We are here to let you in on a dirty secret in Washington: To serve on the most influential committees in the U.S. House of Representatives, lawmakers are expected to raise a certain amount of money for their respective political parties. The sums involved have become astronomical — more than one million dollars for the most coveted spots. And neither party can claim the moral high ground: Democrats and Republicans alike expect this of their members.

You should not have to buy a position on any committee in Congress. That’s just wrong. To be a successful politician, you should not be judged solely by how much money you can raise. Issue One’s “The Price of Power” report illustrates just how rampant such pay-to-play politicking has become, and it offers solutions so that those serving in Congress can prioritize legislating instead of fundraising.

Constantly raising funds for the political parties interferes with the work of serving your constituents and your country. Hours spent fundraising — and worrying about fundraising — are time and energy diverted away from lawmakers’ legislative responsibilities. When members of Congress get out of bed in the morning, they should be thinking about solving the country’s problems as opposed to how much cash they can raise that day.

It should not come as a surprise that most members of Congress dislike both the fundraising quotas placed upon them and their second job of “dialing for dollars” as telemarketers for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Lawmakers could undo these shackles by adopting simple, common-sense reforms as quickly as possible to sever the ties between fundraising and committee leadership, which would also reduce the conflicts of interest created by our current system.

It should be against House rules to require that legislators raise money to stay on a committee or to become the chair or ranking member of a committee. Moreover, members of Congress should be prohibited from soliciting funds during work hours while Congress is in session so their focus can be on the people’s work. Republican and Democratic leaders should also agree to bring “party dues” back down to earth. Furthermore, these dues should be publicly disclosed.

We are not saying that committee chairs should not be involved at all with fundraising to help their parties or their colleagues, but it should not be the primary arbiter of whether they ascend to, or stay in, positions of leadership.

It is unhealthy for our country and our democracy for money to be such a critical component of how legislative leaders are selected. This dirty secret has metastasized into a major cancer afflicting our legislative process. The time to combat this is now. Nothing less than the public’s trust in government itself is at stake.

Commentary by AJ Kern 

To understand the problem with Tom Emmer serving as the Deputy Chair for the NRCC, a private organization…  PLEASE READ the link:

This is why the ‘establishment’ remain in power.  Why politicians do not listen to you but, are influenced by lobbyist and special interest….  Big money also means grassroots conservative candidates don’t stand a chance.  

Emmer would never be a member of the ‘Reformers Caucus’ because Emmer is a player in the problem the Reformers Caucus is attempting to solve…  

Reformers Caucus seek to end ‘pay-to-play’…

      “Today, most lawmakers do not spend the time building relationships with members of the opposing party or developing subject-matter            expertise related to their committees and constituents.   

       Instead, members of Congress are incentivized to spend up to 30 hours a week raising money, talking to a narrow set of deep-pocketed           donors or special interests, who also fund outside groups and “dark money” organizations to discourage political courage and fuel                   dysfunction in Washington.”

You think Emmer is bringing money back to the district?  That’s his excuse!  

How does this serve YOU?  How does this serve the district… or St Cloud?  

This isn’t a personal attack…  it’s just the truth.  Our country is in deep trouble and this is a huge part of the problem.

AJ Kern


Minnesota Nice

Family Helps Raise Walls on ‘Unity Build’ Sauk Rapids Home

By Chrissy Gaetke June 28, 2017 2:25 PM

"SAUK RAPIDS — Children will grow and many family memories will be made inside a new Habitat for Humanity house in Sauk Rapids.

The home is known as a “Unity Build.” Central MN Habitat for Humanity Construction Manager, Art Buhs says the house is designed to bring people of different backgrounds together.

“What we are trying to do is to bring peoples from different cultures, religions, any walk of life that we can to come and build and it’s working wonderfully.”

Habitat for Humanity crews along with the Muhamud-Omar family, which will be moving into the home, raised the walls of the house Wednesday afternoon.

Deeq Mohamud and Nasra Omar along with their six, soon to be seven, children will be moving into the home this November. Mohamud says he feels honored to move into such a caring and supportive community.

“It means everything, thank you so much to the great community and I really love to be apart of this great community in Sauk Rapids.”

Mohamud works as a bilingual communication specialist in the St. Cloud Area School District. Omar is a child care provider at a Somali day care in St. Cloud.

When completed the house will be about 2,000 square feet and will feature six bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The Unity Build home is on North Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids. It was designed by St. Cloud Technical and Community College student, Patrick Michael.

Read More: Family Helps Raise Walls on ‘Unity Build’ Sauk Rapids Home [PHOTOS]

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Comment from Tony Smith-MN

Turning your back on your Real Estate Tax paying Citizen neighbors is not nice, as Minnesotans and the assinine local media seem to thrive on proclaiming something to be “Minnesota nice” when in reality it is BABOONERY which is nothing more than “monkey see monkey do”!!!!

I am sure that these same Minnesotans must also say, “Well it must be OK —  if every one else is doing it!”

All I can say stupid is as stupid does!!  You are suffocating on your SCSU social engineers who are bringing you European Socilaism ala the Frankfurt Institute of Behavorial Research which opened its US branch as the Aspen Instritute in 1950, which has assumed control of both major political parties.  Today many refer to them simply as Socialist Party A & Socialist Party B!

Spineless politicians who spin in the wind are continuously turning their backs on the local body politic in pursuit of lobbyist cash and/or other trinkets as they simply dance to the tune of the shrillest organ grinder (highest bidder).  Tom Emmer, immediately comes to mind — as he has never earned nor deserved one vote from those who had elected Michelle Bachman four times to the office which, sadly, he now occupies.

The UN building in NYC has become the home office for Soviet spies and infiltrators in US since 1951, within just one year of the opening of the Aspen Institute.  Since that time, the Sovietization of America has gained a throttle grip on the throats of American Christian youth via public education, which marginalizes Christian faith at every potential opportunity while it simultaneously extolling the virtues (?) of the discovery of science. However, these same pseudo educators have apparently enshrined psychology and sociology (the studies of feelings and human reactions) as science, even though these studies are almost devoid of factual scientific evidence.

Although I have met a couple of male Minnesotans (GM) who can and do stand in the gap to be counted in this battle in America for our minds and hearts, most tend to cower in the shadows of the women who brought them to the battle.  I pray for those few ladies who exemplify by their genteel discipline that they are not ashamed of their Jehovah God given blessings of gender which He has bestowed upon them!  Those few (KJL) truly beautify this planet called Earth.  Meanwhile the LORD is truly looking for a few good men to stand with Him in this battle and to reign with Him in the Kingdom

My prayer is that I will never be known by the moniker of “Minnesta nice”, as to me, it simply means spineless!  Back sliding heifers is also another term which immediately comes to mind!! ts 06/29/17

AJ Kern~Betrayed by my political party

AJ Kern

Just in case you missed it…

Read the OCR complaints against ISD742, filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is how they infiltrate our schools…   and demand special accommodations.  ‘Don’t offend me…  CAIR will file a federal complaint.’

Who didn’t experience some form of harassment in school?  Raise your hand?  I guess if you are not assimilating and donning garb symbolizing the enslavement of women…  you just may be inviting trouble?

The Muslim Brotherhood, and associated front groups, need to be identified by the federal government as a terrorist organization.  Until then, they will infiltrate government and other organizations, such as the MN GOP, who have recently accepted a Somali Organization as an ‘affiliate.’  This is right out of the Muslim Brotherhood playbook…  civilization jihad.  Guess who will be running as Republican candidates for elected office at all levels of government…

Emmer, the mayor, Republicans like Knoblach…  they just want votes.  And then one day…  they will be challenged by a muslim.


Somali organization vs Muslim organization.  A ‘Distinction without a Difference’…  just depending on the situation.

Joining the ranks of the MN GOP, we’ll use Somali…  Protesting President Trump’s travel ban…  we’ll scream Muslim….  ‘Muslim’ ban!!  Discrimination!!

Somali…  Muslim…  No difference to me.  The world of Islam nor Somalis (Somalia is #2 on the World Watch List for extreme persecution of Christians who are virtually non-existent in Somalia)…  do not accept me as a free Christian American woman as an equal.  I do not accept their misogynist anti-Christ organization.

Do you believe you will go unpunished by the world when you stand with Christ against the anti-Christ?  (2 John 7-11)

Betrayed by my political party,
AJ Kern

AJ Kern Wins Respect of Many Disillusioned Voters

Thanks Kern for challenging Emmer

Congratulations to AJ Kern for a hard fought (but under reported) 6th District Congressional Campaign to represent the Republican Party in November.

Smart Politics reported opponent Tom Emmer outraised Kern’s campaign 61:1, but Kern received 26.5 percent of the tallies. The Minnesota Secretary of State reported Kern won Stearns County 49.64 percent to Emmer’s 47.48 percent.

It appeared as though the St. Cloud Times was blacking out coverage of this election.

Those of us who supported Kern’s constitutional conservative campaign with our votes, donations, yard signs, billboards, working parades and county fairs, and spreading the word on why you deserved to be elected say thank you! You did us proud!

There is worry in the 6th District — worry about jobs, our schools, an eroding tax base, an aging population, cost to care for our veterans, public safety and whether our Second Amendment rights will be preserved.

We will be looking to Emmer to address these issues and support bills good for all the 6th District instead of international concerns, following administration coercing, VOLAG pressure and lobbyist wishes.

Please show the 5,217 Kern voters that you will work to win back their votes.

This is the original letter to editor submitted to the St. Cloud Times but was required to be reduced in size and some content by the Editor.

Congratulations to AJ Kern…

For a hard fought (but under reported) 6th District Congressional Campaign to represent the Republican Party in November.  AJ was outraised by Emmer by a 60:1 ratio but received 26.5 % of the vote.

Those of us volunteers that worked for your election and many others that supported your Constitutional Conservative Candidacy by donations, placing yard signs and bill boards, working the parades and County Fairs, and spreading the word on why you deserved to be elected.  THANK YOU.


The Times who adopted a policy of black out to any AJ Kern Campaign news finally found a way to cover the Primary with a small front page headline today (the 11th)….”Primary win is weakest since 1962″ with the majority
of their front page dedicated to and celebrating a primary win in District 60 B in Mpls.  So much for local coverage!

The actual statistics that may have interested your readers were omitted from the article.

For instance…AJ won Stearns County 49.64% to Emmers 47.48% showing a need for Tom Emmer to become the conservative he claims to be on the campaign trail represent the people who elected him.

Simply said there is worry in the 6th district…worry about jobs, our schools, eroding of our tax base, aging of our population, cost to care for our veterans, public safety and will our Second Amendment Rights be preserved?

We who supported AJKern will now be looking to Tom Emmer to address these issues and sign bills that will be good for all the 6th District instead of International concerns, following Administration coercing, volaag pressure
and lobbyist wishes.

Please show the 5,217 Primary AJ Kern voters (Emmer votes at 13,548) that you will work to represent the entire 6th District.!

Submitted by,

Karen Ament

Refugee Resettlement Infiltrating So.Dakota


D3 Senate Candidate Heidelberger picks a fight with an unfriendly crowd. Should Candidates cause a near riot if they disagree with speakers?

Posted on August 12, 2016 by 16 Comments ↓                  

Interesting story up in Aberdeen this AM, where the Ultra-liberal State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger decided to verbally spar with a speaker at an event where he was an uninvited member of the audience:

Things got heated at a lecture by Ron Branstner at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Aberdeen on Thursday when Corey Heidelberger defended a piece from his blog, Dakota Free Press, that Branstner critiqued in front of the group of about 200 assembled.

Heidelberger and Branstner began talking over each other, and members from the audience began shouting “get out” to Heidelberger, who is running for state Senate.

This happened during the question-and-answer portion at the end of Branstner’s lecture.

Branstner asked that things not get violent and the crowd quieted down.

Read it here.

Libertarian Ken Santema of the website was in attendance, and has pictures, and promises upcoming video of the confrontations that the Democrat Senate Candidate had with the speaker and members of the crowd, who called for him to “Get out!”

Continue Reading:

Sounds similar to Tom Emmer’s Town Hall Meeting in St. Cloud last summer. However, apparently he’s not an ultra-liberal. . . or is he???

Refugee Resettlement Watch

St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 5, 2015


Rep. Tom Emmer. With Republicans like these……

Emmer responds in anger (not about the murdered teen, he didn’t like being questioned) according to this news at the Examiner entitled ‘Tom Emmer’s public meltdown.’ This article has been removed but was found on this site-The smoakhouse Forums

By the way, the thin-skinned Rep. Tom Emmer is the Republican who won the seat formerly held by Rep. Michele Bachmann.  It sure looks like the 6th District of Minnesota will miss Bachmann as we learned recently that Emmer has joined forces with Rep. Keith Ellison to create a Somalia Caucus in Congress!

Here is Gary Gross writing at the Examiner.  St. Cloud residents want to know what the cost is to the local taxpayer as Lutheran Social Services and the UN/US State Department continue to send refugees to the city that has a growing ‘pocket of resistance’ to the colonization plan.

A big crowd turned out for Congressman Tom Emmer’s town hall meeting Wednesday night. It wasn’t a good night for Emmer because he let his temper get the better of him early in the event.

The chief point of contention was over the refugee resettlement program. When citizens asked for a moratorium on the program until after an economic impact statement had been done, Congressman Emmer asked why anyone would have a problem with people in the United States legally. When an unidentified member of the audience said that refugees were draining St. Cloud’s resources, Emmer responded by saying that he’d seen the city of St. Cloud’s budget and that it looked fine. At that point, several people booed.

The main complaint is that refugees are depleting the school district’s funding. They’re allegedly also using health care programs, too. It was noted that school budgets aren’t part of St. Cloud’s operating budget. That’s shown in the school district’s budget. Also, the health programs that refugees are using are administered by Stearns County, not the City of St. Cloud.

Looking at St. Cloud’s city operating budget wouldn’t tell Congressman Emmer anything about the refugee resettlement’s financial impact on St. Cloud.

At another point, Emmer got upset about the possibility of Syrian refugees heading to St. Cloud, calling that possibility the “Syrian myth.” He later said that he’d checked with the State Department, who said that there wasn’t a chance of Syrian refugees coming to Minnesota.

Continue reading here.

He might be right about the number of Syrians that might be sent to Minnesota.  I’m thinking the US State Department could actually have enough sense to not send more Muslims to Minnesota. Although if they get their wished-for 65,000 in the next 18 months, every state will be fair game.

Breaking News! Key Emmer Delegate Files FEC complaint against AJ Kern


See Breaking news on Alpha News MN 

BREAKING: AJ Kern to Announce Primary Bid Against Rep. Emmer – Cities Endorsement Convention Fouls


Learn about Emmer supporter who filed frivolous FEC complaint at Alpha News MN…

The Man Behind the Complaints Against Daudt & Emmer Primary Challengers

On Friday, August 5th, The AJ Kern for Congress campaign received notification from the Federal Election Commission that Matt Stevens (Endorsing convention delegate from Senate District 30) filed a complaint against Kern’s grassroots campaign for alleged fundraising irregularities.

Kern said, “I take this allegation seriously and because the primary election is coming up this Tuesday, August 9th, I am releasing this information in an effort to provide full transparency and accountability to the voters of CD-6.”

Matt Stevens is one of the select men identified at the Senate District 30 Convention by Tom Emmer as a “great conservative” chosen specifically by Mr. Emmer to represent him at the CD-6 endorsing convention—a member of Emmer’s slate of delegates.

Inviting precinct delegates to vote for Matt Stevens and other key supporters, Mr. Emmer wrote, “When it comes time to choose delegates for the sixth district convention, the delegates below are great conservative activists and some of my key supporters.” [See Emmer’s SD30 convention slate]

Tom Identified Matt Stevens as a “key supporter” — a trusted political insider.

FEC rules & regulations are intended to protect the public from being misled by unscrupulous political operatives but, as FEC has identified, these rules can also be abused.

Former FEC commissioner Bradley Smith wrote[1]:

“Charges and litigation are used to harass opposing candidates and make political hay with the press …used most effectively by ‘incumbents’.”

Smith also wrote that, “Many, if not most, of these cases end up being dismissed, but not without distracting the campaigns and using up their resources.”

It is the Kern campaign’s opinion that Matt Stevens submitted a complaint with the federal government, not intended to protect the voters of CD-6 but rather to distract the Kern campaign during a critical point just prior to the primary!

The FEC notification was dated July 27th, just 14 days prior to the primary election with a 15 day response deadline—effectively forcing the Kern campaign, composed entirely of grassroots volunteers, to redirect scarce time and resources toward a response to this complaint.

This tactic isn’t new. As discussed by the United States 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, No 13-1229, cautioning that, “…it is immensely problematic that anyone may lodge a complaint…” when “…there is no promise or requirement that the power to file a complaint will be used prudently.”

“Complaints can be filed at a tactically calculated time so as to divert the attention of an entire campaign from the meritorious task at hand of supporting or defeating a ballot question, possibly diffusing public sentiment and requiring the speaker to defend a claim before the OAH, thus inflicting political damage” [2]

The website Matt Stevens complained about was published in January of 2016, allowing ample time for him or others to alert the Kern campaign of these alleged transgressions. The Kern Campaign has received no other complaints.

AJ Kern pointed out that “Matt Stevens, felt it most expedient to solve this problem by bringing in the heavy hand of the federal government, when one phone call, one Republican to another, would have easily rectified any possible disparities in a matter of minutes.”

Much time, taxpayer money and campaign resources will be wasted resolving Mr. Stevens frivolous allegations–a 15 page complaint.

AJ Kern said “I find it ironic that a key supporter of a so-called small government republican would seek such an extreme big government approach.”

In Kern’s opinion, this was an electioneering tactic to bully her grassroots campaign composed exclusively of hardworking volunteers of whom she is very proud.

Kern said, “This is why ordinary patriots, like myself, are discouraged from throwing our hat in the ring representing ….We the People.”

[1] Bradley A. Smith key note address to the Editorial Board of the Catholic University Law Review, former_members/smith/ smithspeech01.html

[2] opndir/14/09/131229P.pdf


Emmer told us recently that he is running for SEVEN REASONS; his kids.  (emotions)  

AJ Kern is running for one reason!

Statue of Liberty



Vote your conscience people; Vote AJ Kern for Congress: Tuesday August 9th.


BREAKING: AJ Kern to Announce Primary Bid Against Rep. Emmer – Cites Endorsement Convention Fouls

UPDATE: A response from Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota Keith Downey is posted at the end of the story:

Republican AJ Kern intends to announce a primary bid today against United States Representative Tom Emmer (R – Congressional District 6).  Kern and Emmer sought the party endorsement at the district’s convention in April.  Emmer achieved the required 60 percent of delegates by 11 votes (212-119) and won the endorsement on April 23rd.

Kern is claiming convention misconduct led to her decision to primary against Emmer.  Kern tells Alpha News the three reasons she thought the convention was mishandled include her campaign being kept out of the ballot room, a violation of “the rules for seating Delegates and Alternates,” and there never being “a motion and vote to endorse a candidate.”

Kern says the two campaigns were “provided different treatment during ballot counting,” explaining, “The Emmer campaign was provided observer(s) in the room while ballot counting occurred. The representative from the Kern campaign, Dr.John Kern, was physically blocked from entering the room during ballot counting.”

In regards to her contention with the seating of delegates and alternates, Kern says, “Sworn statements also indicate that after the permanent voting roll had been created, Alternates were wrongly unseated for late arriving Delegates in violation of the party constitution and convention rules.”

Continue Reading: