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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Special Treatment For City Of Crystal’s City Council Member Jeff Kolb’s Private “Public Works Birthday” Package? Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Don’t They? Does Kolb Treat Public Property Like It Is His Personal Property? Inquiring Minds Really Want To Know, Don’t They? Public Works Director/City Engineer Mark Ray Retaliates Against Whistleblower Nemmers? No Surprise, Right? City of Crystal Council Member Jeff “Special Treatment/Abuse of Power” Kolb Sends Nemmers A Harassing & Threatening Email? Again, No Surprise, Right?

from:    Lion News
date:    Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 11:57 AM
subject:    Chapter 13 data request – “Public works birthday” package for City Council member Jeff Kolb

Mark Ray, Public Works Director/City Engineer 763-531-1160

Chapter 13 data request – Please email me the following readily available free, electronic public data:

1. Current affidavit of candidacy of City Council member Jeff Kolb
2. City of Crystal’s minutes and resolution appointing a city responsible authority.
3. City of Crystal’s Notice to Commissioner of Administration: Adoption of Model Policies – Years: 2010-2016.
4. Signed joint powers agreement with the League of Minnesota Cities and the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust and City of Crystal’s minutes and resolution appointing city personnel to League of Minnesota Cities (LMCT) and the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT).
5. “Public works birthday” package data for City Council member Jeff Kolb:
a. Names, employee identification numbers, actual gross salary, union contract, job description, of City of City Public Works personnel and other personnel from the City of Crystal who transported “wheel loader” and supervised delivery of “wheel loader”, supervised event involving “wheel loader” and returned “wheel loader” after event at  “Public works birthday” package for City Council member Jeff Kolb.
b. Permits, waivers of liability, copy of Kolb’s private insurance for event, notifications to and responses from LMCIT & LMCIT that City of Crystal public property aka “wheel loader” was to be used at private event for City Council member Jeff Kolb, contract with Kolb, invoice for “Public works birthday” package and payment received by Kolb for “Public works birthday” package .
c. Current City of Crystal’s inventory of construction equipment, hourly rates for Public work equipment, 2015 City of Crystal’s warrant data for Public Works dept. aka accounts payable/accounts receivable.

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

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Abuse of Public Office

FREQUENT FLYERS: Why Twin Cities officials are hitting the road

 By: Tom Lyden

POSTED:FEB 11 2016 07:25PM CST

UPDATED:FEB 12 2016 01:33PM CST

 – The mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul believe national and global travel is a necessity to help its citizens, but critics think local politicians are padding their political resumes.


In December, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman went to Paris for the 21st Annual United Nations Summit on climate change.

Reporter: “You think there will be a tangible pay off?

Coleman: “Absolutely, I’ve made climate change one of my top priorities.”

According to Coleman, a mayor is like a CEO, and he said climate change is important, especially to Mississippi River cities, like St. Paul, that get left out of the conversation.

“It’s about raising awareness, it’s about making sure that’s part of the conversation on a global scale,” said Coleman.

The St. Paul Mayor has gone on 46 out of state trips in nearly three years, costing the city only $10,760.  That’s because 33 of those trips were paid for by the National League of Cities, including a trip to Morocco. Coleman was president of the group in 2014. He also went with a delegation to Germany, Sweden, and Denmark to develop a vision for what can be done with the old Ford plant site in St. Paul.

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