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‘What About Bill?’ Sexual Misconduct Debate Revives Questions About Clinton

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Former President Bill Clinton last month in Baltimore. Some of his behavior while he was in office has been an uncomfortable subject for Democrats.

The New York Times  By PETER BAKER

WASHINGTON — Another woman went on national television this week to press her case of sexual assault by a powerful figure. But the accused was not Roy S. Moore or Harvey Weinstein or Donald J. Trump. It was Bill Clinton.

“I feel like people are starting to believe and realize that I was truly sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton,” Juanita Broaddrick said on Fox News nearly two decades after first going public with her story. “All victims matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Who cares if you’re straight or you’re gay, or if you believe in God or not. We all have a right to be believed.”

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The cultural conversation about women, power and sexual misconduct that has consumed the United States in recent weeks has now raised a question that is eagerly promoted by those on the political right just as it discomfits those on the political left: What about Bill? While Fox News and other conservative outlets revive years-old charges against Mr. Clinton to accuse Mr. Moore’s critics of hypocrisy, some liberals say it may be time to rethink their defense of the 42nd president.

Matthew Yglesias, a liberal blogger who once worked at the Center for American Progress, a pillar of the Clinton political world, wrote on Vox.com on Wednesday that “I think we got it wrong” by defending Mr. Clinton in the 1990s and that he should have resigned. Chris Hayes, the liberal MSNBC host, said on Twitter that “Democrats and the center left are overdue for a real reckoning with the allegations against him.”

Continue Reading: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/%E2%80%98what-about-bill%E2%80%99-sexual-misconduct-debate-revives-questions-about-clinton/ar-BBF1tmr?li=BBnb7Kz


Details on Bill Clinton’s ride on pedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ sought

MSM Wants To Obliterate Bill Clinton Sex Predator Narrative

Bill Clinton’s looming reckoning as a sexual predator



MN Supreme Court Petition for Review

Minnesota Supreme Court

Group photo of the seven members of the Minnesota Supreme Court


The Minnesota Supreme Court is, in effect, the final arbiter of the constitutional rights of the people of the state of Minnesota. Supreme Court decisions often serve as precedent for future cases.

Currently, the Supreme Court reviews petitions in approximately 800 cases a year and accepts review in about 1 in 8 cases. These cases can come from the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, Tax Court, Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, and Board of Judicial Standards. Election contests and appeals for first-degree murder cases are automatically appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is responsible for the regulation of the practice of law and for judicial and lawyer discipline. Additionally, as the highest court in Minnesota, it promulgates rules of practice and procedure for the legal system in the state.  http://www.mncourts.gov/About-The-Courts/SupremeCourt.aspx

Let’s see how much the Supreme Court cares about the constitutional rights of MN citizens. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that my case and companion case won’t be accepted for review. And if it is accepted, the decision of the lower courts will be affirmed.

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Judge Michael J. Mayer

Judge Michael J. Mayer

July 21, 2010: A shocking recording of Dakota County Senior Court Administrator, Edie Stanke reveals corruption in Dakota County. Though this video speaks to the experience of one father, what is revealed here affects all families involved in Dakota County, and exposes widespread patterns of corruption being reported as happening in family courts across the United States, and internationally as well.

According to Stanke, she does whatever Judge Michael Mayer asks her to do, even if she is asked to break the law. Why? Stanke says “because I want my paycheck“.  

Corruption occurs when laws are broken, and the powers of government are abused to further personal interests or political agendas. When corrupt people surround themselves with other dishonest, unethical and similarly corrupt people, our society’s institutions – even our court system – becomes lawless.

A lawless court system will prey upon, and victimize law abiding citizens, even families and children. Human lives are only valuable based on their worth in terms of the incentives of the corrupt players – money, power, political influence, bribes, etc are generated from the daily operations of a court system that no longer functions based on rule of law but instead, has gone rogue.

Society now seeing the tragic result of this – when children are placed in the custody of abusive or unfit parents, and then are subjected to further abuse. Courts are enforcing orders that alienate children from their parents, many children are taken under unjust circumstances and never see their parent again. There are cases in family court that go on for years, children spend their whole childhood in upheaval and uncertainty while the court system profits at destroying families. There are escalated instances of domestic violence, sometimes resulting in murder. Families are being financially devastated, and brought to ruin by the abuse of powers happening in the family court system. In all of this, it is almost impossible to correct or overturn a court decision, even if that ruling is clearly erroneous or has violated law. When the system departs from justice, rulings are no longer based on law but instead are assessed in terms of how the players have been bought and sold.

I Will BREAK LAW for Contaminated Judge Michael Mayer ‘you betcha’ -Dakota court Admin Edie Stanke

The Nazi Defense, I was Only Following Orders

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Nuremberg, Germany—At the end of World War Two, many high ranking German military and civilians were tried and hanged for Crimes Against Humanity.

In the tribunals many of these defendants raised the defense that they were only following orders. That defense was scoffed at and ridiculed since these men and women (yes, we hanged German women too) were involved in one of the greatest mass murders in history.

What most casual observers did not really know, was that every member of the military had to swear a personal oath of allegiance to Adolph Hitler rather than the German people or a Constitution. The penalty for speaking out, resisting or obstructing Hitler was death.

Read More: http://www.crimefilenews.com/2011/03/nazi-defense-i-was-only-following.html

Nazis weren’t just following orders but ‘took pride’ in atrocities

A new study suggests that those who carry out atrocities, like Nazi concentration camp guards, weren’t just following orders but actively enjoyed their work.

Evidence suggests that Nazi functionaries had a good understanding of what they were doing and took pride in their work
Evidence suggests that Nazi functionaries had a good understanding of what they were doing and took pride in their work Photo: ALAMY

A new study has shown that terrible acts involve not just obedience, but enthusiasm too.

The scientific paper – jointly authored by by a Scottish university professor – challenges a long-held belief that human beings harm others because they are programmed to obey orders.

Professor Stephen Reicher, Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of St Andrews, and Professor Alex Haslam of the University of Queensland, Australia, have published the paper in the journal PLos-Biology on the nature of tyranny and evil.

Continue Reading: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/9694194/Nazis-werent-just-following-orders-but-took-pride-in-atrocities.html

Whether the Nuremberg Trials were fair or not is still being debated. However, what isn’t debatable is that you do not get immunity because you were just following the orders of your superiors.

I can’t even begin to identify the number of authorities and officials involved in my case no.19HA-CR-15-4227 and related companion cases.  From the Media to U.S. Marshals, Stearns County, Grant County and Dakota County Law Enforcement, Lakeville City Officials, Public and Private Attorneys, County and Appellate Court Judges, MN State Legislators, CPS, the FBI, the IRS, Psychologists, the FAA, Dakota County Commissioners, Ramsey County Corrections and Dakota Community Corrections, the crimes against us were carried out or otherwise participated in by these “authorities/professionals”. No one has stood up and blew the whistle on the clear crimes that have been committed in these cases. 

You need to stop and ask yourself if you are willing to accept the consequences that will ultimately come before you. My boss in my first professional job taught me that even if she asked us to do something illegal, we were responsible for our own actions and licenses.




“I’m going to tell my story”

Former DNC chair For those who are telling me to shut up, I tell them “go to hell. I’m going to tell my story.”

BOMBSHELL: Donna Brazile Admits DNC Rigged Primary Against Bernie

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Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House Hardcover – November 7, 2017

“This book is a triumph.”—Walter Isaacson

From Donna Brazile, former DNC chair and legendary political operative, an explosive and revealing new look at the 2016 election: the first insider account of the Russian hacking of the DNC and the missteps by the Clinton campaign and Obama administration that enabled a Trump victory.

In the fallout of the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee–and as chaos threatened to consume the party’s convention–Democrats turned to a familiar figure to right the ship: Donna Brazile. Known to millions from her frequent TV appearances, she was no stranger to high stakes and dirty opponents, and the longtime Democratic strategist had a reputation in Washington as a one-stop shop for fixing sticky problems.

What Brazile found at the DNC was unlike anything she had experienced before–and much worse than is commonly known. The party was beset by infighting, scandal, and hubris, while reeling from a brazen and wholly unprecedented attempt by a foreign power to influence the presidential election. Plus, its candidate, Hillary Clinton, faced an opponent who broke every rule in the political playbook.

Packed with never-before-reported revelations about what went down in 2016, Hacks is equal parts campaign thriller, memoir, and roadmap for the future. With Democrats now in the wilderness after this historic defeat, Hacks argues that staying silent about what went wrong helps no one. Only by laying bare the missteps, miscalculations, and crimes of 2016, Brazile contends, will Americans be able to salvage their democracy.

Daily Revelations Rocking the Establishment

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Panic Hits Hollywood and Media Elite: Which Harasser Will Be Outed Next?

Hollywood Reporter 6:00 AM PDT 11/1/2017 by Mary Pilon Marisa Guthrie

Near-daily disclosures of misconduct from N.Y. and L.A. men — as outlined in a since-deleted spreadsheet of “Shitty Media Men” — have blanketed the landscape with a palpable unease: “We all wake up thinking, ‘Who’s next?'”

Dayna Evans, a freelance writer in Brooklyn, was working at her apartment on Oct. 11 when she received a link to a Google spreadsheet curiously titled “Shitty Media Men.”

“When I first got it, there were 12 or so names on it, and you could see people editing it,” says Evans. “I still remember even then thinking how few men there were on it considering how many of them have power.” She left her computer for a few hours, and when she returned, the number had ballooned to more than 50 (a version obtained by The Hollywood Reporter includes 72 names), covering an array of outlets, including The New YorkerThe New RepublicThe New York TimesHarper’sMother JonesBuzzFeed and New York.

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Exposing Pedophiles


Arrest comes after tweeting he was “working on a plan” to expose pedophiles

Infowars.com – OCTOBER 22, 2017

An Open Secret


The secret Hollywood doesn’t want you to know – posted here absolutely free for the victims and to stop future crimes

“An Open Secret” was already available for free through Sunday Oct 22 to celebrate the courage of victims exposing Harvey Weinstein publicly, but in light of all the other courageous survivors of child sexual abuse in Hollywood coming forward since then, they’ve extended this through October 31st!