Service of Warrant or Summons: A warrant is executed by the defendant’s arrest. If the offense charged is a misdemeanor, the defendant must not be arrested on Sunday or, on any other day of the week, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. except, when exigent circumstances exist, by direction of the judge, stated on the warrant. 

What are exigent circumstances? Circumstances which require the need to engage in a search or seizure immediately due to an emergency situation where life and/or safety is at risk. Apparently this met the requirements.

Backstory: I was ordered to remove public documents and posts that were authored by myself and other writers on Red Herring Alert due to a harassment restraining order filed against me in July of 2017.

I complied with the unconstitutional purge conditions, and then received an affidavit of noncompliance with approximately 50 more posts to be removed. The deadline was 9:00 am on March 9th and at  9:09 am, I received the email with the unsigned Affidavit and Request for Arrest Warrant. This was signed by a Judge on March 14th. I filed my own Affidavit of Compliance and Motion to Vacate the Constructive Civil Contempt on March 17th.  Excerpt Below:

“Respondent has complied with the purge conditions contained in the Court’s March 1, 2018 Order as well as the March 14th Affidavit of Non-Compliance, even though the validity of the original order has not been determined and the contempt was approved without specific findings of fact. 

The civil contempt no longer continues as Respondent has cleared the contempt to avoid the sanctions imposed by the court. Please vacate the arrest warrant as well as attorney fee sanctions imposed due to full compliance.” 

2017 Minnesota Statutes                                                


When the contempt consists in the omission to perform an act which is yet in the power of the person to perform, the person may be imprisoned until the person performs it, and in such case the act shall be specified in the warrant of commitment.

I was arrested on March 18th and did not have a hearing on the matter until Wednesday, March 21st. I have had to remove 200+ posts from Red Herring Alert including other writers work without due process and a compelling government interest.                                           

              “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  ~George Washington~

Torture Chamber Courts

Judge Gallagher Mailing

Conviction overturned for man electrified by Texas judge

7 March 2018

Image result for Judge George Gallagher

Judge George Gallagher

A Texas appeals court has overturned a man’s conviction after finding a judge had inappropriately electrified him in court, US media report.

Terry Lee Morris was convicted of soliciting sexual performance from a child and was sentenced to 60 years.

Judge George Gallagher ordered the bailiff to activate a stun belt sending 50,000 volts through Morris when he allegedly refused to answer questions.

The higher court found that stun belts cannot be used as punishment in court.

Mr Morris appealed his 2014 conviction alleging that his constitutional rights were violated when the judge used the belt as punishment for not answering questions properly.

The belts – used by courtrooms such as the one Tarrant County in Texas – are affixed around the legs or midsection of a suspect in court and are used to deliver a shock to the person should they become violent.

Mr Morris said he was too scared to return to court out of more electrical shocks, the Texas Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso heard.

The appeals court ruled on 28 February that Mr Morris’ shocks and removal from the court was a violation of his constitutional right to be present and confront witnesses during his trial. The decision was first reported by the Texas Lawyer news website on Tuesday.

He has now been ordered to stand for a new trial.

During the case in which Mr Morris was convicted of soliciting sexual acts from a 15-year-old girl, Judge Gallagher asked him to enter his plea of “guilty or not guilty”.

When Mr Morris responded by saying he had a lawsuit against Judge Gallagher and his defence lawyer, the judge warned him that he would shock him if he did not “follow the rules”, the Washington Post newspaper reported, citing court transcripts.

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