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Apparently, anyone who wants to sabotage a campaign can just have me volunteer at their campaign event. I don’t know about you, but I see a lucrative career in my future!

AJ Kern                           Tom Emmer

Okay seriously folks, here’s the reality… AJ Kern is pro-America, pro-life, pro-capitalism, and pro-constitution.

Tom Emmer has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2018 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you.

Kern has been very transparent about her position on issues important to voters.  She was one of the first candidates to honestly discuss the refugee resettlement industry and its impact on MN communities.

Excerpts from Minnesota has the most refugees per capita in the U.S. Will that continue?

Minnesota has the highest number of refugees per capita nationwide, according to the U.S. Census and refugee-support agencies. With 2 percent of the nation’s population, Minnesota has 13 percent of its refugees.

Refugees cost an estimated $107,000 each in food aid, medical expenses and other services, according to one researcher. Communities have no control over the in-flow of refugees, yet they must share the cost of supporting them. And residents often don’t speak out or even ask questions of the process for fear of being called racists, according to Kim Crockett, vice president of the Center of the American Experiment, a conservative think tank based in Golden Valley.

Refugees are free to apply for taxpayer-funded government aid, like any other residents. Nonprofit groups often help them apply. (Nonprofit groups are funded by federal grants and grants = taxpayer dollars)

The refugee resettlement program is a federal effort, but the federal government “does not compensate Minnesota, or the local school districts, cities or counties, who may find themselves coping with large concentrations of refugees,” Crockett says. So when many refugees end up enrolled in Medicaid or assistance programs such as those for housing or transportation or language study, Minnesotans absorb the extra costs.

“Today, voluntary agencies like Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities have more say on where refugees are placed than elected officials in Minnesota,” Crockett adds. “That’s wrong.”

Crockett points out that voters never get to decide whether they want to support large numbers of refugees. “If you want to do charitable work, write a check,” Crockett said. “Don’t use my tax dollars for it.”

Read article in its entirety

Excerpts from For Somali Immigrants, All Politics Really Is Local:

Somali Americans vote. Perhaps it’s because they especially appreciate the opportunity to participate in a democracy when their homeland has lacked a functioning government for decades. Or maybe, like earlier immigrant groups, Somalis excel at machine-style politics.

Regardless, their turnout rate often tops 80 percent.  (What does that tell you?)

“In both 2008 and 2012, the Obama campaign hired Somali-specific organizers because there was such a concentrated number of Somali voters,” says Greg Schultz, who directed President Obama’s campaign in Ohio last year. “It was certainly worth the campaign’s focus.”

Read full article:  For Somali Immigrants, All Politics Really Is Local

From AJ Kern for Congress    *Photos added by Red Herring Alert


President Theodore Roosevelt believed that legal immigrants should ‘in good faith’ assimilate but, is predicated on the immigrant becoming nothing but an American.  “There can be no divided allegiance here.  Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.”

Illegal immigration should not be rewarded with access to government assistance programs and a pathway to citizenship.  Legal immigration, especially those individuals seeking an elected office, should obtain full citizenship, not dual-citizenship.  An American cannot serve two masters.  There is one flag, one language, one Constitution and one culture—the American culture.  Assimilation and self-reliance are key to an immigration system that benefits Americans.


Written during a time when refugees were fleeing communism, the Refugee Act of 1980 is outdated and must be reformed.  Until the President and Congress reform the law–the federal program must be terminated.

Minnesota is experiencing a growing influx of refugee resettlement.  Along with the new residents comes security concerns, unfunded federal obligations, unplanned impacts on schools, city and county services, as well as, unintended consequences to property values and rising poverty.

The 6th Congressional District of Minnesota needs a moratorium on refugee resettlement until costs and associated issues related to transparency, accountability, and national security may be evaluated.  Babin bill (H.R. 80 formerly H.R.3314) Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2017–A bill Congressman Emmer has failed to support and get passed into law–provides a moratorium on refugee resettlement while the Government Accounting Office conducts an audit examining federal,  state, and local costs.

Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2017:  

This bill prohibits the admission of alien refugees into the United States unless Congress passes a joint resolution giving the Department of Homeland Security authority to resume admitting them.

The Government Accountability Office shall report on: (1) the national security impact of refugee admissions; and (2) specified costs of providing refugees with benefits under Medicare, Medicaid, disability insurance under title II of the Social Security Act, the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP, formerly the food stamp program), and low income rental housing assistance.

I will support this act and work to pass it!  

Emmer has failed to support this act.  The question is–Why?  With the second largest Somali refugee community–not just the state of Minnesota… but, the entire country.  Why wouldn’t Congressman Emmer support this act which gives control back to Congress, providing transparency and accountability to the gargantuan refugee resettlement costs??


Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act:

I will support and work to pass this legislation.

This bill requires the Dept of State to report to specified Congressional Committees with 60 days indicating: (1) whether the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria for designation as a foreign terrorist organization; and (2) if not, which criteria have not been met.

The U.S. desperately needs to pass this Act in designating the Muslim Brotherhood and front groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim American Society (MAS) and Muslim Student Association (MSA), as the terrorist organization that they are.

The Muslim Brotherhood is conducting civilization jihad within the United States–infiltrating government and political parties.  It must be stopped.

Tom Emmer


St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

Congratulations to AJ Kern for her courage and willingness to stick her neck out in a contentious and dirty campaign. AJ embodies the values of dedication, discipline and passion to change our failing great state of Minnesota. She is a true American patriot and for that, we salute you AJ!


More on the MN Primary Election Results. . .

Ellison wins Minnesota AG primary amid late domestic violence allegations

Somali-American Ilhan Omar wins Minnesota Dem primary

Under Liberals, The Purge Will Be a 24/7/365 Event





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Someone Needs to Get Michael Brodkorb a Ticket to Shutty Town

Presstitute Michael Brodkorb strikes again! This time he is attacking AJ Kern, a 2018 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 6th Congressional District of Minnesota. (More on this after a review of Brodkorb).

Michael Brodkorb has an extensive history of attacking reputations under the guise of journalism and has consistently tailored his “news” to suit whoever is willing to pay him.

Brodkorb has a troubled past with a long history of out of control behavior – a domestic violence incident involving his wife, a sexual fling with Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch that ended his political career, and driving while intoxicated, crashed his car and nearly killed himself. In another embarrassment, in 2011, Brodkorb made secret recordings of conversations with his GOP bosses regarding his firing (after his tryst with Amy Koch was exposed) . The recordings revealed, among other things, that Brodkorb was struggling with his mental health – which could explain his erratic behavior.

Brodkorb also has a reputation for inciting fights within ranks of the Republican party, among his own team , where he was known for screaming fits and personal attacks against others, it said his eruptions could leave fear in his wake..” (The Fall of Michael Brodkorb) Another Republican, retired Army Lt. Col. Joe Repya, described Brodkorb as “a ‘thug’ with ‘an intimidating personality’ who ran roughshod over party members, elected officials and even volunteers…’You have to understand how frightened people within the party became of Michael Brodkorb..’” (Michael Brodkorb: Admired, feared and, above all, Republican

Brodkorb has also been described as “always pushing the limits..” Brodkorb, once one of the most powerful people in the Senate, used his political knowledge and connections as ammo in carefully crafted blogs designed to attack political targets.Democrats denounced Brodkorb as a “Republican operative” paid to write hit pieces on their candidates. For his work, Brodkorb was paid very well. Initially Brodkorb began blogging anonymously on Minnesota Democrats Exposed (created in 2004) but in a fit of rage, he accidentally exposed his identity while posting online, and reluctantly, was forced to admit to his clandestine activities. Brodkorb says about MDE,”When you’re writing Minnesota Democrats Exposed you’re waking up every day and looking for a target. Even though that kind of thing drives traffic, it’s not a very fulfilling way to write...” (I’m done with partisan politics’: a Q&A with Michael Brodkorb) Due to the insulting content of MDE, Brodkorb was sued for libel – dismissed by a court in 2007. Complaints continued to be raised aganstBrodkorb to this day. (Michael Brodkorb Exposed: “Search and Destroy” Blogger)

Recently, Brodkorb was sued for defamation by Attorney Michelle MacDonald who is running for MN Supreme Court. Read more here: Michael Brodkorb Sued for Fake News

Below is the most recent attack on me via AJ Kern.

Michael Brodkorb fails to mention that I am a falsely convicted felon and that I was charged with “Parental Deprivation” for protecting children under §609.26 DEPRIVING ANOTHER OF CUSTODIAL OR PARENTAL RIGHTS.

Subdivision 1.Prohibited acts.  Whoever intentionally does any of the following acts may be charged with a felony and, upon conviction, may be sentenced as provided in subdivision 6: (1) conceals a minor child from the child’s parent where the action manifests an intent substantially to deprive that parent of parental rights or conceals a minor child from another person having the right to parenting time or custody where the action manifests an intent to substantially deprive that person of rights to parenting time or custody;

This is not a crime when a person charged under subdivision 1 proves that: (1) the person reasonably believed the action taken was necessary to protect the child from physical or sexual assault or substantial emotional harm. That’s impossible to prove however, when evidence is illegally withheld and suppressed in the criminal trial.

Oh and by the way, I was also falsely imprisoned for 4 mos. due to my political beliefs and actions I have taken to expose the extensive corruption in the courts.

At my sentencing hearing, (and speaking on behalf of the state) Assistant County Attorney Keena states,“As to the sentence that the State believes the defendant should receive in this case, it’s the State’s position that Ms. Evavold should be treated the same and receive the same sentence that xxxxxx  received in her case. And why she remained silent and her rationale for doing so I think is more reprehensible than actions taken by xxxxxx. This defendant did it purposely for her ideological beliefs about the family court system and her complete disregard for the family court system.” 

I am not at liberty to discuss the background on the case as I have been gagged by the judges involved and risk further incarceration for revealing details of this high profile case. What this amounts to is a weaponization of the legal system to bully and suppress my first amendment rights.

Here’s what I can say, the Assistant Dakota County Attorney engaged in malicious and retaliatory prosecution by unrealistically overcharging defendants and allowing wrongful convictions when she knew the affirmative defense negated any criminal liability. The judge erroneously allowed evidence to be illegally withheld from defendants and excluded evidence critical to the affirmative defense, thereby making the affirmative defense ineffective. Evidentiary rules cannot prevent a defendant from presenting his defense. Chambers v. Mississippi, 410 U.S.284 (1972).

Read blog posts below to understand more about the witch hunt being carried out by Dakota County against myself and others involved in the court system.




Tom Emmer

Below are emails between myself and Rhonda Sivarajah who was a 2014 candidate for Minnesota’s Sixth District Congressional seat. Emmer knew about the corruption in the courts and many mothers that had their children wrongfully taken from them by the courts talked to him at a fundraiser at Ernie Leidiger’s. Emmer told them that if he got elected, he would address these issues. (Or not!)

—–Original Message—–
From: Dede Evavold <>
Sent: Sunday, February 9, 2014 1:07 PM
To: Rhonda Sivarajah <>
Subject: Meeting

Hi Rhonda,

Tom Emmer has obviously heard that we are wanting candidates to use legal reform as their platform. He and others are now contacting Bonnie Roy to seek support for his campaign as he is realizing that this could be beneficial for him.

Bonnie and I would like to meet with you and Marty Seifert to discuss strategies to move this forward. As much as we need exposure of the issues, we do not want to have someone use this for their personal gain only.

Also, who do you think would want to join from the republicans running against Al Franken

Thanks Rhonda,



From: Rhonda Sivarajah <>
Date: February 9, 2014 at 2:13:54 PM CST
To: Dede Evavold <>
Subject: Re: Meeting

He is such a snake. Doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Spoke with Marty and told him to meet with you. Have also been talking to legislators. Chris Dahlberg is a county commissioner so may actually understand the issue.

Tom Emmer has clearly demonstrated that protecting children and families is not a high priority and that he would rather be a part of Pay to Play Politics with the big boys in Washington.

Tom Emmer has shown his true colors and there should be no doubt that AJ Kern is the right choice to represent Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District.


AJ Kern is the candidate Republicans need

I am writing to support AJ Kern to represent the 6th Congressional District, currently held by Rep. Tom Emmer.

As a life long Republican, I have always appreciated their pro-life, constitutional and common sense economic values and honoring of the rule of law.

But I have hit a roadblock in this coming Aug. 14 CD6 Republican primary. I simply do not recognize candidate Tom Emmer as a Republican.

At the 2016 CD6 party convention, I attended as a supporter of Tom Emmer, but Kern’s speech was enthusiastically received and the count was very close. I left as a Kern supporter. I feel Emmer is questionable on pro-life and his constitutional and economic values.

Tom Emmer’s town hall meeting at the Ace Bar and Grill in St. Cloud several years ago sealed the deal for me and others. With many hands up by concerned supporters, especially regarding the status of our schools and need to analyze the falling test scores and subsequently families leaving our school district, he refused to call on us but instead went to apparent pre-designated people.

So much for representing the people that voted for him.

Kern is a fantastic candidate and we inCD6 would be fortunate for her to serve as our representative.

She has a degree in political science with an emphasis in public administration, and a master’s degree in land use planning;is a US Army Reserve veteran specializing in military intelligence analysis; has strong family values; is pro-life; and will serve as a true Constitutional Conservative.

Vote AJ Kern on Aug. 14.

IMG_AJ_Kern.jpg_1_1_NSACCGCL.jpg_20150402.jpgSetting the record straight on CD6 Republican Party claims

AJ Kern, Candidate for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District Published 6:00 a.m. CT Aug. 7, 2018

Remember that time in 2016 when the Democratic National Committee loaded the deck against Bernie Sanders?

Fast forward to 2018. As a constitutional conservative Republican I, AJ Kern, am being “Bernied” by the Republican Party. Yes, I’m a Republican. Yet, the 6th Congressional District Republican Party published a misleading “Dossier” on official Facebook pages misleading primary voters while opposing views are actively squelched — Party of ideas?

The CD6 Republican Party is proudly suppressing primary voters’ right to know all the facts — Party of transparency?

Surely polling numbers motivated this highly misleading attack. I must be winning!

And now the rest of the story:

1. I live in Sartell and am registered to vote in Minnesota, fully in compliance with requirements to run for Congress in Minnesota.

2. Despite supporting President Trump, I did not vote for him (or Hillary) in 2016 because I helped my sister in Washington state relearn to walk and talk after a medically-induced coma due to an auto accident. Despicable MNGOP CD6 exploiting personal tragedy insinuating something dishonorable — Family First.

3. We sold our Minnesota home of 13 years in 2016 to downsize — nothing dishonorable.

4. I fully support President Trump and his efforts to drain the swamp,starting with the NRCC, of which 6th District Rep. Tom Emmer is deputy chair. News reports show NRCC leadership coerced representatives to raise special interest money in exchange for congressional committee positions — Drain the swamp.

5. My husband and I own a scientific consultancy working for public and private entities solving complex technical problems — think math, physics, statistics. Clients include Fortune 500 corporations, the United States Department of Defense and regulatory agencies. I’m proud of this work and we believe tax payers are better served when conservatives are involved in regulatory processes traditionally dominated by the left.

I’m AJ Kern running in the Aug. 14th CD6 Republican Primary — Issues, Transparency, Ideas.


If you care about the State of Minnesota being able to retain any semblance of normality in the checks and balances of governing the State you simply must listen to this 57minute interview of AJ KERN RUNNING TO REPLACE TOM EMMER FOR US 6TH DISTRICT CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. ……Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, Wright, Carver, Anoka and Washington counties.

AJ has done her homework and if ever someone needed to be replaced, it’s Tom Emmer.  

Friends of AJ 

If you feel AJ Kern is the right candidate for the MN Congressional 6th District please help her win.  Donations gratefully accepted at:

AJ Kern for Congress
PO box 199
Sartell, Mn.  56377



Speechless June 13, 2018. A.J. Kern, Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 6th Congressional District.

A. J. Kern, Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 6th Congressional District lays out a case for why Republicans should vote for her over Tom Emmer.

A.J. reports on what is going on in St. Cloud, MN with the Muslim refugee crisis emphasizing the strain on Social Services and the community.

A.J. draws the distinctions between herself and Tom Emmer.

This is a must watch interview to see what is going on the the 6th Congressional district and the State of Minnesota.





In President Trump’s press release announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America he said, “The fact is, the American Dream is dead – but, if I win, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before.”

That promise included draining the D.C. swamp.  A task perhaps bigger than even Trump imagined.

The truth is, both Democrats and establishment Republicans have turned Washington D.C. into an unrecognizable money-making machine designed for retaining their seats in Congress while maximizing their personal wealth.

For Republicans, the swamp snake is the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), a private organization controlling congressional access to power.  Congressman Ken Buck wrote in his book, Drain the Swamp, “If you want to serve on a committee, you have to raise money for the NRCC.”

Members of Congress are pressed into raising more than half a million to a million for the NRCC, in exchange for committee seats and congressional power positions.

Holding court as Chairman of the NRCC, is none other than your CD-6 representative and former National Popular Vote Lobbyist, Congressman Tom Emmer. Given the enormous time demands of raising money himself and serving as “head coach” for the D.C. home team, the NRCC, is it any wonder CD-6 residents are frustrated with inaction on home town issues.

As residents of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, we have the unique opportunity to help drain the swamp by directly pulling the plug.

To achieve this end, I’m announcing my primary challenge for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District and asking for your vote on August 14th.


Refugee resettlement must be terminated until the Refugee Act of 1980 is reformed.

State and local control must be restored, in part, by ending the use of nongovernmental organizations, de facto bureaucracies which funnel millions in tax dollars, implementing left wing national and international policies while circumventing congressional oversite and public data laws.

Secondly, resettlement costs must be cut.  In 2016 alone $867 billion was spent on welfare and $71 million was spent on education, mostly paid by state and local governments.


February 2016, MPR reported, “Minnesota lawmakers have long sought a plan to allow money transfers to continue after banks in the U.S. stopped handling them.” –because the money could not be kept from corrupt Somali terrorist groups including Al-Shabaab.

Tom Emmer partnered with DNC co-chair Keith Ellison to bring back Somali-American remittances with a new pilot program.

It’s estimated $1.4 billion in remittances is transferred to Somalia annually—much of which originates as taxpayer funded public assistance.  Minnesota, having the largest Somali community in the country, a community heavily dependent on government assistance, largely bears the remittance burden.

Whether through government programs, or fraud as we have recently become aware, suitcases of cash leaving Minnesota negatively impacts our state’s economy.


Emmer joined forces with Sen. Amy Klobuchar to fight President Trump’s proposal to cut 31 percent in foreign aid.

The U.S. provides aid to 96 percent of all countries.  FY 2019, $27.7 billion is planned for foreign assistance, despite the CBO forecast, “the return of $1 trillion-plus annual deficits and a ballooning public debt that will approach $29 trillion by the end of the next decade.”

We are literally committing economic suicide.


Emmer boasts he voted against the gargantuan omnibus spending bill but, what he fails to explain is that he could have voted with 25 other Republicans, against H.R. 796, to keep the bill from being brought to the House floor where he knew it would pass with the help from Democrats. Only a few more Republicans joining the 25 would have killed the bill in committee. Emmer did not join them. He was for it before he was against it—when it didn’t matter.

Emmer hasn’t supported the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act; the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act; nor the Border Wall Funding Act.

Growing national debt, un-vetted non-assimilating refugees, illegal immigration, federal and state laws ignored—America is slowly being transformed as politicians and the deep state destroy the Constitution.

President Trump can’t drain the swamp alone.  I’m asking for your vote in the August 14th primary.


We are here to let you in on a dirty secret in Washington: To serve on the most influential committees in the U.S. House of Representatives, lawmakers are expected to raise a certain amount of money for their respective political parties. The sums involved have become astronomical — more than one million dollars for the most coveted spots. And neither party can claim the moral high ground: Democrats and Republicans alike expect this of their members.

You should not have to buy a position on any committee in Congress. That’s just wrong. To be a successful politician, you should not be judged solely by how much money you can raise. Issue One’s “The Price of Power” report illustrates just how rampant such pay-to-play politicking has become, and it offers solutions so that those serving in Congress can prioritize legislating instead of fundraising.

Constantly raising funds for the political parties interferes with the work of serving your constituents and your country. Hours spent fundraising — and worrying about fundraising — are time and energy diverted away from lawmakers’ legislative responsibilities. When members of Congress get out of bed in the morning, they should be thinking about solving the country’s problems as opposed to how much cash they can raise that day.

It should not come as a surprise that most members of Congress dislike both the fundraising quotas placed upon them and their second job of “dialing for dollars” as telemarketers for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Lawmakers could undo these shackles by adopting simple, common-sense reforms as quickly as possible to sever the ties between fundraising and committee leadership, which would also reduce the conflicts of interest created by our current system.

It should be against House rules to require that legislators raise money to stay on a committee or to become the chair or ranking member of a committee. Moreover, members of Congress should be prohibited from soliciting funds during work hours while Congress is in session so their focus can be on the people’s work. Republican and Democratic leaders should also agree to bring “party dues” back down to earth. Furthermore, these dues should be publicly disclosed.

We are not saying that committee chairs should not be involved at all with fundraising to help their parties or their colleagues, but it should not be the primary arbiter of whether they ascend to, or stay in, positions of leadership.

It is unhealthy for our country and our democracy for money to be such a critical component of how legislative leaders are selected. This dirty secret has metastasized into a major cancer afflicting our legislative process. The time to combat this is now. Nothing less than the public’s trust in government itself is at stake.

Commentary by AJ Kern 

To understand the problem with Tom Emmer serving as the Deputy Chair for the NRCC, a private organization…  PLEASE READ the link:

This is why the ‘establishment’ remain in power.  Why politicians do not listen to you but, are influenced by lobbyist and special interest….  Big money also means grassroots conservative candidates don’t stand a chance.  

Emmer would never be a member of the ‘Reformers Caucus’ because Emmer is a player in the problem the Reformers Caucus is attempting to solve…  

Reformers Caucus seek to end ‘pay-to-play’…

      “Today, most lawmakers do not spend the time building relationships with members of the opposing party or developing subject-matter            expertise related to their committees and constituents.   

       Instead, members of Congress are incentivized to spend up to 30 hours a week raising money, talking to a narrow set of deep-pocketed           donors or special interests, who also fund outside groups and “dark money” organizations to discourage political courage and fuel                   dysfunction in Washington.”

You think Emmer is bringing money back to the district?  That’s his excuse!  

How does this serve YOU?  How does this serve the district… or St Cloud?  

This isn’t a personal attack…  it’s just the truth.  Our country is in deep trouble and this is a huge part of the problem.

AJ Kern

Minnesota Nice

Family Helps Raise Walls on ‘Unity Build’ Sauk Rapids Home

By Chrissy Gaetke June 28, 2017 2:25 PM

"SAUK RAPIDS — Children will grow and many family memories will be made inside a new Habitat for Humanity house in Sauk Rapids.

The home is known as a “Unity Build.” Central MN Habitat for Humanity Construction Manager, Art Buhs says the house is designed to bring people of different backgrounds together.

“What we are trying to do is to bring peoples from different cultures, religions, any walk of life that we can to come and build and it’s working wonderfully.”

Habitat for Humanity crews along with the Muhamud-Omar family, which will be moving into the home, raised the walls of the house Wednesday afternoon.

Deeq Mohamud and Nasra Omar along with their six, soon to be seven, children will be moving into the home this November. Mohamud says he feels honored to move into such a caring and supportive community.

“It means everything, thank you so much to the great community and I really love to be apart of this great community in Sauk Rapids.”

Mohamud works as a bilingual communication specialist in the St. Cloud Area School District. Omar is a child care provider at a Somali day care in St. Cloud.

When completed the house will be about 2,000 square feet and will feature six bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The Unity Build home is on North Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids. It was designed by St. Cloud Technical and Community College student, Patrick Michael.

Read More: Family Helps Raise Walls on ‘Unity Build’ Sauk Rapids Home [PHOTOS]

Image result for minnesota nice

Comment from Tony Smith-MN

Turning your back on your Real Estate Tax paying Citizen neighbors is not nice, as Minnesotans and the assinine local media seem to thrive on proclaiming something to be “Minnesota nice” when in reality it is BABOONERY which is nothing more than “monkey see monkey do”!!!!

I am sure that these same Minnesotans must also say, “Well it must be OK —  if every one else is doing it!”

All I can say stupid is as stupid does!!  You are suffocating on your SCSU social engineers who are bringing you European Socilaism ala the Frankfurt Institute of Behavorial Research which opened its US branch as the Aspen Instritute in 1950, which has assumed control of both major political parties.  Today many refer to them simply as Socialist Party A & Socialist Party B!

Spineless politicians who spin in the wind are continuously turning their backs on the local body politic in pursuit of lobbyist cash and/or other trinkets as they simply dance to the tune of the shrillest organ grinder (highest bidder).  Tom Emmer, immediately comes to mind — as he has never earned nor deserved one vote from those who had elected Michelle Bachman four times to the office which, sadly, he now occupies.

The UN building in NYC has become the home office for Soviet spies and infiltrators in US since 1951, within just one year of the opening of the Aspen Institute.  Since that time, the Sovietization of America has gained a throttle grip on the throats of American Christian youth via public education, which marginalizes Christian faith at every potential opportunity while it simultaneously extolling the virtues (?) of the discovery of science. However, these same pseudo educators have apparently enshrined psychology and sociology (the studies of feelings and human reactions) as science, even though these studies are almost devoid of factual scientific evidence.

Although I have met a couple of male Minnesotans (GM) who can and do stand in the gap to be counted in this battle in America for our minds and hearts, most tend to cower in the shadows of the women who brought them to the battle.  I pray for those few ladies who exemplify by their genteel discipline that they are not ashamed of their Jehovah God given blessings of gender which He has bestowed upon them!  Those few (KJL) truly beautify this planet called Earth.  Meanwhile the LORD is truly looking for a few good men to stand with Him in this battle and to reign with Him in the Kingdom

My prayer is that I will never be known by the moniker of “Minnesta nice”, as to me, it simply means spineless!  Back sliding heifers is also another term which immediately comes to mind!! ts 06/29/17

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