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Conspirators Leading All the Way to the Supreme Court


An appeal is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court. It just ain’t gonna happen folks! They are simply all in cahoots in this fraud.

We are on our own.  The agencies and elected officials that should be jumping to our defense are sitting idly by watching the deterioration of the very core of our nation.  It occurs to me that when the law enforcement and judicial systems break down to this extent, we are witnessing government sanctioned anarchy. ~Marti Oakley



First Amendment Court Case #19AV-CR-17-16709

Contrary to the false tweets put out by Michael Brodkorb, I did have my pre-trial hearing for my false harassment restraining order (HRO) violation. This was not a hearing related to additional criminal charges and in fact, I still have not received documentation regarding these “new charges”. Brodkorb always seems to have the inside scoop as to what’s going down before I’m ever notified.  Hmmmm……


Michael Brodkorb: “At the hearing on December 13, 2017, Elliott said that Evavold’s post published the private address of the Rucki family on a platform with a “dangerous” audience. Evavold did not respond to Elliott’s claims in court, but Judge Kanning said he would grant the motion filed by Elliott.”
Judge Asphaug presided over yesterday’s hearing and indicated that the motion hearing to vacate the harassment restraining order will take place prior to any further hearings. This is the same judge that signed the ex-parte harassment restraining order against me for my crime of referencing the petitioner    on this blog and presided over our “Parental Deprivation” cases.
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BTW, I’ve NEVER had an HRO against me, but petitioner has had several filed against him as well as an endless stream of police reports, CPS reports, letters, and orders for protection.
Below are examples of petitioner’s patterns of behavior that he is empowered to continue due to the cover-up by law enforcement, attorneys and judges.



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The above case was in front of  none other than Judge Karen Asphaug and prosecuted by Elliot Knetsch who is now prosecuting me.  A preliminary hearing was held on December 31, 2009 and as a result of the hearing, a trial was scheduled for February 8, 2010. On the eve of the trial, the defense filed a motion to dismiss for “lack of probable cause.” That motion was granted without a hearing by Judge Asphaug and the case was thrown out.

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My free speech hearing is scheduled for March 14th at the Dakota County Western Service Center in Apple Valley.


 Dakota County Western Service Center
Dakota County Western Service Center in Apple Valley, MN.14955 Galaxie Ave. West
Apple Valley, MN 55124





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Bundy trial dismissed due to ‘flagrant prosecutorial misconduct’



We are calling out all the abusers and so called professionals that work hand in hand with the AFCC to take responsibility for their disgusting actions against humanity and for allowing good parents to suffer

Torture and Abuse

I have always questioned the need for prisons.  They are an unjust means of justice.  Even more so, those that are for profit utilize the system to make money and push for quotas to be fulfilled by the states.

Here is just one recent example of such abuses of prisoners.  Ammon Bundy, who became a national household name during the Bundy Ranch siege in 2014 and the protests at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in 2016, was tortured and abused by a guard at CCA in Pahrump Nevada last week.  Subsequently, when word got out, the guard was sent home.

First, take a listen to a phone call from Ammon that was recorded as he was in solitary confinement (video courtesy of Kelli Stewart).


BUNDY TRIAL: Corruption & Private Prison Torture

Dan Love Will Not Be Prosecuted

There are many similarities in the egregious improprieties that have taken place in the investigations, charges, trials and false imprisonments of those involved in the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki case.

Michelle MacDonald



Lawyer Allegedly Tortured For Doing Her Job   No lawyer should be treated like a criminal, much less be made to endure torture, simply for doing her job.

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki

  • Egregious Behavior Behind Bars – Grazzini-Rucki PREA Complaint

The Rule of Law is Dead

Ultra Liberal Colorado Demonstrates How the Rule of Law Is Dead In America

A shoplifter runs from Walmart after shoplifting a couple of belts. He is chased by police into a strangers home in Greenwood Village, (where else but liberal) Colorado. Police destroy the home and offer only 5,000 dollars. Two years later the City of Greenwood Village keeps delaying the homeowners lawsuit in he alleges unfair compensation. Americans now live in a state of martial law where Constitutional protections such as 5th Amendment property rights are no longer respected. This case in liberal Colorado demonstrates how the rule of law in America is dead…..

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A personal injury lawsuit was filed against me, my co-defendants and the Destiny Church pastor and his wife on Nov. 9, 2017 in relation to case nos. 19HA-CR-15-4227, 19HA-CR-15-2669, 19HA-CR-15-4229, and 19HA-CR-15-4230.

The church, and it’s pastor named in this lawsuit have never been implicated nor charged in connection with the disappearance of S.R. and G.R., who ran away in April 2013 and stayed on the Dahlen’s ranch until November 2015.

“Because Plaintiffs reside in Dakota County and part of the cause of action arose there, the above-named court has jurisdiction over this matter and this matter is properly venued in Dakota County.” SURPRISE-SURPRISE!

The claims against us include: Loss of services of children, Intentional infliction of emotional distress, Negligent infliction of emotional distress, False imprisonment and Intentional Interference with custodial relationship. The plaintiff is seeking $250,000 in damages jointly and severally, pre-judgment and post-judgment interest, costs and disbursements herein, punitive damages and other and further relief the Court deems just and equitable. (Just and equitable only goes one way in Dakota County).

So here’s the deal . . . hard fraud is serious! What is hard fraud? It’s when you conspire to invent circumstances resulting in feigned injuries and intend to cause an insurance company to compensate for the nonexistent and/or exaggerated injury. Filing a fraudulent personal injury claim has civil and criminal penalties.

When you’re above the law, however, these penalties only seem to apply to the innocent victims. Both the family court and the criminal court have manipulated evidence to unconstitutionally block the introduction of any evidence which would support abuse on the plaintiff’s part throughout these cases.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

It’s time that our opponents are subjected to the natural consequences of their cruel and criminal actions they have so freely wrought upon us. (Let me clarify what natural consequences are for those that are having a conniption fit over at the website dedicated to deceptive and sensationalistic reporting.)

A Natural Consequence is something that a normal person could reasonably expect to be the inevitable result of their own actions. If you yell at your boss, you can expect to be fired.. If you don’t bother studying for a test, you can expect to fail.. If you treat people with contempt, you can expect to drive them away.. If you commit a crime, you can expect to face legal consequences (even if you’re part of the legal system). These are the natural consequences of your actions.  In other words, you reap what you sow. For some, it just takes longer.

We need to go beyond acknowledgment of the corruption to actually taking action. Stop operating in fear and get on the frontlines.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17

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